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Book6 Unit5单元回扣

Boo6 Unit 5



I. 要点回顾 1.appoint vt. 任命, 委派; 指定; 约定 (1) appoint sb. as/to be. . . 任命某人为…… (2)appointment n. 任命; 约会 appoint sb. to do sth. 委派某人做某事 make/ha

ve/fix an appointment with sb. 与某人预约 appoint a time/place for 为……约定时间/地点 keep/break an appointment 守/违(失)约 2.suit n. 一套外衣; 套装 vt. 适合; 使适宜 (1)suit sth. to sb. /sth. 使某物适合某人/某物 (2)be suitable for sb. /sth. 适合于某人/某物 be suitable to do sth. 适合做某事 match 多指大小、色调、形状、性质等方面的搭配。 suit 多指衣物等的颜色、款式适合,也指合乎需要、口味、性格、条件、地位、时间等。 fit 多指大小、形状合适,引申为“吻合,协调”。 3.equip vt. 装备/使有准备(equipped,equipped) (1) equip sb./sth. with sth.(被动 sb. be equipped with)用......装备 equip sb. for sth.(被动 sb. be equipped for) 使......为......做好准备 (2) equipment n. 设备(总称不可数) a piece of equipment 一件设备 总称不可数名词还有:luggage,furniture,scenery,jewelry,food,fruit,clothing...... 4.anxious adj.焦虑的 (1) to do sh.急于做某事 be anxious for/ about sb./sth. 担心某人 that sb. (should) do 急切希望 (2)with anxiety 焦虑地=anxiously 5.guarantee vt. 保证; 担保 n. 保证; 保证书 (1) guarantee sb. sth. /guarantee sth. to sb. 向某人保证某事 v. guarantee to do sth. 保证做某事 guarantee that. . . 保证…… (2)under guarantee 在保修期内 give sb. a guarantee(that) 向某人保证…… 6.wave n. 波浪; 波涛 v. 波动; 起伏; 挥手 (1)a wave of. . . 一波…… (2)wave to/at sb. 朝某人招手; 朝某人挥手 in waves 一阵一阵的, 波浪似的 wave sb. good-bye/good-bye to sb. 向某人告别 make waves 制造麻烦 7.potential n. 潜在性; 可能性; 潜能 adj. 可能的; 潜在的 (1)have/show potential 有潜力/表现出潜力 (2)achieve/fulfil/realize one’s potential 发挥某人的潜能 8.unconscious adj. 失去知觉的; 未察觉的 be unconscious of 未意识到; 未察觉到 9.panic n. 惊慌, 恐慌 vi. (十分)恐慌; 惊慌 vt. 使恐慌(panicked; panicked; panicking) (1)panic sb. into doing sth. 使某人因惊慌而做某事 in a state of panic 处于惊慌(状态) panic over/about/at. . . 对……惊慌 in panic 惊慌失措地 (2)get into a panic 惊慌失措(表动作) 10.way 的短语 (1)in the way.妨碍 在某人去...的途中(on the way to 是在 (11)lose one’s way 迷路 (2) in any way 无论如何 去...的路上,不指明某一个人) (12)push one’s way in 挤进去 (3)in no way 决不 (7)make one’s way 前往; 行进 (13)fight/push one’s way挤/推着前行 (4)on the way.在途中 (8)lose one’s way 迷路 (14)wind one’s way 蜿蜒向前 (5)by the way.顺便提起 (9)make way for 给……让路/让位 (15)force one’s way out 挤出去;冲出 (6) on one's way to (10)feel one’s way 摸索着前行 去;夺门而出 11.vary 的短语 (1)vary from . . . to . . . 由……到……不等 (2)vary in. . . 在……不同 (3)vary with. . . 随……变化 (4)a variety of/varieties of/various 各种各样的 12.when 的短语

(1)be on the point of doing. . . when. . . 正要做……这时/那时(突然)…… (2)be doing. . . when. . . 正在做……这时/那时…… (3)had(just)done. . . when. . . 刚刚做过……这时(突然)…… (4) No sooner...than... 刚一......就......(5) Hardly...when... 刚一......就...... II.词语盘点 1. (adv./prep )在旁边___________ 2. (n. )波浪(vi. )挥手_____________ 3. (n./vt. )保证; 担保_____________ 4. (adj. )贵重的; 珍贵的_____________ 5. (adj. )不舒服的________________ 6. (n. )潜能 /(adj. )潜在的__________ 7.(1) (vt. )任命; 委派______________ (2)(n. )约定; 任命________________ 8. (1)(n. ) 套装/(vt. ) 适合___________ (2)(adj. )合适的__________________ 9. (1)(adj. )忧虑的_______________ (2)(adv. )不安地____________________ (3)(n. )担心____________________ 10. (1)(v./n )惊慌 _______________ (2)(过去式/过去分词)______________________ 11. (1)(adj. ) 实际的______________ (2)(adv. )实际地___________________________ 12.(1)(n. ) 感激 ___________________ (2)(vt. ) 感激___________________ 13. (1)(adj. )完全的_________________ (2)(adv. )完全地______________ 14. (1)(adj. )多种多样的_____________ (2)(n. )多样性_______________ 15.(1)(adj. )失去知觉的______________ (2)(adj. )有知觉的_____________ 16. 有……天赋____________________ 17. 被委派为……___________________________ 18. 全部焚毁 ______________________ 19. 前往___________________________________ 20. 对……忧虑/不安__________________ 21. glance through____________________________ 22. vary from. . . to. . .__________________ 23. give birth to _________________________ 24. be buried under the ruins______________ 25. be suitable for____________________________ III.句型回顾 1._________________________________(收集和评估完这些信息之后), I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. 2.I ___________(刚要)go back to sleep _____(这时)suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. 3.The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but _______________________________(这是我的第一次经历), I stayed at the top and watched them. 4.Hearing a scream, I rushed downstairs _________(结果看到)my hostess lying unconscious on the floor, surrounded by her guests. 5._____________(据说)this boy,who _________________ (具有...天赋)languages and persuasion, is the father of the Manchu people. IV.课文缩写填空 When boiling rock erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage 1______you might imagine. This is because no one lives near the top of Mount Kilauea, 2________ the rocks fall. The lava that flows slowly like a wave down the mountain causes far more damage because 3________ buries everything in its path under the molten rock. However, the eruption itself is really 4________ (excite) to watch and I should never forget my first sight of one. It was in the second week after I arrived in Hawaii. 5_______________ (work) hard all day, I went to bed early. I was fast asleep when suddenly my bedroom began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train 6________ (pass) my window. Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn’t take much notice. I was about to go back to sleep 7________ suddenly my bed room became as bright as day. I ran out of the house into the back garden where I could see Mountain Kilauea8_____the distance. There had been an eruption 9________ the side of the mountain and red hot lava was fountaining hundreds of metres into the air. It was 10________ absolutely fantastic sight. V. 微写作 1.从图表中我们能发现活火山的分布地带。 2.火山爆发会引起恐慌,有可能将所经之处的一切焚烧殆尽。 3.事实上,空气中的火山灰使飞机没法飞行。

提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文)



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