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2013北京 高考 各区二模完形汇总

西城 So tired as I was, I bothered myself to open up my caféshop on the cold morning. With many consumers streaming in, I knew another long business day began. And I had to serve far into the n

ight. As I rushed among the tables, suddenly, a 36 asked if I could mind a child. I was quite 37 but I could tell the man was quite desperate. So I had to make a 38 with him that if he wanted his son to stay and wait for him he had to 39 something in the shop. This was quite 40 for the man to do; I could 41 he was quite poor by the 42 he was dressed. It looked as if he had tried to come in his 43 clothes. But they still looked a bit old and worn out 44 he had often worn them, just to make himself look best. Looking down I could see his 45 were also a bit torn and the heels were in a terrible state. I thought he was going for a job interview. In the end he bought a small box of 46 for his little son and seated him down in the corner. I could tell the boy was feeling down and only could 47 with a bit of cheering up. Seeing that the kid sat there for quite a while, I was a bit 48 as the poor little kid was sitting 49 his own. People watched him and some kids even came over to pick on him. I was 50 to see one of them even knocked his cookies off the table. He quickly went and got them back without saying a word. I was hoping his father would 51 up and come back for his son?s 52 . At closing time, the only person left was the little boy. After a while, the father finally came in with a tiresome look. I 53 he didn?t get any job. As they were leaving, I offered the kid a little cake, but the man rejected it. I 54 he felt as if I had just abused him. Of course I didn?t mean to. But I could understand why he felt like that. I only wished them good 55 whatever happened. The man opened the door to leave — father and son hand in hand. 36. A. voice B. sound C. noise D. tune 37. A. pleased B. frightened C. annoyed D. interested 38. A. deal 39. A. leave 40. A. easy 41. A. explain 42. A. manner 43. A. poorest 44. A. even though 45. A. socks 46. A. sweets 47. A. laugh 48. A. relaxed 49. A. on 50. A. touched 51. A. hurry 52. A. chance 53. A. hoped 54. A. clarified 55. A. luck B. decision B. buy B. natural B. prove B. means B. best B. so that B. gloves B. cigarettes B. speak B. nervous B. of B. disappointed B. give B. benefit B. imagined B. assumed B. progress C. promise C. do C. hard C. think C. method C. prettiest C. as if C. pants C. cookies C. do C. satisfied C. by C. astonished C. turn C. future C. doubted C. confused C. supper D. date D. eat D. possible D. tell D. way D. oldest D. now that D. shoes D. cakes D. help D. worried D. for D. excited D. run D. job D. guessed D. ignored D. night

海淀 A Faithful Father My husband kissed me goodbye, stroked the baby's cheek and then rushed out of the door, into his busy day. With the cold of the morning fading, I fed my baby and it fell fast asleep. Usually I would place it in bed and quickly have the house somewhat in _____ (36). This morning, however, I stayed seated, just_____ (37), with the baby in my arms. The thoughts ran into _____ (38) of the mornings with my husband, a father rushing out of the door to meet the obligations of life. It was only a small jump to thoughts of my own_____ (39). My mother passed away when I was ten, and as I looked_____ (40), I could see how much of a family man my dad was. He went to work every morning and_____ (41) to his family every evening. He_____ (42) food, clothing, warmth, and protection. He was a faithful father. Setting the baby down, I dialed the_____ (43)number. I had just realized the_____ (44)of the ordinary-the daily life going on around us that we often took for granted, and that it needed to be_____ (45) “Hi, Dad.”I said, _____ (46)back tears. “Hey, Bud. How are you?”,_____ (47)was in his voice. “Fine, I'm just calling to say... thank you.”I got it out before my throat_____ (48)too much forme to speak. "What for?" “For getting up and going to work every morning of my life. Now that I have my own_____ (49) and I see my husband doing the same, I just wanted to thank you for being_____ (50)” There was _____ (51) for a moment as my dad composed himself, and with a small_____ (52) in his voice he said, "You're welcome, Bud.” I don't remember much of the rest of the call, _____ (53) that moment of revelation (显露) about my father, I will never forget. There are those who are known for their heroic_____ (54), and alsothose who are known for their fortunes and fame, but it is the. _____ (55) everyday fathers who are the true heroes. I'm thankful that my father was one of them. 36. A. use B. line C. order D. fashion 37. A. thinking B. dreaming C. imagining D. praying 38. A. conversations B. struggles C. incidents D. memories 39. A. baby B. husband C. mother D. father 40. A. out B. away C. back D. around 41 .A. moved B. returned C. escaped D. walked 42. A. provided B. collected C. sought D. bought 43. A. popular B. relative C. regular D. familiar 44. A. difference B. significance C. balance D. absence 45. A. recognized B. arranged C. reduced D. achieved 46. A. sending B. pushing C. holding D. putting 47. A. Sympathy B. Stress C. Doubt D. Concern 48. A. cleared B. hurt C. ached D. tightened 49. A. child B. duty C. plan D. career 50. A. inspiring B. faithful C. considerate D. admirable 51 .A. peace B. calm C. silence D. rest 52. A. tremble B. hesitation C. passion D. sigh 53. A. and B. but C. or D. nor 54. A. ideas B. deeds C. remarks D. words 55. A. outstanding B. patient C. ordinary D. honest

东城 I had been playing hockey (冰球) for about 10 years. I was always the one sitting at the end of the bench, and 36 got into a game. I went to all the 37 and showed up even when it was so 38 that your ?breath froze? and when the other players had decided to stay home. I felt I had 39 enough and thought of quitting. I finally decided to 40 the news to my mom that I was leaving the team. My mom may have looked like a tiny and quiet lady but on 41 my words, she said, “Remember, ?A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.? Your mother didn?t raise 42 , so think about yourself in a 43 way and see yourself as a winner!” So I worked harder than ever at getting in better shape, 44 my shot accuracy and changing my 45 . Once in a match, we 46 our first game badly. What?s worse, one of our best players got hurt. I was sitting at my 47 place, at the end of the bench, when the coach came over and told me I was going 48 . I was nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time. The opposing team was fast and I had to admit I was a little 49 . But my mom?s words 50 out in my head like a church bell. Instead of being afraid, I was “pumped” and I very quickly found that all my 51 work was paying off. I was as fast a skater as anyone else on the ice, and I seemed to get the 52 to score. The crowd went quiet. All the time I spent on the ice when everyone had gone home had 53 me for this moment. Won! I won! The lesson I learned from my mom?s 54 has stayed with me over the years. I hear them whenever I am faced with a challenge, or whenever I 55 myself. 36. A. once B. seldom C. usually D. even 37. A. meetings B. shows C. matches D. practices 38. A. cloudy B. wet C. cold D. windy 39. A. suffered B. explained C. planned D. escaped 40. A. write B. break C. read D. report 41. A. noticing B. gathering C. hearing D. analyzing 42. A. talkers B. dreamers C. attackers D. losers 43. A. positive B. familiar C. brief D. convenient 44. A. testing B. improving C. questioning D. affecting 45. A. aim B. taste C. habit D. attitude 46. A. lost B. controlled C. practiced D. continued 47. A. usual B. safe C. secret D. private 48. A. off B. in C. by D. up 49. A. annoyed B. awkward C. scared D. bitter 50. A. ran B. gave C. stood D. rang 51. A. delicate B. extra C. creative D. casual 52. A. chance B. message C. order D. note 53. A. spared B. requested C. prepared D. sent 54. A. actions B. reasons C. words D. promises 55. A. judge B. express C. comfort D. doubt

朝阳 I learned about life from an ant farm. When I was seven years old, my family tried to __36__ an ant farm at home. First, we put clean sand in a thin glass box, and then we brought some ants from the backyard and placed them into the __37__ home. Shortly after the new __38__ were dropped into the glass structure, they got to work making tunnels. I was amazed that each one knew __39__ what to do. After hours of staring, I realized that the ants had particular given jobs. With my mom?s help, I kept a journal of what happened each day and __40__ the ants. My favorite was the biggest, Cinderella. I drew a picture of her in my journal, which I still have. On day five a disaster __41__ the ant farm. While I was __42__ the ants, I had put my face so close to the structure that I accidentally tipped it over, __43__ in all the tunnels. Although the ants __44__ their earthquake, one by one they began to die. I was __45__ as I watched them give up their tunnel-building to carry the bodies to a corner of the farm. My mother reported that the ants were dying of “frustration”—feeling annoyed and impatient as they couldn?t control the situation. They simply could not __46__ the reality that their tunnels had been destroyed. Cinderella was the last to die; she did so while carrying a dead ant on her back. Although much time has passed, I still think of that ant farm. Mom had hoped it would teach me about the natural world, __47__ it taught me much more. __48__ the years, I came to realize the ants were a study in the benefits of __49__. Working together, they were able to create a(n) __50__ world for themselves. I also learned that they should be __51__ for their hard work. Day in and day out, each labored at their task. The ant farm demonstrated that teamwork and perseverance are indeed two key __52__ to success. But there was an even larger lesson that I did not __53__ until recently: Disaster is a natural part of life, and must be __54__. Unlike the ants, humans cannot give up when they face __55__. Unlike the ants, we have to realize that if a tunnel caves in, we just have to build another. 36. A. get 37. A. empty 38. A. guests 39. A. probably 40. A. named 41. A. affected 42. A. removing 43. A. turning 44. A. experienced 45. A. annoyed 46. A. reflect 47. A. and 48. A. In 49. A. teamwork 50. A. relaxing 51. A. supported 52. A. certificates 53. A. give 54. A. accepted 55. A. challenges B. buy B. new B. settlers B. roughly B. trained B. struck B. teaching B. rushing B. predicted B. horrified B. ignore B. but B. For B. devotion B. amusing B. inspired B. approaches B. realize B. suffered B. barriers C. pressure C. run C. strange C. friends C. exactly C. compared C. kicked C. observing C. filling C. faced C. moved C. confirm C. so C. From C. responsibility C. moving C. admired C. ingredients C. take C. achieved D. disappointment D. find D. distant D. members D. normally D. measured D. beat D. collecting D. caving D. survived D. thrilled D. stand D. or D. Over D. organization D. amazing D. admitted D. circumstances D. adopt D. managed

丰台 I was nineteen years old the first time I saw my own true character. My trip to and from work each day included a ten-minute walk through the heart of downtown, where the 36 often gathered. Like most busy citizens, I learned to 37 those nameless faces. When it came to homeless beggars, my 38 life experience had led me to one 39 that they are on the street because they choose to be, probably due to alcohol or drugs. It was an extremely cold day. When I passed the groups of beggars as usual, I heard a shaky voice target me. “Spare some change?” he asked. I didn?t even 40 looking up at his nameless face. I briefly 41 him walking into a liquor store and buying whiskey with the money we spared him. Like most teenagers, it took me only moments to 42 him. “I have no money on me,” I said quickly Looking back now, I feel as if God had set out that day to teach me a lesson. And God 43 . Just a few feet past him, I managed to find the only ice patch on the sidewalk. I 44 and landed heavily on my right knee. The 45 was almost killing me as I tried to get up. Then I heard a shaky voice only inches above me. “Are you all right?” he asked. I knew immediately this was the man I had just rushed past. Even in pain, I 46 took a quick moment to sniff for the smell of alcohol on his breath. There was none. He wasn?t 47 . I saw the 48 in his eyes. I 49 to get to my feet. He held my arm as I walked difficultly to the nearby bus stop. “My name is Mike,” he said. “That?s quite a fall you took, and you really need to get it checked by a doctor,” he said with deep 50 . “This bus goes past the hospital,” I said. Mike paused, and a look of sudden 51 crossed his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small cup. He took out all the change and held it out toward me. “I think there?s just enough here for you to take the bus,” he said, I was highly embarrassed as I remember my 52 . I reached for my purse and took out my change. At least ten dollars. I offered Mike all my change. “Thank you and take care of yourself,” I said. Both of us knew that few minutes earlier I couldn?t have 53 what happened to him. Mike held his cup tightly, 54 it as if it were the first gift he had ever received. A half cup of change seemed too small a gift for the man who gave a 55 to every nameless face I?ve ever seen. 36. A. doctors B. beggars C. citizens D. sellers 37. A. pity B. observe C. forgive D. ignore 38. A. limited B. painful C. meaningful D. rich 39. A. fact B. rule C. assumption D. suggestion 40. A. mind B. bother C. avoid D. bear 41. A. imagined B. followed C. noticed D. heard 42. A. judge B. stop C. tease D. blame 43. A. signed B. succeeded C. responded D. approached 44. A. skipped B. dashed C. slipped D. hesitated 45. A. regret B. scare C. cold D. pain 46. A. still B. ever C. yet D. also 47. A. honest B. reliable C. drunk D. shabby 48. A. greed B. surprise C. sorrow D. sympathy 49. A. failed B. struggled C. hurried D. chose 50. A. relief B. satisfaction C. understanding D. concern 51. A. confusion B. realization C. excitement D. sadness 52. A. lie B. injury C. promise D. experience 53. A. known B. predicted C. cared D. accepted 54. A. treasuring B. protecting C. making D. showing 55. A. lesson B. name C. chance D. fortune



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