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look 常用短语
look up … in 查找 look back to/ upon 回顾 look forward to 期待 look back 回顾,回想 take a new look 呈现新面貌 look after 照顾,照料 look up to 尊敬 look out 向外看;当心 look around 四处看看 look sb. up and down 上下打量 look upon(on)…as 把… 看作 look through 浏览; 看穿 look down on 看不起,瞧不起 look into 调查,研究 look for 寻找 look to 注意,负责 look out of 向外看 look like 看起来象

make 常用短语
be made up of =consist of 由……组成 be made from 由……造成 (看不出原材料) be made into 被制成…… make a living 谋生 make it (1) 及时赶到(2) 成功,办成
make up one’s mind 下决心 make the best of make good/full of 充分利用

make up for 弥补 make up 编造;组成;化妆 make fun of 取笑; 嘲弄 be made of 由……造成(能看出原材料) make out(1) 理解,明白(2) 看清,(勉强)辨认出
make sense 有道理,讲得通

die 常用短语
die for one’s country 为国捐躯 die down (慢慢)熄灭,平静下来 die off 绝种、枯死;一个一个地死去 die away (声音、风、光线等)渐息,渐弱 die of 表示“死于……病”或冻死、气死,或死于过度悲伤。die of cancer/grief/hunger/anger/cold die from 表示死于外伤、事故、劳累过度。如:die from polluted air/overwork/sword thrust die out (家族、种族、习俗、观念等)灭绝,绝迹 be dying for sth [to do sth] 迫切想要(做)某事

keep 常用短语
keep up with 紧跟….. keep sb. doing sth.让某人一直做 keep sb. from doing sth.阻止…..做…… keep off 避开,防止,挡住(the grass) keep to the point 紧扣主题 keep in touch with 与……保持联系 keep doing sth 不断地或一直做某事 He kept standing during the meeting.(无间隔) They kept talking about it. (动作之间略有间隔) keep on doing sth (1) 不断地或一直做某事(动作之间略有间隔)。此用法可与 keep doing sth 换用。 (2) 继续做某事(即将一直在做的事继续做下去)。 如:He kept on working after dark. 天黑了我们还继续干。 Don’t give up; keep on trying. 别灰心,继续努力。 keep up 保持,继续 keep out of 使不进入…… keep down 抑制,控制,使下降 keep back (1) (使)后退(2) 忍住,隐瞒 keep from (doing) sth 避开或防止(做)某事 keep sb (sth) done 使某人(某事)被…… 如:Keep you mouth shut and your eyes open. 少说话,多干事。

give 常用短语
give up 放弃,戒除 give in 让步,投降,上交 give away 分发, 泄露, 出卖, 让步 give back 归还, 恢复, 后退, 反射(声、光等) give out 分发, 发出(气味、热等), 发表, 用尽, 精 疲力竭 give off 放出、发出(气体、气味、烟雾、光、水、 热等) give sb. a hand 给予帮助 give over 停止, 放弃 give into (过道等)通向 give way 撤退, 退让, 屈服 give way to 让路,让步 give over 停止, 放弃 give place to 让位于 give rise to 引起, 使发生 give room 腾地方[位置], 让开 give one's attention to 注意

put 常用短语
put away: 把(某物)收好 put on: (1) 把…放上去 (2) 穿上;戴上 (3) 表演,演出 (4) 假装,夸张 (5) 把(钟或钟的针)向前拨;拔快 put up with: (1) 忍受;容忍 put aside: (1) 留下…供将来用,留下…供专用 I have put aside 5 minutes to talk to you.我留出五分钟时间跟你谈话。 (2) 丢弃 Instead of putting aside their old clothes, the couple altered them for their children's use. (3) 不顾;不考虑 Putting aside their difficulties the workers tried one method after another and at last obtained the expected results.工人们不顾困难,试用一个又一个的方法,最后终于得到了 预期的结果。 put back: (1) 把…放回原处 (2) 把(钟、表或钟、表的针)向后拨;拨回;拨慢 put down: (1) 把…放下 (2) 镇压;扑灭;消灭 (3) 写下 put off: 推迟(约会、旅行、访问等) ;推迟和(某人)的约会 put out: (1) 拿出;伸出 (2) 出版;公布;发布;广播 put up: (1)举起 Put your hands up. (2) 建造;搭起; (3)张贴 put …into… 把…投入到…
put forward 提出

take 常用短语
take back 收回,接回,退回 I’m sorry, I take back what I said. take down 写下,记下 take sth for granted 把。 。 。当作理所当然的 take in (1) 收留。如:So he took in the boy (dog). 所以他就收留了这个男孩(这条狗)。 (2) 包括。如:The list takes in everyone. 每个人都上了名单。 (3) 理解。如:We find it difficult to take in what he teaches. 我们发现他教的东西很难理解。 (4) 欺骗,使上当。如:Don’t be taken in by his promises. 别被他的诺言所欺骗。 take off(1) 脱下 (2) 起飞 (3) 打折扣, 扣掉, 去掉 (4) 请假, 休息。 如: I want to take a day off (from work). 我想休假一天。 take on 呈现,显现,具有 take over 接替,接管,继承 take up (1) 开始(学习或从事等)。 如: He dropped medicine and took up physics. 他放弃学医, 开始学物理。 (2) 占去(时间或空间)。如:The table takes up too much room.


come 短语
come about 意“发生?产生” come across 意为“穿 过(路?桥)?偶遇?碰上?被理解” come after 跟随 come up with 提出= put forward come along 随同 come out 出版,公布,长出 came back come over 顺便来访 (1)反驳;回答 came back with a sharp riposte.以尖锐的反驳回答 (2)再现记忆: When I saw the picture, happy memories came back. 当我看到这照片,美好的回忆又再度浮现 (3)回来 come around 恢复,还原 come on 加油;快点;上演;进展;跟着来;振作起来 come together 和好

go 短语
go back (1) 回去(2) 回顾,回溯 go down (1) 下落,下沉(2)下降,降低,减低,减弱。 go by (1) 从(……)旁边经过(2) (时间、机会等)过去 (3) 遵循,按照,以……为依据。如:That’s a good rule to go by. 那是要遵守的好规则。 We can’t go by looks alone. 我们不能只看外表。 go in for (1) 参加(考试、比赛等) (2) 从事(某一职业等) (3) 爱好,喜欢 go into (1) 到达,进入,从事,参加 (2) 调查,研究,弄清楚 go out (1) 出去 (2) 出国,远行 (3) 熄灭 go over (1) 复习、温习、演习 (2) 检查、查看、核对 go through . (1) 通过 (2) 检查,审查,查找 We’d like to have you go through the book.. I’ve gone through all my pockets but can’t find my keys. (3) 经历,经过 The country has gone through too many wars. (4) 做完,用完。如:Let’s go through the exercises. go up (1) 上升,上涨。(2) 兴建,建立。如:New houses are going up all over the countryside. 乡下到处在建房子。

think 常用短语
think of 记起,想起;考虑;想像;关心 think over 仔细考虑;重新考虑 think out 想出 think about 意为“思考;考虑; think highly of…对…评价很高

get 常用短语
get along (1) 相处,过日子,合得来 (2) 进展。如:How are you getting along with your work? get away 离开,逃离,逃走 get back (1) 返回,回家(2) 取回,拿回,失而复得。如:He got back the watch he lost. get down 下来,取下,放下,弄下,写下,打下,吞下 get down to (6doing) sth 开始做某事,认真处理某事 get in(1) 进站,到达,回来。如:(1) The train (plane) got in late. 。 (2) 请来。如:They have got the doctor in to look at the child. 他们已请来大夫给孩子看病。 (3) 插话。如:He talks so much that it’s impossible to get a word in. 他说个不停,别人休想插话。

(4) 收获,收割。如:The villagers were busy getting the harvest in. 村民们在忙于收获庄稼。 get off (1) 起飞,动身,出发 (2) 下班,下车。 (3) 从轻处罚,被放过。如:He got off with a small fine. 他交了一小笔罚款了事。 get on (1) 上车 (2) 进行,进展,过日子(3) 相处 get out (1) 出来,出去,离开(2)拿出,取出(3)出版,发表 (4)泄漏,传出 If the secret gets out, there will be trouble. get out of . (1) 逃避,躲掉。(2) 放弃,戒除,停止。 如:You must get out of that bad habit. 你必须戒除那个坏习惯。 He told me to get out of smoking. 他叫我戒烟。 get over(1) 走过,越过,渡过(2) 克服,战胜 (3) 恢复,痊愈 get through (1) 做完,用完,吃完,看完。(2) 通过(考试),接通(电话),度过(时间)。 如:Did you get through your driving test? 你的驾驶测验通过了吗? tried to telephone you but couldn’t get through. 我设法给你打电话,但打不通。 get together 聚会,联欢 如:When can we get together? 我们什么时候可以聚一聚?

break 常用短语
break down 破坏, 毁掉; 破除;制服;坍塌, 坏掉; (计划等)失败, 破裂; (健康、精神)崩溃;分解 break in 破门而入, 打断 break out 战争爆发, 争吵爆发, (火灾)发生 break into 破门而入, 突然……起来 Hearing the sad news, the old woman broke into tears. break into pieces 破成碎片 break through 出现,突破 break the law/rule 违反法律/规章制度 break one’s heart 使某人心碎, 使某人悲痛欲绝 break away from 打破陈规;奋力挣脱;放弃习惯 break up(1)解散,驱散(2) (学校等)放假(3)结束,破裂(4)击碎,撞碎(5)绝交 break one's word/promise 食言, 说话不算数 break the record 打破纪录

leave 常用短语
leave…alone 放任不管;不招惹 leave…behind 留下;遗下 leave A for B 离开 A 去 B leave …off 停止 leave …out 省去;遗漏 leave…over 留下;剩下 leave room for 留下……余地

cut 常用短语
cut down (1) 砍倒 (2) 削减,压缩,缩减 cut in(1) 插入,插话 (2) 插队,超车 cut off 切断,隔断,断绝 cut out 剪成,戒掉

cut through 刺穿;抄近路走过 cut up vt. 切碎;抨击 cut across 抄近路通过;径直穿过;打断

set 常用短语
set out: (1) 启程;出发;开始 (2) 布置;安排 (3) 陈述;叙述;说明 set up (1) 竖立;升起;把…放在看得见的地(2) 建造;装配;装置(3) 提出;提议 set off: (1) 启程;出发(2) 点燃;使爆炸;发射 set in 开始;到来 Spring has set in very early this year. set down: (1) 使坐下 (2) 把…放下;放 (3) 写下;抄下;以书写或印刷方式记下 (4) 制定(规划、原则等) set about: 着手;开始 set to 着手于,开始

hand 常用短语
hand in 交来,交上去(给老师或上级)。 hand out 散发,分发 shake hands (with sb) (同某人)握手 hands up 举手,举起手来 on hand 在手边(随时可用) at hand(1) 在手边,在近处 (2) 即将到来 hand on 传递给另一个人 hand over 移交,拿给(另一人)。 hand sb sth / hand sth to sb 把某物递给某人 on the one (other) hand 一方面(另一方面) give [lend] sb a hand 帮某人一把 by hand 用手工(即不是用机器或其它手段)

send 常用短语
send for 派人请 He is ill,please send for a doctor. send up 发射 send out 放出,发出; 分发;发送;派遣;发出请柬 send back 送回,还回 send away 撵走,开除,The boss sent him away. send sb sth=send sth to sb 送给某人某物 send off 寄出; 送行

carry 常用短语
carry out carry on 执行,实行;贯彻;实现;完成 开展;维持;继续

fall 常用短语
fall back 后退,退却 fall in love with 相爱,爱上… fall off 下降,跌落,减少 fall behind 落在…后面,跟不上 fall into 落入;陷于;河流注入

hold 常用短语
hold back 踌躇,退缩不前,阻止 hold on 握住不放;坚持下去 hold one's breath (由于激动等原因)屏息 hold over 将…延迟;期满后继任 hold down 压制;抑制(热情等) hold on to 紧紧抓住;控制,克制 hold out 伸出;坚持;支持 hold up 举起;耽搁;抢劫


lay 常用短语
lay aside 把…放在一边;储存 lay in 贮存,贮藏 lay out 花费;布置;摆开 lay to 把(功、过)归于 lay down 放下;铺设(铁路) lay off 停止;(临时)解雇 lay over 使延期;涂,覆盖;压倒 lay up 贮存,储蓄;暂停使用

let 常用短语
let alone 不干涉;不碰 let go 放开;释放;发射 let off 放(炮);开(枪);宽恕 let out 放掉(水等),发出 let down 放下;降低;使…失望 let in 让…进入;放…出来 let oneself go 尽情;忘乎所以

drop 常用短语
drop in 顺便走访, 不预先通知的拜访 drop away 离开, 散去, 减少 drop off v.离开, 散去, 逐渐减少, drop behind 落伍,落后




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