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江西省景德镇一中 2012—2013 学年上学期期末考试 高二(5,6,13,18)班英语试卷
命题人:计月华 第一部分:听力(满分 30 分)(略) 第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 A. a; the A. mustn?t _____ punished strictly. A. putting up; will be B. to put u

p; should be C. putting up; be D. being put up; shall 24. The government has promised to do _____ lies in its power to ease the pressure of affordable housing for average-income household. A. that B. which C. what D. something 25. _____ that climate change poses a growing danger to our planet, all the nations have committed themselves to pursuing a clean energy economy. A. Being convinced B. Convincing C. Having convinced D. Convinced 26. In societies where social roles are determined, boys usually copy the behavior of their fathers, and girls _____ of their mothers. A. that B. those C. one D. the ones 27 ---What do you think about the band?s singer? A. I can?t agree more C. She?s really got something. A. eyed; head A. raised; was raised B. watched; headed B. rose; had risen ---I think she?s great. ______. B. I?m with you on that. D. She?s through all. C. eyed; headed C. had risen; has risen D. noticed; headed D. arose; had risen 语法和词汇知识 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) B. the; the B. shouldn?t C. a; a C. can?t D. the; a D. needn?t 21. Taylor was fined by ____ police because he did not have ______ driver?s license. 22. Our parents and teachers often tell us that we ___be careful enough no matter what we do. 23. All the citizens here strongly insist those found ____ “harmful” advertisements in the streets 审题人:刘少勇

28. After school, the teacher ______ him ______ straight for the net bar. 29·He ______ early the next morning, finding the brook(小溪) ______ by one foot. . 30. —So can I ask you a few fairly straightforward questions? —No problem. I like ______ when people are open and direct. A. that A. which B. this B. whose C. it C. where D. them D. that 31. Children are easily exposed to the Internet culture ___ violence is increasing to such a degree. 32. —Did you receive the letter the next day? —No.Somehow, it was three weeks ______ I received it. A.since B.when C.that D.before

33. —You seem to be familiar with this city. —I _______ here for three years. It?s great to be back. A. have lived creating trouble to others. A. constantly A. do you B. eventually B. does that C. finally C. did you D. immediately D. does it 35. ---How ___ feel to be mistaken for someone else? --- Really embarrassing. B. lived C. had lived D. live 34. In a sense, no country, big or small, should object to the trend of peace and development,___

第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳选项。 For years, I belonged to a health club and never got near the exercise machines. I went straight to the pool and swam laps, as I?d been 36 machines. They looked 37 to me. since I was a teenager. I didn?t understand the

36. A. doing 37. A. interesting 38. A. taught 39. A. everything 40. A. insisted 41. A. spirit 42. A. feet 43. A. impressed 44. A. turned down 45. A. amused 46. A. move

B.playing B. funny B. took B. nothing B. begged B. mind B. back B. instructed B. found out B. tired B. put

C. going C. boring C. enjoyed C. anything C. challenged C. soul C. face C. advised C. picked out C. excited C. repair

D. working D. unfriendly D. opened D. something D. determined D. thought D. knees D. encouraged D. wrote down D. discouraged D. take

47. A. only 48. A. task 49. A. lectures 50. A. remarked 51. A. if 52. A. energetic 53. A. above 54. A. those 55. A. thinner

B. still B. dream B. notes B. attended B. so B. moved B. beyond B. that B. tighter

C. even C. process C. courses C. recognized C. as C. proud C. below C. all C. fatter

D. already D. direction D. Tips D. stopped D. though D. thankful D. behind D. this D. firmer

第三部分 阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳选项。 A I went into Harrods in London (a huge department store I am sure you have heard of) to buy some Minton china plates for a wedding anniversary which was to be a group gift from friends to other friends in Geneva. Having only 30 minutes between meeting, I whizzed there in a taxi from the office and battled through the milling people on the 2nd day of the sales on the ground floor up to the 5th to the china department. There was a man standing there who was obviously a sales person who I rushed up to and asked if he had this particular china in stock and if it would take long to wrap, etc. He was amazing. He got the plates in seconds, wrapped them up and asked me if I wanted a store card, to which I replied no, because I lived in Switzerland, to which he replied asking if, as I lived abroad, would like a tax rebate form(退税表). After that he showed me what to do, produced a map of the store and told me where I should go for the formalities(程序). That was fabulous! I thanked him and said what wonderful service he had given me. I even asked if he gave this to everyone, to which he answered: “I’m just doing what is required at Harrods”. With that, a tall man in a grey suit approached me and offered his hand to shake mine saying, “Can I introduce myself? I am the Chief Executive of Harrods and what an interesting conversation I have just heard…” He had been wandering through the store (as you should do as a hands-on CEO) and had overheard me thanking this salesman, whose face, I can hardly describe, was frozen in a mixture of delight awe and astonishment! Can you imagine the salesman going home to his family and friends recounting what the CEO spoke to him after overhearing him being praised by a customer? 56. The writer went to Harrods to __________. A. kill time C. go sightseeing A. drive B. buy some gifts D. shop for her wedding B. arrive C. rush D. leave

57. What does the underlined word “whiz” in Paragraph 2 most probably mean? 58 Which of the following sentences can best replace “I?m just doing what is required at Harrods” in the second paragraph? A. “I?m an honest man.”

B. “I must obey the rules.” C. “Harrods is strict with its employees.” D. “Anybody will receive our good service.” 59. As soon as she bought what she wanted, the writer________. A. went to a meeting. C. visited one of her friends ______. A. pleasant B. strange C. exciting B At just six years old, Joey Kilpatrick is Australia?s unofficial hide-and-seek(捉迷藏) champion after he hid in a bedroom cupboard for eight hours while playing his favorite game, causing a massive rescue operation. The determined little boy?s disappearing act led to a full-scale search, including nine police officers, five State Emergency Service volunteers, tracker dogs and almost all of the residents(居 民) of the town of Goombungee. His mother, Chris, says she called the police when Joey disappeared one afternoon after telling his older brother, Lachlan, 14, that he was off to play hide-and-seek. “I called the two boys for dinner, ” Chris says. “After about 20 minutes I started to worry. I was shouting to Joey, ?OK, we can?t find you, time to come out!? ” But there was no sign of her little boy. Within minutes of Chris calling the authorities, the police started on of the biggest ground searches in the town?s history. “I was really scared. I rang my husband, Kris, who works out of town, and he immediately hit the road, calling me every 10 minutes, ” Chris recalls. “They searched the house from top to bottom; everyone was out looking for him. When a neighbor asked if I?d checked the water tank, that?s when reality hit. I was terrified.” After hours of searching the town, confused police decided to search the house one more time. “I just sat there waiting, ” Chris says. “Then a strange feeling came over me, and I wandered into the bedroom and put my hand on a pile of blankets in the cupboard. As I pulled them out, there he was --- asleep and completely unaware of what was going on! I?ve never hugged him so hard. Senior constable(巡警), Chris Brameld, from Goombungee police, says he is glad that Joey?s game had a happy ending: “When we realized he was safe, we agreed that it doesn?t get much better than that!” And young Joey promises that next time he won?t be so intent on finding the best hiding place. “I want to say sorry to the policemen and to Mummy for scaring them, ” he says. “ I promise next time I?ll hide where they can find me and I won?t fall asleep!” 61. Why did the boy hide in a bedroom cupboard? A. He wanted to start a massive rescue operation. B. He didn?t think he could be easily found there. D. amusing B. flew back to Geneva D. attended a wedding ceremony

60. The writer wrote the above passage because she thought what she had experience was so

C. He is Australia?s unofficial hide-and-seek champion. D. He thought it was good place to sleep. 62. What did the boy?s mother do the moment she couldn?t find her son? A. She turned to her neighbors for help. B. She called the police and her husband. C. She checked the water tank. D. She searched the town from top to bottom. 63. What can we learn from the passage? A. The boy felt very cold when he was found. B. The boy knew clearly what was going on. C. The mother was very grateful to find her boy. D. The mother usually hugged her boy very hard. 64. How did the boy feel after he found out what had happened? A. Pitiful B. Funny C. Scared D. Guilty B. The boy fell asleep. D. The boy found the best hiding place. C When parents talk about school safety these days, they?re usually referring to the increase in violence(暴力)at schools. But research shows that school-age children are actually nine times more likely to suffer an injury while doing sports than to be the victim of violence while at school. Accidents can be prevented if parents are on the lookout for potential(潜在的)dangers. To help you keep your kids free from harm, here are some safety tips: a. Teach your child never to talk to strangers or accept rides or gifts from strangers. Remember, a stranger is anyone you or your child doesn?t know well or trust. b. Be sure that your child walks to and from school with a sibling, friend or neighbor. c. Teach your kid, whether walking, biking or riding a bus to school , to obey all traffic signals, signs and traffic officers. Remind him to be extra careful in bad weather. d. When driving your kid, deliver and pick them up as close to the school as possible. Don?t leave until they are in the schoolyard or building. e. If your child rides a bike to school, make sure he wears a standard helmet(头盔). Research shows that a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85%. f. Teach your kid to arrive at the bus stop earlier, stay off the street, and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop. g. Be sure that your kid knows his or her home phone number and address, your work number, the number of another trusted adult and how to call 911 for emergencies(紧急情况). 66. The underlined word “sibling” probably means “_______”. A. stranger A. wear a helmet B. neighbor C. friend D. brother or sister 67. If your kid walks to school, tell him or her to _______. B. go alone every day 65. According to the passage, what was the best thing in the end about what happened? A. The boy was found safe. C. The boy won the championship.

C. walk as fast as possible

D. be more careful in bad weather

68. Which of the following statements is Not True according to the text? A. Kids should be taught never to talk to strangers. B. Kids should obey the traffic rules. C. Kids should be taught to call 911 for anything. D. Kids should stay off the street while waiting for the bus. 69. The intended readers of the text are _________. A. teachers B. parents C. children D. officers 70. The main purpose of the text is to ________. A. talk about school safety B. call on readers to fight against school violence C. discuss the injuries at school D. give advice on school-age children?s safety D The Iceberg Was Only Part of It What doomed the Titanic is well known, at least in outline. On a moonless night of April 15, 1912, the ship hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic ,with 1,500 lives lost. A century later many people presented new theories to explain the real reason for the disaster. Now two new studies argue that rare states of nature played major roles in the disaster. The first says Earth?s nearness to the Moon and the Sun — a proximity not matched in more than 1,000 years — resulted in record tides that help explain why the Titanic met with so much ice, including the fatal iceberg. Recently, a team of researchers found an apparent explanation in the heavens. They discovered that Earth had come unusually close to the Sun and Moon that winter, enhancing their gravitational pulls on the ocean and producing record tides. The rare orbits took place between December 1911 and February 1912 — about two months before the disaster came about. The researchers suggest that the high tides refloated masses of icebergs traditionally stuck along the coastlines of Labrador and Newfoundland and sent them adrift into the North Atlantic shipping lanes. And a second, put forward by a Titanic historian from Britain, contends that the icy waters created ideal conditions for an unusual type of mirage(海市蜃楼) that hid icebergs from lookouts whose duty was to watch carefully for danger ahead and confused a nearby ship as to the liner?s identity, delaying rescue efforts for hours. Most people know mirages as natural phenomena caused when hot air near the Earth?s surface bends light rays upward. In a desert, the effect prompts lost travelers to mistake patches of blue sky for pools of water. But another kind of mirage occurs when cold air bends light rays downward. In that case, observers can see objects and settings far over the horizon. The images often undergo quick distortions — not unlike the wavy reflections in a funhouse mirror. Now, scholars of the Titanic are debating these new theories. Some have different opinions on it. Over all, though, many experts are applauding the fresh perspectives. (words:353) 71. The underlined word "It" in the title probably refers to _______.

A. the Titanic mirage

B. the record tide

C. the cause of the disaster

D. an unusual

72.According to Theory First, what was the right chain of causes leading to the Titanic?s disaster? ① record tides? forming and icebergs? being refloated ② icebergs? being drifted into the North Atlantic shipping lanes ③the Earth?s strange closing to the Sun and the Moon ④increasing of the gravitational force on the ocean A. ①→②→③→④ B. ③→④→①→② C. ④→③→②→① D. ②→③→④→① 73.According to Theory Second, the disaster happened to the Titanic mainly because______. A. the freezing weather made the watcher not be able to watch clear B. the mirage on the sea attracted the watcher and made him forget his work C. the high tides drove the icebergs float so fast that the watcher didn?t respond to them D. the mirage made the watcher not find icebergs and a nearby ship delay rescuing 74. What is the chief function of the sixth paragraph? A. to infer the possibility of the mirage appearing B. to explain to the readers the ways of the mirage forming C. to summarize the various kinds of the mirage D. to analyze the conditions of the mirage arising 75. This passage is organized generally in the pattern of________. A. comparison and contrast C. conclusion and proof B. time and events D. definition and classification(分类)

第 II 卷(非选择题 满分 35 分)
第四部分 书面表达 (共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 阅读表达 (共 5 小题,每题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文并回答问题,然后将答案写到答题卡相应的位置(请注意问题后的词数要求)。 【1】Who says you need super power to save the world? On April 22, more than a billion people worldwide celebrated Earth Day by taking part in green activities in their communities. However, you needn?t wait until Earth Day. You needn?t be an adult, either! Every day, young people across the globe are doing their part to keep the Earth healthy and green. These are just a few kid heroes for the planet. Manatee (海牛) minder 【2】When she was in second grade, Stephanie Cohen read about a baby manatee hit by a boat off the coast of Florida. Biologists saved the manatee. But caring for the sea creature was expensive. Stephanie took up a collection and raised 27 dollars in one day. Now 18, Stephanie still raises money to help these "Gentle Giants". Goodbye paper bags 【3】 When Adrienne Smith, 15, was in sixth grade, she noticed that many of her classmates carried paper lunch bags. To help kid cut down on waste, she invented an eco-friendly lunch bag. It is partly made from recycled plastic bottles. "Kids like it because they can fold it up and put it in their backpacks," said Adrienne. She sells the bags at greenearbag.com. And some of the money

goes to charity. He's skiing to save the earth 【4】Parker Liantaud, 15, wanted to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the polar regions. He set out to become one of the youngest people ever to ski the North Pole. Although the cruel conditions forced Parker and his guide to finish the last 15 miles of the journey by helicopter, Parker felt he met his goal to inspire others. "All young people have the power to make a change," he said. He ______ the earth 【5】Every year, Max Kesselman, from Pennsylvania, USA, celebrates his birthday December 3 by cleaning up the Earth. When Max was 6, he noticed trash on the sides of the road. He wrote a letter to local leaders suggesting a cleanup day on his birthday.(words:353) 76.What is the main idea of the passage? (no more than 8 words) 77.What does the word "it" (Line 3, Paragraph3) probably refer to? (no more than 5 words ) 78.Fill in the blanks of the title of Paragraph 5 with proper words. (no more than 5 words) 79. Why didn't Parker ski the North Pole all the way?(No more than 7 words) 80.Write out at least one other Green Activity you can take part in?(no more than 8 words) 第二节 写作(满分 25 分) 我班就“有些学生在学校贴吧上发表对老师不满的言语”一事是否妥当进行讨论。 下面是 讨论的结果。 请你以 “We should express opinions on our teachers in a right way” 为主题 写一 篇报道介绍这次讨论的情况以及你的观点。 他们的理由:1.老师永远值得尊重 多数学生认为是错误的 少数学生认为是恰当的 你的观点 注意:1.词数 120 左右; 2. 参考词汇:贴吧 post bar, 卑鄙的 mean(adj.) , 难堪的 embarrassed (adj.) 背地里 behind one?s back/privately 2. 背地里说坏话是卑鄙的 3.学生应坦诚跟老师交流 他们的理由:1.可安全、自由地表达自己观点 2.当面说会让老师难堪的 ?



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