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Unit 13

The Water planet

The earth is a water planet.

1. 海员, 水手 2. 运输, 运送 1. sailor

2. transport

3. 相对的, 比较而言的 3. relative 4. 固体 4. solid ( liquid; gas)
5. 纯净的; 纯粹的 6. 质量,大量 7. (使)漂浮 5. pure ( poor; pour) 6. mass (masses of)

7. float
8. thus 9. trust

8. 如此; 这样
9. 信任; 相信


1. cube __________(adj.) cubic

relatively 2. relative__________ (adv.)
3. freeze__________ ,____________(adj.) freezing frozen

decrease 4. increase____________ (opposite)
5. sense____________ (adj.) sensitive

believe in 6. trust_____________ (similar) various 7. variety____________ (adj.) give off 8. absorb_____________ (opposite)

1. unique A. solid B. magazine C. beautiful D. library 2. range A. atom B. permanent C. relative D. stable 3. oxygen A. guitar B. gesture C. ugly D. guest 4. pure A. measure B. treasure C. surely D. cure 5. absorb A. hesitate B. treasure C. increase D. pleasure

1.从…到…不等 1. range from….to 2. 一路上,一直 2. all the way 3.水的化学结构 3. the chemical structure of water 4. break down/ up 4. 分解 5.使…可以得到 5. become available to 6. at room temperature 6. 在室温下 7. freezing point 7. 冰点 8. pure water 8. 纯净水 9.质量与体积 9. mass and volume

11.利用… 12.被冻结成固体 13. 能量的数量 14.散发/放弃/投降/

10.be measured in

11. take advantage of
12. be frozen solid

13. the amount of energy
14. give off//up/in/out/away


15. be sensitive to
16. keep …steady 17. the whole universe

17. 整个宇宙

18. 地球上生命之源 18. the source of life on earth

19.一个独特的环境 19. a unique environment 20.(be) filled with (full of) 20. 充满 21. give off 21. 释放 22. provide sb with sth 22.给…提供 23. a variety of 23.各种各样 24. make contributions to 24.对…做贡献 (contribute to) 25.从…受益 25. benefit from
26.全身贯注于 26. be absorbed in

还原课文佳句 oceans 1. Life in the_________ ranges from the ________plankton _____________________ tiniest all the way up to giants like sharks and whales. makes 2.The __________化学structure of water _______ it chemical an___________ medium for life. excellent whatever 3. The nutrients in____________ falls into the ocean quickly become available to ______其他 other living things. a liquid 4. Water is __________液体at room temperature and has a__________相对high __________point. relatively freezing

5. When __________溶解gases and solids mix with dissolved pure ________纯净water, the result is sea water, or salt ________盐water. 6. Density is the_____________ between mass and relationship volume and is measured in 测量kilogrammes per ________________ cubic metre. (kg/m ) 3 amount 7. Heat capacity is the _________of __________it takes energy to ________the temperature of a substance_____ one raise by degree centigrade. 8. Water can absorb and __________释放a lot of heat give off without big changes in ______________温度,thus ______ temperature creating _____________因此创造a stable environment.

resources 9. Of all the ___________ 资源on earth---oil, gas, gold and so on---nothing is as___________ 珍贵as a precious _________滴of rain. drop learn about 10. The most important thing we can____________ 学 however water,__________, is that we must________保护 it and protect use it___________明智. wisely 11. As the oceans are the ________________on earth, the source of life planet’s estuaries are our ___________nurseries. An estuary is body where meets the________ of water ________a river ________the ocean. 12.Here animals can enjoy all the__________ of the benefits oceans without __________________不得不面对many having to face of the_____________.危险 dangers contribute to 13. Estuaries also _______________the economy through __________旅游业and fishing tourism

Conserving Water Resources
is necessary to Water ______________(是必要的) our life and the development of national economy . It ___________________ (被描述 is often described as 为)the source of all living things. Without _________(没有) it , nothing _______(能) could grow and our world ______(将) become a would terrible desert .

The world we live in __________________ (面临) is now faced with

a severe shortage of fresh water ._____________ As is known
________(据我们所知 ), millions of people do not to all

have enough clear water to drink and thousands
of people ________(死于)water related diseases die of every day . So , all of us should save water in our daily life and _____________(采取行动) protect water from take action to being polluted____________________ (为…利益) for the benefit of the future generations .

_________ makes the ocean such

a great place to live in.

假如你是湖南贫困地区的一名失学儿童,名叫周兰. 你很幸运得到在上海工作的一位加拿大人Mr. Pattis 的赞助,得以重返校园继续学习。于是在2003年1月 1日你给写一封信以表示感谢。(词数限100—120) 信中内容包括: 1. 收到书和钱能重返校园,非常感谢; 2. 在老师的帮助下学习成绩取得了很大进步; 3. 老师表扬你,家长鼓励你; 4. 下决心更加努力学习; 5. 盼望见到 Mr. Pattis, 但因没有机会去上海,希望 Mr. Pattis给你寄张照片。

? Dear Mr. Pattis, have received ? I’m glad to 1.________________(收到) your money and books. Now, I can go to school again. I’m very happy. Thank you very much for help. returned I have been studying hard since I 2.________ ___________(返校). I 3.______________________ to school have made great progress (取得很大进步) in my study. So my teachers praised me for it 4.________________(表扬我), and my parents encouraged 5.___________(鼓励) me. I 6.________________ have made up my mind to study harder _______________________(决心更加努力学习) with and made even greater progress 7.________ the teachers’ help ___________________(在老师的帮助下).


am looking forward to I 8._____________________ (盼望) seeing .you, but I 9.________________ have no chance (没有机会) to go to Shanghai. I would be most grateful 10.__________________(非常感激) if you can post your photo to me.

? Best wishes!


Yours sincerely,
Zhou Lan


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