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王店中学高三英语期末考试试卷 (时间:120 分钟
1. Ensure 2. Advantage 3. Protect 4. Belong to 5. Opportunity 6. Emergency 7. Emphasis 8. Sign up 9. Ashamed 10. Make a difference

总分: 150 分)

A. 强调 B. 注册 C. 属于 D. 有利条件 E. 羞愧的,不好意思的 F. 保护 G. 确保、保证 H. 紧急情况,突发事件 I. 有影响、起作用 J. 机会

词汇配对(每小题 1 分,共 10 分)


单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 30 分)

11. It is ____ that our football team will win the match. A. like B. likely C. certainly D. luckily 12. If you want to go camping, we can ___ you ___ a tent. A. offered; to B. provide; for C. provide; with D. supply; for 13. Mother is ___ us a meal. We may wash our hands and ___ the meal. A. preparing; prepare B. preparing; prepare for C. preparing for; prepare D. preparing for; prepare for6. 14. She is _______ 18-year-old girl and she studies at _________ Beijing University. A. a, the B. an, the C. an, \ D. a, \ 15. --- My watch needs _____. --- Would you like me ___ it for you? A. to repair; to do B. repairing; doing C. repairing; to do D. to be repaired; doing 16. I don’t like ___ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which 17. The children ________ in the darkness when they heard a terrible voice. A. walked B. walking C. are walking D. were walking 18. What the teacher said _______ it. A. had no effect on B. had no effect in C. have no effect on D. has no effects on 19. Mr. Smith, ___ of the ____ speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored

C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring 20. With a lot of difficult problems ____, the newly elected president is having a hard time. A. settle B. settling C. to settle D. being settled 21. There is ___ furniture in that old house, which was built in the 17th century. A. a few B. a large number of C. large numbers of D. a lot of 22. He is badly ill and has ____ in bed for nearly a month. A. laid B. lay C. lain D. lied 23. She can’t help _____ the house because she’s busy making a cake. A. to clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. being cleaned 24. ----Must I write down all the words now? ---- No, you ______. A. mustn’t B. don’t have to C. can’t D. won’t 25. Their robot is different ______ ours, but yours is almost the same ______ ours. A. as, as B. from, from C. from, as D. as, from 26. --- What’s made you so upset? --- ____ three tickets to the pop music concert. A. Lost B. Losing C. Because of losing D. Since I lost 27. My brother regretted ___ a lecture given by Professor Li. A. missing B. to miss C. missed D. being missed 28. He is an experienced driver and he is used ___ in all kinds of weather. A. for driving B. to drive C. to driving D. to have driven 29. ______ sweet voice! A. What B. What a C. How D. how a 30. If you want to be a writer, I suggest that you should pay attention to _____ the works of Lu Xun. A. read B. reading C. reader D. be read 31. The word we had paid attention to ____ again. A. come B. coming C. came D. comes 32. Beijing is the second largest city in China, second ______ Shanghai. A. to B. of C. with D. for 33. I’m sure she is suitable ______ the job _______. A. for, advertised B. to, advertising C. to, advertised D. for advertising 34. _____ you be happy! A. May B. Should C. Must D. Would 35. In other words, nothing is ____ than health. A. much valuable B. more valuable C. a little valuable D. as valuable as 36. My grandmother always goes to bed and rises early ____ breathe fresh air and see the sunrise. A. so that B. for the sake of C. in order that D. in order to

37. We should do more exercise every day to ____ getting sick. A. run away B. avoid C. go on D. stop to 38. I don’t feel like ____ such food. I’d like to have Chinese food. A. have B. to eat C. having D. eat 39. You will stay healthy ___ you do more exercise, such as running and walking. A. if B. how C. before D. where 40. Let’s have a _____ walk. A. ten minutes B. ten minute’s C. ten minutes’ D. ten minute’


完型填空( 每小题 2 分, 共 20 分 )
Matt grows the nice vegetables in the village. He grows big, sweet apples

and oranges, too. And what __41__? Well, the biggest and the __42___ flowers. It is a wonderful garden. Matt plants things __43__ spring, summer, autumn and winter. After that he does very __44__ work. He sits in the garden with his small radio, listening to music __45__ all day. Matt likes music. But what __46__ the garden? __47__ does the work? I will tell you something true, the music __48__ the work. All plants __49__ music and Matt knows that. Do you want nice vegetables and beautiful flowers? Just give you plants a lot of __50__. 41 A also 42 A prettiest 43 A in 44 A heavy 45 A nearly 46 A on 47 A What 48 A did 49 A hear B either B prettier B at B tough B hardly B about B Who B was doing B play C else C more pretty C on C little C totally C to C Whom C does C love D too D most pretty D before D hard D barely D inside D Which D had done D grow

50 A music

B air

C water

D milk


阅读理解(每题 2 分,共 50 分)

James Watt was an English boy. He liked to ask questions and was always thinking hard. One day he was sitting in the kitchen with his grandmother. He saw a kettle(水壶) on the stove. Soon steam began to rise out of the kettle, and the lid was shaking. “Grandma, what’s in the kettle?” he asked. “Water, my child. Nothing but water.” “But I know there is something. It pushes the lid up.” “Oh, that’s only steam.” “How does the steam get under the lid?” “It comes from the hot water.” The boy said to himself, “The steam must be very strong. It can push things. If there is more water, the steam will be much stronger.” Many years later, James Watt tried hard and succeeded in making steam work for people. He gave the world the first engine. 51 What did James Watt like to do? A He liked to ask questions B He did nothing but watching C He liked to use his head and tried to find out how things worked D He liked to sit on the kitchen floor 52 Which of the following is “true”? A James’s grandmother was a kind woman but knew nothing B James’s grandmother told James a lot but nothing is useful C James knew lots of things from his grandmother D James leaned a lot from his grandmother 53 How does the steam really get in this story? A under the sea B From the sea C from the hot water D under the lid 54 What do you think of James Watt? A He was a strong man B He knew little about living C Almost everything interested him and he paid much attention to them D He was clever but lazy 55 James Watt was from ____.

A America

B Germany

C England

D France

Sleepwalking is one of the most mysterious of man’s actions. A sleepwalker may look as though he is awake. His movements are slow, his arms are relaxed and his eyes are open. It is not true that he walks with his arms out in front of him. In fact, he can see where he is going. The sleepwalker has good hearing also. But don’t talk to him and expect answers that make sense. He is truly “out of this world”. A sleepwalker will take orders almost like a person under hypnosis(催眠状态). He will return to bed when told to. Sometimes he will carry out strange orders. But usually he is not dangerous. The reason for this is that a sleepwalker would not do anything that he wouldn’t do when he is awake. 56. If a sleepwalker is told to sit down, he will probably ____. A. awaken immediately B. return to bed C. do so slowly D. be mad 57. A sleepwalker can be recognized by his _____. A. closed eyes B. outstretched arms C. slow actions D. better hearing 58. An actress who sleepwalks might ____. A. pretend she is on the stage B. walk with her arms open C. take orders from others D. refuse to take orders from others 59. The underlined word “mysterious” probably means _____. A. unknowable, difficult to explain B. funny and interesting C. frightening and exciting D. enjoyable, easy to follow 60. A sleepwalker is a person who ____. A. walks a long way and becomes sleepy B. sleeps before he walks C. is walking while awake D. gets out of bed and walks while asleep

To live forever was the dream of many emperors(皇帝) in ancient China. People were ordered to call them Wansui, which means 10,000 years, but no human could live that long. How long can humans really live? According to the latest scientific discovery, humans are able to live up to the age of 120 or perhaps even longer. Several recent studies show that our life can be extended far beyond normal limits. Cynthia Kenyon, a professor at the University of California in San Francisco

doubled the life of a worm from two weeks to a month. By changing the function of a single gene(基因) , known as daf-2, the scientist not only added extra days to the worm’s life but also kept it as healthy as worms which were half its age. In the experiment of extending life, an ancient saying, “You are what you eat,” also seems to be true. Vegetables contain fewer calories(卡路里) than meat, and help to prolong(延长) life, scientists say. Research has found that taking in fewer calories affects our lives. Researchers are still waiting for the results of a study started in 1987. Monkeys are fed with low calorie food to see what happens. A monkey’s typical life is 40 years, so there is a little while to wait. In China, average life expectancy has now reached 70, double that of 1949. Increasing the length of our lives may bring us closer to the dreams of our ancient emperors. But it may also cause social problems such as housing and employment, social scientists have warned. 61. According to what the scientists say, it’s no longer a ____ to live longer than before. A. difficulty B. problem C. question D. dream 62. In order to prolong our life, we should take more ____. A. meat B. calories C. greens D. water 63. By changing the function of a single gene, Professor Kenyon was able to keep the worm as fit as the other ones which were ___ percent of its age. A. eighty B. fifty C. thirty D. forty 64. In China, the people’s average life was around ____ in 1949. A. 70 B. 50 C. 35 D. 45 65. This passage is from a ____. A. paper B. textbook C. novel D. magazine

Smoking, which may be a pleasure for some people, is a series of discomfort for their fellows. Medical scientists have expressed their concern about effect of smoking on the health not only of those who smoke but also who do not smoke. In fact, non-smokers take in the air polluted by tobacco smoke suffer more than the smokers themselves. A great number of students have joined in no-smoking movement trying to persuade the university to forbid smoking in classrooms. I believe they are completely right in their aim. However, I think it more important to achieve this by calling on the smokers to use good judgment and to show concern for others. Smoking is not allowed in theatres, cinemas and in other public places. Therefore, smoking must be forbidden in our classrooms. Although many people have passed away for having smoked a lot and we call on people to give up smoking, yet many more that are following will turn down what we say every day, above all, the young people smoke a lot more.

66. In the writer’s opinion, smoking does good to_____. A. nobody B. some people C. smokers D. young students 67. The phrase “take in” in Line 3 means_____. A. hate B. absorb C. like D. give off 68. According to the selection, which of the following is true? A. Smokers suffer from the polluted air more than the non-smokers. B. Non-smokers suffer from the polluted air more than the smokers. C. Non-smokers suffer as much from the polluted air as the smokers. D. Non-smokers don’t suffer so much from the polluted air as the smokers. 69. We may conclude that what a large number of students have done is____. A. perfectly right B. a good way to forbid smoking C. far from achieving their aim D. an active action against smoking 70. Smokers will really get rid of smoking when _____. A. they are warned of the danger of smoking B. smoking is forbidden in all public places C. more and more people have died from smoking D. they have readily made up their minds to stop smoking

Have you ever been ill? When you are ill, you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot, and there are pains all over you body. You don’t want to work, and you stay in bed, felling very sad. What makes us ill? It is germs. Germs are everywhere. They are very small and you can’t find them with your eyes, but you can see them with a microscope(显微 镜).They are very very small and there could be hundreds of them on a very small thing. Germs are always found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. So your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water, Germs aren’t found only in water. They are found in air and dust. If you cut your finger, if some of the dust from the floor goes into the cut, some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs would go into all of your body, and you would have pain everywhere. 71. Which of the following is true? A. If things are very very small, they are germs. B. If things can’t be seen, they must be germs. C. Germs are everywhere around us. 72. What is a microscope used for? A. Making very very samll thing look much bigger. B. Making very big thing look much smaller.

C. Helping you if you can’t things clearly. 73. Why don’t your parents let you drink dirty water? A. You haven’t looked at carefully. B. Water can’t be drunk in this way. C. There must be a lot of germs in it. 74. Which of the following is not true? A. Germs can be found both in water and in the air. B. Germs can go into your finger if it is cut. C. If your finger isn’t cut, there aren’t any germs on it. 75. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. Germs may make us ill. B. Germs are in dirty water. C. Don’t drink dirty water.


翻译。把下面的汉语译成英语,英语译成汉语。 (每小 题 5 分,共 40 分)

76. 天气既不冷也不热。 77. 我真希望我唱歌和你唱的一样好。 78. 他在学英语方面有困难。 79. Driving after drinking is asking for trouble. 80. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 81. Clever as he is, he doesn’t study well. 82. There are two sides to everything. 83. Thanks to your help, we finished the task ahead of time.



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