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【3年高考2年模拟】2016届人教版新课标高三英语一轮复习课件 Module 2 The Renaissance


课标卷外研版 英语

Module 2 The Renaissance



Ⅰ.重点单词 1. 2. adj.阴暗的;单调无味的;沉闷的 n.阴凉处;树荫处 n.影子;阴影

3. 4.

n.包裹;邮包 vt.试图;探寻;寻找 (过去式)



5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

adj.主要的;首要的 n.领导;头 n.债务;欠款 n.& v.责备;责怪 n.热情;激情;酷爱 adj.农村的;乡村的;田园的 adj.城市的;都市的

n.郊区 10. v.计算;核算;推测 n.计算;预测



n.根据地;基地 adj.基本的;基础的 adv.主要地;基本上

12. 13. 14. 15.

adj.一整夜的;突然的 v.流传;传播;循环 adj.十分重大的,根本的 n.缺点;不利条件

16. 17.

v.& n.代替;取代;代替品 n.结果;效果


Ⅱ.重点短语 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 总之;简言之 出发去某地 代表 厌倦/讨厌做某事 渴求;渴望得到 导致;通向 从事;开始做;占据




Ⅲ.重点句型 1.Painters discovered light... 画家们发现了如何使用透视法和光线的效果…… 2. ,he carried a notebook around with him, he wrote down his ideas. 不管走到哪儿他都随身带着一个笔记本,以便随时记录下自己的想法。 3. has been ,Leonardo was an extraordinary genius,an example of “Renaissance man”... perspective and the effects of

简言之,莱奥纳多· 达· 芬奇是一位非凡的天才,一个被描述成“文艺复兴


1.“Youth” is regarded as a time in their life when fun,
and imagination seem limitless. 2.She is highly (skill)at dealing with difficult customers.


3.China might one day explore other planets,the
Chang’e-1 told China Economic Weekly. 4.The gap between 5.You have first got to them.

(chiefly)designer of

and urban education in China is widening. (motivation)the children and then to teach


6.I 7.She

(calculate)that we would arrive at 6 pm. (blame)the failure of their marriage on him. (flee).

8.Police caught up with one of the gang,but the other three 9.Please avoid

(disturb)me during the day unless it’s an emergency.

10.The sign over there says that no person shall enter the area without (office)permission.


基础知识题组答案 Ⅰ.重点单词 1.dull 6.debt 2.shade;shadow 7.blame 3.parcel 4.seek;sought;sought 5.chief


9.rural;urban;suburb 12.overnight 17.outcome

10.calculate;calculation 13.circulate Ⅱ.重点短语 1.in short thirsty for 2.set for 6.lead to

11.base;basic;basically 15.drawback



3.on behalf of 7.take up

4.be/get tired of doing sth.


8.appeal to

Ⅲ.重点句型 1.how to use 2.Wherever he went;in which 3.In short;what;described as


单句填空题组答案 1.passion 句意:“年轻时代”被看成是一生中乐趣、热情和想象力似 乎是无穷尽的一段时光。 2.skilled 句意:应付难缠的顾客她很有一手。 3.chief 句意:嫦娥一号的主设计师告诉《中国经济周报》说,中国将来 有一天可能会探索其他星球。 4.rural 句意:在中国,农村教育和城市教育的差距在加大。



6.calculated 句意:我估计我们会在下午六点到达。 7.blamed 句意:她把婚姻的失败归咎于他。 8.fled 句意:警察抓住了一个匪徒,其他三个逃跑了。 9.disturbing 句意:白天请不要打扰我,除非是急事。 10.official 句意:那边那个牌子上写着,没有官方的许可没有人可以进入该地区。


1 motivate
The sense of exploration which motivated the artists went hand in hand with a new type of philosophy.这种激发艺术家的探索意识与一种新的哲学携 手共进。 (教材原句P17)
? 考点释义

? ? ?

motivate pupils激励学生

?motivate sb.to do sth.激励某人做某事


? 发散思维

?motivatedadj.有动机的 ? ? ? motivationn.动机, 意图

For example,researcher Roland Fryer wanted to see what works best in motivating children to do better in school.(2014 北京 阅读理解 C)

例如,研究人员Roland Fryer 想看看在学校里激励孩子们做得更好这方面
是什么起最好的作用。 I think that the motivation behind the decision is the desire to improve our

customer service.


? 活学巧用


(1)The stronger the motivation for acquiring language skills is,the more quickly a language beginner will learn.

(2)The plan is designed to motivate employees to work more efficiently.





2 reckon

In the last 70 days of his life before he shot himself he produced 70 paintings,and I reckon they’re almost all masterpieces.在他自杀前的最后70天 他创作了70幅作品,我认为几乎都是精品杰作。 (教材原句P22)
? 考点释义

?be reckoned as / to be被认为是?? ? ? ? reckon...up把??加起来


? 发散思维


?reckon on指望, 信赖, 依靠 ? ? reckon with认真考虑 ? reckonthat...认为?? ?

We reckon to arrive in Hong Kong at night. 我们预计晚上抵达香港。 You can reckon me as one of your supporters. 你可以把我当作你的一个支持者。


? 活学巧用


(1)Don’t reckon on going abroad this summer.We may not be able to afford it.

(2)Have you reckoned the cost of postage up?





3 suspect
We’re appealing to anyone who saw the suspect to contact us.我们呼吁任 何看到嫌疑人的人和我们联系。(教材原句P25)
? 考点释义

? a politicalsuspect政治嫌疑犯 ? ? ?arrest a suspect逮捕一名嫌疑犯 ? 发散思维
suspect danger怀疑有危险 ? ? suspect sb.怀疑某人 ? ? ? suspect sb.as / to be怀疑某人是?? ?suspect sb.of doing sth.怀疑某人做了某事 ? suspectthat...怀疑?? ? ?



? be suspicious about / of sb.对某人有疑心 ?be suspicious about / of sth.对某物表示怀疑 ? ? beyond suspicion无可置疑 ? ? under suspicion有嫌疑 ?

The milk cup has been overturned and I suspect the cat. 牛奶杯子被打翻了,我怀疑是猫弄的。 The police have taken the suspect to the police station.



? 活学巧用

完成句子: the

The shop assistant was dismissed as he money. 因为被怀疑偷了钱这个店员被解雇了。

was suspected of stealing


4 seek(sought;sought) We don’t think the burglar was working alone.We’re seeking a gang of criminals.我们认为窃贼不是单独行窃。我们正在寻找这伙罪犯。 (教材 原句P25)
? 考点释义


Brenda was encouraged to seek counseling for her drinking problem.布伦达被 鼓励去就她的酗酒问题寻求咨询。

seek advice征询意见 ? ? seek help寻求帮助 ? ? seek comfort追求安逸 ? seek fame追逐名利 ? ?seek after / for寻求??; 追求?? ? seek out找出 ? ? seek to do sth.寻求做某事 ?


Most men seek wealth;all men seek happiness. 大多数人在寻求财富,而所有的人都在寻求幸福。
? 活学巧用

完成句子: (正在寻找) a manager,especially one

(1)Our company with creativity and imagination. (2)Local schools (3)Members of the media

(在力争) reduce the dropout rate. (设法)cover Royal events or

stories should make themselves familiar with the guidance provided in this section.



(1)is seeking for


创造力和想象力的人。 (2)are seeking to (3) seeking to 地方学校都在努力追求降低辍学率。




5 substitute Of course,the fact that there were six substitutes was confidential.当然,有六 幅代替品的事实是非常秘密的。 (教材原句P25)
? 考点释义



?a coffee substitute咖啡代替品 ? ? substitute food代用食物 ? substitute goods代用品 ? ? substitute A for B ? ? 用A代替B ? ? substitute B with / by A ? ?substitute for sb. / sth.代替某人 / 某物 ?


He has worked as a substitute teacher for twenty years. 他做代课教师已经20年了。 If you cannot go yourself,please find someone to substitute you. 你如果不能亲自去,请找人代替你。
? 活学巧用

the job.

(1)With many years of working experience,Jack is 由于有着很多年的工作经验,杰克就来代替做这项工作了。

(2)Many clothing manufacturers now
to cut down costs of production.

artificial silk

natural silk


(1)substituted for (2)substitute;for


6 blame The outcome of the story is that Perugia got the blame for the crime and went to prison.故事的结果是Perugia承担了罪名进了监狱。 (教材原句P2 5)
? 考点释义


?sb.be to blame某人应受指责, 某人应负责任 ? blame sb.for因??责怪某人 ? ? blame sth.on sb.把某事怪到某人头上 ?

takethe blame承担罪责 ? ? ?putthe blame on sb.把责任推到某人身上 ? deservethe blame应受责备 ?


Mom blamed herself for Danny’s problem. 妈妈因丹尼的问题而责怪她自己。 Don’t try to blame it on me!别想把它怪到我头上!
? 活学巧用

完成句子: what he

(1)He made an apology so as had done. 为了不因为自己做的事受到指责他道了歉。


(2)—What stuck in the traffic jam for over an hour.

your being late again?—Being

——这次迟到了又要责怪什么?——这次是堵车一个多小时。 (3)It isn’t clear who it is that tion to the problem first. 这事该怪谁现在还不清楚。我们首先要找到这个问题的解决办法。

.We need to find a solu-

(1)not to be blamed for

(2)is to blame for (3)is to blame


? 高分靓句

例句:这位母亲不知道这块玻璃碎了该怪谁,因为这事发生时她正好不 在。 The mother didn’t know who is to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. 仿写:不要再指责他们了,这仅仅是由于他们太年轻、太缺乏经验了。


Don’t blame them any more;this is simply because they are still

young and lack experience.


7 calculate What western civilisation gained from Gutenberg’s contribution is impossible to calculate.西方文明从Gutenberg的贡献中获得的东西无法估量。 (教材原句P27)
? 考点释义

? calculatethecos t of计算??的费用 ? ?

?calculate sth.on sth.按??计算某物


? 发散思维

? becalculated to do sth.故意做某事 ? ? ? calculate on期待, 指望

How do you calculate the difference? 这些差额你怎么计算的? I calculate they will soon arrive.我看他们快要到了。
? 活学巧用


(1)The calculations,had they been done by hand,would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.


(2)It’s difficult to calculate what its price would be if the museum wanted to sell the ancient vase.



么实用价值了。 (2)如果博物馆想出售这个古花瓶的话,很难计算出它的价格会是多少。


8 on behalf of Perugia had stolen the Mona Lisa on behalf of the chief organiser of the crime,Eduardo de Valfierno.Perugia是受这次犯罪活动的主要组织者Eduardo de Valfierno的指使偷走了《蒙娜· 丽莎》。(教材原句P25)
? 考点释义

on behalf of sb.? ? 代表某人,为了某人 ? on sb.'s behalf ?

The chairman signed the document on behalf of the company. 董事长代表公司在文件上签了字。


I am writing on behalf of my mother to express her thanks for your help. 我代表我母亲写这封信来表达她对您的帮助的谢意。
? 活学巧用

everyone here,I’d like to thank our special guest


for his entertaining speech. 我代表这儿所有的人对我们这位特殊客人的妙趣横生的演讲表示感 谢。 (2)My husband could not be here tonight,but I want to thank you . 我丈夫今晚因故不能前来,我代表他向你们致谢。

(1)Oh behalf of

(2)on his behalf/on behalf of him


9 疑问词+不定式

Painters discovered how to use perspective and the effects of light...画家们
? 考点释义


带疑问词的不定式作宾语 ? ? 带疑问词的不定式作主语 ? 带疑问词的不定式作表语 ? ?

Will you show me how to use this machine? 你能教我如何使用这台机器吗?


Perhaps the most difficult challenge is how to survive without friends. 也许最艰难的挑战就是生活中孤独无友。
? 活学巧用

完成句子: (该

(1)There were so many toys that he didn’t know 选哪一个). (2)When faced with such a difficult problem,he didn’t know (该做什么).

(3) The city government is planning to build a new factory to deal with rub-

bish,but ded.

(什么时候开始和在哪儿开始)hasn’t been deci



(1)which one to choose


知道该选哪一个了。 (2)what to do 了。 (3)when and where to start 句意:市政府正在计划修建一座新工厂来处 句意:当面对如此困难的问题的时候,他不知道该怎么做



非谓语动词 1.People from all the corners came to the city center, crowded. 2.He survived the crash,only 3.Yan’an,a city (die)in the desert. (make)it very

(locate)in northern Shaanxi Province,has seen great

progress in its tourism industry over the past few years. 4.My daughter stopped screaming immediately and looked up at me with tears (roll)down her cheeks. (know)what to do,turned to his fa-

5.The poor child stood there,and ther for help.


6.The speaker,Professor Davie,

(know)for his impressive achieve-

ments in physics,was warmly received by all the students in our school. 7.Last Christmas,The Washington Post published an essay kind of Christmas dolls are popular with children in China. 8.—What in the world put you in a really bad mood? — (stick)in the traffic for hours. (ask)what


单元语法答案 1.making 拥挤。 2.to die 3.located 句意:飞机失事他逃过一劫,但却在沙漠中丧生了。 句意:延安,坐落在陕西省北部的一座城市,在过去的几年中见 句意:来自各个地区的人都来到了市中心,这使得市中心非常

证了该地区旅游业的巨大发展。 4.rolling 来。 5.not knowing 父亲求助。 句意:那个可怜的孩子站在那里,不知道做什么,便向他的 句意:我女儿立刻停止了尖叫,抬头看着我,眼泪从脸上流下




演讲者,他受到了我校全体学生的热情接待。 7.asking 句意:去年圣诞节,《华盛顿邮报》刊登了一篇文章询问在中

国哪种圣诞娃娃受孩子们欢迎。 8.Being stuck 几个小时。 句意:——到底是什么让你心情特别不好?——交通堵塞


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