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考前综合检测 英语高考

考前的综合复习: 1. Not until his father was out of prison_____back to school. A.can John go B.John can go C.could John go D.John could go 2. Never before_____met such a serious situation;I am at a loss what to do. A.did I B.was I C.have I D.shall I 3. Little_____about his own health though he was badly ill. A.he cared B.did he care C.does he care D.he cares 4. Seldom_____to see his parents although he lives so close to them. A.he goes B.he went C.did he go D.does he go 5. Hardly_____down_____my son came in to ask me for some money. A.had I sat;than B.I had sat;when C.had I sat;then D.had I sat;when 6. No sooner_____asleep than she heard a violent knock at the door. A.she had fallen B.had she fallen C.she had fell D.had she fell 7. ——for the last few years that Beijing is considering charging congestion fee . A. so busy has the traffic been B. so busy the traffic has been C. has the traffic been so busy D. so the traffic has been busy 8.Only then how much damage had been caused due to her slip of tongue . A. she realized B. she had realized C. had she realized D. did she realize 9、 It was not until the twentieth century A. did China witness great changes B. when China witness great changes C. China witnessed great changes D. that China witnessed great changes 10、 We demanded that we ____ of any change in the plan. A) informed B) would be informed C) be informed D) had been informed 11、If only you ____ him what I said! Everything would have been all right. didn't told B) hadn't told C) would not tell D) would have not told 12、____ cease advertising, prices would be significantly reduced. A) Were they to B) Could they C) If they D) Would they 13、 If I ____ the opportunity I would not have missed it. A) had given C) had been giving B) was given D) had been given 14、 He is working hard for fear that he ____. A) fell behind C) should fall behind B) may fall behind D) would fall behind 15、 When for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding. A. asking B. asked C. having asked D. to be asked 16、 many top US Secrets, Julian Assange, founder of the wikileaks ,was the most unwelcome person in the country .


A. Revealed B. To reveal C.Having revealed D.Being revealed 17、 Pressed from his parents, and ______that he has wasted too much time , the boy is determined to stop playing video games. A. realizing B. realized C. to realize D. being realized 18、Mr. Wang made up his mind to devote all he could his oral English before going abroad . A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. to improving 19、?________I told you just now was ________ had been? written in the letter. A. What; what B. That; that C. Whether D. If; who 20、___help if you can, and our country will improve more quickly and better. A. Giving B. Give C. Given D. To give 21、___several times about it, but he could not give the correct answer. A. Being asked B. Having been asked C. He would ask D. He had been asked 22、Tony will never forget these days ___she lived in China with her mother,_ __has a great effect on her life. A. that; which B. when; which C. which; that D. when; that 23、The Sun heats the earth, __________is very important to living things. A. what B. which C. that D. where 24、 .your ideal is, careful plan and preparation are the key factors for you to realize it . A. However B. whatever C.whichever D. wherever 25 、 The explosion in Sweden forced the country to face the fact terrorism does exist in the small country . A. what B. which C. where D. that


一、 over one hundred and fifty years, Americans of all social classes have worn blue For jeans. 1 Whether they are worn for work or for fashion today.Strauss' invention continues to be popular not only among Americans but also among people around the world. Levi Strauss was born in Germany in 1829. 2 He grew up in Kentucky before moving to New York in 1847.Before becoming an American citizen and moving to the West in 1853, Strauss worked in his brother's dry goods business.This gave him a chance to produce his famous invention.After the gold rush of 1849, Strauss decided to move to the West to seek his fortunes. Strauss did not want to be a person who searched an area for minerals.Instead, he knew he could make a good living by selling supplies to the miners. first, he planned to sell At sewing supplies and cloth. 3 When he heard miners complaining that their clothes were easily broken or they usually tore their pockets during mining, he decided to use a special fabric to make pants for the miners.These pants proved so popular that he


quickly ran out of materials to make more. In 1873, Strauss received a letter from a Jewish tailor named Jacob Davis who had invented a process of connecting pockets with copper rivets 铆钉)This made the pants ( . last a long time.Because Davis did not have the money to patent his idea, he offered to share it with Strauss if Strauss would agree to pay for the patent. 4 . By the time Strauss died in 1902, he had made a great contribution to American fashion. 5 The business has been growing ever since and Levi Strauss' company is now one of the largest clothing companies in the world. A.As a young boy, he moved with his family to the United States. B.Nobody knew what kind of material was suitable. C.He did and Levi jeans have been made with metal rivets ever since. D.However, he did not get much business for those products. E.He also made a great contribution to America's clothing industry. F.Since they were invented by Levi Strauss, they have become a symbol of American consumer culture. G.As the business grew, Strauss got much money from it.


As the railroads and the highways shaped the American West in the past centuries, a new electrical generating (发电) and transmission (输送) system for the 21th century will leave a lasting mark on the West, for better or worse. Much of the real significance of railroads and highways is not in their direct physical effect on the scenery, but in the ways that they affect the surrounding community. The same is true of big solar plants and the power lines that will be laid down to move electricity around. The 19 th century saw land grants (政府拨地) offered to railroad companies to build the transcontinental railroads, leaving public land in between privately owned land. In much of the West, some of the railroad sections were developed while others remained undeveloped, and in both cases the landownership has presented unique challenges to land management. With the completion of the interstate highway system, many of the small towns, which sprang up as railway stops and developed well, have lost their lifeblood and died. Big solar plants and their power lines will also have effects far beyond their direct footprint in the West. This is not an argument against building them. We need alternative energy badly, and to really take advantage of it we need to be able to move electricity around far more readily than we can now. So trade-offs will have to be made. Some scenic spots will be sacrificed. Some species( 物 种 ) will be forced to move, or will be carefully moved to special accommodations. Deals will be struck to reduce the immediate effects. The lasting effects of these trade-offs are another matter. The 21th century development of the American West as an ideal place for alternative energy is going to throw off a lot of power and money in the region. There are chances for that power and money to do a lot of good. But it is just as likely that they will be spent wastefully and will leave new


problems behind, just like the railroads and the highways. The money set aside in negotiated trade-offs and the institutions that control it will shape the West far beyond the immediate footprint of power plants and transmission lines. So let’s remember the effects of the railroads and the highways as we construct these new power plants in the West. 1. What was the problem caused by the construction of the railways? A. Small towns along the railways became abandoned. B. Some railroad stops remained underused. C. Land in the West was hard to manage. D. Land grants went into private hands. 2. What is the major concern in the development of alternative energy according to the last two paragraphs? A. The transmission of power. B. The use of money and power. C. The conservation of solar energy. D. The selection of an ideal place. 3. What is the author’s attitude towards building solar plants? A. Cautious B. Approving C. Doubtful D. Disapproving 4. Which is the best title for the passage? A. How the Railways Have Affected the West B. How Solar Energy Could Reshape the West C. How the Effects of Power Plants Can Be Reduced D. How the Problems of the Highways Have Been Settled



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