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人教版高一英语必修一unit2 ppt.

Period 2 Reading

Can you name some countries in which English is a native language?

English Around the World

F A B Ireland Australia New Zealand C the Unite

d Kingdom G Canada

the USA


South Africa


? This

unit seeks to give us a better understanding of how English developed and how it is spoken in the world.

World English
American British

Canadian Australian


Br E & Am.E

When you hear two native speakers of English, they may still not speak the same kind of English.

The differences between British English and American English.
BrE autumn typhoon I think colour centre traveller AmE fall tornado I guess color center traveler

vocabulary spelling

pronunciation dance [da:ns] dance[d?ns] not [not] not [na:t]

Chinese 电梯 汽油 公寓 秋天 地铁 大学 垃圾 垃圾箱 假期 两周

AmE lift elevator petrol gas, gasoline flat apartment autumn fall undergroun subway d university college rubbish garbage dustbin trash can holiday vacation


Am E neighborhood labor color honorable humor favorite theater kilometer

Br E neighbourhood labour colour honourable humour favourite theatre kilometre

Match the words that have the same meaning. petrol eraser gas flat apartment color elevator lift honour rubber colour honor movies pictures subway underground

Why do people all over the world want to learn English?

Trade Internet website Entertainment (娱乐) Learn in western university

Diplomacy( 外交)

From these we can see ….
It’s more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

The Road to
Modern English

Task 1: skimming

1. What’s the main idea of the passage ? The history and development(发展) of English.

Task 2: scanning

Find out the key sentence of each paragraph

Main ideas of each paragraph :

Para 1
Para 2

More and more people speak English.

Native English speakers can understand each other but not everything. English is changing over time. The two big changes happened in English spelling. English is spoken as a foreign or second language in many countries.

Para 3 Para 4
Para 5

1. English had the most speakers in the 17th century. T F

2. English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain. T F 3. Languages frequently change.

√ √

4. The language of the government is always the language of the country. T F 5. English is one of the official languages used in India. T F

6. This reading describes the development of the English language. T F

1. because of + 名词,代词或doing because + 句子
eg. He came to work late because he got up

He came to work late because of getting up late. 2. than ever before 比以往任何时候

eg.The moon tonight is more beautiful than ever before.


2. Native English speakers can understand each
other even if they don’t speak the same kind of

(1)native adj. 本国的,本地的 native land 祖国,故乡 native language 本族语言,母语 be native to 是……特有的 eg. The giant panda is native to China.

(2)even if= (even though) 尽管;即使

Even if it rains, the game will go on.

3. come up vi 走近;升起来;被提出;发芽 (1)He came up and said hello to us. 走近 (2)We watched the sun come up. 上升 (3)The question came up at the meeting. 被提出 (4)The roses are just beginning to come up. 发芽,长出 拓展: (1)Can you tell me how the accident came about?_____ 发生 (2)I came across my old classmate in the street.______ 偶然遇到 (3)Come on! We’ll be late!________ 快点 (4)The author’s new book just came out.________ (5)My dream has at last come true._______ 发表,出版 实现 (6)The doctor came up with a cure for the disease._____ (7)Linda came over from Britain to see us.________ 想出,发现

come across come about come true come back come on come out come in come over

偶然遇到 发生 实现 回来, 恢复记忆 催促, 快速运动;得了吧 出现,出版,开花 进来 过来,顺便来访


5. Actually = in fact = as a matter of fact 实际上,事实上 6. communicate with… 与…交流 7. be different from… 与…不同 8. English spoken today 过去分词作后置定语,表被动 eg. a boy named XXB a book written by LX
一个叫XXB的男孩 一本鲁迅写的书

9.more… than… 与其说…不如说… 10. base … on … 以…为基础 被动 be based on… 以…为基础 eg .The movie is based on a novel.

11. at present =at the moment (1) present (adj.) 现在的,目前的, 可作前置定语 the present situation 出席的,在场的, 可作后置定语 the people present be present at… 出席... (2) present (n.) 礼物 = gift (3) present (v.) 赠送,把……交给 present sth. to sb.= present sb. with sth. 把……赠给某人 12. enrich V. 使富裕,充实 扩大 enlarge 使能够 enable 保证 ensure 鼓励 encourage

13. …Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before.
莎士比亚能够使用比以前更为广泛的词汇量。 make (good) use of … (好好)利用 eg. We should make good use of every minute. Every minute should be made good use of. Good use should be made of every minute. 我们应该好好利用每一分钟。 拓展: make full use of make the best use of 充分利用 make the most use of

Two important persons
Samuel Johnson
Born: September 18, 1709

One of the English language’s most profound influences.

Noah Webster Born: October 16, 1758 Died: May 28, 1843 When Noah was 43, he started writing the first American dictionary. He did this because Americans in different parts of the country spelled, pronounced and used words differently.

【辨析】late,later, latter, lately
1) late 是形容词, 迟到的,晚的 你又迟到了。

如: You are late again! 2)later

adj. 更迟的,更后的 是late的比较级, adv. 稍后,随后 常与on连用。 我以后再告诉你。 eg. I'll tell you later.

3) latter 指“ (两者中的) 后者”,常与the连用,固定搭配 “the former…,the latter…”。 如: Here are Tom and David; the latter is my brother. 这是汤姆和戴维;后者是我的兄弟。 4) Lately 是副词,意为“近来,最近recently”。 如: Have you been to Beijing lately? 你最近去过北京吗?


Did he go there by bike or on foot? The ______ seems unlikely. A. latter B. late C. later D. lately

Answer following questions. (Para.5)

Why does English become a second language in India?
India was ruled by Britain from 1765 to 1947. And during that time English became the language for government and education.

15. for example 例如

列举一个 (逗号隔开,位置灵活) such as 例如 列举多项(不用逗号,不能列举完) that is 即 ,就是 列举完,逗号隔开

【经典例题】 Many famous singers, _____ Wang Fei and SHE, have acted in films. A such B for example C that is D such as

用that is,such as,for example填空
that is (1)He knows three languages,_______, Chinese,French and English. (2)What would you do if you met a wild animal—a for example lion,__________? (3)The farmer grows various kinds of crops, _______wheat,corn,cotton and rice. such as for example (4)Matter may be invisible;air,__________,is this kind of the matter.


a number of ....+ C 复


the number of … + C 复


eg. A number students are waiting outside.
许多学生正在外面等。 The number of students in our class is 50. 我们班学生的数量是50.

注意: number后的名词都是 可数名词复数
【经典例题】 A number of people_____ been invited to the party, but the exact number ____ still unknown. A. has; is B. have; are C. has; are D. have; is

Post reading 1.Which of the following statement is true? A. Languages always stay the same B. Languages change only after wars

C. Languages no longer change
D. Languages change when cultures change

2. From AD 450 to 1150, English sounded more like_____? A. French B. Chinese

C. German

D. Russian

3. Shakespeare’s English was spoken around ______? A. 1400’s B. 1150’s C. 450’s D. 1600’s

4. Which country has the fastest growing number of English speakers in the world? A. Australia B. China C. India

D. Britain

Fill in the blanks.(Para3-4)
AD450--1150 AD800--1150 English was based on _______ German enriched the English language. Shakespeare made use of a wider vocabulary. Some British settlers moved to America. English began to be spoken in

Danish and Frenchsettlers

By the 1600’s
1620 ___________
Later in the 18th century

The language was settled.

By the 19th century

It is not easy for Chinese person to speak English as fluently as a native English speaker. One reason is that English has a large vocabulary . It also has different usage in differen English speaking countries. If you use “flat” instead of “ apartment ”, people in American will know you have learned British English. If you use the word “ elevator ” instead of “lift” in Britain, people will know you have studied American English.

come up At present Because of such as make use of

【经典例题】 We have _____ book you are looking for. A such no B no such C not such D no such a 【答案】B

【经典例题】 ①The pen ______he is writing is mine. A. with which B. in which C. on which D. by which 【答案】A ②This is the reason ______he didn't come to the meeting. A. in which B. with which C. that D. for which 【答案】D


such as; because of; base on; come up; believe it or not; at the end of
1. He realized that she was crying ___________ what he had because of said. Believe it or not 2. ______________, John has passed the driving test. 3. This book is ________ a true story. based on came up 4. A beggar _______ to us and asked for money. at the end 5. They had an English exam _________ of last month. such as 6. Girls _______ Ann and Lucy are very friendly.

用适当的介词填空。 of 1. You’d better make full use _____ your time. at 2. You will find the hospital _____ the end of the road. 3. The church is close _____ the school. to 4. We have friends all _____ the world. over 5. As everybody knows, China has the of largest number _____ people. In 6. _____ the 1980s, he went to America.

1. We discussed where to go for a whole morning, but we decided to stay at home_____. A. at the end B. by the end C. in the end D. on end 2. _____ of the students who joined the Party is 450. A. A number B. A lot C. Lots D. The number 3. Sometimes ________ English is quite different from _______ English in many ways. A . speaking, writing B. spoken, written C. speaking, written D. spoken, writing 4. Can you tell me if you have found the key ________ your car. A. for B. to C. about D. by 5. The policeman warned the driver ________ so carelessly. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. to drive D. doesn’t drive

6. It’s _______ hot here. We can’t stay here for a long time. A. much B. very much C. much too D. too much 7. How did all these _________? A. came out B. come up C. come across D. come about 8. -He asked Tom, “Have you finished your homework?” -He asked Tom______ . A. if had he finished his homework. B. whether he had finished his homework. C. if he had finished homework. D. if you had finished your homework. 9. He realized she was crying ________ what he had sad. A. because B. because of C. as D. since

10. Xiao Hong worked harder last year. _______ , she still didn’t get high grades. A. As a result B. After all C. By the way D. However 11. The officer ordered his soldiers ________. A. to stand still B. to not stand still C. not stand still D. stand still 12.Every minute must be made full use of ______ spoken English. A. to practise B. practicing . C. practice D.practised 13. More than one ________ late for school . A.student was B. students was C. student were D. students were 15. The housemaster was strict. He requested that we television on week nights. A. not watch B. must not to watch C. not be watching D. have not watch

1. The film _____ on the book by Jack London is well worth _____. A. basing; seeing B. based; being seen C. to be based to see D. based; seeing 2. I wonder _______ that got the idea of publishing the Guinness Book of World Records. A. who was it B. who it was C. it was who D. whom he was 3.I’m determined to get a seat for the concert __________it means standing in a queue all night. A. as though B. even if C. in case D. so that 4. ______ people are standing outside the office . _____ people there is at least over 1,000. A. A number of; A number of B. The number of; The number of C. A number of; The number of D. The number of; A number of

5. Every minute should be made use of ______ for the exam. A. preparing B. to prepare C. for prepare D. having prepared 6. On hearing the noise, he _____ to me and asked what was the matter. A. came around B. came up C. came out D. came on 7. Can you tell me the name of the factory ______ you visited last week? A. what B. where C. / D. when 8. I requested that he ____ ___ an hour earlier. A. came B. comes C. will come D. come

9. I have ______ book as you are looking for. A. such no B. no such C. not such D. no such a 10. Sorry, I didn’t ______ your voice at the first beginning. A. realize B. recognize C. know D. find out 11. It is so nice to hear from her again. ______, we last met more than thirty years ago. A. What’s more B. That is to say C. In other words D. Believe it or not 12.—Please don’t stamp the grass. —Pardon? —I ____ stamp the grass. A. tell you don’t B. tell you not to C. told you didn’t D. told you not to

13.More than one student ______ punished since Christmas. A. was B. has been C. were D. have been 14. The open-air celebration has been put off___ the bed weather. A. in case of B. In spite of C. instead of D. because of 15. He visited three cities when he stayed in the U.S., ____New York, Washington and Houston. A. such as B. they are C. which is D. that is



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