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1.Taking pictures___ very interesting. A. is B. are C. to be D. be

2.______ the bad news made him cry. A. Hear B. Heard C. Hearing D. Is hearing

3._____ a desert had always been a risk adventure. A. being crossed B. Having crossed C. Crossing D. To have crossed

4.Before he came , I?d finished _______ the whole book. A. to read B. to have read C. reading D. read

5. I always enjoy ____ to popular music at night. A. to listen B. listening C. that I can listen D. if I can listen

6.We are considering ________ a trip around the island. A. take b. to take C. to be taking D. taking

7.I hope you don?t mind ____ at your newspaper. A. I look B. my looking C. I looking D. my to look

8.When a man?s heart stops ______ , he dies. A. to beat B. beating C. beat D. beaten 9.I can?t help _______ he is still alive. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought of 10.So far as I am concerned , I prefer reading ________ . A. than meat B. for joy C. instead of sleeping D to drinking

11. It goes without _______ that knowledge is important. A. talking B. telling C. saying D. mentioning

12. we are looking forward ______ our friends next week. A. to see B. to seeing C. to be seeing D. shall see

13.He spent a lot of money _____ books and magazines. A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought 14.The silkworm is an insect worth _____. A. to know B. knowing C. to be known D. being known

15.She went out without ______ good-bye to us. A. say B. to say C. saying D. being said

16.The curious student kept on _______ questions. A. asks B. asking C. to ask D. asked 17.He is such a strange person; there?s _____ what he?ll do next. A. no knowing B. not to know C. not known D. being unknown

18.When she heard the bad news, she burst______. A. into crying B. out to tears C. crying D. out crying

19. You must never cross the street without ______ the light to turn green. A. waiting B/ to wait C. waiting for D. to wait for

20. Scientists succeed _____ protein out of old newspapers. A. to make B. at making C. making D. in making 21.I became ______ after watching too much television. A. bored B. boring C. bore D. bores

22.I felt ____ by his interest in my new invention. A. encourage B to encourage C. was encouraged D. encouraged

23.He sat there ______ a novel. A. read B. reading C. reads D. had read

24. Don?t wake up the______ child. A. sleep B. slept C. sleeping D. sleepy

25.A proverb goes: ?A ___ stone gathers no moss?. A. roll B. rolling C. rolled D. rolls

26.The heavy rain kept us _____ for two hours. A. wait B. waited C. waiting D. to wait 27.I found a dog ______ over by a car on the road. A. to run B. run C. ran D. running 28. We found the baby ____ on the floor. A. slept B. sleep C. asleep D. sleeping 29.Jack saw a woman ______ near the dog , so he walked up to her. A. stood B. stands C. to stand D. standing

30.They got their car ____ at the garage. A. be washed B. washed C. being washed D. to have been washed

31. _____ with his report , I told him to write it all over again. A. Dissatisfactory B. Not being satisfied

C. Having not satisfied D. Dissatisfying 32._____ our shoes in our hands , we crossed the stream. A. To carry B. Carrying C. Carried D. Carry 33._____ my homework, I went home . A. Having finished B. Finished C. Being finished 34.____ the door unlocked, I went in. A. Finding B. Found C. Had found D. Have found 35.______ a careless fellow, he forget all about it. A. Is B. Be C. Being D. Was 36._____ carefully, this letter is very beautiful D. Finish

A. Type B. Typing C. Typed D. To typed 37.Animals can do many amazing things when properly___. A. train B. training C. trained D. to train

38. You must be careful when ___ on the highway. A. you driving B. are driving C. driving D. you were driving 39.If _____ , I will go to the party tonight. A. invite B. inviting C. to invite D. invited 40.Thousands of products ____ from coal are now in daily use. A. made B. make C. making D. to make 41.Engines are machines ___ power or motion. A. produce B. producing C. produced D. which producing

42.During this battle some soldiers were wounded , and some _____. A. miss B. missed C. missing D. to miss

43Weather ____ , we will have a picnic tomorrow. A. permit B. permits C. permitted D. permitting 44.The vacation ____ over , the students came back to school. A. is B. are C. was D. being 45.____, we left off our work. A. After setting the sun B. Having set the sun C. The sun having set D. Being the sun set. 46.___ the painting, he gave a sigh of relief. A. Finishing B. Has finished C. Being finished D. Having finished

47.___ the way to take, the traveller went on his journey. A. Telling B. Having told C. Having been told D. Have told

48.The United States has developed into a modern nation in a very short time___ with many other countries. A. compares B. comparing C. to compare D. compared 49.When you find something in your writing that needs _____ , you should mark it on the paper. A. to be correcting B. correct C. to correct D. correcting

50.None of us objected to ____ George to the birthday party. A. invite B. inviting C. have invited D. invited

现在分词练习题(二) 1. I can?t stand ________ with Jane in the same office. She just refuses________talking while she was working. A. working; stopping B. to work; stopping C. working; to stop D. to work; to stop 2. Don?t sit there________nothing. Come and help me with this table. A. do B. to do C. doing D. and doing 3. The wild flower looked like a soft orange blanket________the desert. A. covering B. covered C. cover D. to cover 4. Tom?s never willing to alter any of his opinions. It?s no use________with him. A. to argue B. arguing C. argued D. having argued 5. The storm left,________a lot of damage to this area. A. caused B. to have caused C. to cause D. having caused 6.________ , the more expensive the camera, the better its quality. A. General speaking B. Speaking general C. Generally speaking D. Speaking generally 7. “You can?t catch me!” Jane shouted,________away. A. run B. running C. to run D. ran 8. I could?t do my homework with all that noise________ . A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on 9. He got well-prepared for the job interview, for he couldn?t risk________the good opportunity. A. to lose B. losing C. to be lost D. being lost 10.________for many years, the two brothers can?t recognize each other. A. Being separated B. Having separated C. Having been separated D. To be separated

11. The manager,________it clear to us that he didn?t agree with us, left the meeting room. A. who has made B. having made C. made D. making 12. I really can?t understand________her like that. A. you treat B. you to treat C. why treat D. you treating 13. Everybody in the village likes Jack because he is good at telling and ________ jokes. A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up 14. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures________in your mind instead of before your eyes! A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed 15. Don?t leave the water________while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run D. to run 16. According to a recent survey, children spend up to 25 hours a week ________ TV. A. to watch B. to watching C. watching D. watch 17. The man insisted________a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding 18. Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time________the exam. A. pass B. to pass C. passed D. passing 19. He looked around and caught a man________his hand into the pocket of a passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting 20. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found________in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked 21. The discovery of new evidence led to________ . A. the thief having caught B. catch the thief C. the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 22. I couldn?t find my key to the car when________home. A. leaving B. to leave C. left D. having left 23. Though________money, his parents managed to send him to university. A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in 24.________to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one?s skin. A. Exposed B. Having exposed C. Being exposed D. After being exposed 25. I really appreciate________to relax with you on this nice island. A. to have had time B. having time C. to have time D. to having time 26. One learns a language by making mistakes and________them. A. correct B. correcting C. corrects D. to correct 27. Mr Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to________some schools for poor children. A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up 28. Sometimes new ideas have to be tested many times before________ . A. accept fully B. fully accepting C. fully been accepted D. being fully accepted

29.________this, you should have no trouble with the difficult work. A. Knowing B. If you are knowing C. From knowing D. If you had known 30. Never________faith in himself, the scientist went on with his research. A. losing B. to lose C. lose D. to be lost 31.________made her very happy. A. Her parents will come B. Her parents to come C. Her parents came D. Her parents? coming 32. The________girl was last seen________near the park. A. missing; playing B. missing; play C. missed; play D. missed; to play 33. Tony was very unhappy for________to the party. A. having not been invited B. not having invited C. having not invited D. not having been invited 34. When he was young, he used to go there and watch________ . A. to repair bikes B. bikes to be repaired C. bikes being repaired D. repairing bikes 35. After the party the children were allowed to finish off the________sandwiches and cakes. A. remaining B. rest C. leaving D. remained 36. A policeman reported________an old lady risk________very fast on the highway. A. to see; driving B. seeing; driving C. to see; drive D. to see; driven 37. I really appreciate________to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself. A. your offering B. that you offer C. you to offer D. that you are offering 38. What worried the boy most was________to go to school. A. his not allowing B. his not being allowed C. his being not allowed D. having not been allowed 39. Slowly she opened the letter,________ . A. her hands slightly trembling B. trembling her hands slightly C. her hands trembled slightly D. slightly her hands were trembled 40. —What do you think of the book? —Oh, excellent. It?s worth________a second time. A. to read B. to be read C. reading D. being read 41. It was___computer games that took the boy a lot of time that he ought to have spent on his lessons. A. to have played B. playing C. played D. having played 42. The old man told the story in a________voice and the little girl felt very ________. A. frightening; frightened B. frightened; frightening C. frightening; frightening D. frightened; frightened 43. How many of us_______ , say, a meeting that has nothing to do with us is not important at all. A. to attend B. attending C. have attend D. attend

44. —Did you tell her the news? —No, of course not. —But________from what she said, she must have known about it. A. judge B. judged C. being judged D. judging 45. He sat________to her________the stairs. A. to listen;to climb B. to listen; climb C. listening; climb D. listening; to climb 46.________of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend________her. A. Warned; followed B. Warning; following C. Having warned; following D. Having been warned; followed 47.________full preparations, we decided to put off the meeting till next week. A. Not being made B. Having not made C. Making not D. Not having made 48.________to give up smoking, he threw away his________cigarettes. A. Determined; remained B. Determined; remaining C. Determining; remained D. Determining; remaining 49. Have you forgotten________a ruler from Betty? Please remember________it to her tomorrow. A. borrowing; to return B. borrowing; returning C. to borrow; to return D. to borrow; returning 50. —We didn?t find the Blacks________the lecture. —No one had told them about________a lecture the following day. A. attended; there to be B. attending; there being C. attend; there was D. to attend; there be

Key:1- 5 CCABD 6-10 CBABC 11-15 BDCCB 16-20 CCDDB 21-25 CACCB 26-30 BBDAA 31-35 DADCA 36-40 BABAC 41-45 BABDC 46-50 DDBAB 练习题(二) Key:1-5ACCCB 6-10DBBAD 11-15CBBBC 16-20BADCD 21-25ADBCB 26-30CBCDB 31-35BBAAC 36-40CCCDA 41-45BCDDC 46-50DCDDB



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