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M6 Unit1 阅读+语言点 学生学案

Think twice before you do.三思而后行。

M6 Unit 1 Art (Reading I)
主备人 Wang& Zhao 审核人 Mr. Gai 时间 2011-10-17

Learning aims:
Ability aims: To get the general idea of the passage and learn about the different characteristics of art in different times. Emotional aim:To appreciate the western art ;cultivate your ability of appreciating.

Warming Up:
1) Have you ever visited art galleries? Can you name some of some famous Western orChinese artists? 2) Brainstorm: If you were an artist, what kind of pictures would you paint?


read the title and headlines in the text and answer questions :

1:The main idea of the passage is about ___________________________________________ 2:The text is organized in the order of______(写作顺序)

Task1:True or False: 1. Western art has changed very little over the last 17 centuries. ( ) 2. Painters in the Middle Ages painted mainly religious themes. ( ) 3. Renaissance painters tried to pain things in a realistic way. 4. Impressionists painted their pictures mainly indoors. ( ) 5. Modern art began with the impressionists. ( ) Task2: Multiple choices 1. What is the right order in which Western art has changed throughout history?( ) ①realistic pictures ②abstract paintings ③ religious scenes ④ less detailed paintings A 2—3—4—1 B 3—1—4—2 C 3—4—1—2 D 2—1—4—3 2 .The two important achievements during the Renaissance were the use of perspective and _______ A famous artists being paid B art for palaces being collected C oil paint being developed D classical ideas being replaced 3 Which of the following statements about the Impressionism is TRUE?_______ A. Because of the high pace of the industrial society, painters had to paint quickly. B. Painting became an easy task because it was less detailed. C .Painters focused more on light and color than detail. D. Painters moved from the country to Paris and worked outdoors. 4 What can we learn from the passage?________ A. People liked the impressionists’ painting at first. B. Impressionists painted their pictures mainly indoors. C .Paintings in the Middle Ages were very realistic. D. Modern art styles began with the impressionists. 5 It can be inferred that classical Roman and Greek ideas were ______ A. imaginary B. perspective C. impressionistic D. realistic
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Think twice before you do.三思而后行。

Careful reading:
Translate the sentence Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists, who lived and worked in Paris. . 译:______________________________________________________________ 2: If the rules of perspective had not been discovered ,no one would have been able to paint such realistic pictures . 译 _________________________________________________________________

The style of Western art has changed _______ ________.Art is_________ by the ____and________of a people . During the Middle Ages, the main_____ of painters was to ______ _______themes. Artists were ____ _____creating _______and _____for God. In the Renaissance, people adopt a more _______ ______to life and ____ less on_______. Artists tried to paint _____ and _______ ____they really______. Masaccio used___________ in his paintings which made people________ they were _______ _______a hole in the wall ____ a real scene. In the late 19th century, Europe changed __________from a mostly_________ society to a mostly_________ one. The ___________were the first to paint_______. They had to paint ______and their paintings were not ___ _____ ___ ______of earlier painters. Today people accept ___________ ________as the ________ of_______ ____. Some modern art is _______while some is________.

答案:__________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __________ _________ ________ _________ _________ ___________ ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______ __________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______ _________ _________

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Think twice before you do.三思而后行。

Book 6

Unit 1

Language points

主备人 Wang & Zhao 审核人 Mr. Gai 时间 2011-10-17 Task 1. learn and recite the following: 1.abstract adj.抽象的,深奥的 n.摘要(of) v.摘录,提取,分离(from) abstract…from…从…中提取 Salt can be abstracted from sea water. 译___________________________________. 2.faith u. 信任,信仰 faithful adj 忠诚的,真心的 have faith in 信赖…. . lose faith in ______________________ I’m glad to know you __________________________________(如此信赖我) 3. consequently adv. 所以;因而(as a result ,therefore ) adj. consequent n. consequence 结果;后果;重要性 eg. As a/In consequence of your laziness and rudeness, I am forced to dismiss you. 译:______________________________________________________________ 4. …the main aim of painters was to represent religious themes.(不定式作表语) aim n.目标;目的;瞄准 v.瞄准;努力 aimless adj. 没有目标 take aim at _____________________ achieve one’s aim ______________________ aim to do sth. = aim at doing_______________ be aimed at________________…. The programme is aimed at young teenagers .________________________ 5. replace = take the place of 替代,取代 take one’s place 1.入座,就位(当 one 与主语指同一人时) ;2. in the place of 代替;取代(instead of) eg. Please take your place. From now on I will take the place of Mr. Li as chairman of the meeting. 译:_______________________________________________________ 6.evident adj .evidence n.证据; It is evident\obvious (to sb) that….(对某人来说)…..是显而易见的。 . It is evident to us that we have made mistakes.译:____________________________________ 拓展归纳 It is\was +adj(natural,important,vital,essential,strange)+that 从句 (从句用虚拟语气 should do) It is\was possible\impossible +to do\+that 从句 做。。是可能或不可能的 。 It is\was said/thought\believed\reported\suggested +that 从句 7. value n.价值; (pl.)价值观 cultural/social/moral values 文化/社会/道德观念 v.给…估价 重视 valuable adj. 有价值的;重要的 be of great(some, little, no) value to… _______________________________ valueless adj.(worthless) a.______________ invaluable adj.(priceless) a. ______________ I value your friendship very highly._______________________ 8.adopt vt 采用;采取(某态度);收养 adapt 敷上;实施;应用;申请 The council is expected to__________________________ at next meeting. 委员会有望在下次会议上正式通过这项新政策。 They decided to adopt an orphan in the earthquake area.______________________ 9. possession n. 所有;占有; (pl.)所有物;财产 v.占有;拥有_______________
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Think twice before you do.三思而后行。 personal possessions _________________ take possession of sth. 占有某物 in possession of sth 占有;拥有;持有 (主语是人,拥有某物) in the possession of sb. 为某人所有; 在某人的控制下(主语是物,为某人所有) eg. He was found in possession of some dangerous drugs. == Some dangerous drugs were found in the possession of him / in his possession. 译:_______________________________________________________ 10. convince vt 使确信;使信服 convince sb. to do sth. ________________________convince sb. of sth. / that- 使某人相信 be convinced. of sth. / that- ______________________ eg. We convinced Anne to go by train rather than plane.译:______________________ 11. attempt vt. =try attempt to do/doing=try to do /doing=make an attempt to do/doing There’s no need to attempt to talk to him. He won’t listen 译:_______________________________________ vt.& n. 尝试;努力;企图 (attempt 比 try 更正式,且 attempt 暗含不成功) Task 3 变式训练 1.The author was required to submit an ____ of about 200 wards together with his research paper. A. edition B. editorial C. article D. abstract 2.It rained that day and ____ the baseball game was called off. A. however B. still C. consequently D. so 3.The worker worked day and night,____ finishing the task on time. A. aimed at B. aiming to C. aiming at D. aimed to 4.It is ____ of him to be so gentle just like a girl. A. traditional B. typical C. technical D. tolerable 5.Our school has ____ a new teaching method to meet the requirement of the students. A. adapted B. adopted C. adjusted D. advanced 6.Before leaving the country, you must be in ____ of a valid passport. A. provide B. possession C. core D. label 7.He couldn’t ____ his father that John was telling the truth. A. convince B. believe C. admit D. persuade 8.____ , my deskmate and I were born on the same day and same year, so we have a lot in common. A. By accident B. By chance C. By coincidence D. By no means 9.With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth ____ each year. A. is washing away B. is being washed away C. are washing away D. are being washed away 10.Exploring the polar regions is a ____ issue because it may destroy the ecological environment there. A. conventional B. contradictory C. contemporary D. controversial 11.He ____ to get a high position in the company, but failed because of his carelessness. A. managed B. succeeded C. attempted D. thought 评价______________ 批阅日期_______________
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