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高三英语练习 13
第二部分:阅读理解(共两节, 满分 40 分) A Tired of Working in Your Country? With over 500 instructors and 20 years of experience, we are the leader in the field of teaching foreign languages. We now have positions open in Osaka starting September/October 2015 for instructions of English, German, Spanish and French. ◆ Teach many different kinds of classes using the latest technology in small classes of up to 30 students. ◆ Accommodation(住宿), and other necessary documents(文件) will be ready before you leave. ◆ Applicants will teach their first language only. ◆ Excellent teacher training programs. If you are young with a university degree and are willing to experience different cultures, apply now. Experience in teaching is an advantage but not specially required. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not necessary but good English skills and practical computer knowledge are basic requirements. Apply with C.V. and send letter to: NOVA France, Mr. Sampy (IHT 3/2) 34, Bd. Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France Fax: 33148014804 Or visit our website: www. teachjp.com The manager expects to meet and talk with successful applicants in Paris in June and July. 21. What is the purpose of the text? A. To introduce a language school in Japan. B. To hire language teachers to work in Japan. C. To describe working conditions in Japan. D. To make clear the requirements for Japanese teachers. 22. We know from the text that those who are going to Japan will _____. A. teach English only in Osaka C. have free accommodation 23. Before going to Japan, you need _____. A. to see the manager of NOVA France C. to write a letter to Japan A. have some working experience C. present good teaching plans B. to take some computer courses D. to find a place to live B. know how to use computers D. speak several languages B I went to the Tsavo National Park in northern Kenya for a film. We set off early for a distant water hole. A huge elephant covered with dry mud, drank calmly and deeply. He might have traveled 50 km to reach the water. He wasn’t going to hurry now. He’d drink a while and rest in the shade, and then drink again or so we thought. What actually happened was that he drank deeply and stepped away. Then he suddenly fell down. Within minutes he was dead. We called animal doctor Jeremiah Poghon immediately. He removed the head of a poisoned arrow from the

B. receive a degree from a university D. get trained for the job

24. If you want to work in Japan, you should _____.

elephant’s body, and let out over 100 liters of pus (胺)-the result of the elephant’s meeting with a poacher(偷猎者) months before. Today's poacher shoots from a blind. He fires an arrow, covered with poison, into the body of an elephant. If the poacher is lucky, the elephant might die in an hour or two; if not, he might have to follow the elephant for days before it dies. Often the arrow head fails to kill the elephant at once-it doesn't mean the poison won't finally kill the elephant, but it will be a slow death. Living in Tsavo through these times, I could see the results of poaching from time to time. When I think about the death of that elephant, what stays with me is the extraordinary silence aft er the shocking sound of his body hitting the ground. I took some comfort from the knowledge that as the dead body returned to the soil, some animals would benefit -but I couldn't escape the feeling that with the death of such a large animal, the world seemed to be a poorer and emptier place. 25. While filming near the water hole, the author and his team ________. A. knew the elephant was injured B. found the elephant acted violently C. tried their best to save the elephant D. thought the elephant was in good condition 26. Further examination showed that the dead elephant________. A. had suffered an hour or two C. had suffered a lot A. empty. B. comfortable. B. was killed by a poisonous needle D. had had a good fight with a poacher C. upset. D. relieved.

27. How does the author feel when thinking about the elephant s death? 28. Why did the author write the text? A. To introduce African elephant. C. To describe his filming experience. B. To show the cruelty of poaching. D. To ask readers to protect wild animals. C The new high-speed railway line between Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur self-governing region,and Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province,has cut train travel time by half to less than 12 hours. The dramatic improvement will benefit many families planning reunions for Spring Festival. “For the first time,I feel home is not that far away after all,”said Liang Shaofu as he boarded a high-speed train in Urumqi with six members of his family. The 35-year-old left Lanzhou to set up a dry fruit business in Xinjiang eight years ago,and he has now settled in Urumqi. The 1,776-km line, which passes through Qinghai province and is the country’s first built in a high-altitude region, came into service on Dec 26. “We normally drive home for Spring Festival to avoid the difficulties of buying seven train tickets for the whole family during the peak season.” Liang said. “Driving can be very tiring and dangerous sometimes,so one year we even decided not to go back to Lanzhou simply to avoid the trip.” More than 600,000 passengers traveled on the line during its first month,and the Urumqi Railway Bureau said the introduction of high-speed services will ease transport pressure during the Spring Festival peak season. The existing usual railway line could no longer support Xinjiang’s development. All

high-speed railway to be

passenger trains will

gradually shift to the new link,leaving the old one to be used for goods. As a result,Xinjiang’s annual goods ability

could reach 200 million metric tons from the current 70 million. The line passes through areas that experience high winds, and it also crosses parts of the Plateau and the bone-dry sands of the Gobi Desert. The project could help China to promote its high-speed railway technology abroad,said Ma Xi zhang, director of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway project’s management department in Xinjiang. 29. How long did it take to go from Urumqi to Lanzhou by the usual train before? A. about 12 hours C. About 18 hours B. About 6 hours D. About 24 hours deserted Qinghai-Tibet

30. What’s the main advantage of the new high-speed railway? A. It takes more time to go to Urumqi to Lanzhou. B. It will be more convenient for people all over the country to Xinjiang. C. All the people in Lanzhou can return home on festivals. D. It helps to improve Xinjiang’s development. 31. From the passage we can learn________. A. Xinjiang’s annual goods ability can increase nearly four times B. the new railway technology may help more railway lines to be built abroad C. the high-speed railway lines can’t be built across the bone-dry sands D. the old railway lines can only carry goods now 32. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The new high-speed railway line is good for all people to go home. B. The new high-speed railway line benefits businessmen to carry goods. C. Taking the new train is safer than driving home from Urumqi to Lanzhou. D. Businessmen seldom went home for Spring Festival before. D Failing in something isn’t a really nice feeling, but Scotland’ s Fettes College in Edinburgh wants to show its students that failure isn’t something to fear and is actually something to accept willingly! The boarding school held “failure week” to celebrate taking risks and learning from them. Whether in sports or school, children often face lots of pressure to succeed and do well, and the school was becoming concerned. “Young people from all walks of life live in a high-pressure environment where they are trying very hard to achieve a level of perfection,” said Sue Bruce, head of personal and social education in the school. “This week at Fettes we have been fo cusing on one of the most misunderstood parts of success: failure. While we are often scared of failure, it is important to learn that it is only through failing, often many times, that we learn how to succeed. All through the week, we have looked at the experiences of some of the most successful inventors, artists and businessmen, who failed hundreds, if not thousands of times on their journey to success,” read a letter on Fettes College’s website. To celebrate failure, students were encouraged to try something they’ve never done before, like playing an instrument or dancing in front of audiences. A number of students stepped up and tried things that they finally failed in, but they had fun and enjoyed the experience. “The concert was extremely enjoyable, proving that we should always try not to worry about failure and have a go!” read another note on the website. Students were also taught about famous people like J.K. Rowling and Richard Branson who failed many times before they finished what they set out to do. “If they let the fear of failure stop them from doing something, they are actually stopping themselves from learning,

developing, and potentially succeeding,” said Bruce. 33. What is the purpose of the boarding school to hold “failure week”? A. To get the students involved in social activities. B. To help the students accept and learn from failure. C. To make the students study even harder. D. To teach the students how to get relaxed. 34. During the “failure week” the students could do the following things EXCEPT ___________. A. taking risks C. trying something new 35. What can we learn from the passage? A. Many successful peopl e are lucky and achieve success easily. B. Because we are often scared of failure ,we never succeed. C. The fear of failure can stop the students from learning and succeeding. D. The students who failed in trying new things felt depressed. 七选五 Learning English can be a difficult task. While many people learn English in the classroom, the vast majority of English learning takes place outside of it. 36 , it is important to know how it is used in everyday life. One of the best things you can do is to read. First 37 . New York Times ask yourself what you enjoy reading in your native language. If the subject matter is interesting to you, you will he more likely to keep going. Read a variety of different media in English, from magazines to novels. takes a more formal approach to the English language than somebody's personal blog. Consider your English level when selecting reading material. 38 , but do not frustrate yourself needlessly by selecting a complex text . You can choose to be a side-by-side reader, with the English text on one page and its translatio n on the other page, if you have only been studying English for a couple of years. 39 . So do not look up every word you don't know as you read. It will only slow things down and make the reading process much less fun. Instead, rely on what you have already known. When you come across a difficult word or phrase,use context clues to guess at its meaning. Write down or underline any words or phrases you cannot figure out. When you have finished reading, go to your list of new words. Now you can get your dictionary and look them up one by one. 40 . You will be more likely to keep reading the interesting subject. A. Challenge yourself B. To better understand a language C. When you want to learn English, try New York Times D. Turn them into flash cards, keep them in mind and use them E. Putting a dictionary at hand is a good way of learning English F. Your reading goal is to briefly understand what the piece is saying G. The content and writing styles vary with the group of readers 第三部分 语言知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Some years ago an American policeman found a woman lying near a lonely road. She did not appear to have a / an 41 , but she was trembling and clearly in a 42 of shock, so he rushed her to th e

B. learning from others’ experiences D. trying to entertain themselves

43 hospital. She began to

tell the doctor on duty a story which was she had been stopped by a flying saucer flying saucer by creatures that looked

44 46 48

in all respects. She had been 45

along a country road when 47 the 49_

in front of her. She had been forced to leave the car and human beings and which could easily make themselves 50 .

although they could not speak. It was as though they could read her thoughts and she could read They tested her politely and allowed her to seemed to be 51

after carrying out a number of tests on her. As she otherwise

52 , the doctor decided that she was probably suffering from the side effects of some medicine. The 53 to go home, but when she gave her 56 54 , it was in a town over thousand miles that there was already a 57 going on

woman insisted on being from the

55 . The police then started to make inquiries and soon

for the woman, whose husband sadly reported that she had and the engine running. anything of that kind, but 41. A. rest 42. A. piece 43. A. famous 44. A. funny 45. A. driving 46. A. flew 47. A. enter 48. A. at 49. A. noticed 50. A. their 51. A. leave 52. A. happy 53. A. told 54. A. name 55. A. earth 56. A. decided 57. A. discussion 58. A. disappeared 59. A. Behind 60. A. as

58 . Her car had been found with the driver's door open

59 the car the surface of the road had been completely destroyed --- not by an explosion or 60 a large, round, white-hot object had burnt through it. C. test C. state C. nearest C. moving C. running C. landed C. watch C. like C. understood C. her C. drive C. nervous C. advised C. address C. road C. supposed C. movement C. returned C. Below C. as if D. incident D. movement D. expensive D. astonishing D. wandering D. landing D. clean D. for D. heard D. hers D. watch D. normal D. ordered D. house D. hospital D. discovered D. meeting D. left D. At the foot of D. only if

B. accident B. way B. large B. sad B. walking B. flying B. visit B. after B. seen B. theirs B. stay B. thankful B. allowed B. unit B. car B. believed B. search B. fled B. In front of B. if

第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下列材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A man requested an old scholar to get rid of his son’s bad habits. The scholar took the boy for through a garden. Suddenly he stopped slightly 62 (ask) the boy to pull out a tiny plant growing there. __61 walk

The boy held the plant between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. The old man then asked him to pull out a 63 (big)plant. The boy pulled hard and the plant came out, roots and all. “Now pull out that one,” said

the old man

64 (point) to a bush. This time, the boy managed it but with great 66

65 _(difficult). 67 (heavy)

After that, the old man led him to a big tree and said, “Now take this one out,” the boy grasped the trunk and tried his best to pull it out. But it would not move. “It’s with effort. “So it is with bad habits,” said the wise man. “When they are weak, it is easy to pull them out but when they become strong they cannot The walk 69 68 (remove).” 70 they will control you. the old man changed the boy’s life. So don’t wait for bad habits to take root. Get rid of them (possible),” said the boy, breathing

while you have control over them, 第一节 短文改错

第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分) (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

One year ago, I was in great trouble. I worked hard at English and devote all my spare time to practise it. But I failed to pass the mid-term examination, which made me great disappointed. So I asked my grandpa for advice when I got to home. Hearing that I told him, he said, “To some extent, examination results are sometime unexpected by your study level. You can’t judge your progress by one examination.” He encouraged myself to work hard for long time to check my results. I took my grandpa’s advice. Now I realize that the process of learning is much more important and my English is more better than before. From my experience, I feel that we should listen to opinion from old people. 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你是李华, 你班的留学生 Charles 即将结束三周的假期从美国返回。你想委托他为你代购一个剃须刀, 作为生日礼物送给爸爸。请按照以下要求给他写一封电子邮件: 1. 品牌: Gillette. 2. 价格: 30 美元左右。

参考词汇: 剃须刀 shaver 注意: 1. 词数 100 左右: 2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯:

3. 开头语和结束语已为你写好, 不计入总词数。 Dear Charles, _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


高三英语练习答案 13
阅读理解 A 篇: BDAB; 完形答案 41 - 45 BCCDA 46 - 50 DACCB 51 - 55 ADBCD 56--60 DBABC B 篇: DCCD; C 篇: DDBC ; D 篇: BDC 七选五 BGAFD

第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 61.a。考查冠词。Walk 在此指散步,作可数名词且泛指。 62.to ask。考查非谓语动词。此处表示停下来去做某事,stop to do sth 63.bigger。考查比较级,与上文 a tiny plant 对比,且 slightly 常与比较级连用 64.pointing。考查非谓语动词,pointing 做伴随状语 65.difficulty。做介词 with 宾语且由 great 修饰 66.imposible 67.heavily。考查副词,修饰 breathing 68. be removed。考查语态,remove 与 they 是被动关系 69.with。和老人一起的那次散步改变了男孩的生活 70.or/otherwise。考察连词,祈使句+ or/otherwise+陈述句,此结构相当于一个否定意义的条件句。 短文改错 1. devote → devoted 3. great → greatly 5. that → what 7. myself → me 9. more → much 作文: Dear Charles, I haven’t seen you fo r over three weeks. How have you been doing these days? I miss you so much! But it won’t be long before we meet again, isn’t it? Charles, could you do me a favor, please? My fa ther’s birthday is coming, and I want to give him a shaver as a birthday gift. Just buy me a Gillette about 30 dollars. It is a very famous brand around the world. You can bring it back when you come back, and I will pay you back for that. Thank you very much. Looking forward to your coming soon. Yours, Li Hua 2. practise → practicing 4. 去掉 to。 6. sometime →sometimes 8. for 和 long 之间加 a。 10. opinion → opinions



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