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高一英语新人教版必修1学案unit 2 english around the world(新人教版必修1)

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Unit 2
核心单词 1. command n. & vt. 命令;指令;掌握

English around the world

The officer commanded his soldiers to fire. 那名军官命令士兵们开火。 A general is

a man who commands a large number of soldiers. 将军是统率众多士兵的人。 常用结构: at/ by sb’s command 听某人支配 take command of in command of 控制 指挥着

under one’s command 由某人的指挥 under the command of sb. 在某人的指挥下 command sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事 command (=order) that ... 式,should 可省略) 联想拓展 commander n. 指挥官 高手过招 用适当的介词填空(原创) ①For the first time in years, she felt she was of her life.
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命令……(从句用虚拟语气,即 should+ do 形


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②The army is the king’s direct command. the situation.

③The police arrived and took command ①in ②under/at/by ③of 2. request vt.&n. 请求;恳求;要求 常用结构: request sb. to do sth.请求某人做某事 request sth. from/of sb. 向某人要求某物 request that sb. (should) do sth.要求某人做某事 make a request/requests 发出请求 at the request of sb.=at sb.’s request 依照某人的请求 易混辨析 request/demand/require request 表示“有礼貌的请求;正式的请求”。

demand 表示“有正当权利的要求”,因此含有“坚决或强烈要求”的意思。 require 表示“要求所必须的东西;法律、协定、规章以及其他客观情况的要求”。 但它们也有不同之处: ①require 和 request 都可以接宾语+to do sth.结构,而 demand 没有此种用法。 但可以说 demand of sb. to do sth. ②require+动名词时,主动形式的动名词具有被动意义,而 demand,request 无 此种用法。 They are demanding higher wages. 他们要求提高工资。

Do you require anything else? 你还要求(需要)别的吗?
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Many people have requested this next song. 许多人要求听下面这首歌。 They required me to keep silent. 他们要求我保持沉默。

The letter requested us to leave the house within six weeks. 这封信要求我们六周内搬出这所房子。 温馨提示 以上三个词的共同点是: 从语法上看, request 和 demand, require 都可以接 that 引导的宾语从句,并且在从句中要使用虚拟语气。 高手过招 单项填空 ①One of the requirements for a fire is that the material temperature.(2010· 陕西师大附中月考) A. be heated C. would be heated B. is heated D. do heat to its burning

②—Why were you late for such an important concert? —The plane arrived at the airport after a (2010· 陕西商洛一轮检测) A. delay B. rest C. tour D. request of three hours.

①解析:选 A。如同 require, demand, order, suggest, advise, insist, request 等动词 要求其后面的宾语从句使用虚拟语气一样,它们所对应的名词的同位语从句和 表语从句也要求使用虚拟语气,即:should+动词原形。故选 A。 ②解析:选 A。上句询问“迟到的原因”,因此下句中的名词应是与“迟到”意义有 关的名词,所以只能选择“延误”。
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3. recognize vt. 辨认出;承认;公认 常用结构: recognize sb. 认出某人 recognize one’s voice 听出某人的声音 recognize ... as ... 认定;承认……为…… recognize sb./sth. ... to be ...认为某人/某事物是…… recognize that ...承认…… When he walked out of the station, I recognized him immediately. 当他从车站里走出来时,我立刻认出了他。 Everyone recognized him to be the lawful heir/as the lawful heir. 大家都承认他为 合法继承人。 高手过招 单项填空 —Oh, it’s you! I you.

—I have just had my hair cut, and I’m wearing new glasses. (2010· 山东淄博六中检测) A. hadn’t recognized C. didn’t recognize B. haven’t recognized D. don’t recognize

解析:选 C。前句的句意为:哦,是你呀!我刚才没有认出你来。 所以要用一般过去时。 4. direction n. [C] 方向;方面;[U]指导;指挥
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常用结构: in the direction of 朝……的方向(=towards) in sb’s direction 朝某人的方向(=towards sb.) under one’s direction 在……指导下(=under the direction of sb.) Tom went off in one direction and Jack in another. 汤姆往一个方向走,杰克往另外一个方向走。 Reforms are needed in many directions. 许多方面都需要改革。

He is walking in the direction of the police station. 他正朝警察局的方向走去。 He glanced in her direction and their eyes met. 他朝她这个方向一看,俩人的眼睛相遇了。 The singing group is under the direction of Mr Lee. 合唱团由李先生指挥。 温馨提示 direction 意为“指示;指引;用法说明”等,通常要用复数形式。 注意:表示邮件上的“姓名地址”时,也用复数形式。 Follow the directions on the medicine bottle. 请按药瓶上的说明服药。 高手过招 (1)单项填空 Those who learn theory must develop (2010· 山东枣庄一轮验收) A. to B. on C. in D. for
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the direction of practice.

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(2)完成句子 (原创) ①I gave Mary full ②He did the work (地址)to enable her to find the post office. (在我的指导下).

(1)解析:选 C。in the direction of 为固定搭配,意为“朝……方向”。注意不要 用介词 to。 (2)①directions 重点短语 5. more than one 意为“不止一个”,虽然在意义上表示复数,但作主语或修饰主语时,谓语动词用 单数,与 many a(许多)用法一样;如果 more 修饰复数可数名词再跟 than one 作 主语时,其谓语动词则要用复数。 More than one member has protested against the proposal. 不止一个成员反对这个建议。 More than one person has been concerned in this. 这里面涉及的不仅是一个人。 More persons than one have been involved. 涉及的不仅仅是一个人。 联想拓展 “more than+ adj.”意为“很;非常”。 在“more ... than ...”中,肯定“more”后面的,而否定“than”后面的,意为“是……而 不是……”或者“与其……不如……”。 “more than ... can/could”是英语里的一个常见结构,可把 more than 理解为 not, 表示否定,该结构意为 “ 非 …… 所能 …… ;是 …… 所不能 …… ;不是 …… 所
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②under my direction

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能……”。 more often than not 经常;往往 In doing scientific experiments, one must be more than careful with the instruments. 做科学实验时,对待仪器必须非常小心才行。 If you tell your father what you have done, he will be more than a little angry. 如果你把所做的事情告诉你父亲,他会非常生气的。 Catherine is more diligent than intelligent. 与其说凯瑟琳聪明,不如说她勤奋。 高手过招 完成句子(原创) ①当我的老朋友布莱恩怂恿我抽一支烟时,我可再也熬不住了。 When was . ②可能的解释不止一个。 There is ①more than I could bear ②more than one possible explanation 6. because of 因为;由于是介词短语,后跟名词、代词或动名词及 what 从句。 She got hurt because of what you’d said. 她因为你的话而受到伤害。 due to 意为“由于”常作表语,也作后置定语和状语。
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thanks to 意为“多亏;由于”只作状语。 owing to 意为“由于”常作状语。 as a result of 意为“由于”作状语。 易混辨析 because/as/since/for because 表示直接原因,语气最强。回答 why 提出的问题只能用 because。在强 调句型中,也只能用 because。 as 用于解释做某事的原因,语气较弱,通常位于主句前。 since 表示的原因是指人们已知的事实,常意为“既然”。语气比 because 弱,但比 as 强。通常位于主句前,并常与 as 换用。 for 并列连词,连接并列分句,表示一种补充说明,是推测或判断的理由,语气 较弱,不可位于主句前。有时可表示直接原因,相当于 because。 高手过招 单项填空 ①People crowded on the road and could not go forward some cars had made.(2010· 山西太原五中检测) A. with C. because of ② People her. A. After all C. In other words may have different B. since D. because opinions about Karen, but I admire the traffic accident

,she is a great musician.(2010· 陕西西安二中检测) B. As a result D. As usual

①解析:选 C。考查表示“原因”的几个词的用法。since 与 because 都是连词,
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1. come up 走近;上来;被提出; 升起 The little boy came up to the stranger and showed him how to get to the police station._____________________________________________________________ We won’t forget the day when we watched the sun come up on top of the Tai Mountain. _________________________________________________________ It is certain that the question will come up at the meeting._____________________ The snowdrops are just beginning to come up._______________________________ 联想拓展 总结有关 come 的词组

how come ...?(表示理解)……怎么回事? when it comes to sth.当涉及某事时 高手过招 (1)单项填空 They aren’ t afraid when they 南镇平质量检测) A. come up C. come about B. come to D. come out
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the difficulties in their study. (2010· 河

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(2)用 come 构成的短语填空(原创) ①The hunter walked across the forest when suddenly a bear ②The magazine ③I wish you can ④The engineers have ⑤They 2. such as 例如……;像这样的 易混辨析 such as/for example/that is/and so on such as 用来列举事物。通常插在被举例的带有解释性质的事物与前面的需要进 行解释的名词之间,意为“比如;诸如……之类的”,可与 like 互换,as 后不能 有逗号。 for example 同 for instance 一样起到补充说明的作用,表明在众多的内容中仅取 一两个例子,可放在举例之前或之后,意为“例如,举个例子”。 that is 是后面列举的事物的总量等于它前面所提到的总和,相当于 namely。也 用 that is to say。 and so on 对几个事物进行列举时, 在说了其中的几个以后, 用 and so on 进行概 括,说明还有例子,但不一一列出。 Boys like to play balls, such as football and basketball. 男孩子喜欢打球,比如足球和篮球。 Some students, Li Jun, for example, live in the country.
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him. once a month. to England on your holiday. new ways of saving energy. an old school friend in the street this morning.

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有些学生,如李军,住在农村。 I have three good friends, that is, John, Jack and Tom. 我有三个好朋友,即约翰、杰克和汤姆。 There are some books, pens, erasers and so on in my bag. 我的书包里有书、笔、橡皮等。 高手过招 单项填空 A lot of countries have gained excellent achievements in space technology, China, A. such as C. namely . (2010· 安徽合肥八中检测) B. for example D. and so on

解析:选 B。四个词中只有 for example 位置灵活,可放在句首、句中或句末。 3. play a part (in) 扮演一个角色;参与 She plays an active part in local politics._____________________________________ She played a major part in the success of the scheme.________________________ 3.make use of 利用; 使用 make full / the best / good use of= make the most of/ take advantage of _________ be of great use ________________ 翻译句子: 1)我们应该利用每一分钟好好学习。____________________________________ It is no use doing sth _______________-



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重点句型 1. Which country do you think has the most English learners? 你觉得学英语最多的是哪个国家? do you think/believe/expect/find/know/suppose 作为插入语, 放在特殊疑问词后, 其他内容紧跟其后并用陈述语序。 What time do you expect we will come and pick you up? _________________________________________________ What do you suppose he will do after he hears about the good news? ______________________________________________ Why do you think their team could win the football match? _________________________________________________ 高手过招 单项填空 ─ is the best football player in your city?

─Jerry. (2010· 江苏盐城质量检测) A. Do you think who C. Who do you think B. Do you think whom D. Whom do you think

2. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as standard English. 信不信由你, (世界上)没有什么标准英语。 (1)believe it or not 在句中用作插入语,意为_______________ 联想拓展 常用作插入语的还有: generallyspeaking_______________frankly speaking_______________________
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judging from ..__________________to tell you the truth_____________ to be honest___________________to make matters worse__________________ 高手过招 单项填空 ① , boys are stronger than girls. B. Generally to speak D. Generally spoken , the man is a soldier. C. To judge by; putting D. Judged by; is putting

A. To speak generally C. Generally speaking ② the hat he

A. Judging from; is wearing B. Judging by; is having on

(2)such 上述一类的;诸如此类 注: 1)such 与 a/an 连用时放在 a/an 的前面,与 all, no such, some, any, few,little, many, much, several one 连用时应放在它们的后面, 如 many such books 联想拓展 no such...as 没有这样的…… such as 例如 such...as...像……这样的…… such...that...这样……以至于…… 易混辨析 such ... that ... /such ... as ... 在 such ... that ...结构中,that 是从属连词,引导结果状语从句,在从句中不作成 分。 在 such ... as ...结构中,as 是关系代词,引导定语从句,在从句中常作宾语。
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He is reading such a book as you borrowed from the library last week. 他在读的书 和你上周从图书馆借来的一样。 ( as 是关系代词,引导定语从句) He is reading such an interesting book that I want to borrow it. 他在读的书这么有 趣,我想借来读读。 (that 引导结果状语从句) 高手过招 单项填空 ①Exercise is A. so useful a way C. as useful a way as any other to lose unwanted weight. B. as a useful way D. such a useful way

②I suggest that we should take part in more such activities in future we did yesterday.(2010· 江西南昌一中二模) A. which 4. 强调句 为了强调句子的某一成分 (通常是主语、 宾语、 或状语) , 常用强调句型: It is (was) +被强调部分+that(who)… 表示强调的 it 在句子中作主句的主语;被强调部分可 以是主语,宾语,表语或状语;强调的主语如果是人,that 和 who 都可用。如: Last night I saw a film in the Youth Palace. 强调主语: 强调宾语: 强调地点状语: 强调时间状语: B. as C. that D. than




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