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2014高考英语一轮复习语法专题课件 16:定语从句复习应注意的问题

热身: (安徽卷)34. Last week, only two people came to look at the house, _______ wanted to buy it. D A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom .(江苏卷)33. He was educated at

the local high school, ______ he went on to Beijing University. A A. after which B. after that C. in which D. in that (上海卷)37. His movie won several awards at the film festival, ______ was beyond his wildest dream. A A. which B. that C. where D. it B (浙江卷)14. Chan’s restaurant on Baker Street, ______ used to be poorly run, is now a successful business. A. that B. which C. who D. where

指代人 who,whom,that


whose,of which





二、关系代词that和which在很多情况下可以互 换,但下列情况只用that。 that All ______ can be done has been done. that Do you have anything ________ you don’t understand ? that There is little _______ can be believed about it . that The book doesn’t say much ________ amuses children. 先行词是 all ,everything,nothing,anything,something,much ,little,none等不定代词,引导定语从句用that 。

that Hamburg is the most beautiful city _______I’ve ever seen. that This is the best TV _______ is made in China.
The first museum _______ he visited in China was the that History Museum.

先行词被形容词最高级或序数词修饰时, 引导定语从句用that 。

that I’ve read all the books ________ you lent me. that No sample ________ we nave received is satisfactory. that Please send us any information ________ you have about the subject. that He is the only person _________ was present at the time.

先行词被 any,some,no,much,few,little,every,all,very,o nly,last修饰时,引导定语从句用that 。

The famous writer and his works _________ the that radio broadcast have aroused great interest among the students.
that A victim is a person,animal or thing ________ suffers pain,death,harm,etc.

先行词中既有人又有事物时,引导定语从 句用that .

that Who _______ you have ever seen can do it better ? that Who _______ you are talking to is the young fellow ?

Who做先行词时,引导定语从句用that 。
Well done !

He made the same mistakes again ,_____ made his which parents very angry.

Yesterday I bought a dictionary,_______ cost me more which than 100 yuan .
Mr Smith,_______ gave a talk several months ago,will who come again. My uncle has come back from abroad,________ I whom haven’t met for along time.

在非限制性定语从句中,指事物用which, 指人用who或whom。

Her bag ,in ________ she put all her money,has which been stolen.
This is the ring on ________ she spent 1000 dollars. which whom Xiao Wang ,with ________ I went to the concert, enjoy it very much.


注意:如何判断介词 1、看定语从句中动词与介词的搭配
for The girl _____ which he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him. on He is the man _____ whom I think you can depend .

He referred me to some reference books ______ which I am not very familiar. with Dolphins might be trained to cooperate with fishermen and help them by finding in or even catching fish, ______ all of which activities dolphins are expert.

3、根据先行词判断,所用的介词与先行词 搭配
The rate ______ which wild animals are at being destroyed has increased.

This is our classroom ,_______________ in the front of which there is a teacher’s desk.

The committee consists of 20 members,5 of _______ whom are women. The book contains 50 poems, most of ________ was which written in 1930s. There are two left, one of _______ is almost which which finished ,and the other of _______ is not quite. I have a sentence , the meaning of _______ I don’t which understand.

名词/代词/数词+ of +which/whom

Where 引导的定语从句。
先行词是表示地点的名词或含有地点意义的抽 象名词,用来引导定语从句。Where 在从句中 作状语。 This is the town where (= in which ) I spent my childhood. The table where (= at which ) she is sitting is a new one. I’ll show you the paint where you failed. where The plants grow well ______there is a lot of rain.


注意 1

区分where引导的定语从句和状 语从句

Where前面有被修饰的地点名词时,是定语从句,否 则是状语从句。

When you read books ,you had better make a mark at the spot where you have any questions. 定语从句 When you read books , you had better make a mark where you have any questions. 状语从句

注意 2

若定语从句缺主语或宾语,用 which或that引导定语从句。

where The library ________ students often study was on fire last night. The library, _______ was built in the 1930s,needs which repairing. The library ________ you visited yesterday was built which in 1990.

When 引导的定语从句。
先行词是表示时间的名词,用when引导定 语从句。在从句作状语。

I’ll never forget the day when (= on which ) I met you. This was the time when ( =at which ) he left for Beijing . We will put off the outing until next week, when we won’t be busy.


若定语从句缺主语或宾语,用which 或that引导定语从句。

when I’ll never forget the day _________ we first met in the park.

I’ll never forget the time _________ I spent which\that on campus. I’ll never forget the time __________ was which\that spent with you.

先行词是表示原因的名词,用引导定语从句。从句 作状语。 This is the reason why ( = for which ) I didn’t come here. The reason __________ she gave was not true. which\that

whose 引导的定语从句。

The river _________ banks are covered with trees whose flows to the sea. There are in this class 20 students, ______ are different.
A.whose backgrounds

B.the backgrounds of whom
C.of whom the backgrounds

D.the backgrounds of whose



As 和 Which 的区别
as 1. These houses are sold at such a low price ________ people expected. as 2. He is not the same man ________ he was. which 3. We moved the stone away from the road, _______ took us an hour. as 4. He died of cancer, ______ is expected.

as 5. He must be from Canada, _____ is clear from his books.
which 6. He invited me to dinner, _______ was kind of him. as 7. He made a long speech, _______ was expected. which 8. He made a long speech, _______ was unexpected. which 9. Tom drinks a lot every day, _______ his wife doesn’t like at all.

such + 名词 +as +从句


the same +名词+ as +从句 和、、、、、、同类的 as 在从句中作主语、宾语或者表语。

Which 代替前面的句子,表示“这一点,这件事” As 代替前面的句子,表示“正如,好像”


As :主句是一种判断,从句说明理由 (因为)
Which:主句是一个事实,从句是一种评 价。


当两句语义不一致或从句为否定 时,用which

1. After living in Paris for 50 years, he returned to the small town _____he grew up as a child. B A. which B. where C. that D. when

A 2. I never forget the days _____ we spent together.
A. that B. when C. whose D. what 3. Have you seen the film “Brokenback Mountain” , C _____leading actor is world famous? A. its B. it’s C. whose D. which

A 4. This is the book _____ I paid ten yuan. A. for which B. for that

C. which

D. off which

C 5. The teacher discussed with Jim, _____ problem was poor study habits.

A. one of which C. whose

B. one of whose D. which

B 6. The gentleman _____ you told me yesterday proved to be a thief. A. who
C. whom

B. about whom
D. with whom

7. There are two buildings, ____ stands nearly a D hundred feet high.
A. the larger C. the larger one that B. the larger of them D. the larger of which

8. American women usually identify their best friend D as someone _____ they can talk frequently. A. who B. as

C. about which

D. with whom

C 9. The film brought the hours back to me_____ I was taken good care of in that faraway village. A. until B. that C. when D. where

C 10. I can think of many cases _____ students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn’t write a good essay.
A. what B. which C. where D. when

11. Do you know the girl to ____ your class teacher B is talking?
A. that B. whom C. who D. which D 12.The factory ___ his mother works is in the east of the city.

A. That

B. which

C. on which

D. where

13. Is oxygen the only gas ___ helps fire burn? A A. that B. 不填 C. which D. it

14. Her hand was struck out of the second story B window, ___ she could pick the apples on the tree. A. There C. in which B. from where D. from which

C 15. Tom as well as his friends who ____ football matches ____ to school today.

A. likes, hasn’t gone
C. like, hasn’t gone

B. likes, haven’t gone
D. like, haven’t gone

根据定语从句中所缺成分来确定是用关 系代词还是关系副词,决不要因为先行词是时 间名词就用when, 是地点名词就用where.

将引导词放入定语从句中,看其充当的 成分,如果充当主、宾、表,用关系代词; 如果充当状语,用关系副词。根据其在从句 中的搭配选择相应的介词+which。


A letter to Tom
我收到了你上周的来信.谢谢你寄的照片. 我常常想起我们一起度过的时光.那座顶 上有只海鸥的纪念碑真漂亮.你还记得那 个湖吗?我们在那还照过一张相呢.和我们 一起玩的那些小朋友还好吗?另外,我有一 本绿色封面的书丢在你那了.请帮我寄来.

I have received the letter you posted last week. Thanks for the photos you sent. I often think of the time we spent together. The monument on top of which there is a seagull is really beautiful. Do you still remember the lake where we had a picture taken? How are the children who played with us? Besides, I had a book left in your house the cover of which is green. Please send it to me.

Dear Tom, I have received the letter that you sent to me last week.Thanks for the photoes which are in the letter sent by you.I always think of the happy time that we spent together.T he roof which there is memorial that a sea gull on it is really very beautiful.Do you remember the lake which we took a photo there?And how is the children with whom we enjoyed the wonderful time .Besides,I left a book with the green cover in your home ,which could you send for me.



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