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What can you do about global warming导学案

Unit 4 Using language 导学案

What can you do about global warming?

Step one:translate the following words and expressions.
1.on behalf of 2. individual 3.advocate 4.如果...我会不胜感激的 5.have the power to do 6. 众人拾柴火焰高 7.有关系,有影响 8.忍受污染 9.the growth of greenhouse gas 10.a few suggestions on 11.电气设备 12. as long as 13. 对...漫不经心 14. 等等 15.对...节约 16. 回收材料 17.使你感觉清爽 18.最后也是最重要的 19. 你的贡献很有价值 20.绝不

Step two : discuss with you partner 1) What cause the global warming?
2) What we can do to stop global warming? For example,we can plant more trees...

Step three : skim the letters and find who the writers are and what their purpose of writing the letters is.
1) The first letter is written by ________ who is asking for ______ for his _______ about global warming. 2)The second letter is written by___________ of Earth Care magazine. He offers the student some suggestions on _______________________.

Step four :scan the text and fill in the blank.
letters Ouyang Guang’s The contents of the letters ◆ He is doing a project____ his school about global warming. ◆ He thinks people should______ improvement in the way they use energy today. ◆ Together,__________ can make a difference. We don’t have to put up with______. ◆ It’s OK to leave an ___________ appliance on________ you are using it----if not, turn it off! Don’t be ________ about this. ◆ Walk or ride a bike as possible as you can. ◆ Recycle cans, bottles,plastic bags and newspaper if ________ allow you to ◆ Get your parents to buy things that are more economical with energy. ◆ Plant trees around you to ______your spirit when you look at them. ◆ Finally and most importantly, be an_______.

Earth Care’s

Step five :language points
一.分析句子 1. As I’m not sure where to start with my project, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. 析:as 引导一个_______从句,从句中 where to start with my project 作________成分,可以转换成从句 _________________________主句中 you may have 为_______从句,省略了_____. 翻译:由于我不知道如何实现我的梦想,如果你能帮我我会非常感激的。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. It is OK to leave an electrical appliance on so long as you are using it –if not, turn it off! 句式归纳:由_______引导________从句,相当于_______、______、______、______、______、_______. 句式仿写(1) They are sure to be succeed______________________________. (只要他们努力) (2) _____________________________(只要在他的保护下),I’am sure you are safe. (3) 皇天不负有心人,只要你努力了,你会得到你想要的。 ______________________________________________________________________________ (4) leave an electrical appliance on 让电器设备开着 leave+宾语+宾补(现在分词/ 过去分词/ 名词/ 形容词/ 副词/ 介词短语) ① You are expected not to leave us _______ (wait)for you for too long. ② A good story does not necessarily have to have a happy ending, but the reader must not be left ______ (satisfy). 1

(5) if not 在本句中是 ____________________ 的省略形式 . 类似的有 if so _______, if any_______, if possible_____, if necessary_______, if never______, if some_______, if ever_____ 3. recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags and newspapers if circumstances allow you to.如果条件允许的话, 回收 罐头瓶,瓶子,塑料袋和报纸. if circumstances allow you to 句子中充当__________,我们还可以把它改成一个更为高级的句型结构,也 就是前面提到的垂悬分词,即 circumstances allowing。此种结构还有以下的表达方法,希望同学们在写 作的时候能够有意识去运用这些句型。 if weather permit(=___________________ ), we’ll go on a picnic.(还可以替换为 time/money permitting) if we take time into consideration(=_______________或者 time taken into 4.It takes a lot of energy to make things likes from new materials , so, if you can, buy things made from recycled materials 句中 take 作为“需要”讲,常用于 it takes...to do...结构。常接一些“精力 时间 耐心”之类的词 eg: 1.与他的家庭决裂需要非凡的勇气和毅力。 _________________________________________________________________________________________ 二.根据汉语提示,补全下列句子。 1. I’m writing ______________________ (代表我母亲) to express her thanks for your gift. 2. I ____________________________ (再也不能忍受 Ivy 了) — she never stops complaining. 3. I don’t care about the price, ______________________________ (只要这块儿表质量好). 4. If you know a foreign language you can tell your foreign friends about _____________ _________________________ (你的家庭、学习等情况). 5. To the doctors’ disappointment, the medicine __________________________________ (对这个病人几乎不起作用). 6. In sport _________________ (重要的是) is not the winning but the playing. 7. The doctor told Paul to _______________________________ (少抽烟). 8 Under no circumstances ____________ Paul any money.(无论如何你都不能借钱给 Paul) 9.It is not how much you read but what you read that counts. 译:_____________________________________________________10.It ________________ to make dreams into reality. (实现梦想需要努力) Step6:翻译下列句子,注意斜体部分要用本单元的短语或句型,然后将其合并成一遍 5 句话的短文。 1. 我每天都在珠江边散步的时候,总可以看到江面飘着大量的垃圾,如塑料袋、纸屑、果皮等。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 这些垃圾导致珠江的水变得很脏。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 很多人继续乱扔垃圾。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 我真想知道是什么造成这种陋习。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.总的来说,我强烈反对并且不能容忍这种行为。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 6.因为污染,地球面临全球温度上升。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 7.我代表爱护环境的朋友们告诉那些喜欢乱扔垃圾的人, 只要我们注意, 我们就可以创造一个美丽的环境。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 8.毫无疑问,大家多能够从我做起,爱护地球。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 合并成五句话的作文: 2


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