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? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says cigarette smoking is responsible for 151,322 cancer deaths annually in the United States. Most of those--116,920--are from lu

ng cancer. The CDC says men who smoke are 22 times more likely to die from lung cancer than non-smokers. Women who smoke are 12 times more likely to die from the disease. Statistical studies have long shown that people who don't smoke live longer than people who do and scientists have seen statistically the correlation between smoking and incidences of lung cancer since the 1950s. ? 那么吸烟究竟有什么危害呢?还是听听烟草批评家们的说法: 癌症 疾病防治中心说,吸烟是导致美国每年151322位癌症患者死亡的罪魁 祸首。这些死亡者中的大多数——116990人是死于肺癌。疾病防治中 心认为,男性烟民死于肺癌的可能性是非吸烟者的22倍。女性烟民死 于肺癌的可能性是非吸烟者的12倍。 统计数据研究早就表明,不吸烟的人比烟民长寿,而且自20世纪50年 代以来,科学家们通过统计资料,已经发现了吸烟和肺癌发病率之间 的相互关系。

? Smoking also has been linked time and again to cardiovascular diseases. Among these, the biggest killer is heart disease: according to the CDC, smoking triples the risk of dying from heart disease among middle-aged men and women. Studies also show an increased risk of death from high blood pressure, and other illnesses. ? 心血管疾病 吸烟还被一再地和心血管疾病联系在一起,其中最大的杀 手是心脏病。根据疾病防治中心的说法,吸烟使中年男女 烟民死于心脏病的危险增至3倍。 研究还表明,死于中高血压和其他疾病危险也有所增加。

? The studies didn't just point to the ill effects of smoking on those who smoke--non-smokers, too, are apparently affected by the smoke from their friends, family members and strangers who light up in their presence. A steady stream of reports documented the statistical risks of contracting cancer or suffering from heart disease, even if you've never put a cigarette to your lips. The effects of smoking are hard on the children of smokers as well, the studies say. Dr. Claude Hanet of the St. Luc University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium, said earlier this year that a baby born to a smoking mother "should be considered an ex-smoker", Hanet's study cautioned that cigarette smoke was more detrimental with decreasing age. ? 被动吸烟 研究不光指出了吸烟给烟民自己造成的危害,还指出了非吸烟者显然也会受 到他们吸烟的朋友、家人或在他们面前吸烟的陌生人的伤害。 持续不断的报告通过统计数字证明,即使你从来就没有吸过烟,也有患癌症 或心脏病的危险。 调查还表明,烟民的孩子也深受吸烟之害。今年年初,比利时布鲁塞尔圣· 卢 卡大学医院的克劳德· 哈内特博士说,吸烟的母亲生下的孩于“应被看作是有 吸烟史的人”。 哈内特的研究提请人们注意:年龄越小,吸烟的危害越大。

? It has been estimated that smokers have made up half of the population in And the smokers are being younger and younger, even ineluding some middle school students Nowadays more and more people have realized smoking can do harm to people'shealth However, some people still enjoy smoking Why? Because some of them think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great fun and others, think that smoking can refresh themselves In fact, smoking is a bad habit It can cause a lot of diseases Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money Besides, careless smokers may cause dangerous fires Smoking is harmful and it is not only bad for smokers themselves, but also bad for non-smokers Therefore, I hope all the smokers can give up smoking for themselves and also for the people around them ? 据估计,在中国吸烟者约占总人口的一半,而且烟民的年龄越来越年轻,甚 至一些中学生也在抽烟。 如今越来越多的人们已经认识到吸烟有害人体健康,但他们仍然乐此不疲。 为什么?一些人认为抽烟是一种时髦,另外一些人认为抽烟很有趣,还有一 些人认为吸烟可以提神。 事实上,吸烟是一种不好的习惯,它能导致很多疾病。同时,吸烟很浪费金 钱。除此而外,粗心的烟民还可能引起火灾。 吸烟对人们的身体百害而无一利。它不仅有害吸烟者本人,而且对不吸烟者 也会造成损害。 因此,我希望吸烟者为自己和身边的人们而戒烟。

? It is said that there are about half of people in are smokingMany young boys and girls have the habit of smoking, though they are middle school students As we all know, smoking does great harm to human beings More and more people have e to realize how serious this problem is But they are never bored with it Some people think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great fun and others think that smoking can refresh themselves Smoking causes many illnesses A lot of people always cough because of smoking The most serious illness caused by smoking is lung cancer Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money Besides, careless smokers may cause dangerous fires In order to keep healthy, we should get rid of the bad habit of smoking Please stop smoking at once ? 据说,中国有一半人在吸烟。许多男孩和女孩都有吸烟的习惯,尽管 他们还是中学生。 众所周知,吸烟对人身体是有害的。越来越多的人们认识到这个问题 的严重性,但他们仍然乐此不疲。一些人认为抽烟是一种时髦,一些 人认为抽烟很有趣,还有一些人认为吸烟可以提神。 吸烟能导致很多疾病。由于吸烟,一些人一直在咳嗽。肺癌是吸烟导 致的最严重的疾病。同时,吸烟很浪费金钱。除此而外,粗心的烟民 还可能引起火灾。 为了保证人们的身体健康,我们应当改掉吸烟的坏习惯。请立即停止 吸烟吧


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