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行唐县第一中学 2014 届高三 11 月周练英语试题
一、单项选择 1. Liangbo ,the champion of the voice of China, is a man of _____ few words but has _______ remarkable inner strength. A /;a B.a; a C. the / D./;the 2.

Many questions ______ A. came up C. were risen at the meeting, but he answered none. B. raised D. asked

3. Our English teacher requested that the homework _______ tomorrow morning. A. would be handed in C. hand in B. be handed in D. must be handed in

4. People ______ at the meeting would have a discussion on pollution. A. were presen B. took part in C. join in D. present. 5.That hero who died in the war was so brave that he never ____ ____ to the enemies until death. A. gave up B. gave out C. gave in D. gave away

6. Is this the reason ___________ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained C. how he explained B. what he explained D. why he explained

7. He _______ for ten years but still doesn’t want to leave office. A. has been in power C. took office B. has come to power D. come into power

8 Before the sales start , I make a list of ______my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which 9. In Robben Island no prisoner could escape__________ A. be punished B. being punished C. to be punished D. punishing 10.________surprised me was not what he said but ________ he said it. A. That; the way B. What ; in the way that C. That ; in the way D. What ; the way 11. — Do you think an advertisement is a help when you look for a job? — Well, it depends. ______, it gives me a chance to try. A. However B. Anyway C. Therefore D. Though

12.----Do you think the weather is good enough for a field trip? ---- Yes. You couldn’t hope for ________ day at this time of the year. A. the nice B. the nicest C. a nicer D. a nice

13. That’s the best way you thought of _______into the dangerous areas. A. stopping people getting C. to keep people getting B. to stop people getting D. preventing people getting

14. I was telling them about my exciting travelling when he ______ with a story of his own. A. broken down B. broken off C. broken in D. broken out 15 The workers____the glasses and marked on each box “This side up.” A carried B delivered C pressed D packed such an easy test.

16 I felt surprised that anyone of his intelligence A.might have failed C.should have failed B.could have failed

D.must have failed

17 Anyway,I can’t cheat him—it’s against all my_____. A emotions B princples C regulations D opinions

18 In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his books,it was a ___for everyone to stand up. A signal B chance C mark D measure

19 The island is _____attractive in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A partly B merely C nearly D equally

20 ---Where have you been ,Alice?You are over an hour late. ---Yes , but ______.I was late getting off work for astart and then I missed the bus. A.I had no idea didn’t count 二、完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出最佳选项。

B. I couldn’t help it

C that’s not the point

D .it

I was cleaning out an old box when an old card caught my eye : Queen City Casket Company . “What is it ?” I wondered . I was a hand-scrawled(手写的) years . I was nine years old , walking down the cold , wet streets of Springfield , with a bag of magazines on my shoulder . On my 24 that day , I came to that 22 21 it over . There , in faded ink , 23 many

. Immediately my mind traveled

Company finally , whose owner , Mr Rader , had always taken me there to ask his workers 25 they wanted any magazines . Shaking off the a quick glance he of my 29 26 like a wet dog , I entered Mr Rader’s office . After 28 in the top

27 me over to the fire-place . Noticing the

, he said , “ Come with me !” pulling me into his pickup 30. We pulled me with the finest pair 34 them .

to a stop before a shoe store . Inside , a salesman 31

of Oxfords I had 32 seen . I 33 about 10 feet tall when I got up “ We’d like a pair of new socks too,” Mr Rader said . Back in his office , Mr Rader took out a

35 , wrote something on it , and

handed it to me . With 36 eyes , I read , “ Do to others as you would have them do to you .” He said affectionately (深情地), “Jimmy , I want you to you”. I said good-bye , and for the first time I 38 a flicker of hope that somehow things would be 39 . With people like Mr Rader in the world , there was hope , 37 I love

kindness and love , and that would always make a 40 . 21.A.read 22.A.address D.information 23.A.forward 24.A.return 25.A.if only 26.A.dust 27.A.led 28.A.hole 29.A.magazine 30.A.truck 31.A.dressed 32.A.ever B.thought B.list B.so B.rounds B. how B.sweat B.followed B.mud B.shoe B.factory B.fitted B.already C.turned C.message C.ahead C.trip D.arrival C.whether C.tail C.watched C.water C.sock C.home C.showed C.never D.passed

D.back D.why D.rain D.carried D.cover D.bag D.store D.comforted D.hardly

33.A.appeared 34.A.for 35.A.pen 36.A.tearful 37.A.admit 38.A.sensed D.gained 39.A.mistaken D.possible 40.A.deal D.difference 三、阅读理解

B.seemed B.with B.paper B.unbelievable B.know B.received B.right B.fortune

C.looked C.on C.card C.curious C.consider C.lost C.all right C.choice

D.felt D.in D.notebook D.puzzled D.express

(A) America is a mobile society. Friendships between Americans can be close and real, yet disappear soon if situations change. Neither side feels hurt by this. Both may exchange Christmas greetings for a year or two, perhaps a few letters for a while — then no more. If the same two people meet again by chance, even years later, they pick up the friendship. This can be quite difficult for us Chinese to understand, because friendships between us flower more slowly but then may become lifelong feelings, extending (延伸) sometimes deeply into both families. Americans are ready to receive us foreigners at their homes, share their holidays, and their home life. They will enjoy welcoming us and be pleased if we accept their hospitality (好客) easily. Another difficult point for us Chinese to understand Americans is that although they include us warmly in their personal everyday lives, they don’t show their politeness to us if it requires a great deal of time. This is usually the opposite of the practice in our country where we may be generous with our time. Sometimes, we, as hosts, will appear at airports even in the middle of the night to meet a friend. We may take days off to act as guides to our foreign friends. The Americans, however, express their welcome usually at homes, but truly can not manage the time to do a great deal with a visitor outside their daily routine. They will probably expect us to get ourselves from the airport to our own hotel by bus. And they expect that we will phone them from there. Once we arrive at their homes, the welcome will be


full, warm and real. We will find ourselves treated hospitably. For the Americans, it is often considered more friendly to invite a friend to their homes than to go to restaurants, except for purely business matters. So accept their hospitality at home! 41. The writer of this passage must be ______. A. an American B. a Chinese C. a professor D. a student 42.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Friendships between Americans usually families. B. Friendships between Americans usually last for all their lives. C. Americans always show their warmth even if they are very busy. D. Americans will continue their friendships again even after a long break. 43. From the last two paragraphs we can learn that when we arrive in America to visit an American friend, we will probably be ______. A. warmly welcomed at the airport B. offered a ride to his home C. treated hospitably at his home D. treated to dinner in a restaurant 44. The underlined words “generous with our time” in Paragraph 3 probably mean ______. A. willing to spend time C. careful with time B. serious with time D. strict with time extend deeply into their

45. A suitable title for this passage would probably be “______”. A. Friendships between Chinese B. Friendships between Americans C. Americans’ hospitality D. Americans’ and Chinese’s views of friendships (B) In a mountainous area of Brazil, there is a kind of beautiful butterfly which can kill men. If people meet them, they will come down in great quantities to bite and kill, suck-ing blood and flesh through the wounds they cause. In June, 1966, a boy named Marl Andre who went into the mountains in search

of butterfly specimens (标本) was killed by these butterflies. A country boy saw him as he was just about to raise his net to catch a butterfly. Suddenly thousands of butterflies came down upon him, covering him all over. The boy struggled and cried as he tried to free himself from their attack. Finally he fell senseless to the ground. Police examined his body and proved that he had died of bites by butterflies. In New Guinea, there is a kind of needlefish which also kills men. Needlefish likes light. At night, it will swim near the lights of fishing boats, then suddenly shoot out of water like an arrow to its target, and force its 3-inch sharp mouth into a human body. Often people are thrust in the eye, or through the chest or stomach, resulting in death. Sometimes it will even attack the people in a fishing boat in broad daylight. About 10 persons in the world are killed by sharks every year, yet more than 20 are killed by needlefish every month. 46. From the passage, we know that ______.

A. butterflies are living in the mountains B. all butterflies like sucking blood and eating fish C. the more beautiful a butterfly is, the more dangerous it is to men D. the butterflies in a certain part of Brazil can kill men 47. Mari Andre was killed when he ______. B. entered the mountains D. raised a net

A. went to Brazil C. tried to catch a butterfly 48.

Needlefish comes out ______.

A. both at night and in the daytime B. usually in the daytime C. only when boats appear D. sometimes at night

49. According to the story, each year needlefish kills ______. A. twice more than sharks do C. fewer persons than sharks do B. 24 times more persons than sharks do D. about 10 more persons than sharks do

50. The best title for the passage is ______. A. Brazil Home of Dangerous Butterflies B. New Guinea—No Fit to Live in C. Killer Butterflies and Needlefish D. Deaths Caused by Butterflies and

Needlefish (C) 51

Start slowly. Most people are overeager and sometimes overdo it. Record a baseline of your regular activities and determine a reasonable plan. Make a date. Find a friend to exercise with you and keep you motivated. Set specific short-term and long-term goals. Plan for activity in your day and make it a priority. Remind yourself what your goals are. If it hurts, don’t do it. 55 And once

you’ve reached your goal, treat yourself for the good job you’ve done, so it will encourage you to continue. A. Make a list. B. Exercise Tips for Seniors to Start a Healthy 2014 C. Know your choice. D. Learn to work around pain, not through it. E. Indoor or outside exercise? F. All the Seniors Should Be Careful Before Exercise G. Get a thorough examination.




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