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2011高中英语 Module5 Cloning学案 外研版选修6

Module5 Cloning 学案 外研版选修 6


核心词汇 1.Jurassic Park is an i____________ land where there live dinosaurs. 2.—This dress makes me look fat. —N____________,you look great! 3.My opinion is i____________ with his.I completely agree with him. 4. The black mountain c____________ sharply with the white snow. 5.At present,a c____________ of the birth rate is still an emergency in some Asian countries. 6.His ____________(皱巴巴的)skins suggest that he is quite old. 7.____________(陪伴)by Hammond’s two grandchildren,they are sent on a tour through Jurassic Park. 8.All young men are required to do two years of ____________(强制性的)military service. 9.It is known to all that sunshine is ____________ to plants but not all know how it ____________ them.(benefit) 10.People are ____________ by ___________ attacks so they live in ____________ as the situation is ____________.(terrify) 1.imaginary 2.Nonsense 3.identical 4.contrasts,5.control 6.wrinkled 7.Accompanied 8.compulsory 9.beneficial ; benefits 10.terrified ; terrorist ; terror;terrifying 高频短语 1.________________ (火)燃尽,烧完自灭 2.________________ 与??形成对照 3.________________ 扑倒在??上 4.________________ 错误地 5.________________ 把??当成??对待 6.________________ 依靠,依赖 7.________________ 如下 8.________________ 摧毁 9.________________ 摆脱控制 10.________________ 据我们所知 11.________________ 分解 1.burn out 2.contrast with 3.throw oneself on...,4.by mistake 5.treat...as 6.rely on 7.as follows,8.knock out 9.get out of control 10.as far as we know,11.break down 重点句式 1.____________,he discovers the secret of how to create life. 还在上大学时,他就发现了怎样创造生命的秘密。 2.____________ on a cold November night ____________ I saw my creation for the first time. 那是一个寒冷的十一月份的晚上,我第一次看到了我的“杰作” 。 3.I wish I ____________ this creature,I wish I ____________ on the other side of
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the world,I wish I ____________! 但愿我没有制造出这个家伙,但愿我身处世界的另一边,但愿我可以消失得无影无踪! 4.If you ______ clone a man, ______ you do it? 如果你会克隆人,你会做吗? 5.But ____________ would restrict the biodiversity of the breed. 但仅仅依靠少数克隆的动植物会限制生物的多样性。 1.While studying at university 2.It was; that 3.had not created; was; could disappear 4.could;would 5.to rely on a few cloned animals or crops 知识详解 1.refuse v. 拒绝 (回归课本 P58)When Frankenstein refuses to create a wife for him,the monster murders Frankenstein’s brother... 当弗兰肯斯坦拒绝为怪物制造一个妻子时,怪物谋杀了他的兄弟?? 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①(牛津 P1670)He flatly refused to discuss the matter. 他断然拒绝商讨这件事。 ②Wall Street would not refuse the offers from the government.华尔街不会拒绝来自 政府的帮助。 ③(朗文 P1653)The U.S. authorities refused him a visa. 美国当局拒绝给他签证。 ④On cold mornings,the car always refuses to start. 早晨天冷时,车总是发动不起来。 【即境活用】 1.(2010 年浙江杭州学军中学期中)As a student,you should try to ________ being late for your class. A.prevent B.refuse C.avoid D.punish 解析:选 C。句意:作为学生,你应该尽量避免上课迟到。avoid 后跟 v.-ing 形式作宾语。 prevent 表示“阻止” ;refuse 后跟不定式作宾语。 2.I can’t stand ________ with Jane in the same office.She just refuses ________ talking while she works. A.working;stopping B.to work;stopping C.working;to stop D.to work;to stop 解析: C。句意:我无法忍受和珍妮在同一个办公室工作, 选 她在工作的时候总是不停地说话。 can’t stand(doing)sth.意为“不能忍受(做)某事” ;refuse to do sth.意为“拒绝做某事” 。 2.resist v. 抗拒;对抗;反抗;抵抗;忍住(一般用否定式) (回归课本 P65)...for example,a prize cow which can resist bacteria or disease, or to sow a cloned crop which can resist rot or pests. ??比如:克隆能够抵御细菌或疾病的优选奶牛,种植能够抵抗枯病或害虫的克隆作物。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】
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①At the G20 summit in London,many states agreed to resist trade protectionism. 在伦敦 G20 国集团金融峰会上,许多国家表示抵抗贸易保护政策。 ②(牛津 P1697)They are determined to resist pressure to change the law.他们下决心 顶住要求改革法律的压力。 ③(牛津 P1697)He couldn’t resist showing off his new car. 他忍不住炫耀起了他的新车。 ④She resisted the temptation to tell him what she really thought.她克制住自己, 没有把真实想法告诉他。 【即境活用】 3.(2010 年重庆南开中学模拟)I didn’t mean ________ anything,but those apples looked so good that I couldn’t resist ________ one. A.to eat;trying B.to eat;to try C.eating;trying D.eating;to try 解析:选 A。mean to do sth.打算做某事;can’t resist(doing)sth.忍不住(做)某事。 4.The boy couldn’t ________ reaching out for the sweets. A.refuse B.resist C.reject D.decline 解析:选 B。can’t resist doing sth.“禁不住做??” 。 3.suspect n. 嫌疑犯,有嫌疑的人 vt. 怀疑,疑心,猜想 adj. 可疑的;靠不住的 (回归课本 P65)Finally,the latest research into DNA has helped solve crimes by analysing the suspect’s saliva which they spit at a crime scene or the dirt under their fingernails. 最后,在 DNA 的最新研究中,通过分析嫌疑犯在犯罪现场吐的唾液或手指甲下的污垢已帮助 解决了许多犯罪行为。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①We suspected that it was a trick to get our money. 我们怀疑这是一个骗取我们钱财的诡计。 ②I suspected the same,but I kept telling myself it was my imagination.我也曾这 样怀疑过,但我不断地对自己说,这只是我的想象罢了。 ③They suspect him of a theft.他们觉得他有偷窃嫌疑。 ④(牛津 P2037)The drug is suspected of causing over 200 deaths.人们怀疑这种药物造 成 200 多人死亡。 ⑤The suspect has been taken to the police station. 嫌疑犯已被送往警察局。 【易混辨析】 suspect,doubt (1)suspect“怀疑??是” ,表示相信。 (2)doubt“怀疑??不是” ,表示不相信。 ①He seems poor,but I suspect that he has quite a lot of money. ②I doubt if we’ll arrive on time. 【即境活用】
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5.Nobody wants to make friends with the boy ________ money. A.suspected of having stolen B.suspected to steal C.suspected having stolen D.suspecting to have stolen 解析: A。 选 考查固定搭配的用法。 suspect...of...怀疑??, 因为 of 是介词, 后面跟 v.-ing 形式。在本句中,suspected of having stolen 是过去分词短语作定语。 4.contrast vt. 使成对比;使成对照 n. 对比,对照 (回归课本 P59)But these things contrasted horribly with his yellow eyes,his wrinkled yellow skin and black lips. 这些同他的黄色眼睛,布满皱纹的黄色皮肤还有黑色的嘴唇形成了鲜明的对比。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①Her actions contrast sharply with her promises. =Her actions and her promises contrast sharply. 她的行动和承诺形成了鲜明的对比。 ②This white peak contrasts finely with the blue sky. 雪白的山峰同蔚蓝的天空交相辉映。 ③In another passage,he again contrasts the land with the sea.在另一篇文章中,他 再次把陆地和海洋做了对比。 ④(朗文 P407)Mary was short and plump,in contrast to her mother who was tall and willowy. 玛丽又矮又胖,相比之下她母亲却高挑婀娜。 【即境活用】 6.(2010 年湖北六校第二次联考)There is an obvious ________ between the cultures of the West and East. A.content B.contrast C.contract D.contact 解析: B。 选 考查名词辨析。 “东西方文化之间形成明显的对比。 content 句意 ” “内容” contract ; “合同” ;contact“接触;联系” 。 7.完成句子 Don’t you think the new building ________________________ with those old houses? 你不觉得这栋新楼跟那些旧房子形成对比了吗? 答案:makes a contrast 5.absorb v. 吸收(液体、光、热能等);理解;掌握;吸引(兴趣);使专心 (回归课本 P67)In fact,only females can absorb the DNA of another creature. 事实上,只有母蚊子才能接收其他生物的 DNA 信息。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①In cold climates,houses need to have walls that will absorb heat.在寒冷的气候 中,房子需要有吸收热量的墙。 ②(朗文 P7)The video was totally absorbing the children’s attention.录像完全吸引 了孩子们的注意力。 ③Many of these farmers have been absorbed into the urban workforce,but often not
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into urban social-security schemes. 许多农民已成为城市劳动力,但是他们并没有享受到城市的社会保障制度。 ④The boy was absorbed in the book when I came into his room. 当我走进房间的时候,这个男孩正专心致志地读书。 【即境活用】 8.She sat at her desk,with her eyes ________ on the book,________ in its plot. A.fixing;absorbing B.fixed;absorbed C.fixed;absorbing D.fixing;absorbed 解析: B。 选 本句中 with 的复合结构作伴随状语。 one’ eyes on sth. fix s “集中目光于??” , 其中 fix 与 eyes 之间为动宾关系,故用 fix 的-ed 形式。be absorbed in“全神贯注于” ,此 处是形容词化了的过去分词作状语。 9.He knew nothing about what had happened outside,for he was ________ in the novel borrowed from his classmate. A.absorbed B.attracted C.accumulated D.obtained 解析:选 A。be absorbed in“全神贯注于” 。 6.burn out (火)燃尽;烧完自灭;烧坏 (回归课本 P59)My candle was almost burnt out when... 正当我的蜡烛快要燃尽的时候?? 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①The fire had burned out before the firefighters arrived. 消防队员到达之前火就熄灭了。 ②Their home was burnt out and they were forced to leave the area.这家人因为房子 被人放火烧了,不得不离开这个地区。 ③If he doesn’t stop working so hard,he’ll burn himself out. 如果他继续这样拼命地工作,他会累垮的。 【即境活用】 10.The hotel was completely ________,only the walls remained. A.burnt down B.burnt with C.burnt out D.burnt off 解析:选 C。句意:旅馆完全烧尽,仅剩下墙壁了。burn out 烧完,烧光,燃尽;burn down 意为“烧毁” ,不能说“被烧毁了” ;burn with 指有强烈的情绪或要求等;burn off 意为“烧 掉” 。 7.break down 分解;(机械等)出故障,毁坏;(人)身体出毛病,垮掉 (回归课本 P67)When life ends,DNA breaks down and does not repair itself. 当生命结束时,DNA 也随之分解,且无法自我修复。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①(牛津 P233)The telephone system has broken down. 电话系统瘫痪了。 ②Peace talks have broken down over the question of reparations.和谈因为战后赔款 问题而破裂。 ③Then his health broke down and he had to take a long holiday abroad.
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之后他的身体累垮了,得去国外休一段长假。 ④Music is an international language that can help to break down language barriers. 音乐作为世界通用语言可以消除人们之间的语言障碍。 【即境活用】 11.The computer system ________ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A.broke down B.broke out C.broke up D.broke in 解析:选 A。句意:当他在网上查找信息的时候 ,电脑系统突然瘫痪了。break down(机器、 车辆等)出故障,坏掉;break out(战争、打斗等不愉快事件)突然开始;break up 结束,散 开,解散;变得虚弱,垮掉;break in 入室行窃,插嘴。 12.My TV has ________ so I can’t watch it and I don’t know how to kill time. A.broken down B.broken in C.broken out D.broken into 解析:选 A。break down“出故障,出毛病” ;break in“闯入,打岔” ;break out“爆发” ; break into“闯入” ,只有 A 项符合题意。 句型梳理 1.【教材原句】 The novel immediately became very popular and it is generally agreed that it is one of the best science fiction stories ever written.(P57) 这部小说立即受到欢迎,并被一致认为是写得最好的科幻小说之一。 【句法分析】 (1)It is agreed that...是一个固定句式,意为“??被一致认为??” , 其中 it 作形式主语,that 引导的从句是主语从句,类似的结构如: It is said/reported/believed/hoped/required/suggested/thought that...据说/据报道/ 人们相信/人们希望/人们要求/人们建议/人们认为??。 ①It was agreed that we should hold another meeting. 大家一致同意我们应该再开一次会。 ②It is said that the couple have left the country. 据说那对夫妇已经离开了这个国家。 (2)注意下列句式的变化: ③It is said that he has gone abroad.=He is said to have gone abroad.据说他已出 国了。 ④It is said that he is studying abroad.=He is said to be studying abroad.据说他 正在国外学习。 ⑤It has been suggested that bright children should take their exams early.=Bright children are suggested to take their exams early.有人建议天资聪明的孩子提前考试。 【即境活用】 13.Her husband is said ________ to study abroad.When do you know he left? A.to have gone B.to go C.going D.having gone 解析: A。 选 句意: 据说她丈夫已出国学习去了。 你知道他是什么时候走的吗?It is said that sb....可以转换成 Sb.is said to do...,再者,由后一问句可知“他已经走了” ,所以用 to do 不定式的完成式,故选 A。 14.(2009 年高考全国卷Ⅱ)It is often ________ that human beings are naturally equipped to speak.
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A.said B.to say C.saying D.being said 解析:选 A。句式结构 It is said that...“据说??;人们常说??” 。it 为形式主语,指 代 that 从句。本句话的意思为“人们常说,人天生具有语言能力。 ” 2.【教材原句】 I wish I had not created this creature,I wish I was on the other side of the world,I wish I could disappear!(P59) 但愿我没有制造出那个家伙,但愿我身处世界的另一边,但愿我可以消失无踪! 【句法分析】 wish 后面接一个宾语从句时,常常表示一种假想的情况,一般要用虚拟语气。 宾语从句中用虚拟语气一般分下列三种情况: (1)如果假想的情况与主语的愿望同时发生,则宾语从句谓语动词用过去时,be 动词用 were 的形式。 ①I wish I knew what was going to happen. 但愿我知道将要发生什么事。 ②I wish I flew like a bird.我多么希望我能像鸟一样飞。 (2)假如宾语从句中的谓语发生在主语的愿望之前,则从句中的谓语动词应用过去完成时。 ③They wished that they hadn’t lost the opportunity to realize their dream.他们 多么希望他们没有失去实现梦想的机会。 ④(朗文 P2284)I wish I had been alive in the twenties. 我希望生活在 20 年代。 (3)如果宾语从句中假想的情况在主语的愿望之后发生,从句谓语动词用“would/could+动 词原形”的形式。 ⑤I wish that all the matter would have a good end. 我希望所有的一切会有一个好结局。 ⑥I wish he wouldn’t go out every night. 但愿他不要每晚都出去。 【即境活用】 15.I wish I ________ a chance to talk with you about my writing before you left. A.have B.had C.had had D.will have 解析:选 C。句意是:我真是希望在你离开之前与你谈一谈我的写作问题。根据“before you left”可知,说话者是表达与过去事实相反的愿望,所以要用过去完成时。 16.How I wish I ________ in medicine instead of history when I was at college! A.had majored B.should major C.majored D.would major 解析:选 A。动词 wish 后面宾语从句中的谓语动词需用虚拟语气,表示与过去事实相反用过 去完成时。根据 when I was at college 判断,这里要表达的是与过去事实相反的愿望,故 用 had majored。






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