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高中英语 Unit2 The United Kingdom Using Language课件 新人教版必修5


Using Language

1.available adj. 1)可获得的;可购得的;可找到的 ①TV sets are available in any department store. 电视机在任何一家百货公司里都能买到。 ②The swimming pool is available only in summer. 这个游泳池只在夏天开放。

③Every available doctor was called to the scene. 所有能找到的医生都被召集到了现场。

2)(指人)有空的 ①I'm available in the afternoon. 我下午有空。 ②The principal is available now. 现在校长可以接见你。 ③The director was not available for comment. 主管无暇作出评论。

活学活用 (1)Dr. Smith, I would like to ask you some advice for my future career. When are you________please? A.convenient C.handy B.present D.available

(2)If you want to make more friends with foreigners, there are lots of websites________to you. A.effective C.valuable B.available D.affordable

答案:(1)D (2)B

2.delight 1)n. (1)[U]高兴,愉快,快乐 ①Movies give delight to millions of people. 电影使亿万人获得乐趣。 ②The children screamed with delight when they saw the puppy. 孩子们看到小狗时高兴得大声尖叫。

(2)[C]令人高兴的事,乐事,乐趣 ①Her singing is a delight. 她的歌声使人快乐。 ②Singing is her chief delight. 唱歌是她的主要爱好。

2)v. 使高兴,使愉快,使快乐 ①I was delighted to be invited to her party. 我很高兴被邀请参加她的晚会。 ②This news will delight his fans all over the world. 这消息将使全世界崇拜他的人感到高兴。

知识拓展 1)常与 delight 构成的短语有: (1)take delight in sth./doing sth.以某事物/做某事为乐 (尤指残忍的事或坏事) He takes great delight in proving others wrong. 他的极大乐趣是证实别人错了。

(2)to one's delight 令某人高兴的是 To our great delight, the day turned out fine. 令我们感到高兴的是天气转晴了。 (3)delight in sth./doing sth.热衷于;引以为乐 She delights in cooking lovely meals. 她以烹饪美食为乐。

2)delightful adj.~(to sb.)使人快乐的, 令人愉快的, 宜 人的 ①No news could be more delightful to me. 这消息最令我高兴。 ② We had a delightful time by the seashore last Sunday. 上星期天我们在海滨玩得真痛快。

活学活用 ________, he won the first prize. A.To his much delight B.Much to his delight C.To his much delightful D.Much to his delightful


3.fancy 1)adj. 奇特的,花样的,花哨的 I don't like making a fancy meal. 我没心情做一顿可口的饭菜。 2)vt. 想象;假象 fancy+从句 想象?? fancy(one's)doing sth. 想象??做?? fancy sb. to sb....想象某人?? fancy sb. as 想象某人为??

①I can't fancy his doing such a thing. 我真想不到他会做这种事。 ②I fancied him to be dead. 我以为他死了。 ③He fancies himself as a good writer. 他自以为是个好作家。

3)n. 幻想,幻想出的东西 have a fancy that 感到?? have a fancy for 喜欢 take/catch one's fancy 引起某人的喜欢 He tried hard to catch her fancy. 他努力想得到她的喜欢。

知识拓展 1)fancy 常用于表示惊叹的句子,意为“没想到,竟 然”。 2)fancy 相 当 于 care for , 常 见 的 结 构 是 fancy (doing)sth.“喜欢(做)某事”。

活学活用 They are too________for me; I prefer the plain ones. A.ordinary C.imaginary B.fancy D.common


4.royal 1) adj. (1)国王的,女王的,皇家的,王室的 The royal family consists of the king and queen and their relations. 王族家庭由国王、王后以及他们的亲属组成。

(2)(用于服务于国王或女王或受其赞助的组织名称) Britain has always had a large navy, called the Royal Navy. 英国一直有一支强大的海军,称为皇家海军。 (3)庄严的,盛大的,高贵的;适合国王(或女王)的 They gave us a right royal welcome. 他们非常隆重地欢迎了我们。

2)n. [usually pl.]王室成员 ①The papers are full of stories about the royals. 报纸上尽是些关于王室成员趣闻逸事的报道。 ②The royals will go to the concert this evening. 今晚王室成员将出席音乐会。

活学活用 完成句子 威廉姆斯访问华盛顿时受到了隆重的礼遇。 Williams got________ ________ ________on his visit to Washington.

答案:the royal treatment

5.occasion 1) n. (1)特殊的事件或仪式,特殊场合 I wear a tie only on special occasions. 我只在特殊场合才打领带。 (2)机会,时机 You should go there if the occcsion arises. 如有机会,你应当到那里去。

(3)(某事发生的)时刻,时节 On that occasion I was not at home. 那时我恰巧不在家。 2)v. 引起 Your behaviour has occasioned us a lot of trouble. 你的行为给我们惹来许多麻烦。

知识拓展 occasionally adv. 偶尔地,偶然地,有时 occasional adj. 偶尔的,不经常的

高考链接 (2008· 湖北)As he works in a remote area, he visits his parents only________. A.occasionally C.practically B.anxiously D.urgently



地区工作,所以他只能偶尔来看望他的父母。 occasionally“偶尔,有时候”;anxiously“焦急地”; practically“实际地”;urgently“紧急地”,均不符合句 意。

活学活用 单句改错 We only see each other very occasional. ______________________________________________


6.uniform 1)adj.一致的,统一的,一律的 ①The rows of houses were uniform in appearance. 这一排排的房子外观相同。 ②Growth has not been uniform across the country. 全国各地的发展程度不一。

2)n. [C & U]制服;校服 ①An officer took a medal from his own uniform and put it on the boy's shirt. 一位军官从自己的军装上摘下一枚奖章,别在男孩的 衬衣上。 ②The hat is part of the school uniform. 帽子是校服的一部分。

活学活用 All the guests attended the party in Victorian ________. A.clothes C.suit B.uniform D.costume


7.splendid adj. 1)极佳的,非常好的 ①You're all doing a splendid job; keep up the good work! 你们干得都很出色,要坚持下去! ②We've all had a splendid time. 我们大家都玩得很开心。

2)壮丽的,雄伟的,豪华的,华丽的 ①The splendid image of Lei Feng will forever live in the hearts of the people. 雷锋的光辉形象永远留在人民的心里。 ②The fireworks looked very splendid against the dark sky. 夜空中烟火辉映,看起来十分壮丽。

活学活用 完成句子 他给我们提出了一个极好的建议。 He gave________ ________ ________to us.

答案:a splendid suggestion

8.status n. 1)[C & U, usually sing.]法律地位(或身份) They were granted refugee status. 他们获得了难民身份。 2)[C & U, usually sing.]地位;身份;职位 Women's social status hasn't changed much over the years. 这些年来妇女的社会地位没有多大改变。

3)[U]高级职位;社会上层地位 He is a person of important social status. 他是一个有重要社会地位的人。 4)[U] (进展的)状况,情形 What's the status of the peace talks? 目前和谈的情况如何?

活学活用 完成句子 他在这个社区有很高的地位。 He has________ ________ ______in the community.

答案:a great status

9.thrill 1) n. (1)~(to do sth.)|~(of doing sth.)震颤感,兴奋感;兴 奋,激动;令人兴奋的经历 ①He gets his thrills from rockclimbing. 他从攀岩运动中得到兴奋、刺激的感受。 ②It gave me a big thrill to meet my favourite author in person. 能见到我最喜欢的作者本人使我感到兴奋不已。

(2)一阵强烈的感觉 ①A thrill of alarm ran through him. 一阵惊恐的感觉传遍他的身体。 ②A thrill went through her. 她感到一阵寒栗/兴奋。

2)v. 使非常兴奋,使非常激动 ①The traveller thrilled us with his stories. 这位旅行者的经历使我们惊骇不已。 ②She was thrilled at the invitation. 她收到邀请时很激动。

知识拓展 1)thrilled adj.~(about/at/with sth.)|~(to do sth.)|~ (that...)非常兴奋;极为激动 ①The audience was/were thrilled with his performance. 观众为他的表演而激动。

②We were thrilled to hear your wonderful news. 我们听到你的好消息非常兴奋。

2)thrilling adj. 惊险的,紧张的,扣人心弦的;令人兴 奋不已的 ①It's really thrilling! 那真的太令人兴奋了! ②The film works up to a thrilling climax. 这电影逐渐发展到令人惊悚的高潮。

活学活用 When he heard that he was admitted by Qinghua university, he jumped with________. A.thrill C.surprise B.fright D.terror


10. error n. [U &C]~in sth./in doing sth.错误, 差错, 谬误 ①The accident was caused by human error. 这事故是由人为的错误引起的。 ②I think you have made an error in calculating the total. 我想你在计算总数时出了差错。

知识拓展 1)an error of judgment(对情况等的)判断错误 A simple error of judgment meant that there was not enough food to go around. 一个简单的判断失误就意味着食物不够每人一份。

2)see/realize the error of one's ways 知过即改,承认自 己的做法不对并决心改正 Jones used to be a thief, but now he's seen the error of his ways and is trying to rebuild his life. 琼斯过去是小偷,但是现在已知过能改重新做人。 3)in error 弄错了地,错误地 The letter was sent to you in error(=by mistake). 此信误送给你了。

活学活用 His bad health is a great________for him to get a good job. A.error C.advantage B.fault D.disadvantage


in memory of sb.|to the memory of sb.作为对某人的 纪念 ①He founded the charity in memory of his late wife. 他兴办那项慈善事业以纪念他已故的妻子。 ②The monument was built in memory of our dead leader. 这座纪念碑是为了纪念我们失去的领导而立的。

知识拓展 1)in want of 需要 Our company is in want of fund. 我们的公司需要资金。 2)in need(of sth.)需要 Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help. 当有人需要救助的时候,行动胜于言语。

3)in the hope of/in hopes of 希望做某事 We are sending out samples in hopes of gaining comments. 我们正在寄送样品,征求批评意见。 4)in course of 在??的过程中 The railway is in course of construction. 铁路正在建设之中。

5)in danger of 处于??的危险中 You are in danger of catching a cold if you don't take any medicine. 如果你不吃药的话,就有感冒的危险。 6)in fear of 处于害怕某人或某物的状态中 The thief went in constant fear of discovery. 那盗贼时刻都在担心被人发现。

7)in face of 面对 We are powerless in face of such forces. 面对这样的势力,我们无能为力。 8)in honor of 向??表示敬意,为祝贺?? The students held a party in honor of the May 4th Movement. 学生们举办晚会,庆祝五四运动。

9)in favor of 赞同 Are you in favor of his opinion? 你赞成他的意见吗? 10)in case of 如果;万一 In case of rain they can't go. 万一下雨,他们就不能去了。 11)in time of 在??的时候 I'll come to see you in time of need. 在你需要的时候,我会来探望你。

12)in terms of 谈及,就??而言;在??方面 It is difficult to express it in terms of science. 要用科学的字眼来表达它是很困难的。

高考链接 (2008·天 津 )Many Chinese universities provided scholarships for students________financial aid. A.in favour of C.in face of B.in honour of D.in need of



要经济帮助的学生提供奖学金。in need of“需要”;in favour of“支持”;in honour of“向??表示敬意”;in face of“面对”。

活学活用 (1)(2006· 湖南)________achievement, last week's ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing grade. A.In terms of C.As a result of B.In case of D.In face of

(2)________danger man is often much wiser than usual. A.In a time of C.In the time of B.In the times of D.In time of

答案:(1)A (2)D

1.Worried about the time available, Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London. 由于担心时间不够,张萍玉早就把她想要在伦敦参观 的景点列了一张单子。 worried about the time available 是 because she was worried about the time available 的省略,省略后形成了一 个过去分词短语,在句中作状语,表原因。

①Tired by the trip, he soon fell asleep.=Because he was tired by the trip, he soon fell asleep. 由于旅途劳累,他很快就入睡了。 ②Lost in thought, he almost ran into a car.=As he was lost in thought, he almost ran into a car. 由于陷入深思,他几乎撞到了一辆小车。

知识拓展 过去分词(短语)作状语还可表示时间、让步、条件、方式 和伴随情况。在过去分词前,可带有从属连词 when, until, if, unless, though, as, as if 等。 ①Well known for his expert advice, he was able to help a great number of people with their personal affairs.(原因) 他的足智多谋广为人知,因此他能帮助很多人解决私事。

②When asked to speak, he complained about the poor service.(时间) 在请他讲话时,他抱怨服务质量差。 ③She will gladly come to your house if invited.(条件) 如果接到邀请,她会很高兴到你家来的。

④Defeated, he remained a popular boxer.(让步) 虽然他被击败了,但他仍然是一名受欢迎的拳击手。 ⑤I'm returning you the letter as requested.(方式) 我按要求把信退给你。 ⑥Mary came in, followed by her dog.(伴随) 玛丽走进来,她的狗跟在后面。

活学活用 ________in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A.Dressed C.Dressing B.To dress D.Having dressed


2.There followed St Paul's Cathedral built after the terrible fire of London in 1666. 接着参观的是圣.保罗大教堂,它是 1666 年伦敦大火 以后建造的。 There followed 表示“随后出现??”。例如:

①There followed a long and embarrassing silence. 随后出现了长时间令人尴尬的沉默。 ②There followed a short silence. 接着沉默了一会儿。

知识拓展 1)“There be”结构中的谓语动词 be,有时可用 seem to be, happen to be, remain, enter, live, stand, lie, follow, exist 等所替代。例如: ①There seemed to be something wrong with me. 我好像有些不舒服。

②There entered a woman with a baby in her arms. 一个怀抱婴儿的妇女走了进来。 ③There remains one matter still to be discussed. 有一个问题尚待讨论。 ④It is highly probable that there exist any number of systems resembling our own solar system. 与我们自己的太阳系类似的星系,很可能还有很多很 多。

⑤There came a scent of limeblossom. 飘来一阵菩提树的花香。 ⑥Once there lived a king who cared more about new clothes than anything else. 从前,有一个最喜欢新衣服的国王。

2)“There be”结构中的 be,可以有不同的时态,而且 可以和各种助动词或情态动词连用。例如: ①There was a meeting in our school yesterday. 昨天我们学校举行了一次会议。 ②There will be a new film show on Sunday. 星期天要放新电影。

③There have been many great changes in our country since then. 自从那时以来,我国发生了巨大变化。 ④There must be a mistake somewhere. 一定在什么地方有错误。

高考链接 (2010· 西 )John opened the door.There________he 陕 had never seen before. A. a girl did stand C. did a girl stand B. a girl stood D. stood a girl



孩站在那儿。there stood...是表示存在关系的句型 there be 的变体。

活学活用 There happened to________a chance to visit the museum last month. A.is C.get B.have D.be


3.The next day Pingyu was leaving for Windsor Castle. 再过一天,萍玉就要离开伦敦去温莎堡了。 was leaving for 属于“进行时态表将来”。 某些动词的 进行时表示一个按计划要做的事,这种进行时比较生动, 给人一种期待感。常见的动词有:go, come, leave, start, arrive, move, fly, take off, travel, drive, stay,begin, return, finish, marry 等。例如:

①I'm leaving tomorrow. 明天我要走了。 ②Are you staying here till next week? 你会在这儿呆到下周吗?

活学活用 (1)Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane________. A.takes off C.has taken off B.is taking off D.took off

答案:B 句意:女士们,先生们,请系好安全带,飞 机马上就要起飞了。本题考查“进行时态表将来”。

(2)—Are you still busy? —Yes, I________my work, and it won't take long. A.just finish B.am just finishing C.have just finished D.am just going to finish

答案: B

句意: “——你仍旧很忙吗?”“——是的。

我要把工作完成, 而且要在短时间内完成。 ”动词 go, come, leave, start, arrive, move, fly, take off, travel, drive, stay, begin, return, finish, marry 等用于进行时,可以表示一个 按计划将要做的事。

(3)Because the shop________, all the Tshirts are sold at half price. A.has closed down C.is closing down B.closed down D.had closed down


(4)—What were you doing when Tony phoned you? —I had just finished my work and________to take a shower. A.had started C.have started B.started D.was starting


4.It looked splendid when first built! 刚建成的时候,它看起来真是金碧辉煌! 句中时间状语从句 when first built 用了省略形式,补 充完整为 when it was first built。 状语从句的省略有两种情 况: (1)若从句的主语和主句的主语相同,且从句谓语中含 有 be,可省略从句中的主语和 be;

(2)若从句的主语是 it,且从句谓语中含有 be, it 和 be 可一同省略。 ①He fell asleep while(he was)doing his homework. 他在做功课时睡着了。 ②Work hard when(you are)young, or you'll regret. 年轻时你要努力工作,否则你会后悔的。

③Fill in a proper preposition where(it is)necessary. 在需要的地方填入适当的介词。 ④He opened the desk, as if(he was)in search of something important. 他打开抽屉,仿佛要找什么重要的东西。

活学活用 (1)(2010· 国 卷 Ⅱ)Though________to see us, the 全 professor gave us a warm welcome. A.surprising C.surprised B.was surprised D.being surprised



是热情欢迎我们。though surprised to see us 是状语从句的 省略,补充完整为 though he was surprised to see us。

(2)(2011· 山东模考)When________,the museum will be open to the public next year. A. completed C. being completed B. completing D. to be completed



那个博物馆明年会对公众开放。 when completed 是 when it is completed 的省略形式。

5.It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. 这似乎很奇怪,这位发展了共产主义的人竟然在伦敦 生活过并在伦敦去世。 句中的 it 是形式主语,句子的真正主语是 that 引导的 主语从句,在主语从句中 who had developed communism 为定语从句,修饰先行词 the man。

知识拓展 (1)在 it is strange(necessary, natural, important, a pity)that...这类句型里, that 所引导的主语从句的谓语动词 常用“should+动词原形形式”表虚拟,其中 should 可省 略。

(2)should 在 It is surprising/strange/amazing that 结构 中常表示一种惊讶的语气,译为“居然,竟然”。 ①It is important that we(should)learn English well. 对我们来说学好英语很重要。 ②It's strange that he should say that. 很奇怪他居然那么说。

活学活用 You can't imagine that a wellbehaved gentleman ________be so rude to a lady. A. might C. should B. need D. would



位温文尔雅的绅士居然如此粗鲁地对待一位女士。should 在 这里表 示一种 惊讶的 语气, 意为 “ 居然,竟 然”。 might“可能”;need“需要”;would“会”,都不合语 境。


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人教版高中英语必修5教案Unit 2 The United Kingdom_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中英语必修 5 教案 Unit 2 The United Kingdom Unit 2 The United ingd...

人教版高中英语必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom 单元...

人教版高中英语必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom 单元测试卷_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。……内………○………装………○………订………○………线...

高二英语必修五Unit2 The United Kingdom教学设计

Step5. Homework Step4. Exercises Unit Topic Aims 高二英语必修五导学案 Unit2 The United Kingdom 2 Teaching Period The UK Style Language points 2. ...


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