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1. --- You can take a walk daily if you want to keep healthy? --- __________. A. Well, that’s OK. B. I like surfing the Internet C. Thanks for your advice D. Yes, that’s enough 2. Sonny is often late for school, and __________ makes her teacher very angry. A. she B. it C. who D. which 3. --- Peter was killed in the mudslide! --- __________ I talked with him last week. A. Sorry to hear that B. Is that so? C. I beg your pardon. D. What a pity! 4. The red lines on the map _________railways. A. rebuild B. represent C. restore D. recreate 5. --- Hey, you haven’t been acting like yourself . Everything OK? --- _________ . A. It’ Ok B. I’m fine, thanks C. Sure, it is D. That’s good 6. A great person is always putting others’ interets ________ his pwn. A. above B. below C. on D. in 7. --- Do you mind if I open the window? --- ________, but I’ve caught a bad cold today. A. I’m sorry B. No, please C. Yes, please D. Yes, of course not 8. We are living in an age __________ many things are done on computers. A. that B. which C. when D. whose 9. --- I wonder __________ you’ll water this kind of flower. --- Every other day. A. how much B. how often C. how long D. how soon 10. At the age of 29, Dave was a worker, __________in a small apartment near Boston and _________ what to do about his future. A. lived; wondering B. lived; wondered C. living; wondering D. living; wondering 11. You can have __________ second try if you fail _________ driving test this time. A. a; the B. an; the C. a;an D. the; a 12. The people living in the valley were greatly _________ to see everything changed after the storm. A. shocked B. pleased C. moved D. intereted 13. One of the most important matters they had to consider was ____ of public health. A. this B. what C. which D. that 14. The matter is ______ consideration and the result will come out tomorrow. A. on B. under C. in D. at 15. --- Oh, my God! We missed tha last bus. What shall we do? --- I’m afraid we have no ________ but to take a taxi. A. information B. reason C. decision D. choice th 16. Not until the eaaly years of 19 cantry __________ what heat is. A. didn’t man know B. did man know C. man knew D. man did know 17. --- It’s the office! So you ________ know eating is not allowed here. --- Oh, sorry.

A. will B. must C. need D. may 18. In ________ modern times, ________ cellphones are widely used in rural areas. A. the; the B. a; the C. 不填; 不填 D. 不填; the 19. The warm-hearted neighbor __________ take care of the little girl when her parents were on business, and they appreciated it very much. A. would B. might C. should D. could 20. Every number of the band must follow the ________. A. knock B. hit C. strike D. beat 21. On _________ the bad news, she cried with her face _______ in his hands. A. hear; bury B. hearing; buried C. hear; buried D. heared; buring 22. --- How much vinegar did you put in the salad? --- I’m sorry to say, __________ . I forgot it. A. anything B. nothing C. none D. no 23. What’s the unpleasant noise? I can’t put my heart into my study. Oh, the road before the main gate ________. A. has been repaired B. has been repaired C. is being repaired D. is repairing 24. __________ breaks the law should be punished. A. Those who B. Whomever C. No matter who D. Whoever 25. After driving for thirty miles he suddenly realized that he __________ in the wrong direction. A. was driven B. has been driving C. had been driving D. had been driving 26. There will be a(n) _________ TV programme of the football match between China and Brazil tonight. A. lively B. live C. living D. alive 27. We should do all we can _______ the children who lost the chance to go to school. A. to be helping B. help C. to help D. helping 28. Ten minutes __________ an hour when one is waiting for an important call. A. feels B. likes C. looks D. seems 29. Driving is very simple if you _________ the rules. A. will stick to B. stick to C. stuck to D. are stuck to 30. Sally’s never seen a play in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, _________ ? A. has she B. hasn’t she C. isn’t she D. is she 31. Hello, you ________ 5422726. I’m sorry but I am unable to answer your questions right now. A. will reach B. had reached C. reached D. are reaching 32. With the government’s aid, those ________ by the mudslide have moved to the new settlements. A. were affected B. affect C. affecting D. affected 33. --- Can children swim in this pool? --- Yes. However, they ________ never do so alone. A. should B. may C. need D. could 34. --- Whose advice do you think I should take? --- _______ . A. You got it B. It’s up to you C. That’s it D. You speak

35. If there were no rain, we should have ________ on the beach. A. a much happier time B. a much happiest time C. the happiest time D. a more happier time 36. --- Putting on a happy face not only helps us make friends but also makes ue feel better. --- __________ . A. I’m with you on that B. I’d love to C. It’s up to you D. It ’s my pleasure 37. You can’t blame TV station because thay need to make money from advertisements ________ programs. A. within and among B. before and after C. inside and out of D. during and between 38. It is obvious to the students _______they should get well prepared for their future. A. that B. whether C. which D. as 39. --- Air pollution is serious here. --- It will get worse ________ the government does something to stop it. A. as long as B. except C. if D. unless 40. When you read the book, you’d better make a mark ________you have a question. A. at which B. where C. that D. in which 41. He sent me an e-mail, ________to get some further information for his reasearch. A. hope B. hoping C. to hope D. hoped 42. It’s helpful to put children in a situation______they can see themselves differently. A. where B. which C. when D. that 43. Albert Einstein, ________ life had once been very hard, was given the Noble Price for physics in 1921. A. in whom B. for whom C. foe whose D. of whom 44. _______ our earth , or else it will be no longer fit for us to live on. A. Protected B. Protecting C. Protect D. To ptotect 45. Washing machines made by China have won_______ worldwide attention and Haier has become _______ popular name. A. the; a B. a; the C. 不填; a D. 不填; the 46. A man can’t smile like a child, ________ a child smiles with his eyes, while a man smiles with his lips alone. A. for B. and C. but D. so 47. The doctor recommended that you ______ swim after eating a large meal. A. couldn’t B. wouldn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t 48. --- Is that 110? A thief is in my house… --- Ok, help is _______ . A. by the way B. on the way C. in its way D. in the way 49. The policeman warned the driver _______ so carelessly. A. doesn’t drive B. to not drive C. to never drive D. never to drive 50. He has waited for her for five hours and reached the ______ of his patience. A. top B. limit C. point D. speed 51. His mother had thought it would be good for him to _______ from home and earn

some money on his own. A. take away B. run away C. get away D. keep away 52. If people’s needs are valued and their voices _______ , tragedies would not take place so frequently. A. heard B. hearing C. hear D. to hear 53. Can you tell me if you have found the key _______ your car. A. to B. for C. by D. about 54. The traffic is heavy these days, I___arrive a bit late, so could you save me a place. A. might B. need C. would D. ought 55. Trees on the hills can stop the rains from _______ away the soil. A. washes B. washing C. washed D. to wash 56. _____the Olympic Games is a great honor and a great responsibility for a country. A. Host B. To hosting C. Hosted D. Hosting 57. Eco-travel is a form_______combines normal tourism with learning, _______ a way to find out what can be done to help animals, plants and people. A. that; as well B. what; as well as C. which; as well D. which; as wellas 58. Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future ______ to the well-educated. A. will be belonged B. is belonging C. is belonged D. belongs 59. Ancient Rome was a country___culture influnced the Western world for centuries. A. whose B. who C. where D. which 60. ---- Excuse me? ---- ________ ---- How can I get to the nearest post office? A. Pardon? B. That’s OK. C. Yes? D. What’s wrong? 61. --- What should I do with this passage? --- ______ the main idea of each paragraph. A. Find out B. To find out C. Found out D. Finding out 62. ________ in her best skirt, the girl tried to make herself _______ at the party. A. Dressesd; noticed B. Dressing; noticing C. Dressing; noticed D. Dressed; noticing 63. Ten minutes earlier _______ we could have avoided the accident. A. so B. and C. but D. or 64. Would you please keep silent? The weather report _______ and I want to listen. A. had been broadcast B. has been broadcast C. is broadcast D. is being broadcast 65. Last month I came to Britain. My English has improved a lot ______ I use it all the time. A. as B. when C. while D. unless 66. Problems ________ because there was a lack of communication. A. arose B. raised C. added D. showed 67. --- May I look at the menu for a little while ? --- Of course, _______, sir. A. it doesn’t matter B. Don’t worry C. enjoy yourself D. take your time

68. Friendship helps us understand ______ we are, ______ we need each other and ______ we can do for each other. A. who; which; what B. what; why; how C.who; why; what D. who; what; why 69. --- Merry Chrismas to you! --- _______. A. You have it too B. You do too C. The same as you D. The same to you 70. I’m ____ sorry to say that you made _______ mistakes in your homework. A. much too; many too B. much too; too many C. too much; too much D. too much; much too 71. It was _______ to watch sunset ______ evening. A. fun; towards B. a fun; towards C. funny; to D. fun; in 72. After the earthquake he realized how great ______ was to be alive. A. one B. that C. all D. it 73. Love is ______ way of life, but not _______ aim of it. A. a; the B, the; the C. the; an D. a; an 74. Football is _______ sport I love, _______ sport that has given me so much fun. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. 不填; a 75. The boy ______ be very naughty, but he is very lovely. A. must B. should C. can D. might 76.--- We had a wonderful dinner in a good restaurant yesterday! --- You must have spent a lot of money. --- Oh, nothing. That’s the _____ of one of my old friends. A. turn B. offer C. treat D. service 77.When the others had gone, he _______ and put back the furniture. A. was stayed B. kept C. left D. remained 78. I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this moring I couldn ’t spend ______ day like that. A. another B. other C. the other D. others 79. The ______ shoes were covered with mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into ________ car. A. girl’s; Toms’ B. girls’; Tom’s C. girls’; Toms’ D. girl’s; Tom’s 80. _____ we think of the great changes in our motherland, _______ we love her. A. The more; the more B. Better; the greater C. More; better D. The more; more 81. E-mail, as well as telephones, ________an important part in daily communication. A. play B. is playing C. are playing D. have played\ 82. Taken good care of by the nurses, the boy is __________ recovering from his heart operation. A. quietly B. practically C. gradually D. actually 83. I came here with your mother _______ to see you. A. especial B. especially C. special D. specially 84. ______ for some time after a tiring day is very enjoyable for me in summer.

A. Swimming B. Swim C. Go swimming D. To swim 85. The tiger, a once _________ animal to humans, is now_______ of disappearing on the earth. A. danger; in danger B. dangerous; in danger C. in danger; in danger D. dangerous; danger 86. --- What made you so angry? --- _______. A. Lose the game B. Being lost the game C. Lost the game D. Losing the game 87. I don’t like to travel to big cities, because to me, one city is much like ______. A. another B. others C. the other D. one 88. --- Would you do me a favor and give me a ride? --- _______. A. Yes. That’s right B. With pleasure C. It’s a pleasure D. No trouble 89. The reporter decided to make a _______ interview with the sportsman who won the first gold medal. A. face to face B. face-to-face C. face-in-face D. face in face 90. --- Bill, can I get you anything to drink? --- _______. A. No problem B. I wouldn ’t mind a coffee C. Doesn’t matter D. You are welcome 91. --- What do you think of the movie? --- It’s fantastic. The only pity is that I _______ the beginning. A. would miss B. miss C. missed D. had missed 92. --- What about going out for a walk after supper? --- _______. Walking after meals is good for health. A. I couldn’t agree more B. I don’t think so C. I’m afraid not D. I believe not 93. I lost my way in complete darkness and, ______ matters worse, it began to rain. A. making B. to make C. made D. having made 94. After the blood, no houses in the village _________. A. remained standing B. was left to stand C. left standing D. was remained standing 95. Actually, _______ English is quite different from _______ English in many ways. A. spoken; writing B. speaking; written C. speaking; writing D. spoken; written 96. Don’t worry. You shall get the book you want this Friday, ______, according to the record, Mr. Black is to come to return it. A. before B. when C. while D. after 97. The professor raised his voice ______ everyone could hear clearly. A. so that B. in order that C. to make sure D. all the above 98. --- How about your journey to Lijiang? --- Everything was wonderful except that our car _______ twice on the way.

A. put down B. got down C. broke down D. slowed down 99. At what age are children able to distinguish ______ right and wrong. A. among B. during C.with D. between 100. I learned from the textbook that light _____ faster than sound. A. is traveling B. travels C. had traveled D.traveled 101. --- A good book is a good friend. You can get the help you need from it. --- You said it. ________. A. Very interesting B. I disagree C. All right D. I agree 102. Let’s go to_____cinema--- that’ll take your mind off the problem for ____ while. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; a D. a; the 103. Staying ______ you are means you will fail behind others. A. there B. where C. when D. why 104. ---- Where does Mr. Black live? Can you guess? ---- Sorry, Ican’t guess _______. A. where he lives in B. where does he live C. where he lives D. where does he live in 105. Life is like a long race ______ we compete with others to go beyond ourselves. A. where B. that C. what D. why 106. --- This dress is last year ’s style. --- I think it still looks perfect ______ it has gone out this year. A. ever since B. even though C. as if D. so that 107. In order to guarantee the student’s health, the school offers them a bag of milk ________. A. each B. one C. per D. every th 108. On August 24 , 2010 a passenger plane loaded with 96 people and ______ to make a safe landing crashed near an airport in Yichuan. A. trying B. tried C. was trying D. to try 109. _______ my surprise, ______ I could have a word with him, he left. A. To; before B. To; since C. In; before D. In; when 110. The sight, hearing and other senses of wild animals are much better than _______ of a human. A. what B. which C. those D. that 111. It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot _______ easy reach. A. around B. within C. upon D. near 112. --- How did the plan strike you? --- It is so practical, so we can’t think _______ of it. A. too high B. anything C. much D. too highly 113. --- I’ve been told that the sports meeting might be_______. --- Yes, it all depends on the weather. A. put out B. put away C. put off D. put aside 114. He ______ Mary for three years. A. has been in love with B. has fallen in love with C. has been married with D. has got married to 115. --- Hi, Tom! Any idea where Lane is?

--- She _______ in the classroom. I saw her there just now. A. shall be B. must be C. should have been D. might have been 116. The good thing about children is that they _______ very easily to the new environments. A. apply B. attach C. appeal D. adapt 117. --- _______. This is my newly- built house. --- Oh, what a beautiful villa! A. Just look at it B. Here is it C. Here we are D. Here you are 118. --- Do you want to a lift home? --- It’s very kind of you, but I have to work late in the office. I overslept this morning because my alarm clock ________. A. won’t go off B. doesn’t go off C. didn’t go off D. wasn’t go off 119. After ______ the league, he became more willing to help others. A. joining B. joining in C. joined in D. joined 120. She ______ the vase on the table and went out. A. set out B. set on C. set down D. set up



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