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2014 高考英语教与练特训秘籍 5

1.____________ adj.精力充沛的,充满活力的→____________ n.能量,精力 2.____________ vi.复原,恢复健康 vt.重新获得,恢复→____________ n.恢复,康复 3.____________ n.衰退,衰竭;失败,故障,失灵→__________ vt.&vi.失败 4.____________ n.治疗;待遇;处理→____________ vt.治疗;对待;处理 5.____________ adj.令人疼痛的,痛苦的→____________ n.疼痛;付出 6.____________ adj.有吸引力的,有魅力的→____________ vt.吸引→____________ n.吸 引力 7 . ____________ adj. 尴尬的,不好意思的,难为情的→____________ vt. 使??尴尬 →____________ adj.令人尴尬的 8.____________ n.压力→____________ vt.按压 9.____________ vt.更喜欢→____________ n.更喜欢,偏爱→____________ adj.偏爱的, 优惠的 10.____________ vt.& vi.受苦;遭受(磨难)→____________ n.受苦;遭难 11.____________ n.运动员→____________ adj.运动的;活跃的;健壮的 12.____________ n.成就→____________ vt.取得成就 13.____________ prep.包括→____________ vt.包括 14.____________ n.器材;设备→____________ vt.配备;装备 15.____________ n.悲伤→____________ adj.悲伤的 16.____________ adj.无用的,无效的→____________ vt.使用→____________ adj.有用的 17 . ____________ n. 安慰; 舒适→____________ vt. 安慰 →____________ adj. 舒适的 →____________ adv.舒适地→____________ adj.不舒服的 18.____________ adv.适当地→____________ adj.正确的,合适的 19.____________ adv.主要地;通常→____________ adj.大部分的 20.____________ adj.极瘦的,皮包骨的→____________ n.皮肤 21.____________ adj.平静的;和平的→____________ n.和平 22.____________ n.丧失,丢失,损失→____________ vt.丢失,迷路→____________ adj. 丢失的,迷路的

1.—Are the new rules w________? —Yes,few books are stolen. 2.What the doctors really doubt is whether my mother will r________ from the serious disease

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soon. 3.I don't like talking on the telephone;I p________ writing letters. 4.If only he had lain quietly as the doctor instructed,he wouldn't s________ so much now. 5.Four of Robert's children were at the party,i________ the oldest,Luke. 6.He ____________(获得)his wealth by printing works of famous writers. 7. She is one of my favorite artists; she's so ____________ (精力充沛的) and her voice is great. 8.I shall have another chance in the event of ____________(失败). 9.Although our looks differ,we are both ____________(有吸引力的). 10.I tried to ____________(安慰)him after he was defeated by his opponent.

1.____________ out 锻炼;制定出 2.be ____________ of 为??感到羞愧 3.____________ on 坚持 4.____________ one's advice 听从某人的劝告 5.go on ____________ 节食 6.come ____________ 遇到 7.end in ____________ 最终失败 8.in ____________ 事实上 9.____________ in shape 保持体形 10.keep ____________ 保持健康 11.side ____________ 副作用 12.____________ out(头发等)脱落 13.take a ____________ 冒险 14.put on ____________ 体重增加 15.____________ more 还有,另外 16.make the ____________ of 尽量利用 17.____________ at 嘲笑 18.____________ with 连同??,随同?? 19.a good ____________ of 大量,许多 20.____________ sb.for 使某人为??做好准备 21.as a ____________ of fact 事实上 22.in no ____________ 立刻,很快

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1.Eating more fruit makes me feel better. 多吃水果会使我感觉更好。

句型提炼:make sb.do sth.“使某人做某事”。宾语补足语可以由省略 to 的不定式、现在
分词、过去分词等充当。 2. Tell your friend not to take the pills because he may have health problems in the future, when it is too late. 告诉你的朋友别服用那药片,因为将来他有可能出现健康问题,而那时就太晚了。

句型提炼:tell sb.not to do sth.非谓语动词的否定式在其前面直接加 not。
3.Healthy eating along with regular exercise is probably the only way to become fit. 健康的饮食加上经常锻炼也许是变得健康的唯一途径。

句型提炼:along with 连接并列的主语时,谓语动词与其前面的主语在人称和数的方面保
持一致。 4.Walking and riding your bike count,and so do school sports. 步行和骑自行车就算,校内体育活动也算。

句型提炼:so 引导倒装句,表示前面的情况也适用于另外一个人或物。如果不倒装,则

基础梳理整合 词汇拓展 1. energetic; energy 2. recover; recovery 3. failure; fail 4. treatment; treat 5. painful; pain 6.attractive;attract;attraction 7.embarrassed;embarrass;embarrassing press 9 . prefer ; preference ; preferential 10 . suffer ; suffering 8.pressure;

11 . athlete ; athletic

12.achievement;achieve 13.including;include 14.equipment;equip 15.sadness;sad 16 . useless ; use ; useful 17 . comfort ; comfort ; comfortable ; comfortably ; uncomfortable 21.peaceful;peace 22.loss;

18.properly;proper 19.mostly;most 20.skinny;skin lose;lost 语境记词 1 . working 2. recover 3 . prefer 4 . suffer

5 .including

6. gained

7. energetic

8.failure 9.attractive 短语回顾


1. work 2. ashamed 3. insist 4. follow 5. a diet 6. across 7. failure 8. truth 9. stay
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10.healthy 11.effect 12.fall 13.risk 14.weight 15.what's 16.most 17.laugh 18.along 19.amount 20.prepare 21.matter 22.time

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