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2012 学年广州市高三英语词汇竞赛题(2012 年 12 月 14 日) (完成时间:40-45 分钟 满分:100 分) 第一卷(满分 40 分) 一、选择最佳答案 (1x40=40) 1. China has got a good ____ for fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth organizati

on. A. reputation B. influence C. impression D. knowledge 2. If you feel like buying a bike for your child, we have a large ______ of models for you to choose from. A. volume B. variety C. set D. scope 3. The sudden change of weather ______our holiday plan. A. damaged B. destroyed C. defeated D. spoiled 4. Teachers have to constantly update their knowledge in order to maintain their professional ____. A. consequence B. independence C. competence D. intelligence 5. We _______ Edison’s success to his intelligence and hard work. A. subject B. attribute C. contribute D. refer 1—5 ABDCB 6. The incomes of skilled workers went up. _______, unskilled workers saw their earnings fall. A. Moreover B. Therefore C. Meanwhile D. Otherwise 7. Failure is closely connected with laziness and a _____ of confidence. A. limit B. lack C. need D. demand 8. Anyway, I can’t cheat him — it’s against all my ____. A. emotions B. opinions C. regulations D. principles 9. Supported by sufficient evidence, his argument seems to have a great deal of _____. A. vividness B. validity C. terminology D. propagation 10. The loss has not yet been ____ accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A. calculated B. considered C. completed D. controlled 6—10 CBDBA 11. The questionnaire takes ______ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment. A. mainly B. punctually C. approximately D. precisely 12. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without _____ his notes.

A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on 13. What he said sounds _________, but it is impractical. A. reasonable B. interesting C. understandable D. enjoyable 14. Some parents are just too protective. They want to _____ their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined. A. spot B. dismiss C. shelter D. distinguish 15. As there is less and less coal and oil, scientists are exploring new ways of making use of ______ energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel. A. primary B. alternative C. instant D. unique 11—15 CBACB 16. John is very _____; if he promises to do something, he will do it. A. independent B. confident C. reliable D. flexible 17. The good thing about children is that they _____ very easily to new environments. A. adapt B. appeal C. attach D. apply 18. Frank put the medicine in a top drawer to make sure it would not be ____ to the kids. A. accessible B. relative C. acceptable D. sensitive 19. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully _____. A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered 20. The new secretary has written a remarkably _____ report only in a few pages but with all the details. A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate 16—20 CAADA 21 The firemen managed to _____ the fire in time. A. put out B. put off C. put aside D. put up 22. The school committee naturally hopes that the new course project will be _____ with the school and parents. A. pleased B. favorable C. popular D. content 23. When I took her temperature, it was three degrees above _________. A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal 24. As your teacher advised, you ought to spend your time on something _______ researching. A. precious B. worth C. worthy D. valuable 25. He holds an important position in the company; _______, I don’t quite trust him. A. thus B. furthermore C. otherwise D. nevertheless 21—25 ACDBD 26. Don’t look down upon this little creature. In a few weeks, it will ____ a butterfly.

A. turn up B. turn into C. turn off D. turn in 27. An increasing number of foreign countries have been _______ China as a rising power in the recent years. A. looking at B. looking on C. looking for D. looking at 28. He is burning the midnight oil to _______ his lost time. A. keep up with B. catch up with C. make up for D. make use of 29. Many governments thus _______ financing expenditure through domestic bank borrowing and printing money, both of which are inflationary. A. call on B. fall to C. bring up D. resort to 30. Tim kept changing _________ at the dance. In this way, he got to know quite a lot of girls. A. friends B. relations C. companies D. partners 26—30 BBCAD

31. Do you know the _________ of the saying I just quoted? A. source B. resource C. course D. cause 32. The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ______ of 60 miles. A. length B. distance C. way D. spare 33. We will go to the airport to ______ him ______ tomorrow. A. send…out B. see…over C. see… off D. see… to 34. All students were excited at the ______ of a weekend sports competition. A. thought B. opinion C. view D. time 35. The old man is used to sleeping without a ________in order to keep his back from bending. A. net B. pillow C. slippers D. quilt 31—35 ABCAB 36. Teaching is a task requiring a great deal of _________; you should never lose your temper. A. patience B. strictness C. intelligence D. generosity 37. As a result of the radio _________ for help for the earthquake victims, over a million pounds have been raised. A. advertisement B. appeal C. transmission D. program 38. The patient and warm-hearted teacher never criticized, but used praise to __________ the best of her students. A. bring up B. bring about C. bring out D. bring in 39. The university is __________ Number One in the field of engineering. A. ranged B. lined C. listed D. ranked

40. A love marriage does not necessarily ___________ much sharing of interests and hobbies. A. take over B. result from C. hold on D. keep to

36—40 ABCDB 第二卷(满分 60 分) 二、完成句子 (一)根据情景,填出所缺的单词,并使句子的意思完整(1x10=10) 1. Despite its b___________, people should also be aware of the problems the Internet brings about. 2. If I am to buy an electronic product,what should be taken into c_______________ first is its practicality. 3. The 30th Olympic Games in London was a great success, leaving a deep i_________ on the world. 1. benefits 2. consideration 3. impression

4. Located in the centre of the city, the shopping center makes daily shopping easy and c______________ for its customers. 5. In college, he first m_______ in medicine but finally graduated with a degree in arts. 4. convenient 5. majored

6. As the saying goes, “P__________ makes perfect” and it is especially so in language learning. 7. To have a good c__________ of English, it is beneficial to read articles aloud following the recording. 8. Festivals are held to c____________ the important moment in a year. 6. Practice 7. command 8. celebrate

9. Only by sticking to a balanced d__________, together with regular exercise, can we live a better life. 10. It is no use a_________ with him. He won’t change his mind. 9. diet 10. arguing

(二)根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的短语,使句子的意思完整(1x15=15) 1. He is not the person I ______ (提及) just now. 2. Just when he had reached the most important point, the line _______________ (切断). 3. Whether he could get the support from his parents _________ (有影响) to the plan. 1. referred to 2. was cut off 3.made a difference

4. When you __________ (对…上瘾) drinking, it’s quite hard for you to give them up. 5. However busy I am, I try to _________ (腾出) a few minutes each day to do some exercises. 6. He has been living in the town for ten years so he __________(熟悉)everyone there. 4.are addicted to 5.set aside/spare 6.is familiar with

7. People carried yellow flowers to the monument __________ 为了纪念) ( those dead in the war. 8. After __________(定居下来), they started to grow corn and wheat. 9. It would be difficult to find a man to __________(代替)the secretary. 10. It’s an easy job. It won’t __________(占用)much of your time. 7.in memory of 8.settling down 9.take the place of/replace 10. take up 11. He studies harder than before __________(希望)entering a key university. 12. He __________(养成……的习惯)drinking a glass of wine before bedtime. 13. It never ____________ (想到、发生) me that I had wronged him until that moment. 11. in the hope of 12. has developed / formed a habit of 13. occurred to 14. I set down the message in my notebook __________(以防万一)I forgot it. 15. English became the official language for business __________(虽然;尽管)the fact that the population was largely Chinese. 14. in case (that) 15. in spite of / despite

三、用所给词的正确形式完成句子 (1x15=15) 1. The building will be replaced, most ________ (probable) by a modern sports centre. 2. The road-works caused much _________ (complain) among local residents. 3. The weather is very _________ (change) at this time of year. 1. probably 2. complaint 3. changeable

4. She ________ (true) believes that none of this is her fault. 5. Effective measures should be instantly taken to protect the __________ (danger) species. 6. China’s rapid ______ (develop) and sustained economic growth have caught the attention of people around the world.

4. truly

5. endangered 6. development

7. The demand for natural resources is becoming an ________ (increase) serious problem for the future of mankind. 8. Her only chance of (recover) appeared to be a blood transfusion from her little brother. 9. The experiment produced some _________ (expect) results, which shocked us. 7. increasingly 8. recovery 9. unexpected 10. We've saved a _________ (consider) amount of money. 11. The floods brought death and ________ (destroy) to the area. 12. Jack believed that (poor) caused crime, and his point was proved by his photos. 10. considerable 11. destruction 12. poverty / poorness 13. A visit to London is an _________ (forget) experience, one I will always treasure. 14. People aren’t always those who they declare to be in their online (describe). 15. He felt it a great ________ (necessary) to talk about his problems. 13. unforgettable 14. description 15. necessity

四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整 (1x20=20) (A) Nowadays all Chinese are sparing no effort to build a harmonious society. As we all know, the e 1 of the harmonious society d 2 on what we do for our society, for the society is made up of our fellow man; it is not the struggle of a s 3 person but all of us that eventually lead to the development of our society. Living in the society, we all with no 4 (例外) have responsibility to 5 (奉献) our effort. The importance of our nature also cannot be i 6 . In the past, man has destroyed it with no hope of the future. But to our r 7 , modern people have fully realized that it is necessary to protect our environment. And then, strong measures should be taken to 8 (装饰) our environment so that our society can be a beautiful one that come up to the standard. To sum up, the formation of the harmonious society is not something that can be a 9 within a short period of time. On the contrary, only by our joint effort can we reach the g 10 of building our society to be a harmonious one. (B) Leaders of the European Union say they will help Greece as it struggles under a mountain of debt. But the leaders did not announce any 11 (详细的) plan for Greece after meeting in Brussels on Thursday. They said that was because Greece has not r 12 any financial support. European Commission President said this means the 13 (政府) believes it does not need the

support. Businessmen had a 14 (混合的) reaction to the statements from Brussels. Worries over Greek debt have pushed the euro to its l 15 value in months against the dollar. Sixteen of the twenty-seven nations in the European Union use euro as their currency. Now, the s 16 members are seeking ways to help the weaker ones. European Union rules limit the choices for a 17 (拯救). The European Central Bank and national central banks are not p 18 to aid members by purchasing their debt. European 19 (官员) hope to avoid the economic disasters that could become even worse if Greece f 20 to pay its debt. This year Greece’s debt could reach 120% of its GDP.

2012 学年广州市高三年级英语词汇竞赛 答卷 学校 ___________ 班级 ______ 姓名 __________ 成绩 _____ (第一卷的答案请填在答题卡上) 第二卷(满分 60 分) 二、完成句子 (一) 根据情景,完成下面的单词,并使句子的意思完整。 (1x10=10) 1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________ 4. _______________ 5. _______________ 6. _______________ 7. _______________ 8. _______________ 9. _______________ 10. ______________ (二)根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的词或短语,并使句子意思完整。 (1x15=15) 1. ________________________________ 2. ________________________________ 3. ________________________________ 4. ________________________________ 5. ________________________________ 6. ________________________________ 7. ________________________________ 8. ________________________________ 9. ________________________________ 10. _______________________________ 11. _______________________________ 12. _______________________________ 13. _______________________________ 14. _______________________________ 15. _______________________________ 三、用所给词的正确形式完成句子。(1x15=15) 1. _____________________ 2. _____________________ 4. _____________________ 5. _____________________ 7. _____________________ 8. _____________________ 10. ____________________ 11. ____________________ 13. ____________________ 14. ____________________

3. _____________________ 6. _____________________ 9. _____________________ 12. ____________________ 15. ____________________

四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整。 (1x20=20%) (A) 1. _____________________ 2. _____________________ 3. _____________________ 4. _____________________ 5. _____________________ 6. _____________________ 7. _____________________ 8. _____________________ 9. _____________________

10. ____________________ (B) 11. ____________________ 14. ____________________ 17. ____________________ 20. ____________________ 12. ____________________ 15. ____________________ 18. ____________________ 13. ____________________ 16. ____________________ 19. ____________________

2012 学年广州市高三英语词汇竞赛(2012 年 12 月 14 日) 答 案 第一卷(满分 40 分) 一、选择最佳答案 (1x40=40) 1—5 ABDCB 6—10 CBDBA 11—15 CBACB 16—20 CAADA 21—25 ACDBD 26—30 BBCAD 31—35 ABCAB 36—40 ABCDB 第二卷(满分 60 分) 二、完成句子 (一)根据情景,完成下面的单词,并使句子的意思完整(1x10=10) 1. benefits 2. consideration 3. impression 4. convenient 5. majored 6. Practice 7. command 8. celebrate 9. diet 10. arguing (二)根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的词或短语,并使句子意思完整 (1x15=15) 1. referred to 2. was cut off 3.made a difference 4.are addicted to 5.set aside/spare 6.is familiar with 7.in memory of 8.settling down 9.take the place of/replace 10. take up 11. in the hope of 12. has developed / formed a habit of 13. occurred to 14. in case (that) 15. in spite of / despite 三、用所给词的正确形式完成句子 (1x15=15) 1. probably 2. complaint 3. changeable 4. truly 5. endangered 6. development 7. increasingly 8. recovery 9. unexpected 10. considerable 11. destruction 12. poverty / poorness 13. unforgettable 14. description 15. necessity 四、根据首字母或所给的中文填空,使篇章意思完整 (1x20=20) (A) 1. establishment 2. depends 3. single 4. exception 5. devote 6. ignored 7. relief 8. decorate 9. achieved 10. goal (B) 11. detailed 12. requested 13. government 14. mixed 15. lowest 16. stronger 17. rescue 18. permitted 19. officials 20. fails



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