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Lesson1 Performance 表演
Alanis----A True Performer Ⅰ:Teaching goals:教学目标 1. Learn to summarize the outline of the whole text. 学会总结整篇文章的概要 2. Try to grasp the key words and sentence patter

ns. 尽力学会掌握关键单词和句型 3. Understand the use of adverbial clauses. 理解状语从句的应用 4. Develop the students’ reading skills, like finding headlines and guessing words. 培育学生阅读技能,例如:找标题和猜单词意思 Ⅱ:Teaching important points:教学重点 1. How to develop the students’ reading skills, like finding headlines and guessing words . 培育学生阅读技能,例如:找标题和猜单词意思 2.Try to use the key words and sentence patterns.. 尽力学会掌握关键单词和句型 Ⅲ:Teaching difficult points:教学难点 1. Learn to outline the text by using the headlines. 通过标题去概括文章的框架结构 2. Understand the use of adverbial clauses 理解状语从句的应用 Ⅳ:Teaching methods:教学方法 1. Skimming method to find the headlines. 略读去找出标题 2. Task-based method to finish the teaching assignment. 带着问题阅读,完成作业 3. Discussing method to arouse the students’ interest in music and dance. 讨论法:去唤起学生们对音乐和无道的兴趣。 Ⅴ:Teaching aids: 教学用具

A computer and a projector 一台电脑和一部投影仪

Ⅵ:Teaching procedures &ways:教学过程和方法 Step I Look at the pictures, Alanis Morissette ( the Canadian rock singer, has won Grammy

Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance) 第一步:看看 Alanis Morissette 的一些照片(加拿大摇滚歌手,因其出色的摇滚歌曲和摇滚表 演,获得过格莱美奖) Step II Have you ever watched a concert “live”, on TV or on video? Tell the class about it using

the Key Words to help you.(Show some pictures to let the students know what a live concert is.) 第二步:你在电视或者视频中看过现场直播的演唱会吗?告诉班级学生关于你看过的演唱会, 应用下表格里的关键单词帮你来叙述。 (出示一些图片, 让学生们知道什么是现场直播音乐会) the concert the music, the singing, the guitar , the drums the lighting, the special effects the stage design the sound the songs, the words Step III adjectives boring, brilliant, exciting, fantastic, poor, quite good, really loud disappointing extraordinary clear, poor clear, unclear

Read the concert review and match the four paragraphs with the titles.

第三步:读这篇音乐会评论,把四个段落与标题搭配起来 Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 the start of the concert the songs played how the audience reacted the end of the concert

Step IV Read the review again and answer these questions

1) Did the reviewer like the concert? Why or why not? Yes. Because it was the performance of a real star. 2) How did the audience react to the singer? They enjoyed it very much –they loved the concert.

3) What things about the concert were not very good? The concert hall was cold and the sound was sometimes poor. 4) From which album were most of the songs? Jagged Little Pill 5) What feelings did she show in her songs? Anger and love. Step V Find words in the text with the following meanings: 第五步:找出文章中与下列意思相关的单词。 1.The people who watch a concert (para.3) audience 2.records (Intro.) album 3.very (para.3) extremely 4.from the beginning to the end (para.3) throughout 5.someone who loves and supports a famous person (para.1) fans Step VI Voice your opinion

第六步:说出自己的观点 Why are pop music and rock’n’roll loved by many young people? 为什么流行音乐和摇滚音乐收到很多年轻人的喜欢? Step VII Languages points:

1. Have you ever watched a concert “live” on TV or on video ? live adj.活的,有生命的,实况播出的,现场直播的 eg. a live fish 1) Is it a live broadcast or a recorded one ? 2) I like watching live show. 2. be used to + n. / doing sth. 习惯于 used to do sth 过去常常

eg.1) I used to get up very late. 2) I am used to the climate here. 3) The pilot is used to flying in all sorts of weather . 3. come out to appear in the sky to be produced and become available for people to buy to become known eg. 1) It was getting dark and the stars were coming out. 2) When’s your new book coming out ? 3) It has now come out that many people suffered severe side effect from the drug. 4. It sold 15 million copies and made her world famous. It 指的是前面的唱片,sold 用做不及物动词, 用主动形式表达被动意义. 其后跟有表销售数量 或销售情况好坏的状语. eg. This kind of dictionary sells well in the bookstore. 4. She has continued giving great performances on stage. eg. He continued his work.

continue vi. / vt.

continue to do sth. = continue doing sth. = continue with sth. give a performance = put on a performance(上演节目) -continuous adj. --continuously adj. eg.1) 大脑需要不断供血。 The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 2) 雨一刻不停地下。It rained continuously. 6…caused a few problems cause sth. ; cause someone to do sth. ; cause someone sth. eg.1) 是什么引起了那次事故? What caused that accident ? 2) 他的病使他错过了那场比赛. His illness caused him to miss the game.

3) 这场火灾是由计划不周所造成的. The disaster was caused by poor planning. 4) 这些老照片使她很伤心。 The old photos caused her sadness cause VS. reason cause 指导致某种行为、产生某种结果的或事物, 通常与介词 of 连用 reason 指通过逻辑判断推出来得理由,指发生某事的缘由或借口, 常与介词 for 连用 eg.1) Heat is the cause of the expansion of matter. 2) Give your reason for changing the plan. 7.Throughout the concert, the atmosphere inside the concert hall was extremely exciting. throughout prep. : from the beginning to the end; all over a place eg. throughout the year / season / month.. throughout the country / city 1) All the listeners were excited by his speech throughout the meeting.(会议期间) 2) He was popular with the students all over the country.(全国上下) 8. Everyone agreed that they were greatly impressed by Morissette’s brilliant music and singing. impress vt. :to fill someone with admiration or respect 使感动, 使钦佩 impress … on… 把…印在…上 impress sth. on sb. impress sb. with sth. be impressed by/at/with 被…所感动, 印入脑海 1).我父亲对我强调了努力工作的重要性. My father impressed on me the value of hard work. 2)“中国制造”的字样印在一块金属板上. The words “ Made in China ” was impressed on a metal plate. 3) 他的事迹使我们深受感动. We were deeply impressed by his deeds. 4)他那天说的话深深的印在我的脑海里. What he said that day was deeply impressed on my memory.

impression n. 印象. leave or make a (an) impression on sb. All that left ( made ) a lasting impression on him. 9. She finished the evening with a new song about … finish vi. / vt. to come to an end or complete sth. eg. What time does the concert finish ? When do you finish your college course ? I haven’t finished reading the book yet . finish with sb. / sth. 1) to have no more use for a person or thing 不再使用某物, 不再为某人(帮忙) I’ll borrow the scissors if you’ve finished with them. Have you finished with the typist ? 你为那个打字员忙完了没有? 2) to end a relationship 断绝关系 He’s finished with Mary at last . finish …with …:end … with 以…作为结束 Let’s finish the birthday party with a piece of music. Step VIII Practice:

1.她习惯于睡觉前喝一杯牛奶。 2.我毕业后继续致力于研究。(continue, dedicate) 3.干旱(the drought)使得蔬菜价格上涨。 4.校长让我们明白了学习英语的重要性。 (impress sth. on sb.) 5.让我们用一首歌来结束这个会议吧。 The answers: 1. She is used to having a glass of milk before going to bed. 2. After I had graduated I continued to dedicate myself to research. 3.The drought caused the vegetable prices to go up. 4. The headmaster impressed the importance of learning English on us. 5.Let’s finish this meeting with a song.

Ⅶ:Grammar: 语法 adverbial clauses of time 时间状语从句 1. Look at the sentences.What time does the underlined part talk about: the present or the future? What tense is used? 看下面的句子,划线部分讨论的是现在还是将来?用的什么时态? I’ll go and pick them up as soon as the class ends. When you finish tidying up your room, we’ll have a cup of tea. 2.Finish the sentences. ?We’ll make tea when the guests arrive. ?I’ll go home as soon as the lesson finishes. ?I’ll tell you before you leave. ?We’ll have a party when you pass your examination. Adverbial of concession: Adverbial clause of concession 让步状语从句 1:look at two sentences below. 看下面的两个句子 Although /Though she doesn’t enjoy her job, she works hard. Although/Though it is small, the room is very comfortable. 2. Finish the sentences: Although /Though he is rich, he is still unhappy. Although /Though he is poor, he is honest. Ⅷ:Language in use:语言应用 Work in pairs and talk about your future plans. Use the expressions below to help you. 配对学习,讨论一下你的未来计划。用下面的表达来帮助你 go to college, find a job, rent a flat, learn to drive go on holidays, continue studying Ⅸ: Homework 家庭作业 1)Find more information about Alanis Morissette on the internet . 在网上寻找更多关于 Alanis Morissette 的资料 2)Make sentences with key words.用关键单词造句



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