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人教课标 高一 必修 3 Unit 3

Teaching goals
? Master new words usage:fault,permit, author, seek,envelop, adventure, patience. ? Master new phrases: bring up, go ahead, account for, by accident,on the contrary, to be honest.

Find the correct word for each of the following meanings.

fault 1. _________ mistake permit to allow something to 2. _________ happen author someone who writes books 3. _________

4. __________ to try to find or get something seek envelope a thin paper cover for a letter 5. __________ 6. __________ birthplace the place where someone was born 7. ____________ businessman a man who works in a business 8. __________ adventure unusual, exciting or dangerous experience

patience ability to wait for a long time 9. __________ or to accept trouble without getting angry scene part of a play during which 10. ________ there is no change in time or place 11. __________ pavement path at the side of a road for people to walk on novel a long written story in which 12. ________ the characters and events are not usually real

The italicized words in these sentences have more than one meaning. Explain the usage and meaning of each word in each sentence and then make your own sentences using these words in different meanings.

1. A. He wandered around Tibet for about a month. His experience is unbelievable. walk slowly without a clear direction B. The professor wandered from the subject of his speech. stop paying attention

2. A. Please keep a complete account of the money we have spent. a record B. I opened an account at the bank downstairs.

an arrangement in which bank keeps your money

3. A. It was her fault. We were late because it took her so long to finish her lunch. a mistake B. It sounds as if there is a fault in that computer. something that is wrong with a machine

4. A. The museum sits on the exact spot where the fold was first discovered. particular place or area

B. That dress has a dirty spot right in the middle. a small mark on something C. She spotted her friend among the passengers who got off the train. find

5. A. We walked down a long passage to the back of the office building. long narrow area with walls on both sides B. I couldn’t afford the passage to Australia. fare C. The old bridge isn’t strong enough to allow the passage of heavy vehicles.

movement of people or cars along a road

Use some of the words recycled above and the phrases below in the correct form to complete the stories.

bring up go ahead account for by accident on the contrary to be honest
1. Yesterday when I was wandering on the pavement near a park, I met an old neighbour ____________. by accident

He was so happy to see me again and he talked a lot about my grandparents who To be honest I didn’t _______ brought me ____. up ____________, want him to ____________ with his story. It go ahead patience to listen wasn’t because I had no ________ to him, but because it was still very painful for me to think about my dear grandma who died five years ago.

2. He was such a stubborn businessman that he didn’t _______ permit anybody to disagree with him. He thought his marketing plan was perfect, but ______________, on the contrary it was not and it failed. Obviously, it was his ______ fault because he did not listen to other people’s advice. His attitude ____________ accounted for his loss.

I. 用适当的连接词填空。 1. I did not see the film last night. That was _______ because I had to help my brother with his homework. 2. I had seen the film before. That was ____ why I did not see the film last night.

3. Great changes have taken place in our village, so it is no longer _____ what it used to be. 4. My father didn’t say clearly _____ what he would give me as my birthday present. He wanted to give me a surprise. 5. He said _________ that/不填 you were too young to understand the matter and ____ that he was asked not to tell you.

6. I’d like to start my own business — what I’d do if I had the money. that’s _____ 7. — Have you finished the book? — No. I’ve read up to _____ where the children discover the secret cave. 8. — It’s no use having ideas only. — Don’t worry. Peter can show you _____ how to put an idea into action.

9. People in Tangshan are proud of what they have achieved after the ______ earthquake happened in 1976. 10. We haven’t settled the question of whether it is necessary for him to ________ study abroad.

Ⅱ. 单句改错。 1. You are always saying that everyone should be treated equally. This is what where I don’t agree. 2. As a new graduate, he doesn’t know how it takes to start a business here. what

3. The teacher said that light traveled travels much faster than sound. 4. Who do you think might the public choose as their favorite singer this year? might 放在 public 之后 5. One advantage of playing the guitar is that it can give you a great deal of what pleasure.

Finish Using Words And

Expressions on Page 56 of
the workbook.


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