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Unit 4 Body language
单元知识预览 项目 单词及其词性变化(语法填空必备) 1.state vt.陈述;说明→statement n.陈述;说明 2.greet vi. & vt.迎接;问候→greeting n.迎接;问候;招呼 3.represent vt.代表;象征→representative n.代表(人士) 4.associati

on n.社团;联系;联想→associate v.把……联系起来 5.flight n.飞行;航班 6.curious adj.好奇的→curiosity n.好奇心 7.approach vt. & vi.接受;靠近;走近 n.接近;方法;途径 8.defend vt.保护;保卫→defence n.防御;保卫 9.major adj.主要的 重点单词 10.misunderstand vt.误解;误会→misunderstanding n.误解;误会 11.adult n.成人;成年人 adj.成人的;成熟的 12.spoken adj.口语的→unspoken adj.非口语的;未说出口的 13.function n.作用;功能;职能 vi.起作用;运转 14.truly adv.真实地;真诚地;真正地 15.false adj.错误的;假的 16.anger n.怒气;怒火→angry adj.生气的 17.subjective adj.主观的→subject n.主题;对象 18.rank n.等级;军衔 1.defend against 保卫……以免受 2.on the contrary 相反地 3.in the same way 以相同的方式 4.at ease 舒适;快活;自由自在 重点短语 5.turn one’s back to 背对;背弃 6.get close to 靠近;接近 7.be likely to 很可能……;有希望…… 8.in general 总的来说;通常


9.lose face 丢脸 10.watch/look out 小心

1.Not all cultures greet each other the same way, nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people.各种文化背景下的人互致问候的方式 经典句型 不尽相同,身体接触和相互间距离的程度也不尽相同。 (高考书 2.Making a fist and shaking it almost always means that someone is angry and threatening 面表达必 another person.把手握紧,朝着别人晃拳头几乎总是意味着愤怒并且威胁别人。 备) 3 . With so many cultural differences between people, it is great to have some similarities in body language.人们之间的文化差异非常多,但好在身势语有一些相似之处。 必备语法 (高级句 型) 情态动词和虚拟语气(1)

晨读范文背诵 背诵这篇范文 请用英语为上海出版的《学生英文报》写一段人物介绍,介绍游泳运动员罗雪娟。内容要点 如下: 1. 罗雪娟的昵称:罗罗;女,23 岁,浙江人; 2. 从小接受游泳训练,2000 年,崭露头角; 3. 取得成绩: 2003 年在巴塞罗那世界锦标赛中获得三枚金牌; 2004 年在雅典奥运会上 打破世界纪录,夺得 100 米蛙泳冠军; 4. 其他情况:由于身体原因,现宣布退役,将到北京大学读书。 [评分标准] 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章连贯。 参考词汇:巴塞罗那 Barcelona 世界锦标赛 World Championships 蛙泳 breaststroke Born in Zhejiang Province, Luo Xuejuan, nicknamed Luoluo, is a 23yearold Chinese female Olympic swimming champion. She went in for swimming at an early age and with her great efforts, she began to show her great talent in 2,000.Three years later,


she drew the world's attention by getting three gold medals in Barcelona World Championships. At Athens 2004 Olympics, she broke the world record and got the women's 100metre breaststroke champion. Due to health problems, Luo Xuejuan has announced retirement and she will study in Beijing University. 语言知识精析 重点单词精讲 考点 1.curiously adv.好奇地 【教材原句】After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive,I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. 在等飞机到来的半个小时之后,我看到几个年轻人走进了等候区好奇地四处张望。 【例句研读】 (1)I'm curious about the book she's supposed to be writing.我对据说她在写的那 本书感到好奇。 (2)I'm_curious_to_know what has happened to him.我极想知道他发生了什么事。 (3)The boy opened the case out_of_curiosity.出于好奇,那个男孩打开了那个箱子。 【归纳拓展】 curiously adv. 好奇地,奇怪地 curiosity n. 好奇心;古玩 be curious about 对……感到好奇 be curious to do sth. 渴望做…… from/out of curiosity 出于好奇 meet/satisfy one‘s curiosity 满足某人的好奇心 with curiosity=curiously 好奇地 【即时巩固】 (1)The child ______ very ____________ the origin of mankind. 这个孩子对人类的起源很感兴趣。 (2)I'm __________________ what he said. 我极想知道他说了什么。 (3)__________________ he left without saying goodbye. 真奇怪,他不辞而别了。

【答案】(1)is curious about (2)curious to know (3)It’s curious that 考点 2.approach vt.& vi.接近;靠近;走进 n.接近;方法;途径 【教材原句】Tony approached Julia,touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek! 托尼走近朱莉娅,摸了摸她的肩,并亲了亲她的脸! 【例句研读】 (1) Business is the organized approach to providing customers with the goods and services they want. 商业就是为顾客提供他们想要的货物和服务的一种有组织的途径。 (2) Our vacation is approaching,but we still can't decide where to go.我们的假 期日益临近,可我们仍定不下来去哪里。 (3) The snow melted away at_the_approach_of noon.快到中午时,雪融化了。 【归纳拓展】 approach sb. on/about sth. 与某人接洽/商量某事 approach to 接近;近似;(做某事)的方法(途径) a new approach to language teaching 一种新的语言教学 方法 at the approach of 在快到……的时候 make approaches to sb.和某人打交道 【即时巩固】 (1)A new year ________________. 新年快到了。 (2)He ______________ the question as a scientist. 他从科学家的角度来处理这一问题。 (3)I like her ____________ the problem. 我喜欢她解决这个问题的方法。 (4)Did Mary _________ you ______ lending her some money? 玛丽找你商量过有关借些钱给她的事吗? 【答案】(1)is approaching(2)approached(3)approach to(4)approach about 考点 3.defence n.保卫,防卫 【教材原句】 She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defence.

她后退了几步,看上去有些吃惊,并举起了手,好像是在自卫。 【例句研读】 (1) They need more troops to defend the border against possible attack.他们需要 更多的部队来保卫边境地区免受可能的攻击。 (2) When a dog attacked me,I picked up a stick in defence of myself. 当一只狗攻击我时,我拿起一根棍子保护自己。 (3) Many people gave their lives in defence of freedom.很多人为了捍卫自由献出了 生命。 【归纳拓展】 defense/defence n. 防卫,防御 defense works 防御工事,防御工程 a defense satellite 防御卫星 defend one's argument 为某人的论点辩护 defend...against... 保护……,防御…… defend...from(harm) 保护……不受(伤害) 【即时巩固】 (1)They couldn't ________ us __________ our rights.他们不能阻挠我们捍卫我们的权 利。 (2)We need some lawyers to ____________. 我们需要几个律师为我们辩护。 (3)We should ______ the child ______ harm. 我们要保护这孩子不受伤害。 (4)Their duty is to ______ the country ______ its enemies. 他们的职责就是保卫国家抵御敌人(入侵)。 【答案】(1)prevent defending(2)defend us(3)defend from(4)defend against 考点 4.major n.主修(科目);主修 v.主修 adj.主要的;主修的 【教材原句】I guessed that there was probably a major misunderstanding.我猜测这 可能是有一个大的误解。 【例句研读】


(1) Did you major in journalism in college?你大学时主修新闻学吗? (2) The majority of people interviewed prefer TV to radio.大多数接受采访的人都喜 欢看电视而不喜欢听收音机。 【归纳拓展】 major in sth.主修(大专院校的)科目 majority n.大多数;多数派 考点 5.represent vt.代表;象征 【例句研读】 (1) To the Egyptians,green was a color that represented the hope and joy of spring. 对于埃及人来说,绿色象征着春天的希望和快乐。 (2) He was picked out from the whole class to represent them to the other school. 他被挑选出来作为全班同学的代表,到另一所学校去。 【归纳拓展】 representation n.代表,代表团,代理 representative adj.代表性的 n.代表,代理人 represent sb. as/to be 宣称某人为…… represent sth. to sb. 向某人说明某事;向某人传达某事 represent sth./sb. as sth./sb. 把……描绘成…… 【即时巩固】 (1) The rose _____________ love. 玫瑰花是爱情的象征。 (2) This picture _____________ a storm at sea. 这幅画表现的是海上风暴。 (3) He ____________ China in the conference. 他代表中国参加了这次会议。 (4) He ___________ himself ________ an expert. 他称自己是专家。 【答案】(1)represents(2)represents(3)represented(4)represents to be 考点 6.likely adj. 可能的 adv. 很可能


【教材原句】John Snow suspected that the second theory was correct but he needed evidence.约翰·斯诺认为第二种说法是正确的,但是他需要证据。 【例句研读】 (1) John is likely to be in London this autumn.今年秋天约翰可能在伦敦。 (2) The park is a likely place for the picnic. 这公园倒是个适合野餐的地方。 【归纳拓展】 It‘s likely that...=Sb./Sth. be likely to do...……是可能的。 not likely (坚决不同意)绝不可能,绝对不会 【注意】likely 做副词的时候多和 most, very 连用。 【即时巩固】 (1)______ isn’t likely that I should accept such an offer as that.要我接受这样 的建议是不大可能的。 (2)We will ___________ likely be late.我们很有可能会迟到。 【答案】(1)It (2)most/very 考点 7.ease n. 安逸;舒适 vt. 减轻(痛苦、忧虑) 【教材原句】 The most universal facial expression is,of course,the smile-its function is to show happiness and put people at ease. 微笑当然是最普遍通用的面部表情,它的作用是表示快乐和安人心境。 【例句研读】 (1)The medicine eased the pain.这种药镇痛。 (2)He is living a life of ease.他过着舒适的生活。 【归纳拓展】 at ease 舒适,快活,自由自在 with ease 轻易地,毫不费力地 feel/look at ease 感到/看上去心情放松 put/set sb. at one‘s ease 使某人放松、松弛 take one’s ease 休息,轻松一下 【即时巩固】 (1)He passed the examination ____________. 他轻松地通过了考试。


(2)I never feel completely _________ with him. 我跟他在一起总感到不是很自在。 【答案】(1)with ease(2)at ease 重点短语精讲 考点 in general 总的来说;通常 【例句研读】 (1)He has been promoted to general manager.他已被提升为总经理。 (2) Generally speaking, we enjoyed the trip.总的来说,我们这次旅行很愉快。 【归纳拓展】 as a general rule 一般而言;通常,总之 generally speaking 一般而言 It's generally believed that... 普遍认为…… 拓展:on the whole 总的来说 generally speaking 一般说来 as a whole 就整体上来看 in a word 总之 As a whole, the book is worth reading.就整体来看,这本书值得看。 【即时巩固】 (1)____________ commanded his men to advance. 将军命令他的士兵向前挺进。 (2)____________, her work has been good, but this essay is dreadful. 总的说来, 她的作品不错,不过这篇文章糟透了。 【答案】 (1)The general(2)In general 经典句型剖析 考点 部分否定 【教材原句】Not all cultures greet each other the same way, nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people. 各种文化背景下人们互致 问候的方式不尽相同,身体接触和相互间距离的程度也并不一样。 【句法分析】(1)not all...是部分否定,与 not 构成部分否定的词还有:both, every, everyone, everywhere, everybody, everything, always, entirely, wholly, altogether。

Not every student passed the exam. 并非所有的学生都通过了考试。 Not all of us can speak English. 并非我们都会说英语。 提示:表示全部否定的词有:none, nobody, neither, never, nothing, nowhere, no one, not at all。 (2)本句后半句是 nor 引起的倒装句,nor 位于句首时,句子需要部分倒装。 She doesn‘t like dance, nor does her sister. 她不喜欢跳舞,她姐姐也不喜欢。 归纳拓展:含有否定意义的词置于句首往往引起部分倒装: ①含有否定意义的副词放在句首,如:not, never, seldom, hardly, rarely, little 等。 Never before has our country been as united as it is today. 我们国家从没像现在这 样团结。 ②含有否定意义的连词置于句首,如: neither...nor, no sooner...than..., scarcely...when..., hardly...when...等。 No sooner had he left home than it began to rain. 他一出家门天就开始下雨。 ③含有否定意义的介词短语置于句首,如: by no means, in no time, in no case, on no account 等。 On no account must you accept any money against your conscience. 你无论如何不能违背自己的良心而得到钱财。 【即时巩固】 Bill wasn't happy about the delay of the report by John, and ______. A.I was neither C.I was either 【答案】B B.neither was I D.either was I




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