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语法&词汇&完形填空第一套 Grammar
Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank.

James Bowen spent nearly a decade battling homelessness and drug addiction (毒瘾),but in 2007 he saved a kitten’s life. In return, the cat saved his and even (1)______(inspire) an international bestseller(畅销书). One day, Bowen found the tiny orange kitten (2)_______(curl up) in the hallway of his government-sponsored apartment building in London. The kitten had a severe case of fleas(跳蚤),so Bowen begged enough money to get him to the pet hospital. He named the cat Bob and the found his place at Bowen’s side. Bob provided Bowen with companionship and soon became the lifeline (3)_____ saved Bowen from drug addiction. Bowen was an unsuccessful street musician, (4)______ when he started bringing Bob to his daily performances, he began making a good living. With his friendly cat on his shoulder, he attracted crowds of tourists and passersby, who were more than willing (5)______ (drop) a few coins into his guitar case. Later, Bowen wrote a book titled A Street Cat Named Bob about how a stray(流 浪的) kitten turned his life around, and it’s now an international bestseller that (6)_______(translate) into 28 languages. Today, Bowen and Bob rarely perform on streets. They mostly spend their days doing charity work or attending book signings. At signings, Bob can often be seen (7)______(wear) one of his favorites is (8)_______(give) visitors a high five. “Bob is such a smart little man,” Bowen said. “Most cats are loners(不合群的动 物), but Bob loves hanging out with me. We are best friends.”

OK, the most frequently spoken word on the planet celebrated its 175th

anniversary on March 23. However, though people all over the world use OK in their daily life, seldom do they know where the word comes from. Some people thought that OK (9)______(derive) from the Scottish expression “och aye,” the Greek “ola kala” (it’s good) or the French “aux Cayes,” which (10)______(refer to) to a Haitian (海地的) port famous for its rum (朗姆酒). But (11)______ actually has no direct relationship with Latin or Greek or any other ancient tongue. In fact, OK was born (12)_______ a 19th-century abbreviation (缩写) craze and went on to international fame with its own hand gesture. Late etymologist(词源学家) Allen Walker Read traced the two-letter word to 1839, (13)______ it first appeared in print on the Boston Morning Post on March 23 of that year. It is (14)_______ abbreviation derived from “orl korrekt,” a jokey misspelling of “all correct” during that time. Today, OK is used to ask for express agreement, approval or understanding, or to add emphasis to sentence, (15)_______ in “I’m going to stay here, OK?” Internationally, OK has travelled remarkably well on the wings of American popular culture and found a position in the digital era, (16)_______(fit) easily into 140-character microblog and text messages.

Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. legend E. measures I. welfare B. range F. quality J. puzzled C. released G. guardians K. unfortunate D. attacked H. due

According to superstition(迷信) dating back at least 300 years, there must be six ravens(渡鸦) in the Tower of London or else the kingdom and the Tower itself will fall. However, an urban fox recently ___1___ and killed two ravens in the Tower of London. The ___2___ ravens, Jubilee and Grip, were seized and eaten just before they were ___3___ to be locked up in their cages overnight. A spokeswoman for Historic Royal Palaces said, “Raven deaths at the Tower are not common, with man ravens living long healthy lives here. Currently we have eight ravens at the Tower. The ___4___ mentions six ravens and we like to have two extra.” “We take the ___5___ of the ravens seriously and have been reviewing our

current pest control ___6___. The Tower is home to a wide ___7___ of wildlife and foxes often visit the site,” she added. The origins of the myth are unknown and have long ___8___ folklorists( 民俗学 研究者) because ravens are usually seen as an ill omen(不祥之兆) rather than good. But the black birds are known an the “___9___ of the Tower.” Jubilee and Grip were ___10___ into the grounds of the 1,000-year-old Royal Palace last year as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration (60 周年庆典). They have now been replaced with ravens of the same names.

Directions: For each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Nowadays, the sales of printed books have decreased in almost all markets across the world; while on the contrary, the sales of digital books have ___1___. Therefore, many people now ___2___ whether digital books will alter, or maybe has already altered, the way we read. Are printed books dead? No! It isn’t true at all. Reading has always been extremely ___3___—— some like old books while others prefer first editions. There is no end to the range of ___4___, and in many ways the digital revolution has merely added one more ___5___ to the readers. Of course, we can’t deny that digital books have obvious ___6____. Digital books are excellent for what is known as “recreational reading.” In other words, if you feel a strong ___7___ read War and Peace on your way to work, you would be wise to carry it in its slim digital version. And with the improvement of digital books, you can now ___8___ your favorite quotes easily, and search for ___9___ of words or phrases in away you would never do with a printed book. But if you would like to have any kind of ___10___sense of how much you’ve read, then the digital book is frustrating. Knowing what percentage of the book you have read is not the same. It is an essential ___11___ of reading that one should be able to see around the corner. There is, after all, one more thing that digital books can’t do: they can’t ___12___ your home with a record of what has passed through your mind. Many people have found that it isn’t ___13___ to only read digital books. With printed copies on their bookcase, they say, they are able to have the ___14___ of remembering in future how they felt when they read those books. So, ___15___ wondering whether printed books are dead, perhaps we should ask: can we really live without them? 1. A. declined B. jumped C. Soared D. slowed down

2. A. question B. challenge C. confirm D. mention 3. A. popular B. personal C. individual D. emotional 4. A. variety B. options C. preferences D. reference 5. A. direction B. book C. edition D. choice 6. A. advantages B. market C. consumers D. flaws 7. A. need B. urge C. interest D. push 8. A. cite B. note C. mark D. recall 9. A. frequency B. usages C. appearance D. occurrences 10. A. concrete B. visual C. realistic D. direct 11. A. process B. component C. skill D. benefit 12. A. provide B. decorate C. furnish D. enhance 13. A. competitive B. enough C. interesting D. traditional 14. A. ability B. opportunity C. possibility D. potential 15. A. in addition to B. other than C. apart from D. instead of 参考答案 Grammar A. 1. inspired; 2. curled up; 3. that; 4. but; 5. to drop; 6. has been translated; 7. wearing; 8. giving B. 9. was derived; 10. refers to; 11. it; 12. during; 13. when; 14. an; 15. as; 16. fitting; Vocabulary: 1-5 DKHAI 6-10 EBJGC Cloze 1-5 CABCD 6-10 ABCDA 11-15 BCBCD



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