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2011年高考英语一轮复习系列(教师版):专题17 名词(测试卷)

备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习 专题 17
【A 组:基础过关】
1. The girl has no _______ at all. She is still trying to please her boyfriend, even though he is so cold. A. character B. reputation C. dign

ity D. figure 【答案】C 【解析】考查名词辨析。根据接下来的句子可以判断:这个女孩根本没有尊严。 2.Before the final examination,many students have shown of tension.Some have trouble in sleeping while others have lost their appetite(胃口). A.anxiety B.marks C.signs D.remarks


3.The boy didn’t have any_________but to do as his father had told him. A.idea B.way C.chance D.choice 【答案】 【解析】have no choice but to do...意为“别无选择,只有去做……”。 4.Jason has been preparing carefully for his English examination so that he could be sure of passing it at his first_________ . A.purpose B.desire C.attempt D.intention 【答案】 【解析】purpose 目的,意图;desire 愿望;attempt 尝试做某事;intention 意图,意向, 目的。题意:他已经仔细准备了英语考试以确保一次通过考试。 5.He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his________ was seen at its best when he A.temper B.appearance C.talent D.character 【解析】 此题考查对名词语意辨析的能力。 A 项 temper 心情, 气质, 脾气; B 项 appearance 外貌,仪表;C 项 talent 天才,才能;D 项 character(人的)性格,品质。根据题意可知, 选择 D 选项。 【答案】 6.At the meeting they discussed three dif-ferent_______to the study of mathematics。 A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways

用于具体意义, 常指为达到某一目的所使用的工具、 材料、 机器、 用具、 车船等。 method 意为“方式,方法”,指具体的、系统的、有步骤的方法,强调条理性及高效率。 7.It is said that dogs will keep you______for a8 long as you want when you are feeling lonely。 A.safety B.company C.house D .friend 【解析】答案为 B。句意:据说你在孤独的时候狗会陪伴在你身旁。keep you company 意为“如影随形”。 8.The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents’ . A command B conviction C consent D compromise 【答案】 C 【解析】 command 作可数名词,意为“命令”;作不可数名词,意为 “控制,指挥”, conviction 作可数名词,意为“定罪”;作不可数名词,意为“深信,肯定”, consent 一般 作不可数名词,意为“同意,准许”, compromise 作可数和不可数名词都意为“妥协,和 解”,应该选择[C]consent。未经父母同意,男孩溜出房间朝游泳池走去。 9. A. wish 【答案】 【解析】就别提比赛了,我们无望击败他们。wish 是个人愿望,means 手段,chance 就是可能性、有希望。opportunity 机遇。 10. To make members of a team performbetter,the trainer first of all has to know their_______and weaknesses。 A.strengths B.benefits C.techniques D.values

11. A. idea C. mind 答案 解析:idea 想法,如:— —Good idea! 而 opinion 只指个 人对某个问题的看法。mind 决心,心胸,如:make up one’s mind 下决心;thought 思 索,思考,如:lost in thought 陷入沉思。 12. B. four furnitures; equipments

答案 解析:furniture 和 equipment 都是不可数名词, 若要表示件数, 用 a piece/two pieces of 修饰。 13.The______is just around the corner and you won’t miss A. shoe shop B. shoes shop C. shoes’ shop 答案

解析:名词作定语表示类属名称。shoe shop 鞋店。注意:’s 所有格表示所有关系。 店不属于鞋,不能说 shoe’s shop。对比:Tom’s shop(汤姆开的店)。 14.I’m sorry I hurt your feelings;it wasn’t my_________ . A.idea B.thought C.mind D.intention

【B 组:能力突破】
15. (山东省济南市 2010 届高三年级第一次模拟考试英语试题) Many people in Haiti died from the earthquake because they didn’t have to immediate rescue. A.access B.admission C.approach D.attention 【答案解析】A 考查名词辨析。语意:海地有许多人死于地震,因为他们没有得到及时 的援救。have access to 可以获得或使用(机会、权利等)。 16.(浙江省金华十校 2010 届高三上学期期末考试(英语) )The conference has been held to discuss the of global warming on people’s lives all over the world. A.importance B.effects C.protection D.attitudes 【答案解析】B 考查名词辨析。effects 意思是“影响”,即讨论全球气候变暖对人们生活 的影响。其他选项不合题意:importance 意思是“重要性”;protection 意思是“保护”; attitudes 意思是“态度”。 17. (浙江省金华十校 2010 届高三上学期期末考试 (英语) ) If you ask why I plan to study in the United States,the only answer is that it is a(n) for me. A.puzzle B.advantage C.challenge D.average

18.( 2010 年安徽省“江南十校”高三联考英语试题)—Don t be so naughty! Be your _____. —Got it. A. manners B. age C. behavior D. politeness 【答案解析】B 考查情景对话。此处语意为:不要这么淘气!你电不小了。be your’age 是固定词组,表示“行为和年龄相称”,选 B 项。 19.(福建省厦门市 2010 届高三年级上学期质量检查)The purse found on the playground matches the ____ by Mary, so it must be hers. A.direction B.description C.expression D.instruction B【解析】考查名词。因为钱包和玛丽描述的相同,因此钱包一定是玛丽的。description 描述,符合语意。 20.(皖南八校 2010 届高三年级第二次联考)Our government has decided to give to those environment-friendly businesses in many aspects. A.profit B.interest C.preference D.advantage

21.(陕西省宝鸡市 2010 届高三质量检测)Niagara Falls is a great tourist drawing millions of visitors from all parts of the world every year. A.interest B.attraction C.view D.scene B【解析】考查名词辨析。语意:尼亚加拉大瀑布是一个很有吸引力的旅游胜地,每年 吸引数以百万计的来自全世界的游客。attraction 表示具有吸引力的事物, tourist.attraction 意为旅游胜地。interest 表示令人感兴趣的人或事;view 表示(从某处 看到的)风景;scene 表示景色或现场。 22.(吉林省长春市高中毕业班 2010 年第一次调研)Finding a girl struggling in the water, he threw himself into the water without . A. hesitation B. suggestion C. order D. asking

23. (2010 江苏省苏北四市第一次调查测试) Angela and Ajani will pick up the marriage _______ after they meet online several times, which is not sensible. A. acquisition B. identification C. certificate D. qualification

24.(2010 江苏省南京一调)The girl has no _______ at all. She is still trying to please her boy friend, even though he is so cold. A. character B. reputation C. dignity D. figure C【解析】考查名词辨析。根据接下来的句子可以判断:这个女孩根本没有尊严。 25.(合肥市 2010 年高三第一次教学质量检测) My English teacher is really very kind.I’ll never forget the ______ he has done me. A. favor B. deed C. help D. value A【解析】考查名词。语意为”我的英语老师实在是太好了。我永远不会忘记他对我的帮 助”。do sb a favor”帮助某人”。

My son was badly hurt in a fire. After he (1) from a series of treatments, the doctors told him they would not do any operation for six months (2) it took long for the skin to stop shrinking (收缩). So, he had to return to college with a visible 10 - inch (3) on his face. I said to my son, “Keaton, (4) will pay any more attention to your scar (5) you do. If it does not bother you, it will not bother (6) .” He took my advice to heart and returned to school with his head (7) high—glad he was alive. (8) , everyone has scars and shortcomings. Some of you may spend much time thinking that people would like you better, (9) you looked different, or dressed differently, or could have a different and newer (10) . But you see, like Keaton’s scar, people will only judge you by your looks, or your (11) , or your car, if you are judging yourself by these same false (12) .

One of my friends in college was very (13) . At first, when people met him, they noticed his (14) for about 10 seconds. This man felt (15) about himself and spent most of his time (16) about other people’s comfort and welfare. (17) , people ignored his looks. What people (18) was his kindness and his concern for them. He didn’t act in an ugly way so people didn’t treat him as an ugly man. Therefore, concentrate on what you value (19) yourself, because if you can see that beautiful person, everyone you are in contact with will see the same (20) . (1)A. cured B. recovered C. improved D. returned (2)A. because B. though C. until D. before (3)A. cut B. wound C. injure D. scar (4) A. no one B. anyone C. everyone D. someone (5) A. as B. like C. than D. when (6)A. another B. others C. all D. us (7)A. put B. held C. taken D. hung (8)A. After all B. In conclusion C. In fact D. Above all (9)A. as long as B. if C. even if D. as if (10) A. house B. telephone C. job D. car (11) A. clothes B. hairstyle C. figure D. salary (12)A. means B. standards C. comments D. rules (13)A. smart B. optimistic C. rude D. ugly (14)A. manners B. expressions C. looks D. actions (15)A. lucky B. worried C. good D. sad (16)A. inquiring B. asking C. knowing D. caring (17)A. Completely B. Gradually C. Obviously D. Suddenly (18)A. wanted B. understood C. brought D. saw (19)A. within B. beyond C. except D. above (20)A. kindness B. concern C. beauty D. perfection 【文章大意】每个人都会有伤疤或短处。想让别人忽视它们,就得学会自己去忽视它们。 (1)B 【解析】经过一系列的治疗之后,他应该是康复。recovered 康复,符合题意。cured 不 同 from 连用。本题易。

易。 (5)C 【解析】根据本句中的 more 可知这里是运用了比较状语从句,因此选择 than。本题易。 (6)B

【解析】根据题意;如果伤疤不困扰你,当然也就不会困扰别人了。others 符合语境。 本题易。 (7)B 【解析】他听从了建议,带着伤疤返回丫学校,昂着头,不去考虑伤疤的事。hold one’s head high 昂着头,用在 with 的复合结构中就应该是 with his head held high,hung 表示垂下 头,与文意不符。本题稍难。 (8)C 【解析】作者从这里开始议论,每个人都有伤疤或短处,这是事实,因此选择 in fact。 本题稍难。 (9)B 【解析】 联系第四段可知作者这里是在批评一些人错误的想法: 如果自己看起来与众不 同或者打扮不一样……,人们就会更喜欢他们。if 这里、引导条件状语从句,表示受到人们 喜爱的条件。本题易。 (10)D

(13)D 【解析】根据本段最后一句可知这位朋友相貌丑陋。本题易。 (14)C 【解析】通过下文可知人们在刚开始见到他时会注意到他的相貌(looks)。manners 礼貌, expressions 表情,actions 动作,都不符合题意。本题易。 (15)C 【解析】从下文可知他的心态很好,大部分时间不是在思考相貌问题而是帮助别人。本 题易。 (16)D 【解析】 care about other people’s comforl...and welfae 关心别人的舒适与福利。 本题稍难。 (17)B 【解析】在他的爱心感染下,渐渐地人们列他的相貌就忽略了,不再注意剑他丑陋的相 貌。本题易。 (18)D 【解析】人们看到的不再是他的相貌,而足他的善良与对他人的天心。本题易。 (19)A 【解析】通过上可以看出关注内在的素质比关注外表更重要,因此选择 within。本题稍 难。 (20)C 【解析】真正美的不是相貌而是心灵,自己重视了内在的美,别人也全开到同样的来自 内存的美。本题易。


A You can do anything Many years ago,my dad was diagnosed with a terminal(晚期的) heart condition.He was put on permanent disability,but he still wanted to do something to keep himself busy,so he decided to volunteer at the local children’s hospital.My dad loved kids.It was the perfect job for him.He would talk to them and play with them and do One of his kids was a girl who had a disease that paralyzed(使瘫痪) her from the neck down.I don’t know the name of the disease,but I do know that it was very sad for a girl around eight or nine years old.She couldn’t do anything,and she was very depressed.My dad decided to try to help her.He started visiting her in her room,bringing paints,brushes and paper.He stood the paper up against a backing,put the paintbrush in his mouth and began to paint.He didn’t use his hands at all.Only his head would move.He visited her whenever he could and painted for her.All the while he told her,“See,you can do anything you set your mind to.” Eventually,she began to paint by using her mouth,and she and my dad became friends.Soon after,the little girl was discharged (准许离开).One day,in the lobby of the hospital,my dad noticed the front doors open and then in came the little girl who had been paralyzed,only this time she was walking.She ran straight over my dad and hugged him really tight.She gave my dad a picture she had done using her hands.At the bottom it read,“Thank you for helping me walk.” My dad would cry every time he told us this story and so would we.He would say, “Sometimes love is more powerful than doctors.” 1. Why did the author’s father v

B.show his


D.A Happy 【答案】1.C 他想做一些情,使自己忙起来,以免寂寞。从 but 一句看出 volunteer 的 原因。 2.D 这是一道推理判断题。从 one 一句看出这个女孩颈部以下瘫痪,手不能活动,作 者的父亲用嘴咬住画笔,给她作示范。

B (LAN ZHOU CHINA) remote mountainous area in central Gansu Province.The county has a population of 266 900,of which 83.97 percent are of Dongxiang ethnic community.Harsh(恶劣的) natural conditions and drought have left the Dongxiang people living at the mercy of the heavens.To solve all these needs and offer caring and selfless support,China Daily is teaming up with the China Youth Development Foundation to offer the following proposal to China Daily readers:“Caring for disadvantaged children in a poor mountainous area and make donations to build China Daily Readers Hope School.” The donations will be handled by the China Youth Development Foundation,and will be managed through independent accounting and statistics.The donations will be strictly used for building a Hope School in the area—the China Daily Readers Hope School.According to local situation,about 200 000 yuan(US$24 180) can help enlarge and furnish a school and about 300 000 yuan (US$ The names of donors whose personal donations are more than 1000 yuan (US$122) and corporate donations that are more than 10 000 yuan (US$1214) will be carved on a monument at the school to mark the contributions.China Daily will also run a special column to follow the development of the China Daily Readers Hope School and give timely reports on the loving and caring stories of the donors. Donors will receive a formal receipt for each sum of money they donate.And with the receipt,they can apply for exemption (免除) from taxation. 5. If you want to help enlarge and furnish one school and also build a new one,how much you A.$24 180. B.$ C.$100 000. D.$

D.China Daily,China Youth Development Foundation and the People’s Government of 7.What effective measure is taken to direct the development of the China Daily Readers Hope

B.A TV station w C.China Daily will publish articles to trace(监督

A.passage from China Daily C.a magazine A.Purchase.

D.a research speech

C.Operate. D.Adjust. 【答案】5.D 从“According to local situation, about 200 000 yuan(US$24 180) can help enlarge and furnish a school and about 300 000 yuan(US$36 400) can help build a new one.”一 句可以看出,24 180+36 400=60 222。enlarge, furnish 和 build a new one 是关键词。 6.B 由句子“China Daily is teaming up with the China Youth Development Foundation to offer the following proposal to China Daily readers:’Caring for disadvantaged children in a poor mountainous area and make donations to build China Daily Readers Hope School.’”可以看出, 《中国日报》和中国青年发展基金会向中国日报读者提出倡议。 7.C 对《中国日报》读者希望学校的监督措施是《中国日报》开设一个专门的栏目追 踪报道希望学校的发展。C 项中的 publish articles 出版文章与原文中的 run a special column 相吻合。 8.A 这篇文章最可能摘自《中国日报》 ,因为对《中国日报》举办慈善活动的报道。 9.B 此文是扶贫工程,与贫困地区的人们分担忧愁,用 share 最合适。

中国 2010 上海世界博览会将是探讨人类城市生活的盛会。请根据下面表格介绍上海世 界博览会的情况。 时间 主题 内容 2010 年 5 月 1 日至 10 月 30 日 城市,让生活更美好 “Better city, Better life” 展示城市文明;交流城市发展经验; 探索新世纪人类居住环境、生活方式、和工作条件新途径; 学会创造生态社会,坚持可持续发展; 吸引约 200 个国家、国际组织参展,7000 万人次的参观者 至少两点

目标 你 的 感想

注意:1 对所给要点,不要简单翻译,要有适当发挥。 2 词数:150 左右。短文开头已经写好,不记入总词数。 3 文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be a great event to explore the full potential of urben life in the 21st century.It starts__________________________________________________ One possible version: Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be a great event to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century. It starts on May 1st and ends on October 31st,lasting 184 days with the theme

“Better City, Better life”, representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environment.

I am proud to say Expo 2010 Shanghai China is evidence that our country is developing fast and becoming more powerful. There is no doubt that it’ll promote the development of the service industry and accelerate the pace of China’s development. China will surely have a bright future and become an advanced country.


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