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阅读理解 之 推理判断类

推理判断题,是一种主观题,是层次较高的设题。包括两方面:判断和推理。这两方面相互 依存, 推理是为了做出正确的判断, 而判断又依赖于合情合理的判断。 从题干看常含 infer, suggest,imply,indicate,conclude 等词语。

From the letters we've learned that /What canwe learn about … This passage/text would most likely be found in/taken from... Where does this text probably come from? What can be inferred from the passage?/We can infer from the text that.. According to the passage/text/author,we can... Why did the author mention...? The author implies that... The passage is probably written/intended for... What’s the author ’s attitude towards/opinion on... The author develops the text by ... Which of the following shows the structure of the whole text?

考点一 推理判断类
推理判断题,是指根据原文已知事实进行逻辑推理,推断出作者①没有提到的的事实,②或 者作者没有说明的事实, ③或者可能发生的事实。 旨在考查考生透过词语的字面意义去理解 作者的言外之意和玄外之音。

技巧一 技巧二 寻读相关信息点—研读—理解相关信息点的字面意思—逻辑推理—找出弦外之音 识别干扰项,找出正确项

干扰项一般都有这样的特点: ◆似是而非:即对原文信息的简单重复 ◆夸大事实:即夸大文章的事实和证据 ◆推理过度:即选项过于绝对化和片面化,如 only 和 all 的表述 ◆掺入常识: 常识是正确的,但不是根据文章而推断出来的,采用的手法是偷梁换柱 Sample 1 Pedestrian deaths went down by 12% from 5,449 in 1996 to 4,784 in 2006, But among those in 2006, 471 were killed in crosswalks, down slightly from 488 ten years earlier, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says. ◆The report from NHTSA suggests that _____. A. fewer people were injured in crosswalks B. crosswalk safety has been greatly improved C. much has been done to reduce traffic accidents D. pedestrian deaths in crosswalks remain a serious problem
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Sample 2 Humans have a very varied diet. We often eat food because we like it and not because it is good for us. In countries such as France and Britain, people eat foods with too much sugar. This makes them overweight, which is bad for their health. Eating too much red meat and animal products, such as butter, can also be bad for the health. Choosing the right food, therefore, has become an area of study in modern life. ◆ We can infer from the last paragraph that ______. A. food is chosen for a good reason B. French and British food are to blame for healthy problem C. people will learn to choose food in the future D. some people care little about health Sample 3 As kids, my friends and I spent a lot of time out in the woods. “The woods” was our part-time address, destination, purpose, and excuse…… We sometimes told ourselves that what we were doing in the woods was exploring. Exploring was a more popular idea back then than it is today. History seemed to be mostly about explorers. Our explorations, though, seemed to have less system than the historic kind: something usually came up along the way. Say we stayed in the woods, throwing rock shooting frogs, picking blackberries, digging in what we were briefly persuaded was an Italian burial mound. ◆What can we infer from Paragraph 2? A. The activities in the woods were well planned. B. Human history is not the result of exploration. C. Exploration should be a systematic activity. D. The author explored in the woods aimlessly. Sample4 When asked about happiness, we usually think of something extraordinary, an absolute delight, which seems to get rarer the older we get. For kids, happiness has a magical quality. Their delight at winning a race or getting a new bike is unreserved(毫无掩饰的). In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes. Suddenly it's conditional on such things as excitement,love and popularity. I can still recall the excitement of being invited to dance with the most attractive boy at the school party. In adulthood the things that bring deep joy-love, marriage, birth-also bring responsibility and the risk of loss. For adults, happiness is complicated (复杂的). My definition of happiness is “the capacity for enjoyment”. The more we can enjoy what we have, the happier we are. It's easy to overlook the pleasure we get from the company of friends, the freedom to live where we please, and even good health. I experienced my little moments of pleasure yesterday. First I was overjoyed when I shut the last lunchbox and had the house to myself. Then I spent an uninterrupted morning writing, which I love. When the kids and my husband came home, I enjoyed their noise after the quiet of the day. Psychologists tell us that to be happy we need a mix of enjoyable leisure time and satisfying work. I don't think that my grandmother, who raised 14 children, had much of either. She did have a network of close friends and family, and maybe this is what satisfied her. We, however, with so many choices and such pressure to succeed in every area, have turned happiness into one more thing we've got to have. We're so selfconscious about our“right” to it that
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it's making us miserable. So we chase it and equal it with wealth and success, without noticing that the people who have those things aren't necessarily happier. Happiness isn't about what happens to us-it's about how we see what happens to us. It's the skillful way of finding a positive for every negative. It's not wishing for what we don't have,but enjoying what we do possess. 1. As people grow older, they________. A. feel it harder to experience happiness B. associate their happiness less with others C. will take fewer risks in pursuing happiness D. tend to believe responsibility means happiness 2. What can we learn about the author from Paragraphs 5 and 6? A. She cares little about her own health.B. She enjoys the freedom of traveling. C. She is easily pleased by things in daily life.D. She prefers getting pleasure from housework. 3. What can be inferred from Paragraph 7? A. Psychologists think satisfying work is key to happiness. B. Psychologists' opinion is well proved by Grandma's case. C. Grandma often found time for social gatherings. D. Crandma's happiness came from modest expectations of life. 4. People who equal happiness with wealth and success ________. A. consider pressure something blocking their wayB. stress their right to happiness too much C. are at a loss to make correct choicesD. are more likely to be happy 5. What can be concluded from the passage? A. Happiness lies between the positive and the negative. B. Each man is the master of his own fate. C. Success leads to happiness. D. Happy is he who is content.



【解题技巧】“忠于措辞”定选项 文章作者或文中人物对某事物所持的观点或态度往往隐含在文章的字里行间或流露于修饰 词之中, 注意文中作者或人物的措辞。 ①正确掌握字里行间所隐含或流露的意思, 切不可用自己的观点来代替作者或人物的观点。 ②留意那些描写所处氛围的语言及表达情感、态度或观点的词语或句子。 objective positive critical optimistic negative neutral pessimistic approval disapproval indifferentuninterested ironic excited , surprised


/shocked ,worried ,upset, frighted , annoyed regretful, pitifulconcerned ③结合平时所积累的有关英语国家的文化传统、风俗习惯等的背景知识来进行合理的推断。 Sample 5 The American newspaper has been around for about three hundred years. In 1721, the printer James Franklin, Benjamin?s older brother, started the New England Courant, and that was what we might recognize today as a real newspaper. He filled his paper with stories of adventure, articles on art, on famous people, and on all sorts of political subjects.
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Three centuries after the appearance of Franklin?s Courant, few believe that newspapers in their present printed from will remain alive for long. Newspaper companies are losing advertisers(广告商),readers, market value, and in some cases, their sense of purpose at a speed that would not have been imaginable just several years ago. The chief editor(主编) of the Times said recently, “At places where they gather, editors ask one another, ?How are you??, as if they have just come out of the hospital or a lost law case.” An article about the newspaper appeared on the website of the Guandian, under the headline “NOT DEAD YET.” Perhaps not, but the rise of the Internet, which has made the daily newspaper look slow and out of step with the world, has brought about a real sense of death. ◆How does the author seem to feel about the future of newspapers? A. Satisfied. B. Hopeful. C. Worried. D. Surprised. Sample 6 I began to grow up that winter night when my parents and I were returning from my aunt?s house, and my mother said that we might soon be leaving for America. We were on the bus then. I was crying, and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me. I remember that I could not bear the thought of never hearing again the radio program for school children to which I listened every morning. I do not remember myself crying for this reason again. In fact, I think I cried very little when I was saying goodbye to my friends and relatives. When we were leaving I thought about all the places I was going to see—the strange and magical places I had known only from books and pictures. The country I was leaving and never to come back was hardly in my head then. ◆Upon leaving for America the author felt __________. A. excited B. confused C. worried D. amazed Sample 7 The Fusses were at risk of joining the millions of Americans who have lost their homes in recent years. Then Dave and Gerrie received a timely gift—$7,000,a legacy (遗产) form their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, who died in an accident . “It really made a difference when we were going under financially.” says Dave. But the Fusses weren?t the only folks in Alto and the neighboring town of Lowell to receive unexpected legacy from the Hatches. Doxens of other families were touched by the Hatches? generosity. In some cases, it was a few thousand dollars; in other,it was more than $100,000. …….. Through the years, the Hatches paid for local children to attend summer camp when their parents couldn?t afford it. “Ish and Arlene never asked you needed anything,” says their friend Sand Van Weelden, “They could see things they could do go make you happier, and they would do them. ◆According to Sand Van Weelden, the Hatches were ________. A. understanding B. optimistic C. childlike D. curious Sample 8 My family and I lived across the street from Southway Park since I was four years old. Then just last year the city put a chain link fence around the park and started bulldozing(用推土 机推平)the trees and grass to make way for a new apartment complex. When I saw the fence and bulldozers, I asked myself, “Why don't they just leave it alone?” Looking back, I think what sentenced the park to oblivion (被遗忘)was the drought (旱灾) we had about four years ago. Up until then, Southway Park was a nice green park with plenty of
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trees and a public swimming pool. My friends and I rollerskated on the sidewalks, climbed the trees, and swam in the pool all the years I was growing up. The park was almost like my own yard. Then the summer I was fifteen the drought came and things changed. ◆How did the writer feel when he saw the fence and bulldozers.'? A. Scared. B. Confused. C. Upset. D. Curious. Sample 9 “Old wives tales” are beliefs passed down from one generation to another, For example, most of us remember our parents? telling us to eat more of certain foods or not to do certain things. Is there any truth in these teachings? Some of them agree with present medical thinking, but others have not passed the test of time. Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because they are good for your eyes? Scientists now report that eating carrots can help prevent a serious eye disease called macular degeneration. ……. Even though science can tell us that some of our traditional beliefs don?t hold water, there is still a lot of truth in the old wives? tales. After all, much of this knowledge has been accumulated from thousands of years of experience in family health care. ◆What is the author?s attitude toward “old wives tales” in the text? A. Subjective B. Objective C. Dissatisfied D. Curious Sample 10 In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh(法老)treated the poor message runner like a prince when he arrived at the palace, if he brought good news. However, if the exhausted runner had the misfortune to bring the pharaoh unhappy news, his head was cut off. Shades of that spirit spread over today?s conversations. Once a friend and I packed up some peanut butter and sandwiches for an outing. As we walked light-heartedly out the door, picnic basket in hand, a smiling neighbor looked up at the sky and said, ”Oh boy, bad day for a picnic. The weatherman says it?s going to rain.”I wanted to strike him on the face with the peanut butter and sandwiches. Not for his stupid weather report, for his smile…… It?s not the news that makes someone angry. It?s the unsympathetic attitude with which it?s the unsympathetic attitude with which it?s delivered…. ◆In the writer?s opinion, his neighbor was ___. A. friendly B. warm-hearted C. not considerate D. not helpful Sample 11 The real reason why I ask students to leave technology at the door is that I think there are very few places in which we can have deep conversions and truly engage complex ideas. Interruptions by technology often break concentration and allow for too much dependence on outside information for ideas . I want students to dig deep within themselves for inspiration and ideas. I want them to push each other to think differently and make connections between the course the material and the class discussion . ◆According to the author ,the use of technology in the classroom may ____ A. keep students from doing independent thinking B. encourage students to have in-depth conversations C. help students to better understand complex themes D. affect students? concentration on course evaluation Sample 12 Against this background, the fact that there is an argument within the Government over
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whether to publish an official report on wind farms?impact on the countryside becomes even more extraordinary. The two parties in the coalition(联合)government are in disagreement over what it should say. We have some advice for the two parties: publish the report, and let the country be the judge. Even if it contains evidence that wind farms are harmful, it will hardly be a pleasant surprise to people who do not like them. Equally, supporters must argue their case by acknowledging the concerns and explaining why they are either misplaced or worthy of much attention. The suggestion that further negotiations are to take place to produce an“acceptable”report suggests that the politics of coalition government are doing the country harm in a certain way. Given the sensitivities involved, all the information should be available so that people can reach their own conclusions, rather than being left with the suspicion(猜疑)that facts are being replaced by political beliefs. ◆Which of the following reflects the author?s opinion? A. Increase political impact on energy policy. B. Release a statement of supporters on wind farms. C. Let the nation judge the facts about wind power. D. Leave the two parties to reach their own conclusions. Sample 13 (2015 重庆,A 片段) I didn?t expect anything when I handed in my paper to Mrs.Smith,so it was quite a surprise when it came back to me the next day—with an “A” on it.At the bottom of the paper were these words:“See what you can do when you keep trying?” ◆What was Mrs.Smith?s attitude to the author at the end of the story? A.Angry. B.Impatient. C.Sympathetic. D.Encouraging. Sample 14 (2015 湖北,E 片段) Science has a lot of uses. It can uncover laws of nature,cure diseases,make bombs,and help bridges to stand up. Indeed science is so good at what it does that there?s always a temptation(诱 惑) to drag it into problems where it may not be helpful. David Brooks,author of The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love,Character,and Achievement,appears to be the latest in a long line of writers who have failed to resist the temptation. Brooks gained fame for several books. His latest book The Social Animal, however,is more ambitious and serious than his earlier books. It is an attempt to deal with a set of weighty topics. The book focuses on big questions: What has science revealed about human nature? What are the sources of character? And why are some people happy and successful while others aren?t? To answer these questions,Brooks surveys a wide range of disciplines(学科).Considering this,you might expect the book to be a dry recitation of facts. But Brooks has structured his book in an unorthodox( 非常规的 ),and perhaps unfortunate,way. Instead of introducing scientific theories,he tells a story,within which he tries to make his points,perhaps in order to keep the reader?s attention.So as Harold and Erica,the hero and heroine in his story,live through childhood,we hear about the science of child development,and as they begin to date we hear about the theory of sexual attraction. Brooks carries this through to the death of one of his characters. On the whole,Brooks?s story is acceptable if uninspired. As one would expect,his writing is mostly clear and,to be fair,some chapters stand out above the rest. I enjoyed,for instance,the
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chapter in which Harold discovers how to think on his own. While Harold and Erica are certainly not strong or memorable characters,the more serious problems with The Social Animal lie elsewhere. These problems partly involve Brooks?s attempt to translate his tale into science. ◆What is the author?s general attitude towards the book? A.Contradictory. B.Supportive.C.Cautious. D.Critical

【解题技巧】 “专用词汇”做判断 考生本身要具备一定的常识, 把文章的内容与自己所具备的常识结合起来做出正确的判断。 如要对报纸、杂志、网络、小说、童话、广告、说明书、旅游指南、药品说明、操作指南等 文章的语言特色, 特别是其专用词汇有基本的了解, 根据文章的语言特色和其专用词汇对 号入座, 快速选出最佳答案。如: 报纸:前面会出现日期、地点或通讯社名称 广告:因其用词和格式特殊,容易辨认 产品说明等会有产品名称或操作方式,而药品的服用说明会告知服用时间,次数,药量。 网络:www…com, blog , ebooks,click here…,Internet,update…, downdoad Sample 15 Have you ever wondered? Why do airplanes take longer to fly west than east? It can take five hours to go west-east from New York(NY) to London but seven hours to travel east-west from London to NY. The reason for the difference is an atmospheric phenomenon known as the jet(喷射) stream. The jet stream is a very high altitude wind which always blows from the west to the east across the Atlantic. The planes moving at a constant air speed thus go faster in the west-east direction when they are moving with the wind than in the opposite direction. What would happen if the gravity on Earth was suddenly turned off? Supposing we could magically turn off gravity. Would buildings and other structures(建筑物) float away? What happened would depend on how strongly the things were attached (附着) to the Earth. The Earth is moving at quite a speed, moving at over a thousand miles per hours. If you turn something around your head on a string(细绳), it goes around in a circle until you let go of the string. Then it flies off in a straight line. ?Switching off? gravity would be like letting go of the string. Things not attached to the Earth would fly off in a straight line. People in buildings would suddenly shoot upwards at a great speed until they hit the ceiling. Most things outside would fly off into space. ◆Where can we most probably read this text? A. In a research paper. B. In a short story. C. In a travel magazine. D. In a student's book Sample 16 (2015 广东,B 片段) When I was nine years old,I loved to go fishing with my dad.But the only thing that wasn?t very fun about it was that he could catch many fish while I couldn?t catch anything.I usually got pretty upset and kept asking him why.He always answered,“Son,if you want to catch a fish,you have to think like a fish.”I remember being even more upset then because,“I?m not a fish!”I didn?t know how to think like a fish.Besides,I reasoned,how could what I think influence what a fish
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does? As I got a little older I began to understand what my dad really meant.So,I read some books on fish.And I even joined the local fishing club and started attending the monthly meetings.I learned that a fish is a cold-blooded animal and therefore is very sensitive to water temperature.That is why fish prefer shallow water to deep water because the former is warmer.Besides,water is usually warmer in direct sunlight than in the shade.Yet,fish don?t have any eyelids(眼皮)and the sun hurts their eyes....The more I understood fish,the more I became effective at finding and catching them. When I grew up and entered the business world,I remember hearing my first boss say,“We all need to think like salespeople.”But it didn?t completely make sense.My dad never once said,“If you want to catch a fish you need to think like a fisherman.”What he said was,“You need to think like a fish.”Years later,with great efforts to promote long-term services to people much older and richer than me,I gradually learned what we all need is to think more like customers.It is not an easy job.I will show you how in the following chapters. ◆This passage most likely comes from . A.a fishing guide B.a popular sales book C.a novel on childhood D.a millionaire?s biography Sample 17 It's only 4 hours flying time from Sydney, but a world away. What better place to rest than a country where the only place people hurry is on the football field and things are done in "Fiji time"? Viti Lev-Great Fiji-is the largest island. Here you'll find the capital Suva and the international airport at Nadi Vatoa, on the other hand, is a tiny island in the farthest part of Hiji. Then there are 331 other islands, many of them with places to stay. With less than a million people living on islands, you'll never feel crowded. And with a climate(气候) that changes only for five degrees between seasons, there?s never a bad time to come. From cities to villages, from mountains to beaches, from water sports to wooden artworks, Fiji can give you more adventures and special experiences than you could find almost any where in the world. Whenever you come , wherever you go ,you?re sure to see some unforgettable events , From war dances to religious(宗教的)songs. From market days to religious days. It's not just staged for tourists; it's still a part of everyday life in Fiji And any one of us can enjoy Fiji's spirit by being part of the traditional (传统的) sharing of yaqona—a drink made from the root of a Fiji plant So why not join us for the experience of a lifetime? ◆Where can we most probably read this text? A. In a personal diary B. In a science report C. In a travel magazine D. In a geography textbook Sample 18 When people hear a president speak, they seldom think about others helping to shape the presentation(报告). Today, however, presidents depend on writers such as J. Terry Edmonds to help them communicate(交流)effectively.

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Edmonds is the first African American ever to work as a full-time speechwriter for a U.S. president; he is also the first African American to serve as director of speechwriting for the White House. His is an all-American story of success. Edmonds grew up in Baltimore, Maryland; his father drove a truck, and his mother worked as a waitress. A great reader, Edmonds showed a gift for writing at his high School, Baltimore City College. After graduating in 1967, Edmonds went on to Morgan State University. Edmonds began his career in business, with jobs in public relations and communications, He joined the world of politics as news secretary for his congressman (国会议员) from Baltimore, During Bill Clinton?s presidency, he worked speeches for Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala and worked in a number of jobs in the White House and in governmental departments. President Clinton then appointed (任命) him to the office of director of speechwriting, Following the 2000 elections, Edmonds returned to Morgan State University as the school?s special assistant to the president for 2001-2002. ◆Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text? A. Edmonds proved himself to be good at writing at high school. B. Edmonds graduated from Morgan State University in 1967. C. Edmonds was the first full-time speechwriter. D. Edmonds served the White House after 2000. ◆ Edmonds entered the world of politics first as A. news secretary for a congressman B. a speechwriter for President Clinton C. news secretary in the White HouseD. a speechwriter for Secretary Donna Shalala ◆ The text is most likely to be found in a book about A. popular science B. historical events C. successful people D. political systems

Sample 19 Sometimes you?ll hear people say that you can?t love others until you love yourself. Sometimes you?ll hear people say that you can?t expect someone else to love you until you love yourself. Either way, you?ve got to love yourself first and this can be tricky. Sure we all know that we?re the apple of our parents? eyes, and that our Grandmas think we?re great talents and our Uncle Roberts think that we will go to the Olympics. But sometimes it?s a lot harder to think such nice thoughts about ourselves. If you find that believing in yourself is a challenge, it is time you build a positive self-image and learn to love yourself. ◆Who are the intended readers of the passage?

A. Parents.

B. Adolescents.C. Educators. D. People in general.

Sample 20 I know lots of women who skip breakfast (不吃早餐) , and they have a ton of different excuses for doing it . Some say they don?t have time. others think ….. But the bottom line is that eating in the morning is very important when you?re trying to lose weight. “Eating just about anything from 300 to 400 calories would be better than nothing at all,” …. And even pizza can be healthy if it?s loaded with vegetables, and you stick to one small piece. Breakfast is one meal I never miss, and the same goes for most weight loss success stories. …..
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So eat something in the morning, anything. …. I say, try heating up last night?s leftovers-it ….I put away the leftovers instead of eating more that night. Try it…you may save yourself some pre-bedtime calories. And watch your body gain the fat-burning effects. ◆The text is written mainly for those_____________. A. who go to work early B. who want to lose weight C. who stay up late D. who eat before sleep Sample 21 I had an interesting conversation with a reporter recently---one who works for you. In fact, he's one of your best reporters. He wants to leave. Your reporter gave me a copy of his resume (简历) and photocopies of six stories that he wrote for you. The headlines showed you played them proudly. With great enthusiasm, he talked about how he finds issues (问题), approaches them, and writes about them, which tells me he is one of your best. I'm sure you would hate to lose him. Surprisingly, your reporter is not unhappy. In fact, he told me he really likes his job. He has a great assignment (分工), and said you run a great paper. It would be easy for you to keep him, he said. He knows that the paper values him. He appreciates the responsibility you've given him, takes ownership of his profession, and enjoys his freedom. So why is he looking for a way out? He talked to me because he wants his editors to demand so much more of him. He wants to be pushed, challenged, coached to new heights. The reporter believes that good stories spring from good questions, but his editors usually ask how long the story will be, when it will be in, where it can play, and what the budget is. He longs for conversations with an editor who will help him turn his good ideas into great ones. He wants someone to get excited about what he's doing and to help him turn his story idea upside down and inside out, exploring the best ways to report it. He wants to be more valuable for your paper. That's what you want for him, too, isn't it? So your reporter has set me thinking. Ourbest hope in keeping our best reporters, copy editors, photographers, artists---everyone--is to work harder to make sure they get the help they are demanding to reach their potential. If we can't do it, they'll find someone who can. ◆ What does the writer think of the reporter? A. Optimistic. B. Imaginative. C. Ambitious. D. Proud. ◆What does the reporter want most from his editors in their talks? A. Finding the news value of his stories. B. Giving him financial support. C. Helping him to find issues. D. Improving his good ideas. ◆ Who probably wrote the letter? A. An editor. B. An artist. C. A reporter. D. A reader. ◆The letter aims to remind editors that they should __ A. keep their best reporters at all costs B. give more freedom to their reporters C. be aware of their reporters' professional development D. appreciate their reporters' working styles and attitudes



2016 年高考二轮 Lei

【解题技巧】“写作思路”辨结构 此类题型考查在理解全文的基础上对所描述事件的发展顺序、 所说明事物的结构层次或在论 证观点过程中使用的论证方法进行推理、分析、判断、总结的能力。准确把握作者的写作思 路尤为重要。 通常的写作方法有: 按事件发展的顺序; 按时间的先后顺序; 按地点或空间转 移的变换; 按内容的总分关系; 按人物的活动内容。 解题步骤 一读: 通读全文或全段; 二想: 想一想每一句或每一段的主要意思及表达方式 ; 三归: 把 一些内容相同或关系密切的段落并在一起; 四选: 选出符合篇章结构的正确答案。 Sample 22 (2015·重庆高考·D) There are many places to go on safari(观赏野生动物)in Africa, but riding a horse through the flooded waters of Botswana?s Okavango Delta must rank as one of the world?s most exciting wildlife journeys. Several safari camps operate as the base for this adventure, providing unique rides twice a day to explore deep into the delta. The camps have excellent horses, professional guides and lots of support workers. They have a reputation for providing a great riding experience. The morning ride, when the guides take you to beautiful, shallow lakes full of water lilies, tends to be more active. It is unlike any other riding experience. With rainbows forming in the splashing water around you and the sound of huge drops of water bouncing off your body and face, it is truly exciting. You are very likely to come across large wild animals, too. On horseback it is possible to get quite close to elephants, giraffes and many other animals. The sense of excitement and tension levels rise suddenly though, as does your heart rate, as you move closer to them. In the evening, rides are usually at a more relaxed and unhurried pace, with golden light streaming across the grassy delta and the animals coming out to eat and drink. Sedate though they are, rides at this time of day are still very impressive. As the sun?s rays pass through the dust kicked up by the horses, the romance of Africa comes to life. Back at the camp you can kick off your boots and enjoy excellent food and wine. Looking back on your day, you will find it hard to deny that a horseback safari is as close as you will ever come to answering the call of the wild. ◆The author introduced the riding experience in the Okavango Delta mainly by . A. following space order B. following time order C. making classifications D. giving examples Sample 23 (2015 陕西,C 片段) The production of coffee beans is a huge,profitable business,but,unfortunately,full-sun production is taking over the industry and bringing about a lot of damage.The change in how coffee is grown from shade-grown production to full-sun production endangers the very existence of certain animals and birds,and even disturbs the world?s ecological balance. On a local level,the damage of the forest required by full-sun fields affects the area?s birds and animals.The shade of the forest trees provides a home for birds and other species(物种) that depend on the trees? flowers and fruits.Full-sun coffee growers destroy this forest home.As a result,many species are quickly dying out. On a more global level,the destruction of the rainforest for full-sun coffee fields also threatens (威胁) human life.Medical research often makes use of the forests? plant and animal
2016 年高考二轮 Lei 11

life,and the destruction of such species could prevent researchers from finding cures for certain diseases.In addition,new coffee-growing techniques are poisoning the water locally,and eventually the world?s groundwater. Both locally and globally,the continued spread of full-sun coffee plantations(种植园) could mean the destruction of the rainforest ecology.The loss of shade trees is already causing a slight change in the world?s climate,and studies show that the loss of oxygen-giving trees also leads to air pollution and global warming.Moreover,the new growing techniques are contributing to acidic(酸性的) soil conditions. It is obvious that the way much coffee is grown affects many aspects of life,from the local environment to the global ecology.But consumers do have a choice.They can purchase shade-grown coffee whenever possible,although at a higher cost.The future health of the planet and mankind is surely worth more than an inexpensive cup of coffee. ◆Which of the following shows the structure of the whole text?





【解题技巧】 “文体特点”求突破 ①记叙文 : 一般会在首段或尾段呈现出高度概括的总结性的语言 , 且往往有一定的哲理性 , 所有的叙述都是围绕该哲理展开。 ②广告类应用文: 文章中有对某种物品或服务的详尽介绍, 使用具有明显支持倾向的语言。 ③说明文: 写作目的有赖于对文章主旨的把握, 阅读时需要找准主题句。 ④议论文: 提出论点——进行论证——得出结论, 作者的目的意图往往隐含于最后一部分中。 Sample 24 I recently turned fifty,which is young for a tree,midlife for an elephant,and ancient for a sportsman.Fifty is a nice number for the states in the US or for a national speed limit,but it is not a number that I was prepared to have hung on me.Fifty is supposed to be my father?s age,but now I am stuck with this number and everything it means. ◆The author seems to tell us in Paragraph 1 that . A.time alone will tell B.time goes by quickly C.time will show what is right D.time makes one forget the past
2016 年高考二轮 Lei 12

Sample 25 People believe that climbing can do good to health.Where can you learn the skill of climbing then? If you think that you have to go to the mountains to learn how to climb, you're wrong.Many Americans are learning to climb in city gyms……. How do people climb the wall? To climb, you need special shoes and a harness (保护带) around your chest to hold you.There are ropes tied to your harness.The ropes hold you in place so that you don't fall.A beginner's wall is usually about 15 feet high, and you climb straight up…….The most difficult point is to control your fear…… Climbing attracts people because it's good exercise for almost everyone.You use your whole body, especially your arms and legs.This sport gives your body a complete workout.When you climb, both your mind and your body can become stronger. ◆Why does the author write this passage? A. To tell people where to find gyms. B. To prove the basic need for climbing. C. To encourage people to climb mountains. D. introduce the sport of wall climbing. Sample 26 (2014· 大纲版全国卷· E) Which boy hasn?t dreamed of being a cool secret agent(特工)? The wonderful fighting abilities and the worldsaving adventures are much more colourful than most people?s everyday lives. Well, Cody Banks is just like any other boy, except that he is not just dreaming. He has a big secret his friends never know about. He was trained to be a spy(间谍)by a special CIA programme, which was made to look like a summer camp. He learned high-speed driving, hand-to-hand fighting and the use of high-tech tools. After proving he could become a young hero by saving a baby from a runaway car, Banks gets his first real task. He must make friends with a popular girl at school, Natalie Connors. Then, he must spy on her father, a scientist who has developed a dangerous technology(技术). Banks must stop a group of bad people from forcing Natalie?s father into using the technology to endanger the world. The CIA may have taught him first-class self-defence moves, but they didn?t show him how to talk to girls. Banks has zero ability when it comes to dealing with girls. How can he get around his problem and get an invitation to the girl?s upcoming birthday party? Will he finally become Natalie?s boyfriend and find out whatever he can about her father?s work? Agent Cody Banks has everything that young people are interested in: big explosions, breath-taking performances and funny girl-dating experiences. It was listed No. 2 in the American box office last week. “This story is interesting and fun for the whole family to enjoy, and especially cool for young boys, ”said Paul Perkins, a film reviewer in the US. ◆What is the purpose of the text? A. Making known the work of the CIA. B. Telling the story about a cool boy. C. Showing the dark side of science. D. Introducing a new film.

Self-assessment A
(2015 北京,D)
2016 年高考二轮 Lei 13

Technological change is everywhere and affects every aspect of life,mostly for the better.However,social changes that are brought about by new technology are often mistaken for a change in attitudes. An example at hand is the involvement of parents in the lives of their children who are attending college.Surveys(调查) on this topic suggest that parents today continue to be“very” or “somewhat” overly-protective even after their children move into college dormitories.The same surveys also indicate that the rate of parental involvement is greater today than it was a generation ago.This is usually interpreted as a sign that today?s parents are trying to manage their children?s lives past the point where this behavior is appropriate. However,greater parental involvement does not necessarily indicate that parents are failing to let go of their “adult” children. In the context(背景)of this discussion,it seems valuable to first find out the cause of change in the case of parents? involvement with their grown children.If parents of earlier generations had wanted to be in touch with their college-age children frequently,would this have been possible?Probably not.On the other hand,does the possibility of frequent communication today mean that the urge to do so wasn?t present a generation ago?Many studies show that older parents—today?s grandparents—would have called their children more often if the means and cost of doing so had not been a barrier. Furthermore,studies show that finances are the most frequent subject of communication between parents and their college children.The fact that college students are financially dependent on their parents is nothing new;nor are requests for more money to be sent from home.This phenomenon is neither good nor bad;it is a fact of college life,today and in the past. Thanks to the advanced technology,we live in an age of bettered communication.This has many implications well beyond the role that parents seem to play in the lives of their children who have left for college.But it is useful to bear in mind that all such changes come from the technology and not some imagined desire by parents to keep their children under their wings. 1.The surveys inform us of . A.the development of technology B.the changes of adult children?s behavior C.the parents? over-protection of their college children D.the means and expenses of students? communication 2.The writer believes that . A.parents today are more protective than those in the past B.the disadvantages of new technology outweigh its advantages C.technology explains greater parental involvement with their children D.parents? changed attitudes lead to college children?s delayed independence 3.What is the best title for the passage? A.Technology or Attitude B.Dependence or Independence C.Family Influences or Social Changes D.College Management or Communication Advancement 4.Which of the following shows the development of ideas in this passage?

2016 年高考二轮 Lei




Sp:Sub-point(次要点)C:Conclusion B

(2015 福建,B) Papa,as a son of a dirt-poor farmer,left school early and went to work in a factory,for education was for the rich then.So,the world became his school.With great interest,he read everything he could lay his hands on,listened to the town elders and learned about the world beyond his tiny hometown.“There?s so much to learn,”he?d say.“Though we?re born stupid,only the stupid remain that way.”He was determined that none of his children would be denied(拒绝) an education. Thus,Papa insisted that we learn at least one new thing each day.Though,as children,we thought this was crazy,it would never have occurred to us to deny Papa a request.And dinner time seemed perfect for sharing what we had learned.We would talk about the news of the day;no matter how insignificant,it was never taken lightly.Papa would listen carefully and was ready with some comment,always to the point. Then came the moment—the time to share the day?s new learning.Papa,at the head of the table,would push back his chair and pour a glass of red wine,ready to listen. “Felice,”he?d say,“tell me what you learned today.” “I learned that the population of Nepal is....”Silence. Papa was thinking about what was said,as if the salvation(拯救)of the world would depend upon it.“The population of Nepal.Hmm.Well....”he?d say.“Get the map;let?s see where Nepal is.”And the whole family went on a search for Nepal. This same experience was repeated until each family member had a turn.Dinner ended only after we had a clear understanding of at least half a dozen such facts. As children,we thought very little about these educational wonders.Our family,however,was growing together,sharing experiences and participating in one another?s education.And by looking at us,listening to us,respecting our input,affirming(肯定)our value,giving us a sense of dignity,Papa was unquestionably our most influential teacher. Later during my training as a future teacher,I studied with some of the most famous educators.They were imparting(传授)what Papa had known all along—the value of continual
2016 年高考二轮 Lei 15

learning.His technique has served me well all my life.Not a single day has been wasted,though I can never tell when knowing the population of Nepal might prove useful. 1.What do we know from the first paragraph? A.The author?s father was born in a worker?s family. B.Those born stupid could not change their life. C.The town elders wanted to learn about the world. D.The poor could hardly afford school education. 2.The underlined word “it” in the second paragraph refers to “ ”. A.one new thing B.a request C.the news D.some comment 3.It can be learned from the passage that the author . A.enjoyed talking about news B.knew very well about Nepal C.felt regret about those wasted days D.appreciated his father?s educational technique 4.What is the greatest value of “dinner time” to the author? A.Continual learning. B.Showing talents. C.Family get-together. D.Winning Papa?s approval. 5.The author?s father can be best described as . A.an educator expert at training future teachers B.a parent insistent on his children?s education C.a participant willing to share his knowledge D.a teacher strict about everything his students did

2016 高考英语作文预测:保护传统文化【预测题目】
某中学生英文报就“保护中国传统文化”为主题举行英语征文活动。你准备给该报投稿,稿件 内容包括: 1. 保护中国传统文化的重要性; 2. 列举 1-2 个你所知道的国家或当地政府文化保护的事例; 3. 谈谈你对文化保护的建议。 字数要求:120 字。 【参考范文】 Protect Traditional Chinese Culture The protection of national and folk culture is of great significance to Chinese cultural diversity and also to the harmonious development between local economic and social development. It is reported that the Guangdong government pays special attention to protecting Chaoju(潮剧),a local drama born in Chaozhou in the eastern Guangdong province. In my opinion, some measures should be taken to protect traditional culture effectively. To start with, we should make a law to regulate the society’s performance. Besides, we should draw more people’s attention to it, for the more they know about the importance of culture protection, the stronger support we can get from the public. In a word, it is high time for us to treasure and develop our own valuable culture.
2016 年高考二轮 Lei 16



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