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【新课标人教版】2012届高中英语一轮复习课件:必修五 Unit 5 First aid

Unit 5 First aid 急救



Unit 5



核心词汇 1.Everybody was informed that his wedding ____________( 典 礼 )would be held in the beautiful park next Sunday. 2.As we all know,a fever is a ____________(症 状) of illness. 3.Due to lack of ____________(治疗),some patients rescued from the ruins died soon. 4. The difficulty is __________( 临 时 的 )so we should be optimistic.

5.The burning plastic gave off ____________(有 毒的)gas,which is harmful to our health. 6.He was ____________(受伤)seriously,which caused him to be absent from the 2010 World Cup. 7.The biggest problem I have to face is the language ____________(障碍)when I go abroad. 8.He slowed the bleeding by applying pressure to the wounds until the police and an ____________(救护车)arrived.

9.It was ____________ of the young man to go into the burning building to rescue the little boy.He showed great ____________ in the face of danger,which was why I admired him so much.(bravely) 10.用press的适当形式填空 (1)Life is tough in the city.In order to lose their __________,some people drink alcohol. (2)He ____________ the button and the doorbell rang.

1.ceremony 2.symptom 3.treatment 4.temporary 5.poisonous 6.injured 7.barrier 8.ambulance 9.brave;bravery 10.(1)pressure (2)pressed

高频短语 1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________

急救 生病 阻止…… 烧伤 触电;电休克

6.________________ 榨出;挤出 7.________________ 反复;多次 8.________________ 在适当的位置;适当 9.________________ 若干;许多 10.________________ 找到 11.________________ 区别对待;有影响; 起(重要)作用

1.first aid 2.fall ill 3.prevent...from... 4.get burned 5.electric shock 6.squeeze out 7.over and over again 8.in place 9.a number of 10.put one’s hands on 11.make a difference

重点句式 1.Remove clothing using scissors ____________________ it is stuck to the burn. 除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服脱 掉。如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 2.John ____________________ in his room ________ he heard screaming. 约翰正在房间里学习,突然听到一声尖叫。

3.____________________ John’s quick action and knowledge of first aid ________ saved Ms Slade’s life. 正是约翰的快速反应和急救知识救了斯莱德女士 的命。 4.____________________ John’s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms Slade’s life. 毫无疑问,是约翰敏捷的思维和在学校所学的急 救技术,使得斯莱德女士得救了。

5.It shows that a knowledge of first aid can ____________________. 这说明了急救知识的确能发挥重要的作用。 1.if necessary unless 2.was studying;when 3.It was;that 4.There is no doubt that 5.make a real difference


1aid n.& vt. 帮助;援助;资助 (回归课本P33)First aid is a temporary form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found.急救 就是在找到医生之前对突然生病或受伤的人 给予临时性的帮助。


[例句探源] ①(牛津P42)This job would be impossible without the aid of a computer.这项工作不用计 算机是不行的。 ②(牛津P42)One of the staff saw he was in difficulty and came to his aid(=helped him). 一名工作人员见他有困难,便过来帮忙。

③We are collecting money in aid of the people who have lost their homes in Sichuan Earthquake. 我们正集资以资助那些在四川地震中失去家园 的人。 ④I aided the poor girl in continuing her study. 我帮助这可怜的女孩继续她的学业。


1.Our English teacher is very considerable,__________________(在她 的帮助下)we have made great progress this term.(aid) 答案:with whose aid/with the aid of whom

2vital adj. 至关重要的;生死攸关的 (回归课本P35)If the injuries are second or third degree burns,it is vital to get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.如果是二度或者三度烧 伤,至关重要的是把伤者立刻送去看医生或送往 医院。

[归纳拓展] (1)be vital for/to sth.对??极重要的
(2)在It is vital that句型中,that从句的谓语 常用虚拟语气,即(should)+动词原形。

[例句探源] ①(牛津P2248)It is vital that you keep accurate records when you are self?employed.干个体记账 要准确是十分重要的。 ②(牛津P2248)Reading is of vital importance in language learning.阅读在语言学习中至关重要。 ③Consideration for other people is vital to all of us. 对我们所有人而言体谅别人是极其重要的。

[即境活用] 2.完成句子 (1)依我看来,理查德对本队的成功起了至关重要 的作用。 As far as I’m concerned,Richard ________________________the team’s success. 答案:is vital to (2)我们应立即开始手术,因为这是生死攸关的。 It’s vital that we ________________the operation immediately. 答案:(should) carry out


vt.& vi.




(回归课本P38)John used these to treat the

most severe injuries to Ms Slade’s hands.



[例句探源] ①(牛津P2154)I decided to treat his remark as a joke. 我决定把他的话当作戏言。 ②(天津高考)We treated each other as brothers and sisters. 我们把彼此看作兄弟姐妹。

③(牛津P2154)Don’t worry about the cost-I’ll treat you. 别担心费用,我请客。 ④He is seriously ill,and is being treated in hospital now. 他病得很重,现在在医院接受治疗。 ⑤Let’s go out for dinner-my treat this time. 咱们出去吃饭吧!——这次我请客。

[即境活用] 3.Although her relatives didn’t think she could live for three months,the old doctor finally ________ her of her disease. A.cured B.operated C.treated D.served 解析:选A。cure sb.of a disease治愈某人的病, 还可以表达为cure sb.或cure the disease。treat sb.for a disease治疗某人的病。

4apply v. 应用;运用;申请;请求 (回归课本P38)He slowed the bleeding by applying pressure to the wounds until the police and ambulance arrived.他使劲地按住伤口,使 血流得慢些,一直等到警察和救护车的到来。

[归纳拓展] apply to sb.for sth.向某人申请某物 apply to适用于

[例句探源] ①(朗文P82)I applied to four colleges and was accepted by all of them.我申请了4所大学,全 都录取了我。 ②I would like to apply to become an assistant in your company. 我想申请成为你们公司的助理。

③I have been out of work for half a year,so I want to apply for a job in this company.我 已经失业半年了,所以想在这家公司申请一 份工作。 ④What you said doesn’t apply to me.你所说 的并不适合我。

[即境活用] 4.(2009年高考浙江卷)The good thing about children is that they________very easily to new environments. A.adapt B.appeal C.attach D.apply 解析:选A。句意:作为孩子的好处是他们很 容易适应新环境。adapt to为固定短语,意为 “适应”。

5.—What should I do? —Clean the wound and ________ the medicine to it. A.apply B.devote C.pour D.squeeze 解析:选A。由Clean the wound及the medicine可 知应该敷(apply)药。devote奉献;pour倒; squeeze挤。

5in place


(回归课本P35)Hold the bandage in place with tape.


[例句探源] ①(牛津P1507)All the arrangements are now in place for their visit.他们来访的一切都安排就绪 了。 ②You may read any book on the shelf on condition that you promise to put the book in place. 只要你保证把书放回原处,书架上的书你可以随 意看。 ③(牛津P1507)I felt completely out of place among all these successful people. 夹在这些事业有成的人中间,我觉得格格不入。

[即境活用] 6.用place的短语填空: (1)Don’t take anything away.Father likes everything to be ____________. 答案:in place (2)Sending email has almost ____________ writing letters. 答案:taken the place of (3)If I had been ____________,I might have accepted the invitation. 答案:in your place

6make a difference (重要)作用


(回归课本P38)It shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference.这说明了急救知 识的确能发挥重要的作用。

[归纳拓展] (1)make no difference(to sb./sth.),对某人/物没 有作用或影响,对某人/物不重要/不要紧

make some difference(to sb./sth.)

(2)tell the difference分辨,区分,区别

[例句探源] ①(牛津P553)Your age shouldn’t make any difference to whether you get the job or not. 你能否得到这个工作与年龄无关。 ②(牛津P553)I don’t think it makes a lot of difference what colour it is.我认为颜色无关 紧要。

③It isn’t what you have done but what you will do that makes a difference.重要的不是你做了 什么而是你将要做什么。 ④The twins are so alike,it’s difficult to tell the difference. 这对双胞胎长得太像了,很难分出谁是谁。

[即境活用] 7.(1)______________________(对我来说无关紧 要)whether he goes or not.(difference) 答案:It makes no difference to me (2)It’s what you do right now__________________(是至关重要 的).(difference) 答案:that makes a difference

句型巧析 1【教材原句】 Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck_to the burn.(P34)除 非衣服紧贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服脱掉。 如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 【句法分析】 (1)unless是连词,意为“除非, 如果不”,引导的是一个肯定条件状语从句,从 句有时可以与if...not...引导的否定状语从句互换。

①(牛津P2207)Unless something unexpected happens,I’ll see you tomorrow.如果不出意 外,我明天去看你。 ②(2009年高考四川卷)Owen wouldn’t eat anything unless he cooked it himself.欧文只吃 他自己做的饭菜。 ③We will have a picnic in the park this Sunday unless it rains or it’s very cold.除非下 雨或天很冷,我们将在本周日去公园野餐。

(2)stick to a.粘在……之上 ④A piece of chewing gum stuck to my shoe. 一片口香糖粘在了我的鞋上。 b.坚持 ⑤He always sticks to his promise.他总是坚守 自己的诺言。 ⑥If you stick to the truth,you’ve nothing to fear. 你要是坚持真理就可以无所畏惧。

[即境活用] 8.(2010年高考课标全国卷)The little boy won’t go to sleep ________ his mother tells him a story. A.or B.unless C.but D.whether 解析:选B。句意:除非妈妈给他讲故事, 否则小男孩就不去睡觉。本题考查连词。or 或者,否则;unless除非;but但,除……之 外;whether是否。根据语境可知,这里用 unless表示“除非……否则……”。

9.Once a decision has been made,all of us should ________ it. A.direct to B.stick to C.lead to D.refer to 解析:选B。stick to坚持;lead to导致;refer to参考,查阅。句意:一旦做出决定,我们都 应该坚持它。

2【教材原句】 If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if_possible.(P35)如果烧伤的部位在臂部或腿部, 尽可能把手臂或腿抬到高于心脏的位置。 【句法分析】 if possible如果可能的话,是if 引导的条件状语从句的省略形式,相当于if it is possible。

①If possible,we’d like a table in a private room. 如果可能的话,我们希望要一张包间的餐 桌。 ②If possible,try to speak English as often as you can. 如果可能的话,尽可能经常地讲英语。

[归纳拓展] (1)if any如果有的话; (2)if necessary如果有必要的话; (3)if so如果是这样的话; (4)if not如果没有。

③Will you be free this evening?If so,let’s go to the concert together.你今晚有空吗?如 果有,我们一起去听音乐会吧。 ④Is anybody feeling cold?If not,let’s open the windows. 有人感到冷吗?如果没有的话,我们把窗户 打开。 ⑤If necessary,I will go there myself. 如果必要的话,我将亲自去那儿一趟。


10.I thought the writing excellent, and wished,______________________(如果可能 的话), to imitate it.(if) 答案:if possible 11.Claims,________________________(如 果有的话), must be made within 30 days after the arrival of the goods.(if) 答案:if any

3【教材原句】 John was studying in his room when he heard screaming.(P38)约翰正在 房间里学习,突然听到一声尖叫。 【句法分析】 when在此句中意为“这时,突 然”,相当于at this/that time,常用于以下结 构中:be doing...when...正在……这时…… be about to do...when...正打算做……这时…… be just going to do...when...正要……这时…… had just done...when...刚做了……这时…… be on the point of doing...when...正要……这 时……

①We were about to leave when a big noise came from the next room.我们正要离开时隔壁 发出了巨大的响声。 ②We were discussing the problem when there was a power failure.我们正在讨论那个问题, 这时停电了。 ③I was on the point of calling him when he came in. 我正要给他打电话,这时他进来了。

[即境活用] 12.She opened her eyes with a start and was about to cry out__________________(这时她听 到)her father urgently telling her to keep quiet.(hear) 答案:when she heard

13.I was on the point of leaving the office________________(这时老板进来 了).(enter) 答案:when the boss entered 14.I __________________(闲逛)through the back streets when I happened to light upon a small antique shop with some fascinating old books for sale.(wander) 答案:was wandering



应用文(例:书信类) 【体裁导航】 英文书信一般分为商业信函(Business Letters)和私 人书信(Personal Letters)两种,而高考书面表达一 般都是要求写私人书信。英文书信格式与中文书信 格式有许多不同,它包括五部分,即信头、称呼、 正文、结束语和签名,具体如下:

1.信头:寄信人的地址和写信日期,写在信的 右上角。注意英语中地名的写法与中文不同,要 从小到大;日期的写法也与中文不同,不是写在 签名之下,而是写在寄信人的地址之下。习惯上 人们采用美式英语表达,即月、日、年,月、日 与年之间用逗号隔开,月份尽量不要缩写,如 June 8,2007;而英式英语表达则为日、月、年, 中间不用逗号隔开,如8 June 2007。

2.称呼:自成一行,顶格写。称呼语常用: Dear Sir/Madam/Manager/Editor/friends/Bob, 称呼之后一般用逗号。 3.正文:信件的主体部分即为信的正文。正文 写在称呼的下一行,与Dear后第一个单词对齐。 正文通常包括三部分,即开头、目的和结尾。正 文的开头语常用:Thank you for your last letter asking about...;I’m glad to...。正文的结尾语是 正文的一部分,常常另起一行,常用的结尾有: I’m looking forward to your reply;Thanks and all the best;Best wishes;Wishing you a pleasant journey。

4.结束语:结束语与正文的结尾语不一样,它要 写在结尾语的下一行,位于书信的右下角,后面 用逗号。常用的结束语有:Yours sincerely/faithfully/truly;Sincerely/Truly yours; Yours等。 5.签名:签名写在结束语的下一行,与结束语对 齐,也就是签上写信人的名字。 一封正规的私人书信格式如下:

Dear David, I’ve learned it from the Internet that you want to make a Chinese friend so as to learn the Chinese language and culture. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Hua

【写作示例】 假设你叫李平,你从报上得知某公司欲招聘一名 英语翻译,请你给该公司经理写一封求职信,你 的个人资料如下:

姓名 李平 性别 男 年龄 30岁 毕业 北京师范 身体状况 健康 身高 1.80米 学校 大学 2000年至2003年 任教于南通中学 工作 2003年至现在 任教于苏州中学 经历 特长 精通英语,尤其是口语,曾将多本中文书 技能 籍译成英语。 业余 游泳、唱歌、跳舞 爱好 0512- 联系 联系地址 苏州市人民路1号 8765432 电话

要求:1.根据上述要点,写一封求职信; 2.要点齐全,行文连贯; 3.词数:150左右。

【写作要领】 求职信属于公务信函,格式和用词比较正规。 信的内容可分为三部分:一、 写信目的;二、 自我介绍;三、要求与愿望。第一部分(第1段)为 信的开头,直截了当地提出想要应聘英语翻译一 职,并表示出诚意。第二部分(第2段和第3段)为 自我介绍,详细说明自己的基本状况、学历、工 作经历、特长、爱好等。在行文、用词上要表现 出自信、恳切的态度,语言简明扼要,突出介绍 自己的优点,与众不同的特长或有利条件。还要

紧扣用人单位的需求,巧用词语,勇敢地说服对方: 此职位非你莫属。第三部分(第4段和第5段)再次表 明自己申请该工作的诚意,并可提出要求进一步联 系的途径,如留下电话号码或联系地址,还可以主 动提出接受面试或考核等。另外,信的结尾处应表 达一下希望尽快答复的心愿。 注意:此文用第一人称来写,主体时态用一般现在 时。

【金点模板】 Dear____________, I write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in______________(报纸名 称)of____________(广告发布时间). /I am applying for the position of________________(想申请的职务) advertised in________________. I majored in________________(专业). My training in________________(接受过的培训) definitely meets your qualifications. My complete resume is attached.

I will graduate on________________(毕业时 间)from________________(毕业院校). In addition to the required courses of my major, I have________________(除专业外,选修的课程). I also have some experience in____________(曾有过 的社会工作经验). You will find me to be________________(请对方对自己有信心).

May I have a personal interview at your convenience? I can be reached by telephone. / If you need to know more about me, please feel free to contact me at any time at________________(电 话号码). Thank you for considering my application, and I am looking forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

【范文点评】 Dear manager, ①I learned from the newspaper that your company wanted to hire an English translator.② I’m interested in this job very much because I have been dreaming of being a translator.

Now I’d like to introduce myself to you.My name is Li Ping.I’m a young man of 30, 180 cm tall and healthy.In my spare time I enjoy swimming, dancing and singing.③After graduation from Beijing Normal University in 2000 as one of the most excellent students, I went to work as an English teacher in Nantong High School for three years.Since 2003, I’ve been working in Suzhou High School.

④During my teaching career, I have made a lot of friends in various fields and developed profound friendship with each other.I’m proficient in English and I’ve translated many Chinese books into English.⑤My spoken English is especially good and my foreign friends often praise me for my accent.

⑥I do hope that my qualifications and experiences meet your demands.If so, please write a letter to me or phone me.I live at No.1 Renmin Road, Suzhou City.My phone number is 05128765432. ⑦I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours truly, Li Ping

点评: ①I learned from the newspaper交代信息来源。 ②dream of doing sth.用得恰到好处,表明求 职的诚意。 ③该处as one of the most excellent students突 出自己的优势;after引出时间状语,使句式更 多样化。

④介绍个人工作经历,并根据所申请工作的特点, 突出自己善于交际的能力。 ⑤通过适当地添加细节,说明自己擅长英语口语。 ⑥用助动词do表强调,充分表现出想得到这份工 作的急迫心情。 ⑦以书信中的常用句式收尾,规范得体。

【类题尝试】 阅读下面一则广告,按要求完成写作任务。
EIL International English Summer Camp Volunteer Wanted EIL was founded in Britain in 1936 with the fundamental aim of international understanding “Learn to live together by living together”. Requirements:Over 16;good knowledge of English; outgoing;working well with children between 7~12 Activities:Language study, outdoor recreation and travel Campers :Students from different countries Campsite: Mount Wuyi, Fujian Time: July 26~August 9 Application deadline: July 15, 2010 If interested, please email to info@ eiluk.org

假设你是李华,这则广告引起了你的兴趣,请用 英文写一封自荐信。要点如下: 1.对夏令营主题的理解; 2.根据招聘要求自我介绍; 3.参加夏令营的目的。 注意:1.信的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总 词数; 2.词数100左右。

Dear Sir, I’m Li Hua from Fujian.___________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ I am looking forward to your early reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

One possible version: Dear_Sir, I’m_Li_Hua_from_Fujian.When I was reading the advertisement, the aim of this activity impressed me greatly.I think it instructive to learn to live together by living together.It is a good opportunity for the only child like me to learn to share and work together.Therefore I recommend myself to you without hesitation.

As a boy of 17, I am outgoing, good at English and have experience of working well with children aged from 7 to 12.I think it is a kind of winwin activity.For one thing, I can help take care of the children.For another thing, I can improve my English, make more friends, and enrich my life during the summer vacation. I_am_looking_forward_to_your_early_reply. Sincerely_yours, Li_Hua

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...Unit 5 First aid素材 新人教版必修5

【步步高】2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 First aid素材 新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid 话题词汇 1.victim n.受害者 2.bleeding n...


2018高三英语一轮复习Unit5Firstaid教师用书新人教版必修5_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid 一、单词——在语境中默写,在联想中积累 写得...

...Unit 5 First aid练习 新人教版必修5

2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 First aid练习 新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid 新题型—短文语法填空 A man from Korea was telling ...

...Unit 5 First aid课堂检测 新人教版必修5

2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 First aid课堂检测 新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.(2015·北京,22)— Did ...

新人教必修五 Unit 5 First Aid复习练习

【人教新课标】2012届高三... 8页 免费 高中英语新人教必修五 Uni... 3页...高二年级英语期末复习专项---课本基础知识部分 Unit 5 First aid 一:单词拼写(...


2018高三英语一轮复习Unit5Firstaid练习新人教版必修5_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid 阅读理解·组块专练——练速度 (限时:35 分钟) ...


2012届高三英语一轮复习必修5Unit5(人教版新课标)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语 Unit 5 First aid Ⅰ.多项选择 Ⅰ.多项选择 me, 1.—Excuse ...

...Unit 5 First aid习题 新人教版必修5

【步步高】2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 First aid习题 新人教版必修5_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 Ⅰ.单项填空 First aid 1.Life is tough in the city...


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