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英语五种基本句型列式如下: 基本句型一: S +V 基本句型二: S +V +P 基本句型三: S +V +O (主+谓) (主+系+表) (主+谓+宾)

基本句型四: S +V +IO +O(主+谓+间宾+直宾) 基本句型五: S +V +O +C(主+谓+宾+宾补) 基本句型 一 S +V(主+谓) 此句型的句子有一个共同特点,即句子的谓语动词都能表达完整的意思。 这类动词叫做不及物动词,后面可以跟副词、介词短语、状语从句等。 S 1. Time 2. The moon 3. The man 4. We all 5. Everybody 6. I 7. They 8. He 9.He 10.They V (不及物动词) flies. rose. cooked. eat, and drink. laughed? woke. talked for half an hour. walked yesterday. is playing. have gone.

They are playing baseball in the garden. 他们正在公园里打棒球。 Her brother and sister both are teachers. 她的哥哥和姐姐都是老师。 基本句型 二S +V +P(主+系+表) 此句型的句子有一个共同的特点:句子谓语动词都不能表达一个完整的意思,必须加上一个表明主语身份 或状态的表语构成复合谓语,才能表达完整的意思。这类动词叫做连系动词。系动词分两类: be, look, feel,smell,taste,sound 等属一类,表示情况;get, grow, become, turn,go 等属另一类,表示变化。be 本身没有什么 -1-

意义,只起连系主语和表的作用。其它系动词仍保持其部分词义另:stay,prove,remain,stand S 1. This 2. The dinner 3. He 4. Everything 5. He 6. The book 7. The weather 8. His face V(是系动词) is smells(闻) fell looks is is became turned P(表语) an English dictionary. good. happy. different. tall and strong. interesting. warmer. red.

基本句型 三 S +V +O(主+谓+宾) 此句型句子的共同特点是:谓语动词都具有实义,都是主语产生的动作,但不能表达完整的意思,必须跟有一 个宾语,即动作的承受者,才能使意思完整。这类动词叫做及物动词。 S 1. Who 2. She 3. He 8. He 5. They 6. Danny 7. I 4. He V(实义动词) knows laugh at understands made ate likes want said O(宾语) the answer? her. English. cakes. some apples. donuts. to have a cup of tea. "Good morning."

基本句型 四 S +V +IO +O(主+谓+间宾+直宾) 此句型的句子有一个共同特点:谓语动词必须跟有两个宾语才能表达完整的意思。这两个宾语一个是动作的直 接承受者,另一个是动作的间接承受者。 通常这一间接承受者用一个介词来连接,当动作的间接承受者在动作的直接承受者之前时,这一介词往往被省 略。 S V(及物) o(多指人) O(多指物) -2-

1. She 2. She 3. She 4. He 5. I 6. I 7. I 8. He 基本句型 五

passed cooked brought bought showed gave told showed

him her husband you her him him me

a new dress. a delicious meal. a dictionary. nothing. my pictures. a hand. how to run the machine. that the bus was late.

S +V +O +C(主+谓+宾+宾补)

此句型的句子的共同特点是:动词虽然是及物动词,但是只跟一个宾语还不能表达完整的意思,必须加 上一个补充成分来补足宾语,才能使意思完整。 S 1. We 2. They 3. They 4. They 5. What 6. We 7. He 8. I 习题测试 一、分析句子成分 1. They work hard. 2. The flower is dead. 3. Plants need water. 4. He gives me some seeds. 5. We should keep the plants in the shade. 6.Many animals live in trees. 课堂过手练习 -3V(及物) keep painted call found makes saw asked saw O(宾语) the table the door supper the house him him me them C(宾补) clean. green. dinner. dirty. sad? out. to come back soon. getting on the bus.

一、找出下列句子的基本句型 1. The sun was shining. 2. The universe remains. 3. We all breathe, eat, and drink. 4. What he said does not matter. 5. They talked for half an hour. 6. The pen writes smoothly 7. The war made him a soldier. 8. The teacher ask the students to close the windows. 9. He showed me how to run the machine 10. He brought you 二、阅读理解 In the world ,soccer of football is the most popular sport. This is because many countries have wonderful teams for the World Cup. The World Cup is held every four years. To remember 2002 FIFA World Cup ,children from different countries and more than 60 children from Japanese schools came together and spent three weekends drawing a big picture called “Dream(梦幻) World Cups ”in Japan .The children drew animals, flowers and people playing soccer under a bule bright sky. They wished each football team good luck by drawing the flags(旗 帜)of all the countries that will take part in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea.The picture was put up in a park near a playground in Yokohama .Some football teams will have games there. Are you a football fan(迷)?The World Cup makeds more and more people interested in football Teenagers(青少年)like playing and watching football .Many of them love some football stars so much that they get the pictures of their favourite players on the walls of their rooms. That is the way to show their love for the World Cup as children in Japan. 1. If a country wants to take part in the World Cup ,she must have______. A. Many football fans A. 2006 B. a very good team C. 2005 C. many football player D. a big playground D. 2004 C. a sunny sky D. flowers 2. The next World Cup will be held in_______. B. 2007 3. From the passage ,in the picture children drew many things except_________. A. people playing football B. pictures of some football stars 4. In “Dream World Cup”,the children drew the flags of some countries______. A. to show their love for their owe country B. to tell the people their stories C. to show their good wishes for the football teams D. to show their new ideas about football 5.Many teenagers owe the pictures of some football stars because______. A. they are interested in football B. they are football fans -4a dictionary.

C. they think their favourite players are great D. all of A,B and C 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D 课后练习 一、划出文中简单句的基本句式 What’s Cool? by Maria Lee This week, I asked students about fashion. I showed each student six things and asked them about each one. Some of their answers were interesting. Here are their likes and dislikes. Jack Smith likes the key ring. Her friend Jeff says he can’t stand the scarf. “It’s for moms!” he said. William Jones loves the wallet, and his classmate Gina Taylor loves the watch. (Her best friend Ann Rice doesn’t mind the watch, but she really likes the sunglasses!) Jerry Green also likes the sunglasses. And the coolest thing was the belt. Everyone loved it! 二、阅读理解 In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business .But he was not a good artis .So he invented a very simple camera (照相机).He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of hia garden .That was the first photo. The next important date in the history of photography (摄影术) was in 1837. That year, Daguere, another Frenchman ,took a picture of his reading room .He used a new kind of camera in a different way. In his picture you could see everything very clearly ,even the smallest thing. This kind of photo was called a Daguerreotype. Soon, other people began to use Daguerre’s way. Travelers brought back wonderful photos from all around the world .people took picture of famous buildings, cities and mountains. In about 1840, photography was developed .Then photographers could take picture of people and moving things .That was not simple .The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines. But this did not stop them ,for example, some in the United States worked so hard. Mathew Brady was a famous American photographers. He took many picture of gread people .The picture were unusual beause they were very lifelike(栩栩如生的) Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19th century .Some photod were nor just cooies of the real world .They showed and feelings,like other kinds of art. 1. The first photo taken by Niepce was a picturte of ____________ A. his business A. a Frenchman to__________. A. watch lots of films C. stop in most cities B. buy an expensive camera D. take many films and something else with him. -5B. his house B. a kind of picture C. his garden D. his window D. a photographer 2. The Daguerrotype was____________. C. a kind of camera 3. If a photographer wanted to take pictures of moving things in the year of 1840j, he had

4. Mathew Brady______________. A. was very lifelike C. was quite strong 5. This passage tells us_____________. A. how photography was developed C. how to take pictures in the world C B DB A B. how to show your ideas and feelings in pictures D. how to use different cameras B. was famous for his unusual pictures D. took many pictures of moving people




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