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必修二 Units 3-5 单词拼写练习
Unit 3 1. The sooner the problem is __________(解决), the better it will be. 2. _______________(就我个人而言) speaking, I’m not in favor of the plan. 3. With the development

of science and ________________(科技), people’s life is becoming better and better. 4. I could hardly recognize him. He had t_________/ e__________/ c___________(完全地) changed. 5. He’s a boy who shows high _______________(智力). 6. Don’t judge a person by his _______________(外貌) 7. Oil prices are ________________(计算) in US dollars. 8. At first , I thought these flowers were real, but they are _______________(假的,人造的). 9. The head of the company received a lot of ____________(申请书) for the position in his company. 10. The English in this story has been _______________(简化) to make it easier to understand. 11. The development of the steam engine was a great _________________(科技的) advance. 12. I doubt the ____________(真实性) of what he said. 13. Such problems are a ________________(普遍的) feature of old age. 14. The movie ___________(下载) from the Internet is so interesting that I want to see it again. 15. Mary was _____________(打信号) wildly at us, but we didn’t even notice. 16. Carry on even if something difficult ________________(出现). 17. He told the telephone ____________(接线员) that his call was a matter of life and death. 18. To write a good essay you must first organize your ideas ________________(从逻辑上). 19. He got the position on the strength of his skill in ______________(金融,财经). 20. After _____________(考察,在...探险) the old part of town there is a guided tour of the cathedral. 21. Computer ___________(病毒) are small programs, they replicate(复制) by attaching a copy of themselves to another program. 22. Science _____________(产生) from the practical necessity of dealing with everyday problems. 23. The airplane has an advanced _______________(电子的) guidance system.

24. I do have to buy some toys for my ______________(侄女) and nephews. 25. ______________ (教练) need training in specific sport knowledge, coaching theory and practical experience. Unit 4 1. By 1881, the population of Ireland had ______________ (减少) to 5.2 million. 2. China is getting more and more _____________ (强大) in the world. 3. It is not allowed to ____________(打猎) wild animals in this area. 4. The climate _____________ (影响) the amount of the rainfall last year. 5. A tiger is a very ____________(凶猛的) kind of animal. However, it won’t attack you if you don’t. 6. As I’ll be away for at least a year, I’d _______________(感激) hearing from you now and then telling me how everyone is getting along. 7. It is a rule that our baggage should be i______________(检查) by customs officers(海关人员). 8. I am busy, so I have to e____________ (雇佣) a housekeeper to look aft er my children. 9. Jenny certainly won’t go to swimming— once _____________(被咬), twice shy. 10. Fresh fruit and vegetables ____________(含有) plentiful Vitamin C. 11. Almost all animals have their special ways to ___________ (保护)themselves from their enemies. 12.Some people kill garden ____________(昆虫) by spraying poison on the plants. 13. The wind blew_______________(猛烈地) last night. 14. She was busily________________(忙于) in preparing dinner for five guests. 15. Health Department officials came to ______________(视察) the factory. 16.We should build more _____________(保护区) for giant pandas. 17. They put down wooden boards, and laid new ____________(地毯) on top. 18. Much to my ______________(安慰), the child has come to know that he should correct the mistake whenever he finds it. 19. He usually _______________(成功) in anything he really puts his mind to. 20. He gave me a fright by bursting into a sudden _______________( 笑声). 21.Many families on low ______________(收入) will be unable to afford to buy their own home.

22. The researchers analysed data from 120 American _____________(县,郡), 20 of which had banned smoking. Unit 5 1.The doctor is ___________ (执行)an operation now. 2. He expressed it in the __________ (形式)of music. 3. They started to play their own _________ (乐器)and write their own songs like a real band. 4. I gave up because I didn’t have any ___ _________ (自信心) in myself. 5. Increasing numbers of people are _____________(敏感的) to pollen(花粉). 6. After the lunch we parted, so I didn’t know what happened to him _________(后来). 7. She couldn’t help the tears _________(滚动)down her face. 8. The assistants of the library are _________ (分类)out the books. 9. She __________(假装) that she likes them so that she can get their help. 10. The Internet games are _______(吸引人的)to some young people. 11. Even the medium can play ______(玩笑)on the president on April Fools’ Day. 12. You’ll get an _______(额外的)gift if you buy something during the Christmas. 13. The poor girl was kneeling on the ground, begging money from the _________(行人). 14. We left our home town and moved to the big city to ______ (挣得)much money. 15. Lisa asked for an ___________(额外) two weeks to finish the work. 16. We ____________(拍手) our hands in time to the music at the party. 17. They often give ____________(演出) in pubs at weekends. 18. My brother has ____________(养成)the good habit of getting up early.

25. His voice on the phone sounded ______________(熟悉的) to me. 26.I thought he was very ________________(吸引人的) and obviously very intelligent... 27. Don’t miss out your brothers when you send round the _______________(请柬). 28.Ask the children to guess what’s in each container by ____________(伸入) their hands in.

Dear friends,

(Passage 17)

As we can see, the environment around us is getting worse other than better. Our life and health have affected greatly. The earth is our home, but we have a duty to take care of it, not only for ourselves but for future generations. Fortunate, more and more people have become aware of this problem. Many effectively measures have been taken by the government to deal with them. As a student, I think we should do what we can improve the environment. First, go to school on feet or by bike as often as possible. Second, turn on the lights and other electrical appliances before leaving the room. Third, never throw rubbish here and there. It’s time that we do something to protect our environment.

Last Sunday I saw a worst storm in years. It came sudden and went on for over three hours. After lunch, I went into my room to have a rest. The air was hot, but all was quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air and some flew out the

19. One by one the ______________(音乐家) left the stage. 20. Chicken soup is a popular _____________(民间的) remedy for the common cold. 21. At one time the schools were mainly ______________(附属于) to the church. 22. Microsoft has 52 billion dollars in ____________(现金) and short-term investments. When I ran out of my room to find out that had happened, a big tree had fallen down and broke the top 23. The interview was ________________(广播) on radio and television. 24. He was quite _______________(幽默), and I liked that about him. of the backroom. (Passage 18) open window. As I ran out to catch it, big drop of rain began to fall. When I come back into my house, it was raining more harder and harder. Then I heard a loud crashing sound from the back of the house.

1. protect 3.insects 5. fiercely 6. appreciate 7.order 9.employed 10.inspect
【小题 1】other 改为 rather 【小题 2】have 后面接 been 【小题 3】but 改为 and/so 顾地球的责任。 【小题 4】Fortunate 改为 Fortunately 本句中使用副词 Fortunately 在句中作状语。 【小题 5】effectively 改为 effectively 后面有名词 measures,故前面使用形容词 effective 修饰。 【小题 6】them 改为 it 【小题 7】can 后面接 to 【小题 8】feet 改为 foot 【小题 9】on 改为 off 动词原形/过去式。 【小题 1】a 改成 the,修饰最高级用定冠词 the 【小题 2】sudden 改成 suddenly,用副词修饰动词 came, 【小题 3】but 改成 and,空气热和房间安静是并列关系 【小题 4】考查词组:fly out of 从…地方飞出去 【小题 5】it 改成 them them 指代 Pieces of paper 【小题 6】drop 改成 drops ,drops of rain 雨滴,是可数名词 【小题 7】harder and harder 越来越大,不用 more,去掉 more 【小题 8】因为这篇文章是一般过去时:come 改成 came 【小题 9】what 引导宾语从句,在宾语从句中做宾语:that 改成 what 【小题 10】因为前面是 had,用过去分词 broken 这里的 it 就是指前面的 this problem。 本句中的不定式 to improve…做目的状语。 固定搭配 on foot 步行。这里的 on foot 和 by bike 是并列关系。 固定搭配 turn off 关闭,turn off the lights 关灯。 固定搭配 rather than 而不是;环境在变得更糟糕,而不是更好。 本句是一个被动语态,我们的生活和健康都收到影响。 上下文之间存在着并列关系,地球是我们的家园,因此我们有照

【小题 10】do 改为 should do/did 本句是一个虚拟语气,it is time 后面的宾语从句使用 should+

1. performing 6. afterwards 11. jokes

2. form 7. musician 12. extra

3. instruments 8. sorting 13. passers-by

4. confidence 9. broke 14. earn

5. sensitive

10. attractive

calculate, technological, reality, applications, Personally signaling, arises,

6. simplified, universal, downloaded,



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