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Book 3 Unit 1 1. take place 发生,进行 The games took place in London . 那个比赛在伦敦举行。 2. in memory of 纪念 I keep the photo in memory of my dog. 我保留这张照片是为了纪念我的狗。 3. dress up 打扮 They will

dress up in the festival. 他们会在节日里盛装打扮。 4. play a trick on 捉弄 The children might play a trick on you. 孩子们会捉弄你。 5. look forward to 期望 People look forward to spring. 人们期望春天。 6. day and night 日夜 I work day and night. 我日夜工作。 7. as though 看起来像 He looks as though he is unhappy .他看起来似乎不高兴。 8. have fun with 玩得高兴 People have fun with each other. 人们相互玩得高兴。 9. turn up 出现 She didn’t turn up. 她并没有出现。 10. keep one’s word 履行诺言 We should keep our words. 我们应该履行诺言。 11. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 He held his breath, not daring to make any sound. 他屏住呼吸,不敢发出任何声音。 12. set off 出发 She set off for home. 她出发回家。 13. remind of 使。。想起 。 The photo reminds me of my grandfather. 这张照片使我想起爷爷。 Book3 Unit 2 1. ought to 应当 The room ought to be full of people. 那个房间应该充满了人。 2. lose weight 减肥 I lost my weight. 我减肥了。 3. get away with 被放过 Don’t let him get away with telling people lies. 不要让他对人们说谎而不受惩罚。 4. tell a lie 说谎 Don’t tell a lie . 不要说谎。 5. win…back 赢回 He could win his customers back. 他能赢回他的客人。 6. earn one’s living 谋生 I can earn my living. 我能自己谋生。 7. in debt 欠债 He is always in debt. 他总是欠债。 8. cut down 削减 They cut down the fat. 他们削减了脂肪。 9. spy on 窥探

You came to spy on me . 你来侦察我。 10. before long 不久以后 He will come back before long. 他不久就会回来。 11. put on weight 增加体重 I put on more weight. 我增加体重了。 Book3 Unit 3 1. bring up 抚养、培育 Mother brings me up. 妈妈抚养我长大。 2. go ahead 前进 Please go ahead. 请尽管说吧。 3. by accident 偶然 I landed in England by accident. 我意外地在英国登录了。 4. stare at 盯着看 He stared at me. 他盯着我。 5. on the contrary 相反 On the contrary, he turned right. 相反,他右转了。 6. account for 导致 The fact accounted for that result. 事实导致了那个结果。 7. take a chance 冒险 He wanted to take a chance. 他想冒险。 8. in rags 衣衫褴褛 He was in rags. 他衣衫褴褛。 9. as for 关于、至于 As for me, I don’t like it. 对于我来说,我不喜欢它。 Book3 Unit 4 1. in time 及时 The policeman saved me in time. 那个警察及时救了我。g 2. lay eggs 下蛋 The hen laid some eggs. 那只母鸡下了些蛋。 3. give birth to 生产、分娩 Mammals can give birth to baby animals. 哺乳动物可以生动物宝宝。 4. in one’s turn 轮到某人 It’s in your turn. 轮到你了。 5. prevent…from… 阻止 Father prevents me from watching TV. 爸爸阻止我看电视。 6. block out 挡住 The trees block out the sunlight. 树挡住了阳光。 7. cheer up 感到高兴 He cheered up for his success. 他因成功而感到高兴。 8. now that 既然 Now that you have come, please don’t go. 既然你已经来了,就不要走了。 9. break out 爆发 The 2nd world war broke out in 1939. 二战在 1939 年爆发。 10. watch out for 当心 Watch out for the car. 当心那辆车。 Book3 Unit 5

1. rather than 与其,不愿 Rather than play outside, I prefer to stay at home. 与其出去玩,我宁可呆在家。 2. settle down 定居 My family settled down in Zhaoqing. 我家在肇庆定居下来。 3. manage to do 设法做 They manage to do it better. 他们设法做得更好。 4. catch sight of 看见 They caught sight of some mountains. 他们看见了一些山脉。 5. have a gift for 对…有天赋 He has a gift for drawing. 他有画画的天赋。 6. in the distance 在远处 We can see a mountain in the distance. 我们能看远处的一座山脉。 Book 4 Unit 1 1. move off 离开 I moved off in the morning. 我在早上离开。 2. lead a… life 过着。。的生活 。 I’m leading a happy life. 我过着快乐的生活。 3. crowd in 涌上心头 Everything crowded in my mind. 所有事情涌上我心头。 4. look down upon/ on 瞧不起 They look down upon/ on me. 他们瞧不起我。 5. refer to 查阅、参考 Please refer to the books when you have problems. 当你有问题的时候请查书。 6. by chance 碰巧 I came across him by chance. 我碰巧遇见他。 7. come across 遇见 I came across him by chance. 我碰巧遇见他。 8. carry on 继续 Please carry on your work. 请继续你的工作。 Book4 Unit 2 1. thanks to 幸亏 Thanks to god, I can finish the work. 谢天谢地,我能完成这项工作。 2. rid… of 使摆脱 You must rid yourself of smoking. 你必须要摆脱吸烟。 3. be satisfied with 对。。感到满意 。 I’m satisfied with myself. 我对自己感到满意。 4. would rather 宁可 I would rather stay at home. 我宁可呆在家。 5. build up 逐渐增强 You must build up your strength. 你必须增强你的体力。 6. lead to 导致 All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 7. focus on 集中 He focused his mind on his lessons. 他把心思集中在功课上。 8. keep… free from/of 使。。免受 。 You must keep yourself free from smoking.你必需使自己远离抽烟。

Book4 Unit 3 1. up to now 直到现在 Up to now, he has starred in about 100 films. 到现在为止, 他已主演约 100 部电影了。 2. feel/be content with 对。。感到满足 。 I feel/am content with my life. 我对我的生活感到满足。 3. badly off 穷的;缺少的 Though he was badly off, he was happy. 尽管他是穷的,他却是快乐的。 4. pick out 挑出 Can you pick out the better one? 你能挑出较好的一个吗? 5. cut off 切断 He cut off the string. 他切断了绳子。 6. star in 主演 Up to now, he has starred in about 100 films. 到现在为止,他已主演约 100 部电影了。 Book4 Unit 4 1. defend…against 防御 I built a house for my dog to defend it against the rain. 我为我的狗建一座小房子使它 防御雨水。 2. be likely to 很可能 I’m likely to know about it. 我很可能知道这件事。 3. in general 总的来说 In general, I like it. 总的来说,我喜欢它。 4. at ease 舒适 I feel at ease with him. 和他在一起我感到放松。 5. lose face 丢脸 It’s the worst for a Chinese to lose face. 对于一个中国人来说丢脸是最糟糕的事。 6. turn one’s back to 背对 I turned my back to him. 我背对着他。 Book4 Unit5 be famous for 以。。而闻名 。 Zhaoqing is famous for Zongzi. 肇庆以粽子闻名。 1. no wonder 难怪 With the attractions, no wonder the theme parks are so popular.有着这些吸引人的地 方,难怪主题公园如此受欢迎。 2. be modelled after 根据。。模仿 。 The park is modelled after the life in the 1800s. 这个公园是模仿 1800 年代的生活而 建的。 3. in advance 提前 You should book the ticket in advance. 你要提前订票。 4. get close to 接近 Don’ t get close to me. 不要靠近我。 5. come to life 活跃起来 I come to life after class. 下课以后我活跃起来。




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