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Spoken Enghish Tourism English

Learning Objectives: To improve Ss’oral communicative skills of tourism English.

. Discuss the following question with

your partners:

If you have a chance to go traveling, where do you want to go? Why?

【引导探究】时间25分钟 Inquiry Learning: 探究一:How to book a flight ticket? Useful phrases and expressions:

One way 单程 航班号 Flight no. Return双程 First class头等舱

Economy class经济舱 Direct flight 直飞 ... Business class商务舱 Departure time起飞时间

I'd like to make a reservation to Boston next week. 我想订一张下周飞往波斯顿的机票 Let me check whether there're seats available.让 我查一下是否有座 Shall I book you a seat?我要为您订个座位吗 You want to go first class or coach?您愿意订头等 舱还是经济舱的机票? What about the fare? 多少钱? May I have your name and telephone number? 请您告诉您的名字和联系方式

探究二:How to make a room reservation? Useful phrases and expressions: Queen-size 大号床 Double room 双人间 Lobby 大堂 Front desk 前台 Twin beds 双床房 Single room 单人间 Single bed 单床房 Suite 套房 Check-out 退房 Check-in 登记入住 Reservation 预订 Receptionist 前台接待

What kind of room would you like? 您需要什么样的房间? I’d like to book XXX with shower. 我想要带有淋浴的单人间 What is the price of the suite? 套房价格如何? By the way, does the price include breakfast? 顺便问一下,房价是否包括早餐 How long do you would you like /expect to stay? 您预计在此停留多久 I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. 希望您在这儿住的愉快 .....................................................

探究三:How to order at a restaurant? Useful phrases and expressions: Menu 菜单 bill 账单 Buffet 自助餐 Sea food 海鲜类 Staple food主食类 Beverage 酒水类 Specialty 招牌菜 Appetizer 开胃菜 Fast food 快餐 Fried peanuts 油炸花生 Cocktail 鸡尾酒 Today's special 今日特餐 Seafood noodles 乌龙面 Chinese cuisine 中国菜

Can I take your order now? 可以点菜了么? What is the specialty of the restaurant? 有什么招牌菜推荐吗? Do you have any special meals today? 今天有什么特餐吗? May I have a menu, please? 我可以看菜单吗? Have you booked a table? 您预定了么? Have you made a reservation? 您定过了么?

探究四:How to shop at a store? Useful phrases and expressions: Try on试穿 Out of stock 脱销 In stock 有现货或存货 Dressing room化妆室 Narrow a. 窄的 Shoulder n. 肩膀 Sleeve n. 袖子 Tag n. 标签 Article n. 物品 Size尺寸,大小 Fitting room试衣间 After-sales service 售后服务 discount 折扣

I'm just looking around. 我只是看看。 May I try it on? 我可以试试吗? Where is the fitting room? 试衣间在哪儿? Do you have this in a larger size? 这一件有尺寸大一点的吗? There's no price tag on this article. 这件商品上没有价签。 Do you have anything less expensive? 有没有便宜一点的? Do you have this in stock? 这个有现货吗? Is this one on sale? 这个减价销售吗? That looks nice on you. 你穿上真好看。


【当堂清学】 Suppose that you are a local tour guide, please deliver a short speech to the whole class.

【布置作业】 Find out a part of a film related to tourism English, and then imitate the actions and words of the roles in it.



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