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【高优指导】(全国通用)2017高考英语一轮复习 语法专题4 形容词和副词 新人教版



Ⅰ.根据提示或语境完成句子 1.(2015·课标全国Ⅰ改编)Abercrombie & Kent,a travel company in Hong Kong,says it (regular) arranges quick getaways here for people living in Shang

hai and Hong Kong. 2.(2015·课标全国Ⅱ改编)Walls made of adobe take in the heat from the sun on hot days and give out that heat (slow) during cool nights. 3.(2015·课标全国Ⅱ改编)As (nature) architects,the Pueblo Indians figured out exactly how thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days. 4.(2015·浙江改编)Most of us,if we know even a little about where our food comes from,understand that every bite put into our mouths was (former) alive. 5.(2015·广东茂名一模改编)Shortly after that birthday,however,life gave her the (tough) challenge of all as age and illness started to take her mind from her too. 6.(2015·河南洛阳 12 月统考改编)She asked me some questions (causal) and we had a short conversation. 7.(2015·甘肃部分普通高中联考改编)They provide us with food,wood and most (important),oxygen. 8.(2015·江西九江二模改编)Most computer applications are in English,so you will understand them (good). 9.(2014·北京重点中学联考改编)Mum likes this old house in downtown better than the huge one in the country,but it costs almost (two) as much. 10.(2014·大纲全国改编)Raymond’s parents wanted him to have (good) possible education. 11.(2014·湖北改编)Hardly had Sabrina finished her words when Albert said (sharp),“Don’t be so mean,” pointing a finger of warning at her. 12.(2014·福建改编)With online shopping increasingly popular,the Internet is seen as a(n) (efficiency) way of reaching target customers. 13.(2014·山东潍坊重点中学联考改编)The new road to be built will be three times the (wide) of the old one. 14.(2014·天津河东联考改编)Lucy saved her pocket money so that she could buy as good a bicycle her friend’s. 15.(2013·天津改编)I think watching TV every evening is a waste of time—there are (many) meaningful things to do. Ⅱ.根据提示完成句子 1.Studies show that people are more (可能) to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. 2.In this lecture,I can only give you a purely (个人) view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future. 3.Computers and mobile phones,though they are indeed making our life (更容易,便利的) and more (高效的),have reduced the need for face-toface communication. 4.The school was moved out of downtown as the number of students had grown too (多).


5.I have seldom seen my mother (如此) pleased with my progress as she is now. 6.Mr Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been (更受欢迎的). 7.Boris has brains.In fact,I doubt whether anyone in the class has a (更高的) IQ. 8.All the people (在场的)at the party were his supporters. 9.Allen had to call a taxi because the box was (太重) to carry all the way home. 10.—Must I turn off the gas after cooking? —Of course.You can never be (再??也不为过)careful with that. Ⅲ.根据内容和所给单词,完成下面短文 It was 9 o’clock in the evening and I was 1. (anxious)waiting for a call from my boyfriend,who had promised to phone me after finishing his meeting.An hour passed,but he still didn’t call me,so I became 2. (slight) angry.I became more 3. (annoy) when another hour passed and could not hold myself back from dialing his number.However,there was 4. answer on the phone but a voice speaking 5. (cold).“The number you dial is power off.” Hearing this,I was 6. surprised than angry and then became 7. (worry)about him.Was there anything 8. with him?However,I could do nothing but wait.9. (late) that night,I finally got his call and felt 10. better.He said,“I’m sorry to call you so 11. (late).But it is 12. (real) unexpected that the meeting lasts 13. long.”14. (honesty) speaking,if he had called me one hour 15. (early),I would have scolded him 16. (severe).However,after the long and 17. (anxious) waiting,I was only 18. glad that he was still safe.?导学号 95480012?

语法专题四 形容词和副词 Ⅰ.1.regularly 此处要用副词修饰动词 arranges。 2.slowly 由空前的 give out that heat 可知,此处应用 slow 的副词形式来修饰前面的动作。 3.natural 由空后的名词 architects 可知,要用 nature 的形容词形式。 4.formerly 分析句子结构可知 alive 为形容词,其前需要副词修饰,因此填 formerly。句意:如果 我们知道哪怕一点儿关于我们的食物来自哪里的知识,我们大多数人就会理解我们放进嘴里的每一 口(食物)以前是活着的。 5.toughest 根据空格前的定冠词及句意“最困难的挑战”,可知用形容词最高级形式。 6.causally 前半句句意:她随意地问了我几个问题。此处要用副词修饰动词做状语。 7.importantly 此处 most importantly 是在修饰谓语动词 provide,故用副词。句意:他们为我们 提供了食物和木头,更重要的是提供了氧气。 8.better 根据语意可知此处应该用形容词的比较级形式,故用 good 的比较级 better。 9.twice 倍数表达法“A is+倍数+as+原级+as+B”,根据语境可知,后面的 as the huge one 省略 了。


10.the best 句意:雷蒙德的父母想让他接受最好的教育。the best education“最好的教 育”。possible 常常用于形容词的最高级后表示强调。 11.sharply 句意:萨布里娜刚说完话,阿尔伯特就用手指指着她厉声警告道:“不要太刻薄了。” 空格处所填词修饰 said,做状语,故填副词形式,sharply“严厉地,尖刻地”。 12.efficient 句意:随着网上购物越来越流行,因特网被认为是一种联系目标顾客的有效方式。 所填词做定语修饰 way,应用形容词,efficiency 的形容词是 efficient“有效的”。 13.width 句意:要建的新公路是旧公路的三倍宽。这里是倍数表达句式:A is+倍数+the+名词 (size,length,height 等)+of+B 的用法。故用 wide 的名词形式。 14.as 句意:露西攒下零花钱目的是为了买一辆和朋友的一样好的自行车。这里是“as+形容词 (+a/an)+名词+as”结构,故填 as。 15.more 句意:我认为每天晚上看电视是浪费时间——有更多有意义的事情去做。故填 more“更 多的”。 Ⅱ.1.likely 2.personal 3.easier;efficient 4.large 5.so 6.more popular 7.higher 8.present 9.too heavy 10.too Ⅲ.1.anxiously 此处缺少一个副词修饰 wait,故用 anxiously。 2.slightly 此处修饰形容词 angry,要用副词,故要用 slightly 表示“有点生气”。 3.annoyed 用 annoyed 表示当时自己的感受“被激怒”。 4.no however 表达转折,故此处应为“没打通”或是“没人接”。故要用 no。 5.coldly 此处表示“冷冷地”说,修饰动词 speak。 6.more 此处意为“我更多的是吃惊,而不是生气”。构成“more...than...”结构。 7.worried 固定搭配 be/become worried about“对??担心”。 8.wrong 内心担忧,自然心里会想“他出什么事了吗?”,故用形容词 wrong。 9.Later 承接前文,此处是晚上“晚些时候”。 10.much much 修饰比较级 better,由前文“接到了他的电话,心情比以前好些了”可知。 11.late so 后面要接形容词或副词原形,故用 late。 12.really 句意:但是会议开了这么长时间真的没有预料到。really 副词“真地”,符合语境。 13.so “那么长的时间”要用 so,表示“如此,那么”,后面跟形容词或副词的原级。 14.Honestly “老实说”要用 honestly speaking。 15.earlier 此处用 earlier,比现在早一小时。 16.severely 修饰动词 scold 自然要用副词 severely。 17.anxious 并列连词 and 连接两个形容词 long 和 anxious,一起修饰名词 waiting。 18.too only too 后面接形容词,表示“很,非常”,相当于 very。



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