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1. Not that Charlie’s own life was easy!
not that “倒不是;并不是说” ,用于句首 或短语之前。 Not that I hate the work. I'm not strong eno

ugh for it. Not that I dislike the task, but that I am not equal to it. Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.

2. Unfortunately his father died, leaving the family 自然而然的结果 even worse off. He came back to life, (only / just) to find himself lying 出乎意料的结果 in hospital.

1. A hurricane hit our town yesterday afternoon, ______ (cause) great damage to the crops. 2. His parents died,_______(leave) him an orphan. 3. He hurried to the booking office only ______ (tell) that all the tickets had been sold out. 4. He ran to the station, only _______ (find) the train had left.

3. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed. ---People were made ______ at a time when… *make + O. + O.C.
do done ×doing

1.He often makes his sister ____ (cry), but this time he was made ______ ( cry). 2.Chaplin was so hungry that he made his shoe _____( boil). 3.Tom fell off the bike and made his arm _____ ( break). 4.His subtle acting made everything _____ (entertain). 5.His acting made the audience _____ (convince) of the scene. 6.Our teacher makes his class lively and ____ (interest).

adj. adv. prep.

4. He was caught in the snowstorm with nothing to eat. to do; doing; done * with + O. + O.C.
adj. adv. prep.

1. She left the room with all the lights on. 2. He walked into the dark street with a stick in his hand. 3. With his parents angry, the child ran away. 4 With so many problems ____(settle), I have no time for a holiday. 5 With spring ______( come) on, trees turn green. 6 The thief was brought in, with his hands ____(tie) behind.

1 He slept with his right eye _____ (open) and with his left eye _____(close). 2 With all the things she needed _______(buy), she went home happily. 3 With many things ___(buy), she went to the market. 4 We found the house easily with the little boy ____(lead) the way. 5 he slide out of the lecture hall without anyone ______ (notice) him. 6 The thief took away the bag without ______ (caught). 7 With the people present _____ (surprise), he behaved strangely.

5. The tramp wore a small round black hat. * 美小圆旧黄,法国木书房。 * 限观形龄色国材,用! 县官行(酒)令杀国(之栋)才,(昏)庸! 1 一件又脏又旧的棕色衬衣 2 两幅蓝色小油画 3 那些崭新漂亮的中国黑色圆形木制会议桌 1 a dirty old brown shirt 2 two small blue oil paintings 3 those beautiful round new black Chinese wooden conference tables

据语境,说出同一词在句中的词性及含义。 1. content a. I like the style of his writing but I don’t like the content of his books. n.内容 b. He who is content is always happy. adj.满足的 c. As we can’t go abroad this year, we’ll have to content ourselves with a holiday in our hometown. v.使??满足 2. sense a. George has no sense of humour and is hard to get on with. n.理解力 b. The horse sensed danger and stopped. v.感觉到

3. failure a. Failure can also breed success. n.失败 b. The system’s failure meant the workers had to wait for the engineer to repair it. n.故障 4. star a. The star of this film is a previously unknown actor. n.明星 b. In his last film he starred as a cowboy. v.主演 5. whisper a. She said it in a whisper, n.耳语 so I couldn’t hear her. b. The leaves whispered in the breeze. v.飒飒作响

1. 直到现在 1 up to now 2. 照亮/愉悦人生 2 brighten people’s lives 3. 感觉情绪低落 3 feel depressed 4. 对…满意 4 feel/be content with 5. 令人大为惊诧的是 5 to one’s great astonishment 6. 潦倒,穷困, 缺少的照顾6 be badly off ←→ be worse off

7. 遍及, 整个世界 8. 留胡须 9.一双旧鞋 &磨破/穿旧的;精疲力尽的 10一顶黑色小圆帽 11一个社会失败者 12克服困难 & 被战胜/征服

7 throughout the world 8 wear a moustache 9 a pair of worn-out shoes & be worn out 10 a small round black hat 11 a social failure 12 overcome the difficulties & be overcome by

13.寻金 14.切断(供应);切/砍下 15.挑/辨别出 16. 一口 17.使某人信服某事 18.主演,担任主角 19. 杰出的工作(成就)

13 in search of gold 14 cut off 15 pick out 16 a mouthful of… 17convince… of… 18 star in 19 outstanding work

1 特别/尤其地 & 对…挑剔 2 放声大笑 3 在某种场合 4 对…非常感兴趣 5 无额外收费 6玩文字游戏 7 在一个山区 8 在户/野外 9 浩瀚的天空 10 再试一次 11 对…作出反应 12 低/耳语 13 乱七八糟

1 in particular & be ~ about 2 burst in laughter 3 on a certain occasion 4 show great enjoyment in 5 at no extra charge 6 play on words 7 in a mountainous area 8 in the open air 9 the vast sky 10 try a second/third time 11 react to 12 in a whisper 13 in a mess



Charlie’s own life was easy!

2. Unfortunately his father died, 使得他的家 境更加艰难. 3. 随着时间的推移,he began making films. 4. Instead they are hiding in a small hut on the edge of a mountain during a snowstorm, 没有任何东西可吃.

5. He cuts and chews the shoe as if it the finest steak.

6. A word, 在说的时候,can have two meanings.



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