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(一) 可数名词和不可数名词 1. 什么是不可数名词? 1)物质名词 glass, tea 2)抽象名词 beauty, youth 3) 科学名称 physics, maths 练习:找出不可数名词 boot tear knowledge homework bread blood 2.不可数名词变成可数名词 1)

词义发生改变 time—times wood—woods cloth—clothes 2) 加量词 a glass of water , two pieces of paper 练习;填入恰当的量词 a ________________ of good news (条) a ________________ of trousers (条) a ________________ of advice ( 条) a ________________ of coffee (杯 ) a ________________ of oil (滴) a ________________ of matches (盒) a ________________ of glasses (副) a ________________ of ink (瓶) a ________________ of tea (壶) two ______________ of fish (盘) three ______________ of rice (袋) six ________________ of clothes (套) (二) .可数名词的复数构成 A. 规则变化 构成法 一般情况在词尾加______ 以___ ____ ____ ____结尾加 ______ 以____ 结尾的加_____ 以辅音+______结尾,变____ 例词 Desk------desks Bus ------buses Face-----faces Baby------babies
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为_____加 _________ 以辅音+ _____结尾加______ 以元音+ _____结尾加______ 以 ____ 或 ____ 结 尾 , 变 ___/____ 为____, 加 _____ Tomoto-----tomatoes Radio -----radios Life----lives

money dress

wood news

chicken milk

music dustman

work---works sand—sands glass—glasses

练习:写出下列名词的复数形式。 1)shoe 2) orange 3) eye 4) month 5) fox 6) match 7) city 8) class 9) family 10) country 11) boy 12) key 13) leaf 14) thief 15)hero 16)photo B. 不规则变化 1. 单复同形 deer sheep fish Chinese Japanese means 2. 只有复数形式 people police cattle clothes trousers, glasses 3. 不规则变化 man---- men woman---- women foot ----- feet tooth-----teeth mouse ------mice child-----children German------Germans 4. 复合名词的复数 1) 将后一部分变成复数 Englishman---Englishmen gentleman---gentlemen policewoman----policewomen grown-up----grown-ups 2) 将主要成分变成复数 looker-on----lookers-on son-in-law----sons-in-law 3) 如果前一词是 man, woman,将两部分都变成复数 men doctors women singers 练习: roof________ woman driver________________ step-mother_______________ sheep _____________ Japanese __________________sister-in-law__________________ (二) 名词所有格 1. 表示有生命的东西的名词,所有格在名词后加’s Mr Li’s house The cat’s food James’ dog The dogs’ food 2. 表示无生命的东西的名词,用 of+名词的结构来表示 The leg of the desk the cover of the magazine 3. 在时间,距离,度量,价值等名词后,可用名词所有格。 Two months’ time Today’s newspaper fifty pounds’ weight

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4. 表示店铺或某人的家时,常在所有格后省去 shop, home. The doctor’s the tailor’s my uncle’s the barber’s 5. 名词前有冠词,数词,不定代词或指示代词时,用 of 词组+所有格表示 a friend of John’s that bike of Tom’s 6. 某样东西为两人或多人共有,在后一个名词尾+’s . Jane and Fred’s mother Jane’s and Fred’s mother Tom and Tim’s car Tom’s and Tim’s car (三) 名词的用法 名词在句中作主语,宾语,表语等。 1. The story is very interesting. ( ) 2. I am drawing a picture. ( ) 3. My brother is a doctor. ( ) (四) 主谓一致 1. 主语是复数,谓语用复数,主语是单数,谓语用单数。 He is a student. We are students. 2. and 连接两个名词,看有无 the. The professor and writer is going to give us a lecture of writing. The professor and the writer are going to our school. 3. A number of…和 The number of…后的谓语。 The number of people was fifty, but a number of them were absent for different reasons. 4. 主语单数+ with/as well as/ but/except/besides/including …+谓语单数 主语复数+ with/as well as/ but/except/besides/including …+谓语复数 A library with five thousand books is offered to the nation as a gift. Nobody but your parents knows about it. All the teachers as well as the students were invited to the party. 5. 有些名词复数形式作为一个整体,(如度量,距离,金额,时间,书名等)其谓语动词用单数。 Two weeks ___(be ) not enough to finish the work . 1000 dollars ___(be ) a large amount of money. 6. There be 句型就近原则。 There ____ a pair of glasses on the desk. There ____ two patients and a nurse in the hospital. There ____ a nurse and two patients in the hospital. 7. 某些集体名词,如 family ,team 等做主语时,若当一个整体看,谓语动词就用单数,若就其中一个 一个成员来看,谓语动词就用复数,class , club, audience ,committee , crowd , government , party, public , team 等。其中 population 的用法也类似 His family _____(be) a happy family. They whole family _____(be) having lunch.
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The population of China ____(be)very large. All the world ________(be) waiting for the good news. 8. 成双成对构成的东西, glasses, shoes, chopsticks, scissors 等作主语, 如 谓语动词用复数形式, 但与 a pair 一起构成作主语时,谓语动词用单数。 9.each , every+名词,谓语用单数。 Each boy and girl ________ (want) to serve the people in the future. 10.以 either …or , neither …nor , not only … but also ,not…but…等连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词 的单复数应按照就近原则。 Either you or he ______(be) to go . Not only he but also I ______(be) wrong . Neither the children nor the teacher _______ (know) anything about it. 11. …几分之几/。。百分之几+of +名词单数 + 谓语单数 。 …几分之几/。。百分之几+of +名词复数 + 谓语复数 。 Three-fifths of money _____ (have) been used up. Two thirds of the students ______ (be) girl students. 70% of the earth surface _____ (be) covered by water. 12. …one of +复数名词 +谓语复数 …the only/the very one of + 复数名词 +谓语单数 He is one of the boys that have passed the maths test. She is the only one of the girls who has finished reading in time. (五) 基础练习 1. In his speech, he gave us _____ on how to learn a foreign language. A. some advice B. some advices C. several advices D. an advice 2. Thank you very much for giving us _____ on this matter. A. these informations B. so many informations C. an information D. so much information 3. ---Where did you have your supper? --- ________. A. With my sister B. At my sister C. At my sister home D. At my sister’s 4. She is from __________. She is ______________. A. Germany; a Germany B. German; A Germany C. the Germany; German D. Germany; a German 5. He bought a ________ of trousers. They were expensive. A. piece B. set C. pair D. pile 6. The town is about _________ ride form here. You ought to start, right away. A. two hour B. two hour’s C. two hours’ D. two-hours 7. A _______ of money has been spent on the building. A. great deal B. good many C. plenty D. great number 8. ______ been made in science since then.

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A. A great progress has B. Great progresses have C. Great progress has D. Many progresses have 9. We must help ________. A. a blind B. the blind C. people D. the people blind 10. The great writer and solider _______. A. is an old man B. are both old men C. is an old man and a young man D. were two Chinese 11. At present Zhang’s family __________ rather big, with twelve people in all. A. is B. are C. being D. was 12. This is not my dictionary. It is ________. A. Mary B. Mary’s C. of Mary D. the book of Mary 13. There are twenty ______and forty nurses in the hospital. A. women doctors B. woman doctors C. women doctor D. woman doctor 14. ________ came to our school yesterday. A. The Williams B. The William’s C. Williams D. The William 15. Twenty miles ________ a long way to walk. A. are B. is C. has been D. be (六)提高练习 1. The whole class ___ greatly moved at his words. A. is B. had C. were D. was 2. The glasses ______ mine. That pair of glasses _____ my brother’s. A. are; is B. are; are C. is; are D. is; is 3. Many a student ______ something about Abraham Lincoln. A. have known B. knows C. is known D. are known 4. Half of the visitors _____ from Europe. Half of the fruit _____ bad. A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. are; are 5. Each of the footballers ___ over 150 pounds. A. weigh B. weighs C. weights D. were weighing 6. The singer and pianist _____ asked to make a speech at the meeting yesterday. A. is B. was C. are D. were 7. Stories of the Long March _______ popular with the young people now. A. is B. was C. are D. were 8. There __ a lot of rubbish on the floor so I asked Mary to sweep __ up. A. were; it B. are; them C. was; it D. is; them 9. Mayor as well as volunteer workers _______ the newly-built stadium. A. is cleaning B. are cleaning C. were cleaning D. have cleaned 10. Not only my brother but also I _____ good at painting. Both of us _____good painters. A. are...are B. am...are ? C. is...is D. are...is
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11. Either you or the president _______ the prizes to these gifted winners at the meeting. A. is handing out B. are to hand out C. are handing out D. is to hand out 12. More than 60 percent of world's radio programs _______ in English. A. is B. was C. are D. be 13. The wounded ___ good care of here now. A. is taking B. are taking C. are being taken D. is taken 14.One sixth of our classmates ____ from peasant families. One fifth of her time ____ devoted to writing. A. comes; is B. come; are C. come; is D. comes; are 15. The Olympic Games in the year 2008 _____ in Beijing of China, which _____ known to us all. A. is to hold; is B. is to be held; was C. are to hold; is D. are to be held; is 16. A woman with two children ____ coming up to us. Mary, along with her parents, ___ moved to Paris. A. is; has B. is; have C. are; have D. are; has 17. Nothing but several glasses ________ bought by my father the day before yesterday. A. was B. were C. have been D. would be 18. Many people say 10,000 _______ a lot of money. A. dollar is B. dollars are C. dollars is D. dollar are 19. The number of the people who ___ cars ___ increasing. A. own….are B. own…is C. owns…is D. owns…are 20. He is one of the boys who _____ never late for school. He is the only one of the boys who _____ never late for school. A. is; are B. are; are C. are; is D. is; is



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