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I 动词僻义
一 serve (僻义:端上饭,菜 酒等 对……起作用 ) (熟义:服务) 【08 四川】...Clearly I had made mistakes. I had started the evening wanting to have a happy time with my daughter but had allowed my desire to win to become more important than my relationship with my daughter. When I was a child, my desire to win 34 me well. As a parent, I realized that it got in my way. So I had to change. 34.A. offered B. served C. controlled D. taught 【06 全国】…A waiter appeared. He paused for just a second, walked into the water to set the table and take their order, and then walked back to the loud cheers of the rest of his customers. Minutes later he returned carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. Without pausing, he went once more into the water to 50 the wine. The couple toasted each other, the waiter and the crowd… 50.A. change B. drink C. sell D. serve 【04 全国】It was the night before the composition was due. As I looked at the list of topics (题目) , "The Art of Eating Spaghetti (意大利面条) " caught my eye. The word "spaghetti" brought back the memory of an evening at Uncle Alien's in Belleville when all of us were seated around the table and Aunt Pat 38 spaghetti for supper. Spaghetti was an exotic (外来的) treat in those days. 38.A. cooked B. served C. got D. made

二 run (僻义:道路,街道等延伸、延展) (熟义:跑) 三 fail (僻义:辜负使……失望) (熟义:失败) 【08 安徽】There are many different ways of seeing a town for the first time. One of them is to walk around it, guide-book in hand. Of course, we may study with our guide-books the history and special developments of a town and get to know them. But then, if we take out time and stay in a town for a while, we may get to know it better. When we look at it as a whole, we begin to have some questions, which even the best guide-books do not answer. Why is the town just like this, this shape, this plan, this size? Why do its streets 44 in this particular way, and not in any other why? Here even the best guide-book 46 us. One can't find in it the information about how a town has developed to the present appearance. It may not describe the original (最初的) design of a town. 44.A. open B. run C. begin D. move 46.A. helps B. tricks C. fails D. satisfies

四 wear (僻义:表露态度,表情) (熟义:穿,戴) 【08 重庆卷】…She rode the rest of the way home 52 a happy smile, with the money she'd lost earlier forgotten. On the road of life, the help of strangers can lighten our loads and lift our spirits. How much sweeter the journey will be when we make it a little smoother for others! 52.A. giving B. wearing C. taking D. forcing

五 break (僻义:①撕裂……表面 break the news 把消息告诉某人;②间断 broken English 不流利的英语) (熟义:弄坏) 【07 北京】…"I'm surprised." smiled Mr. Berry, when we gave him the result. "I really thought that only a few people wanted their band and that the cost would be too high. OK. Angela, your next task is to find a good band and line them up for the dance." Angela was all smiles and 54 the news to Amy and Daniel. "You're amazing" smiled Daniel to Angela as

he thought how close they came to having a less than perfect dance. 54.A. showed B. wrote C. broke D. read 【06 湖南】 … "What's up?"I asked .He answered in 47 English," I…I no get money to buy book."I took out two 500 naira notes. He looked around nervously before sticking his hand into the car for the bills. One thousand naira means a lot to a family that makes only 50,000 each year. 47.A. old B. broken C. traditional D. modern

六 pour (僻义:连续不断涌入,出) (熟义:倒,灌) 【07 辽宁】…There he spent two years practicing, and by 1999 he had worked hard enough for fortune to take over.After his successful performance at Chicago's Ravinia Festival, gigs(特邀演出) in Lincoln's Center and Carnegie Hall started 54 in, Lang Lang finally worked to reach the place where fortune spots him, and lets him shine . 54.A. pulling B.breaking C.falling D.pouring

七 plant ( 僻 义 : 牢 固 安 置 ) ( 熟 义 : 种 植 ) 【05 辽宁卷】 Scott and his companions were terribly disappointed. When they got to the South Pole, they found the Norwegians(挪威人) had beaten them in the race to be the first ever to reach it. After 37 the British flag at the Pole, they took a photograph of themselves before they started the 950-mile journey back. 37.A. growing B. putting C. planting D. laying

八 measure (僻义:衡量) (熟义:测量) 【04 天津】…"I would have given up on the first lap, "said another girl."We were cheering for you. Did you hear us?" Suddenly I regained hope. I decided to stick with track next year. I realized strength and courage aren't always 43 in medals and victories, but in the struggles we overcome. The strongest people are not always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose 43.A. measured B. praised C. tested D. increased

九 film (僻义:胶卷) (熟义:电影) 十 develop (僻义:冲印_) (熟义:发展) 十一 cover (僻义:涉及,弥补损失) (熟义:覆盖) 【04福建】Not too long ago, an incident that happened at Walt Disney touched me greatly. A guest 36 out of our Polynesian Village resort(度假胜地) at Walt Disney was asked how she enjoyed her visit. She told the front-desk clerk she had had a (n) wonderful vacation, but was heartbroken about losing several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet 40 .At that moment she was particularly sad over the loss of the pictures she had shot at our Polynesian Luau, as this was a memory she especially treasured. Now, please understand that we have no written service rules 43 lost photos in the park. Fortunately, the clerk at the front desk understanding Disney's idea of caring for our guests. She asked the woman to leave her a couple rolls of 47 film, promising she would take care of the rest of our show at Polynesian Luau. 36.A. working B. checking C. trying D. staying 40.A. developed B. taken C. washed D. loaded 43.A. covering B. finding C. making D. keeping 47.A. printed B. shot C. unused D. recorded


十二 charge (僻义:赊帐) (熟义:负责) 【03北京】 Word that I was trustworthy and hard-working got around town. A local clothing store offered me credit (赊账) while I was only in seventh grade. I immediately 49 a $ 68 sports coat and a $ 22 pair of shoes. I was making only 65 cents an hour, and I already owed the storekeeper $ 90! So I learned early the danger of easy credit. I paid it off as soon as I could. 49.A. sold B. borrowed C. charged D. wore II 名词僻义 十三 a blanket of/ a carpet of (僻义:一层毯状物) (熟义:毛毯 ,地毯) 【07 四川卷】Well , less than a week after my arrival in Manila . I was already carpeted with a 43 bites. I took many measures to keep myself from being bitten, but they all proved useless. 43.A. shade B. pile C. cloud D. blanket

of mosquito

十四 lecture (僻义:长篇大论的教训) (熟义:演讲 讲课) 【 06 浙江】He wrote his wife's name on the back of the photos and handed them to a clerk behind the desk in the booth." If you see a small, dark lady with brown eyes and an apologetic expression obviously looking for someone, would you please give her this?" he said. He then returned to his office in Morrison Building, satisfied that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the four photos must be a good 31 ! He sat down with a smile. 31.A. description B. preparation C. excuse D. lecture

十五 nature (僻义:本质 实质) (熟义:大自然) 【06 辽宁】It was a bright spring afternoon when Freda told me she wouldn't need me any more. I had just finished my four-hour work - moving up and down the stairs of her three-storey home cleaning the floor and washing the dishes. …I had watched them grow up. Now I was tired, but the strange thing was that I still wanted to keep scraping away the dirt and dust for the family. I left Freda's house that day, wondering about the 52 of my relationship with my clients (主顾). Who am I to them? As a matter of fact, I'm merely an employee——the lowest kind of employee. But I'm also a trusted member of the family. I can't help worrying about what happens around me. 52.A. meaning B. nature C. result D. importance

十六 sense (僻义:意义 ) (熟义:感官) 【04 重庆】The teacher asked carefully ,"How did you get the scar on your face?" The mother answered, "When my son was a baby, he was in a room that caught fire. Everyone was too afraid to go in because the fire was out of control,so I went in. As I was running toward his bed, I saw a piece of wood coming down and I placed myself over him trying to protect him. I was knocked senseless but fortunately a fireman came in and saved both of us." She touched the burned side of her face. "This scar will be lasting, but to this day, I have never regretted what I did." At this point, the little boy came out running toward his mother with tears in his eyes. He held her mother in his arms and felt a great 54 of the sacrifice that his mother had made for him. He held her hand tightly for the tightly of the day. 54.A. honor B. sense C. happiness D. pride

十七 point (僻义:意义) (熟义:小数点) 【08 安徽】What is the 52 of studying towns in the way? For me, it is simply that one gets a greater depth of

pleasure by visiting and seeing a town with one's own eyes. A personal visit to a town may help one better understand why it is attractive than just reading about it in a guide-book. 52.A. point B. view C. problem D. difficulty III 词性活用导致僻义 十八 present (僻义:呈现,讲述) (熟义:礼物) 十九 reason (僻义:和…..说理) (熟义:理由) 【08 北京】When I entered Berkeley, I hoped to earn a scholarship. Having been a Straight-A student, I believed I could take tough subjects and really learn something. One such course was World Literature given by Professor Jayne. I was extremely interested in the ideas he 37 in class When I took the first exam, I was shocked to find a 77, C-plus, on my test paper, for English was my best subject. I went to Professor Jayne, who listened to my arguments but remained unmoved .I decided to try harder, although I didn't know what that meant because school had always been easy for me. I read the books more carefully, but got another 37 Again, I 42 with Professor Jayne. Again, he listened patiently but wouldn't change his mind. 37.A. sought B. presented C. exchanged D. obtained 42.A. quarreled B. reasoned C. bargained D. chatted

二十 build (僻义:体格) (熟义:修建) 【08 江西】 …"They are experienced laborers who know how to spread the weight of the rocks they carry. See how the man positions the rock just at the slope of his shoulder. Some of the rock's weight is set against his head, some on the right hand and some on the left hand. His body isn't bent. His legs are well placed." "You're right, Josh. He may have a small build. 46 he certainly well knows his job. Dear me! And to think we have been studying physics! 46.A. But B. However C. So D. Therefore 二十一 match (僻义:对手 敌手 ) (熟义:比赛) 【08 湖北】…When they reached Neilson's car, the attacker had jumped into the driver's seat and was madly searching for the keys. Bruce opened the door, and he and Jackson dragged the man out. The attacker fought back. But even in his cornered panic, he was no 51 for the two athletic men. 51.A. match B. target C. equal D. companion 二十二 treat (僻义:款待) (熟义:治疗) 【08 陕西】One evening, a passer-by asked to stay for the night. Seeing that he had an honest face, she let him in and gave him a nice 25 . The next morning the stranger, actually a sorcerer(巫师), thanked her by granting(允准) her wish that anyone who climbed up her tree should not be able to come back down until she permitted it. 25.A. gift B. kiss C. treat D. smile

二十三 change (僻义:找钱 零钱) (熟义:变化) 【07 湖南】…What a mess! Then my mother came to help me, and she also showed me how to make 49 . If someone gave me $ 5 for something that cost $ 3.25, I handed over 50 quarters and a dollar and said,"75 cents makes four dollars, plus one dollar makes five."Things went more smoothly after that. 49.A. money B. lunch C. coffee D. change 【06 湖南】Looking at his black-striped bananas, I bargained down to 200 total for the fruit and nuts. He agreed. I handed him a 500 naira note. He didn't have 41 .So I told him not to worry. He was grateful and smiled a row of perfect teeth. 41.A. change B. notes C. checks D. bills

二十四 shape (僻义:塑造) (熟义:形状) 【07 山东卷】Life is filled with challenges. As we get older we come to realize that those challenges are the very things that 37 us and make us who we are ,it is the same with the challenges that come with friendship. 37.A. design B. promote C. direct D. shape

二十五 share (僻义:一份) (熟义:分享_) 【04 北京】The new coach, however, took all the fun out of the game: All we did during practice was run. I always wished to God that it would rain so we would not have the training. Of course, all teams run drills; they are necessary. But we ran so much that, afterwards, we had trouble breathing. Younger people shouldn't be doing exercises intended for 18-year-olds I was very thin before I started football, but as a member of this team I wouldn't eat much, because I was afraid of being too full to run. I feared making mistakes, and the added pressure caused me to make more than my usual 49 . 49.A. size B. share C. space D. state

二十六 tire (僻义:轮胎) (熟义:疲倦) 二十七 flat (僻义:瘪的轮胎气不足) (熟义:公寓) 二十八 go with (僻义:匹配) (熟义:与……一道) 【04 湖北】Elizabeth Clay decided to go home and spend the holiday with her parents. The next day she drove her old car home along the road. Suddenly she found she got a flat. The 22-year-old student managed to stop her car by the side of the road in the winter night and opened the trunk. No 38 tire. At this time, a car stopped. Paul and Diane told Clay to follow them to a service station near their house. They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to 42 with her car. "Follow us home," said Paul. 38.A. spare B. free C. full D. empty 42.A. agree B. match C. go D. deal

二十九 service (僻义:检修 维修) (熟义:服务) 【04 湖南】I grew up in a community called Estepona. I was 16 when one morning, Dad told me I could drive him into a distant village called Mijas, on condition that I took the car in to be 37 at nearby garage. Readily accepted, I drove Dad into Mijas, and promised to pick him up at 4 pm, then dropped off the car at the garage. With several hours to spare, l went to a theater. However, when the last movie finished, it was six. 1 was two hours late! 37.A. kept B. washed C. watched D. serviced

三十 grade (僻义:被打上了等级) (熟义:成绩 等级) 【04 全国】Two days passed before Mr. Fleagle returned the 50 papers. He said, "Now, class, I want to read you a composition, The Art of Eating Spaghetti." 50.A. written B. graded C. collected D. signed

三十一 social (僻义:社交层面的 交际的 ) (熟义:社会的) 【04 全国】Never had I eaten spaghetti, and none of the grown-ups had enough experience to be good at it. What laughing arguments we had about the 43 respectable method for moving spaghetti from plate to mouth. Suddenly, I wanted to write about that, but I wanted to put it down simply for my own joy, not for… 43.A. nearly B. naturally C. officially D. socially

三十二 still (僻义:一动不动的 静止 ) (熟义:依旧) 【06 全国】On a hot summer day in late August, I sought shade and a cool drink at a waterfront caféon a Greek island. Over a hundred degrees in 36 air. Crowded. Tempers (脾气)of both the tourists and waiters had rose to meet the situation, making it a rather quarrelsome environment . 36.A. fresh B. cool C. still D. thin

三十三 would (僻义:愿意) (熟义:将会) 【06 重庆】She was moved to a specialized health center, and whatever method could be tried was used. Still she would not 43 It seemed that she was undefeatable. The doctors were all fond of her and taught her about imagining that she could make it . Every day Angela would lie there, faithfully doing her mental exercise. 43.A. get up B. give up C .turn up D. stand up

三十四 narrow (僻义:勉强的) (熟义:狭窄的) 【06 江西】One afternoon ,the headmaster called my friend to discuss one essay with him in a lively spirit. "I was interested in this point you make here .I think you might have gone further .Tell me what you had in your mind." The headmaster continued in this way for some time to the fear of my friend. However the headmaster, not wishing to turn an occasion of praise into one of fault-finding, finally let him go. He came back to me like a man who had had a very narrow 54 and I made up my mind to make every effort to study my translation. 54.A. surprise B. escape C. hope D. chance




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