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北师大版高一英语必修 1 选择题精选(基础题) ) 1. This is a dangerous bomb. If you touch it, it will ______ A. go off B. put off C. get off D. take off ) 2. After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane___ her job as a doctor in the countryside. A. set out B. took up C. took over D. set up ) 3. The distant country is so _____ that I don’t want to go back to the noisy city. A. helpful B. wonderful C. peaceful D. peaceable ) 4. The man got____ while playing the football. A. being hurt B. hurting C. hurted D. hurt ) 5. He ____ from a back seat to a front seat in order that he could see better. A. switchedB. changed C. turned D. transported ) 6. Though he suffered a lot ___ the hard work, yet he never complained about it. A. from B. on C. to D. of ) 7. Modern plastics can ____ very high and very low temperature. A. hold B. stand C. carry D. support ) 8. The NO.8 bus ___ to Chengdu College, not to Sichuan University. A. are gone B. is being gone C. goes D. are going ) 9. I couldn’t stand ___ waiting for an hour. A. to keep B. to be kept C. keeping D. being kept ) 10. Rather than ___ in the crowded bus, they preferred__ home. A. to ride; walk B. ride; to walk C. ride; walk D. riding; walking ) 11. With a big family of five children to support, the father has no choice but____ hard from dawn to dark. A. to work B. to working C. work D. working ) 12. All the products bought from the company will be repaired___within 3 years. A. freelyB. free of charge C. of freeD. free of money ) 13. After missing a term through illnesses, Mary had to work hard to ____ with others. A. come up B. put up C. catch upD. make up ) 14. The day we look forward to _____ at last. A. come B. coming C. came D. comes ) 15. Have you ____ some new ideas? A. come aboutB. come into C. come up with D. come out ) 16. He didn’t follow the doctor’s advice and continued smoking. ____, he was in bad health. A. As a result B. In fact C. Result from D. As a result of ) 17. I like these English songs and they ___ many times on the radio. A. taughtB. have been taught C. are taught D. have taught ) 18. I ____ in London for many years, but I’ve never regretted my final decision to move back to China. A. have lived B. was living C. lived D. am living ) 19. It was___ of them to share their house with the homeless ones. A. helpful B. rich C. selfish D. generous ) 20. Columbus discovered America but didn’t ________ the new continent. A. expose B. exploit C. explode D. explore ) 21. The secret___ and the public came to know the truth. A. was let out B. let out C. let down D. was let down ) 22. In this game the women will compete___ the men___ the gold medal. A. for; with B. with; for C. for; forD.with;with ) 23. If the weather had been better, we could have had a picnic. But it_____ all day. A. has rained B. rains C. rained D. is raining ) 24. The murderer who had been___ for many years was set free last month. A .put in the prison B. n the prison C. sent to prison D. in prison ) 25. You may not agree, but___ I think university is not the only way to success.

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A. personally B. gradually C. commonly D. truly ) 26. Three hours later the meeting____ and people shook hands with each other when they left. A. came to an end B. put to an end C. brought to an end D. came to the end ) 27. ----Have you got any particular plans for the old in the city? ---- Yes.____, I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city. A. If ever B. If possibleC. If anything D. If busy ) 28. How did he react ___the news broadcast on TV this morning? A. with B. against C. to D. for ) 29. People all over the world____ the Great Wall of China. A. envy B. hate C. hope D. admire ) 30. It’s going to rain. Xiaofeng, will you please help me ___the clothes on the line? A. get off B. get in C. get backD. get on ) 31.The doctor thinks he will pull __. His high temperature has gone down. A. through B. up C. apart D. off ) 32. I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ___ fine. A. look out B. get along C. carry on D. stay up ) 33. The exciting performance drew the passer-by’s____ A. notice B. patience C. attention D. heart ) 34. The city was named____ the first president of the US, who decided upon its location in the first place. A. in place of B. with respect to C. with regard to D. in honor of ) 35. When he____ the door, he found his keys were nowhere. A. would open B. opened C. was to openD. had opened ) 36. For a moment Tom was____ how to reply to the question. A. at a loss B. not knowing C. puzzlingD. no idea ) 37. Every evening after dinner if not_____ from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tired B. tired C. tiring D. to be tired ) 38. The tree sisters decided to hold a family party___ their parents’ silver wedding. A. in terms of B. in place of C. in celebration of D. in favor of ) 39. I’m very sorry it’s ____ my power to make a final decision on the project. A. over B. above C. off D. beyond ) 40. The conference had been held to discuss the effects of tourism_____ the wildlife in the area. A. in B. with C. at D. on ) 41. The doctor ____ my brother for ten years. A. has been married to B. has married C. has been married D. married with ) 42. Chairman Mao came in first and ___ several governors. A. following B. was followed by C. was following D. followed by ) 43. His room is always in a ____, which annoys his parents. A. messy B. order C. mess D. orderly ) 44. We were swimming in the lake____ suddenly the storm started. A. before B. while C. until D. when ) 45. When ___ such a difficult problem, he didn’t know what to do. A. facing B. faced C. faced to D. facing with ) 46. In a room above the store, where a party____, some workers were busily setting the table. A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held ) 47. We thought there were 35 students in the dining hall, ____, in fact ,there were 40. A. whether B. while C. what D. which ) 48. ____ hungry I am ,I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread. A. Whatever B. WheneverC. However D. Wherever ) 49. The two sportsmen congratulated each other _____ winning the match by shaking hands. A. with B. to C. in D. on


) 50. ______ what you know is correct before you teach it as a truth. A. Making it certain B. Make sure C. Be sure D. To be certain 参考答案:1---5 ABCDA 6---10 ABCDB 11---15 ABCDC 16---20 ABCDD 21---25 ABCDA 26---30 ABCDB 31---35 ABCDC 36---40 ABCDD 41---45 ABCDA 46---50 ABCDB 北师大版高一英语必修 2 选择题精选 出卷人:安徽省合肥市肥东县梁园中学 李军 1. It was some time ____ we realize the truth. A. when B. until C. since D. before 2. The weather ___ fine, we have made up our mind to go for a picnic. A. is B. was C. being D. be 3. It is the first time that I ____ the city. A. visited B. have visited C. visit D. has visited 4. Only those ___ knows well could be let in. A. he B. who C. that D. what 5. — Dad, I want to join your club. — Oh, dear. But it ____ for adults only. A. is intended B. intend C. need D. is needed 6. I was late for class, otherwise I ____ punished. A. wouldn’t be B. hadn’t been C. wasn’t D. wouldn’t have been 7. Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as ___ sickness. A. normal B. average C. ordinary D. regular 8. It ___ we had stayed together for a couple of weeks___ I found we had a lot in common. A. was until; when B. wasn’t until; that C. was until; that D. wasn’t until; when 9. I’m sorry I can’t see you immediately, but if you’d like to take a seat, I’ll be with you___. A. in a moment B. for a moment C. for the moment D. at the moment 10. Great changes have taken place in that school. It’s no longer___ it was 20 years ago, ___it was so poorly equipped. A. that; which B. what; when C. what; which D. which; that 11. The teacher asked such a difficult question___ no student could answer A. which B. that C. so D. as 12. The father designed his son ___ a promising lawyer. A. to B. at C. for D. in 13. This printer is of good quality. If it ___ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would B. should C. could D. might 14. The World Wide Web is sometimes jokingly called the World Wide Wait, because it ___ be very slow. A. can B. should C. must D. will 15. There is a (an) ____ that I will see him these days. A. reason B. cause C. chance D. opportunity 16. You may depend ___ it won’t happen again. A. that B. on that C. on it D. on it that 17. _____ the red coat , she looks more beautiful. A. Putting on B. Having on C. Dressed in D. Wearing 18. How can you expect to learn anything _____ you never listen? A. in case B. when C. even if D. unless 19. We’ll ____ little Jim ____ in our cottage, for it’s getting dark. A. fix; up B. put away C. put; off D. put down 20. Don’t be so disappointed. If you _____ such feelings, you’ll do better next time. A. carry on B. get back C. break down D. put away 21. ------ What do you think of the two questions from the interview?

------ That’s great. Their second one was an absolute _____? A. present B. prize C. award D. gift 22. Culture exchange plays an important role in ____ healthy and stable Sino-American relations. A. commenting B. increasing C. furthering D. fastening 23. ______, he talks about his favorite singers after class. A. A quiet student as he may be B. Quiet student as he may be C. Be a quiet student as he may D. Quiet as he may be a student 24. The new building is _____ being completed. A. on the way to B. under way C. by way of D. in the way 25. Perseverance is a kind of quality-----and that is _____ it takes to do anything well. A. what B. that C. which D. why 26. ______ unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. A. Before B. Unless C. Until D. Where 27. It soon became clear that Prime Tony Blair’s Labour Party had, for the first time in it’s history, won its third election _____. A. in a hurry B. in a way C. in a row D. in other words 28. Linda gave us a vivid ____ of her trip to Mount Lu after her return. A. explanation B. account C. imagination D. idea 29. Mother bought ____ for me yesterday. A. two pieces of clothing B. two clothes C. two clothing D. two pieces of clothes 30. Fed, who had expected how it would go with his daughter, had a great worry ____ his mind. A. in B. on C. with D. at 31. The study you have been making ____ the ancient Chinese characters is an instructive job. A. to B. for C. from D. of 32. His behavior last night was completely out of______. A. nature B. feature C. character D. characteristic 33. Their products enjoy 30 percent____ of the market in this country because both the quality and their service are fine. A. features B. share C. discount D. sales 34. Her sister has become a lawyer, _____ she wanted to be. A. which B. that C. what D. who 35. Do you have any idea ____ is actually going on in the classroom? A. that B. which C. what D. where 36. It was an exciting movement for these football fans this year, _____ for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. A. that B. while C. which D. when 37. She was so angry that she _____ all his letters and broke off their relationship. A. burnt to B. burnt down C. burnt up D. burnt to the ground 38. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication _____ the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered. A. in which B. in that C. in the way D. in order that 39. With a lot of difficult problems _____, the manager felt worried all the time. A. to settle B. settling C. settled D. being settled 40. _____ is known to the world is _____ Mark Twain is a great American writer. A. It; that B. What; / C. As; / D. What; that 41. The factory produced many famous cars, none of _____ shipped to foreign countries because of economic crisis. A. what B. which C. it D. them 42. Army joined a painting group but didn’t seem to _____, so she left. A. show off B. go up C. fit in D. come over 43. ______ for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. A. Blaming B. Blamed C. To blame D. To be blamed 44. He left the place, ______ never to come back. A. determined B. determiningC. being determined D. have determined

45. I knew ______ John Lennon, but not ______ famous one. A. a;the B. /;a C. / ;the D. the ;a 46. So little _______ that the neighbor could not settle their difference. A. they agreed B. they did agree C. agreed they D. did they agree 47. The fact that people are afraid to go out at night is often a result of perceived (感 知) danger ________actual danger. A. other than B. more than C. rather than D. better than 48. --- Have we ________ water? ---Yes, our water _________. We’d better get some. A. run out of; has been run out . B. run out of; has run out C. run out; has been run out. D. run out; has run out 49. ____________ the rising birth rate and immigration, the declining death rate also resulted in the population growth. A. In addition to B. In terms of C. In consequence of D. In spite of 50. All of a sudden, a man who held a gun knocked down an old woman and took her bag , __________ round the corner. A. disappeared B. disappearing C. having disappeared D. to disappear



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