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高中英语改错练习题含答案 1 A shopkeeper once found that a bag money 56._______ had been stolen from his shop. He went to the 57._______ judge(法官) and tell him about his loss(损失) . 58._______ The judge ordered all people of the shop 59._______ to come before him. He took a number of the 60._______ sticks of equal length(长度) or gave one stick 61._______ to each person. Then he said, “Come after me 62._______ again tomorrow. I’ll then know which of you are 63._______ the thief because the stick given to a thief 64._______ will be one inch longer than the other.” 65._______ 2 Miss Evans taught physics in school in London.Last month 56._____ she was explaining to one of her class about sound ,and 57._____ she decide to test them to see how successful she had 58._____ been in her work. She said to them, “Now I has a sister 59._____ in Washington. If I was calling her by the phone, and 60._____ you were on the other side of the street. Who would 61._____ hear me first, my sister and you? And why?” 62._____ A clever boy at once answered, “You sister, Miss 63._____ Evans, because the electricity travels much faster than sound 64._____ waves.” “Very well,” Miss Evans praised. 65.______ 3 It is interested to visit another country, but sometimes 56. ___ there are some questions when we don’t know the language very 57. ___ well. It may be difficult to talk about the people there.We may 58. ___ not know how to use the telephone in the country which are 59. ___ visiting. We may not know what to buy the things we need. 60. ___ In a strange country we may not know where to eat and what 61. ___ to order in a restaurant. It is not easy to decide how many 62. ___ money to tip(付小费) waiters or taxi drivers. When we are 63. ___ helpless, we may not know how to ask help. 64. ___ After a short time later, however, we learn what to do 65. ___ and what to say. We learn to enjoy life in another country, and then we may be sorry to leave both the place and the people. 4 Long long ago, people had gather leaves and 56._____ fruit of plants to eat with. They didn’t know how 57. _____ to plant crops or how to keep animals for their 58. _____ food. We call them Stone Age people. Thing for 59. _____ them were terrible and hard. Now there have still 60. _____ some people living liked those Stone Age people. 61. _____ They live in places that are hard reach. They do 62. _____

not know of our invention, for they keep themselves 63. _____ away our civilized world. For many years 64. _____ a group of people call Aruntas have lived alone 65. _____ in the center of Australia. 5 How robins(知更鸟) know when it is time 56._____ to go back north? They seem to tell by how soon daylight lasts. In late winter, daylight 57. _____ begins to last longest each day. When the 58. _____ daylight lasts long enough, robins start north. 59. _____ They fly by day. Each year they follow a same 60. _____ fly-way. At first, they fly only few miles a 61. _____ day. They stop often in the field to eat bugs 62. _____ (小虫子) . Late, they seem in a hurry. They fly 63. _____ over 100 miles a day. Some are going so far 64._____ as 180 miles. When they get to home, they 65. _____ always stay together high in a tree. 6 The Internet is playing a important part in 56. _____ our daily life. On the net,we can learn about 57. _____ news both home and abroad and some other 58. _____ informations as well. We can also make phone calls, 59. _____ send messages by e-mails,go to net schools,and 60. _____ learn foreign languages by ourselves. Beside,we 61. _____ can enjoy music,watch sports matches,and play the 62. _____ chess or cards. The net even help us do shopping, 63. _____ make a chat with others and make friends with them. 64. _____ In a word,the Internet has made our life more easier. 65. _____ 7 People have different tastes in food. Some feel they haven't a meal unless they have had 56. ______ pork or other meat;some prefer chickens 57. ______ or fish,and eats one or the other at every meal. 58. ______ Others prefer vegetables and fruits or grains but would enjoy a meal of potatoes, 59. ______ noodles and carrots and some another fruits. 60. ______ Others could live on the foods are called 61. ______ fast foods,for example,a hamburger or 62. ______ hot dog,French fries and a soft drinks. 63. ______ Food can be prepared by so many ways. 64. ______ Every is satisfactory to different person. 65. ______ 8 In the morning of November 18th,1755,an earthquake 56.____ shook Boston.John,a professor at Harvard College felt a quake 57. ____

and woke up.“I rose and found to be fifteen minutes past 58. ____ four.” He hurried to downstairs to the clock. It had stopped 59. ____ three minutes ago. Except for stopping the clock,the quake 60.____ had only thrown a key from the mantel(壁炉架) to the floor. 61. ____ The clock had stopped because John put some long 62. ____ glass tube he was using for an experiment into the case 63. ____ for safekeeping.The quake had been knocked the tubes over and 64. ____ blocked the pendulum(钟摆) . So John had the exactly time of the earthquake. 65. ____ 9 Life in the twenty-one century will be very 56.___ different with life today. There will be many 57. ___ changes.What can the changes be? The population 58. ___ is growing fast. That will be many more people in 59. ___ the world and most of them will live in longer 60. ___ than people live now. Computers will be much 61. ___ more smaller and more useful, and there will 62. ___ be one in every home. People will work few 63. ___ hours than they now and they will have more 64.___ free time for reading books, watch TV and traveling. 65.___ 10 Once one year a race is held. A lot 56._____ of cars took part this race last year and there 57. _____ had a lot of experiments just before it began. One 58. _____ of the most beautiful car was a Rolls-Royce 59. _____ Silver Ghost. The most usual car was a Benz 60. _____ which had only three wheels. Built in 1885,it is the 61. _____ oldest car taking part. After a great many loud 62. _____ noises,the race began. Many of cars broke down on 63. _____ the way and some drivers spent much time under 64. _____ their cars than in them. The win car reached at 65. _____ a speed of forty miles an hour. 11 In recently years,dust storms take place more 76. _____ and more often in the north of Chinese. They have 77. _____ brought a great deal of trouble to people’s lives. 78. _____ The strong wind blows up the dust,made the air 79. _____ very dirty. It also stops many of people from going 80. _____ out. In past,people raised a large number of sheep. 81. _____ The sheep eat up a great deal of grass and the land 82. _____ became sandy. Now the government have begun to 83. _____ pay attention to the problem. Each year,a lot of 84. _____ money spent on the improvement of the environment. 85. _____ 12

Sleep,as we know, is important to us. And 56. ____ ow many sleep do we actually need?For most 57. ____ of us, eight hours seem to be about the right 58. ____ amount. Yet we know that there are a 59. ____ great many people who get along well less 60. ____ sleep ,and some whom may even need more. A 61. ____ great deal depends by the way we live. But 62. ____ a good common rule to follow to is to 63. ____ sleep long as we have to. So we’ll feel 64. ____ happy and be able to work with our best when we wake. 65. ____ 13.My friend Henry has a most unusually hobby 56. _____ (爱好) . He likes plant flowers in strange places. 57. _____ When the spring comes round, you can always tell 58. _____ Henry had been busy working because the dirty sides of 59. _____ canals(沟渠) and railway banks suddenly 60. _____ became filled of flowers. In his spare time, with 61. _____ pockets full of seeds, Henry goes round by his bike. 62. _____ He has a long pipe with him blow seeds into places 63. _____ that is hard to reach. When his flowers fade(凋谢) , 64. _____ he goes round again to collect its seeds. In this way 65. _____ he always has a big supply. 参考答案: 56.bag 后加 of 57.√? 58.tell→told 59.all 后加 the 60.去掉 the 61.or→and 62.after→before 63.are→is 64.a→the 65.other→others 56.第一个 in 后加 a 57.class→classes 58.decide→decided 59.has→have 60.by→on 61.? √ 62.and→or 63.You→Your 64.去掉 the 65.well→good 56. 58. 61. 64. interested→interesting 57. questions→problems about→with/to 59. which 后加 we 60. what→how and→or 62. many→much 63.√ ? ask 后加 for 65. 去掉 later

56. had→had to 57.去掉 with 58.√ 59. Thing→Things 60. have→are 61. liked→like 62. reach→to reach 63. invention→inventions 64. away 后加 from 65. call→called 56.How 后加 do 57.soon→long 58.longest→longer 59.√ 60.a→the 61.few 前加 a 62.field→fields 63.Late→Later 64.so→as 65.去掉 to 56.a→an 57.√ 58.home 前加 at

59.informations→information 60.e-mails→e-mail 61.Beside→Besides 62.去掉 the 63.help→helps 64.第一个 make→have 65.more→much 56.haven’t 后加 had 57.chickens→chicken 58.eats→eat 59.but→and 60.another→other 61.foods 后加 that 或去掉 are


63.去掉 a



56.In→On 59.去掉第一个 to 63.tube→tubes

57.第二个 a→the 60.ago→before 64.去掉 been

58.found 后加 it 61.√ ?62.put 前加 had 65.exactly→exact 58.can→will 62.去掉第一个 more

56.twenty-one→twenty-first 57.with→from 59.That→There 60.去掉 in 61.√?

56.one→every 60.usual→unusual

64.now 前加 do
57.part 后加 in 61.is→was


58.had→were 59.car→cars 62.√? 63.cars 前加 the

64.much→more 或 much 后加 more
76.recently→recent 79.made→making


77.Chinese→China 78.lives→life 80.去掉 of 81.past 前加 the 82.eat→ate

56.And→But 60.well 后加 with

57.many→much 61.whom→who

85.spent 前加 is
58.seem→seems 62.by→on 59.√? 63.去掉第二个 to

64.long 前加 as


76. language → languages 77. its → their 78.去掉 not 79. ∨ 80. themselves → itself 81.Peoples → People 82. friend → friends 83. become→becomes

84. few 前加 a

85. other → another

56. unusually→unusual 57. plant→planting 或 to plant 58.去掉 the 59. had→has 60.√ ? 61. filled→full 或 of→with 62. by→on 或去掉 his 63. 在 him



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