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必修3 Unit 1---revision

必修 3 Unit 1 Festivals around the world

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记

starve vi. & vt. ) 1. ______( trick (n. ) 2. _____ (vt. )
gain vt. ) 3. ____(

(使)饿死;饿得要死 诡计;恶作剧;窍门


gather vt. &vi. ) 4. ______(


award n. ) 5. ______( (vt. ) obvious adj. ) 6. _______( remind vt. ) 7. _______(



联想串记 religious adj. )宗教上的;信奉宗教的;虔诚的→ 8. ________( religion n. )宗教信仰 _______( belief n. ) 信任;信心;信仰→______ believe (vt. )相信 9. _____( independence (n. )独立;自主→___________ independent (adj. )独立 10. ____________ 的;自主的

admire vt. )赞美;钦佩;羡慕→__________( admiration n. ) 钦佩; 11. _______(
羡慕 permission n. )许可;允许→______( permit vt. )允许 12. __________( apologize vi. )道歉;辩白→_______(c. apology n. )道歉 13. _________( forgive vt. )原谅;饶恕→__________ forgiveness (n. ) 宽恕;原谅 14.________(

Ⅱ. 短语互译 1. 发生 2. 纪念;追念 3. 盛装;打扮;装饰 4. 期望;期待;盼望

take place _________
in memory of ____________ dress up ________ look forward to ______________ day and night ____________ hold one’s breath ________________ set off ______

5. 日夜;昼夜;整天
6. 屏息;屏气

7. 出发;动身;使爆炸

8. turn up
9. keep one’s word

出现;到场 ___________ 守信用;履行诺言 _________________ 使……想起…… _______________ 搞恶作剧;诈骗;开玩笑 _______________________ 好像 _____ 玩得开心 _________

10. remind. . . of. . .
11. play a trick on 12. as though/if 13. have fun with


We have plenty of festivals. Some festivals are in
memory of the ancestors. People light lamps, play music on 1. ________

an important feast day, offering good things to the dead.
honour to famous people or People hold festivals as an 2. _______ origins as an event, to the gods. These festivals have their 3. ______ like the Dragon Boat Festival which honours the famous poet Qu Yuan. 4. ____

Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals are held in many

countries. People decorate churches, get together, have meals
awards for competitions. On Mid-Autumn Festival or win 5. _______

admire the moon and enjoy mooncakes. people 6. _______
energetic and important Chinese New Year is an 7. ________ look forward to festival. People 8. ______________dressing up, eating dumplings, giving children lucky money in red paper, playing 9. _______dragon dances. The celebration of the Lunar New take place Year may 10. _________throughout the country, day and night.

Ⅰ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空
apologies 1. When Mary finally appeared, she made her ________ (apologize) to Mrs Madrigal.

independence (independent). 2. He was afraid of losing his ____________
belief (believe) in doctors of traditional 3. My father has much _____ Chinese medicine.

celebration (celebrate) of my parents’ 4. The party was in __________ silver wedding.
tricked (trick) into giving the old man some money. 5. I was _______

Ⅱ. 完成句子 apologize/make an apology for not being able 1. I must ________________________________________to meet you. 我必须因为没能见你而向你道歉。 2. Last Sunday a few of us arranged to meet in the town, but

didn’t turn up Jenny _____________.
上周日我们几个约好在镇上见面, 但是Jenny 却没有露面。

play a trick on 3. Jack tried to _____________his sister but she wasn’t taken in. 杰克试图捉弄他妹妹, 但是她没有上当。 You must keep your word you promised to take the 4. _______________________if

children to the cinema.
如果你答应要带孩子们去看电影, 就一定要遵守诺言。 It is obvious that was fooled from the beginning. 5. _______________he 很显然他一开始就被愚弄了。

which is one of the most important traditional festivals in The Spring Festival,________ falls on 适逢) January 1st of the Lunar calendar every year. It China, __________( arrival is meant to _______________( 旨在) celebrate the ________(arrive) of the spring. On New get together Year’s Eve, families _________ (聚会)and have a feast. In many places people like to set off fireworks. The Spring Festival has a long history . It’s said that (据说) had its origin in 起源于)an ancient legend(传说). It’s also a __________( religious 宗 it________________( be in memory 纪念 of ) Gods ____________( of all kinds 各种 when 教)festival, ________people will ______________( dressed up(dress up) in new clothes visit their friends and 各样的). People __________ which has become a custom. On New Year’s Eve ,people will be busy relatives, _______ going to clean graves 去扫墓). On that day people doing some cleaning and _____________________( enjoying(enjoy) a large meal with usually go back home to have a family reunion, _________ It’s obvious that 很明显) The Spring Festival is the most their family. __________________( enjoy life 享受 energetic _______(energy) and important festival in China. It lets us __________( be proud of 以…自豪) of our customs and forget our work 生活), ____________( for a little while 暂时地) _______________(

话题写作 先将下面几个句子翻译成英语, 然后连成一段小短文。 1. 春节是中国最重要的传统节日之一。 2. 除夕人们通常回家与家人团聚, 共进晚餐, 有很多地方 还燃放烟花。

3. 春节人们穿上盛装, 互相拜年。
4. 人们给孩子们压岁钱。 _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

【参考范文】 The Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. On New Year’s Eve, families get together and have

a feast. In many places people like to set off fireworks. On the first
day of the new year, dressed up in new clothes, people visit their

friends and relatives, which has become a custom. They give children
lucky money and look forward to the wonderful future.


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