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2011 年哈尔滨市中考英语模拟试卷
第Ⅰ卷(笔试部分) 二、单项选择题(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 选择最佳答案。 ( )21.I'm a football fan. I'm interested in everything A.who ( B.that C.where . C.special something is about the 2006 World Cup. )22.—What are you going to give your mother for her birthday? —I'm not sure. But I'll buy her A.something special ( A.dress ( B.wear )23.The boy was able to B.anything special C.put on their cars at home one d

himself when he was very young.

)24.Cars cause most of Beijing's air pollution. So the "No Car Da

y" campaign(活动)asks Beijing drivers ay each month. A.leave ( B.leaving C.to leave

)25.My school isn't far from here. It's only A.fifteen minutes B.fifteen minutes'


C.fifteen minute's

) 26.Mount Qomolangma, "the roof(屋脊) the world", is as of A.high B.higher C.highest the film KING KONG B.has, begun ?

as 8844.43 metres. ( )27. —How long A.did, begin (

—For just several minutes. C.has, been on each other. C.get together
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)28.Good manners usually help people to A.get on well with B.get started

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轻 (

)29. —I'm sorry to hear that Bill failed the exam again. —Don't worry about him. I'm sure that he will never give up u

ntil he . A.succeed ( B.succeeds C.succeeded ? )30. —Could you tell me

—Sorry, I don't know. You can ask the policeman over there. A. where the science museum is B. how can I get to the science museum C. where is the science museum ( )31.The drink is A.too, to ( delicious I enjoy it very much. B.so, that C.such, that

)32.Health is very important to us, We should eat more vegetabl rich food. C.very much A.too much B.much too

es and fruit instead of (

)33. —If you want to protect your eyes from harm, which should — .

NOT you do? A. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays(紫 外线) B. Stay before the computer screen and play games for long C. Do eye exercises every day ( )34.Mr and Mrs Brown get 2,000 dollars in all from their work ev on elothing ery month. The chart on the right shows they spend and food every month. A.$ 800 B.$ 900 C.$ 1,000

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( rs?

)35.Which stress of the following words is different from the othe A.religion B.amaze C.climate

三、完形填空(本题共 10 分,每小题 1 分)根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 How do you feel when you have to make a report in front of your cla ssmates? What about when you go to a bitthday party? Do you get 36 shy? 37 when you're round other peo 38 they grow up. M

Shyness means feeling nerous or

ple. Everyone experiences(体验)this shyness

ost people have red faces and talk in broken sentences when they are in the center of attention. It's OK if it takes you a while to feel yours elf again when you go to a new place or meet strangers. 39 , eve rybody gets a little shy sometimes. It's just a case(事)of how much. But many teenagers think that they hate themselves and that they wo n't fit in the future at come point. Stop the negative(消极的)thoughts about yourself. If shyness doesn't keep you 40 something you want to do, being shy isn't a very big 4 problem. Some experts say shy people are not only cleverer, but also better at working with others, because they think more and talk 1 . Some great people in history were shy, too. 42 . But remember not to let good cha 44 . When you grow u
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You see, being shy isn't all nces 43

just because of it ! Your shyness will

p year after year, you'll become brave enough to speak to anyone. Bu
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t now, you need practice! If you have to sing a song at a party, just do it! There's nothing to be afraid of! Remember, though you're shy, you do not lack in(缺少) 45 . Cone on, our shy sriends! ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )36.A.rtue B.real B.since C.really C.proud C.For example C.by B.In fact C.from doing C.less C.wonderful C.go by C.confidently C.passed

)37.A.comfortable B.frightened )38.A.as )39.A.What is worse )40.A.to do )41.A.much )42.A.good B.doing B.more B.bad B.pass

)43.A.go down )44.A.past

B.go over

)45.A.confidence B.confident

四、阅读理解(本题共 20 分,每小题 1 分) (A) Nowadays more and more people care about the exploiation(开采)of t he natural resources, such as oil.Though there're many kinds of resour ees, with the fast inorease of population and the appeararice of many more factories, the more we use, the fewer there will be left for the f uture, Oil is getting less and less year after year. It's said that oil can last for only 50 years. Natural gas perhaps will last about 38 years.

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Oil can be used in many ways and it's difficult to imagine what the m odern world will be like without oil. But oil isn't easy to find and get o ut of the earth. Men nust study the rochs. When they think the rocks in a certain place may have oil, a metal tower is built, A machine in t he tower cuts a hole down into the groud. At the same time, a steel pipe(钢管)is pushed down to stop the sides from falling in and to kee p out water. At last if the men are right, usually the oil rushes up the sides with great force(力量)by the pressure(压力)of the gas in the top of the rock, and it rushes high into the air. If the oil catches a lig ht, there will be a terrible fire. So a kind of cover is fixed on the top of the picpe, and the oil can run out through taps(活塞). If we make a well near the middle of the oil field, we can also get ga s. Such gas is sent through pipes to towns far away and used in hous es and factories like coal gas. Today oil is under pressure as never before. The price of oil keeps risi ng all the time. In many countries, the governments encourage people to save oil as much as possible. ( )46.The word "resouree" in the passage means A.资源 ( B.现象 C.商品 .

)47.Which is the right order of the exploitation of oil? a.Push down a steel pipe. b.Study the rocks. c.Build a metal tower. d.Oil rushes up. A.b,c,d,a B.b,a,c,d C.b,c,a,d

)48.Which of the following can be true according to(根据)the pa

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A. Coal gas can't be used in houses and factories. B. Oil is very important in the modern world. C. Many governments encourage people to waste oil as much as possible. ( )49.According to the passage, the right picture to show the tend . ency(趋势)to the amount (数量) of oil on the earth is

)50.The best title for the passage is A. The Exploitation of Oil. B. The Use of Oil C. The Frice of Oil (B)


) 51.From the information above, we know the Olympic Games is years. B.4 C.5 A.3

held every (

)52.The mascots for Beijing Olympic Games are 2 more than tho Olympic Games. B.Los Angeles C.Atlanta
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se for A.Sydney
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)53.The mascot for the A.1996 Munich

Olympic Games was the first Olympi

c mascot in Olympic history. B.1984 Beijing C.1972 Munich ( e ( )54.The 23rd and 26th Olympic Games were held in the sam . A.town B.city C.country )55.Which of the following information is NOT true? A. The 1996 Olympic Games was held in America. B. The 27th Olympic Games was held in Europe. C. Beijing is getting ready for the 29th Olympic Games. (C) Morison and Philip were classmates. They lived in the same town. Afte r they left school, Morison became the manager(经理)of a flower sho p and Philip became a doctor in a hospital. Philip made a girlfriend. He bought a red rose for her each day to sho w his love, The flowers made her very happy. Sometimes he took the rose to her himself. But when he was busy in the hospital, he asked Morison to give the rose to her instead of him. One afternoon, Philip came into the flower shop and said to Morison. " I'll go to another town to work today. I have no time to give the lette r and the flowers to my gilfriend. Please glve her the letter and twent y-four roses." In the evening, when Morison was closing the dorr of the shop, Philip came.
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"Morison, how many roses did you give my girlfriend this morning?" a sked Philip angrily. "I gave her thirty," answered Morison. "Why did you do that?" asked Philip. "I thought you often bought roses for her in my shop. I want to give her six roses as the gifts (赠品). Six is a good number, you know," s aid Morison. "How foolish you are!" He threw his letter on the table. "Read it!" Morison picked it up and began to read: Dear Mimi, I love you very much. Today is your birthday. Please accept my prese nt-some roses, One rose is a year. And the roses are your age. Yours, Philip "She returned them to me," cried Philip, "you must go and explain it t o her." 根据短文内容判断正、误。 (注意:市区考生将答题卡相应位置涂黑,正确的涂“A”,错误的涂“B”,县(市)考 生将答案填写在题前括号内,正确的填“A”,错误的填“B”)

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轻 ( ( (

)56.Philip and Morison had different jobs after school. )57.Mimi never accepted Philip's flowers. )58.Philip couldn't send flowers to Mimi himself on her birthday )59.Mimi was happy to get six more roses from Philip. )60.From the passage we know that Mimi was 24 years old at t

because he was ill. ( (

hat time. (D) ( )61.Trees can get light from A.CO2 ( B.O2 C.the sun . C.leaves . )62.Chlorophyll is in A.sunlight ( B.soil )63.We can get more O2 by A. planting more trees B. cutting trees down C. making the water in soil polluted ( )64.CO2 from air and can produce food for trees with the help of chlorophyll and sunlight. A.water in the sea B.water from soil C.water in the river ( )65.The picture tells us . A. how trees let O2 go into air in the sunlight B. how trees let CO2 go into air in the sunlight C. the sunlight isn't important to trees at all 第Ⅱ卷
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in the daytime.

五、任务性阅读(本题共 10 分,第空 1 分) 先阅读(A)、(B)两篇短文,然后根据题目要求及所给语境完成下列四项任务。 (A) buy explore video allow careful

Jacques Cousteau, a Frenchman, was very interested in diving deep in to the sea, and wanted to be an no machine 67 66 . But at that time, there was a person to breathe under water for a long time. T 68 a ship and used it to explore under the sea. 69 of many thing

hen in 1943, he and his friend made it possible by inventing the scub a machine. So he s 70 When he explored the sea, he took pictures and

. He even made a TV show which ran for eight years. It was

named The Undersea World of Jacques Coustemt. It was very popular and let many people see what life was like under the sea. (B) The Great Lakes between the US and Canada are the largest bodies of fresh water in the world. For a long time, people lived happily beside the Lakes until the countries began to build factories along the shore s. Pollution was killing the Lakes, Pretty soon, the Lakes' ecosystem w as not right any more. Scientists knew something had to be done. So did the government. They learnt it was important to keep the ecosyte m of the Lakes healthy and strong. If the Lakes dried up. the whole world would feel it. Many areas would become deserts and many anim als would lose their homes and maybe die out. As a result, they set u
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p a lab called the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory to s olve the problem. 任务 1:用方框里所给单词的适当形式填空,使文章通顺、连贯、合理。(每词限用 一次,每空一词) 66. 67. 68. 69. 70.

任务 2:根据英文释义及首字母提示,拼写单词。 71.d 72.s to stop living the land along the edge of a large area of water, such as

an ocean or lake 任务 3:同义句转换,每空一词。 Scientists knew something had to be done. So did the government. 73 done. 任务 4:根据短文内容简答问题。 75.What was killing the Lakes? scientists 74 the government knew something had to be

六、交际应用(本题共 10 分,每空 1 分) (A)从 A-G 选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话。(选项中有两项是多余 的) A:What do you plan to do this weekend? B: 76 A:I hear there's going to be a basketball match this Sunday.Tom and
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习 77

I are going to watch it. match. What a pity!

B:Of course. Basketball is my favourite, But I have no ticket for the A:You're lucky. I have some free tickets. B:Greut! 79 80 78

A:Let’s meet at the bus stop at half past five. B:I think there must be a big crowd of people there. A:Ok. See you at five o'clock. B:See you. A. What about making it a little earlier? B. I have no idea. C. Let's share them together. D. Thank you all the same. E. Do you all the same. F. When and where shall we meet? G. It doesn't matter. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

(B)填入一个适当的词补全对话,每空一词。 A:Good morning! Can I 81 you? B:Yes,please. I'd like to buy a pair of leather tennis shoes. A:What colour do you want? B:I can't decide. A:Er... We have two colout, Which one do you like better? B:I think I B:Size 37. A:How about this pair?
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white to black.

A:What size shoes do you wear?

成 83

绩 ?

B:They look nice and soft. May I try them A:Certainly. B:Oh, I'm afraid they're a little 84

for me.

A:Here's another pair in Size 38.What do you think of them? B:Oh, good. They're big enough. How much are they? A:Two hundred and eighty yuan. B:They're too dear. A:Maybe. But good things always B:OK. I'll take them. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 85 much.

七、阅读表达(本题共 10 分) (A)阅读短文,根据短文内容完成表格,每空一词。(本题共 5 分,每空 1 分) I have always loved cars. After graduating from college, I got one, wh ich I regarded as my favourite friend. I called it Victor. For the next t hree years, everything I did was connected with(与...有关)Victor. I liv ed a happy life. But because of money problems, I had to sell Victor. Then my life broke down. Whthout Victor, I was like a fish out of wat er. Three months later, with the encouragement of my friends, I decid ed to start a new life. I tried and made it. Everything went well again. Losing my car made me grow up. I have learned that life won't alwa ys go our way, but we can chose to be positive(积极的)and make the best of it. 86 of the car Victor 87 graduating from college Time of getting the car Reason for 88 the car to Because of money problems
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someone Feelings of losing the car Like a fish out of 89 Improvement from the 90 won't always go our way. We can be experience positive. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90.

(B)根据所给信息运用不同句式写出 5 个句子。(本题共 5 分,每句 1 分) 过春节的时候,孩子们通常会从长辈那里得到一些“压岁钱”。韩梅对部分同学去年使 用这笔钱的情况进行的调查。假如你是韩梅,请根据下面的信息向大家作汇报。要求 用上所有的信息,并表明自己的观点。 Students Li Lei Lin Tao Xu Xin Du Hui 9 1. 9 2. 9 3. 9 4. Things they did with the money Give away the money to the people in trouble Trauelling: to Beijing Put the money in the bank ...

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轻 9 5.

八、书面表达(本题共 15 分) 近年来,学生们对英语学习的了解更加深入,逐渐认识到学习英语不只是单纯地记单 词、学语法、做习题,而是还应该多听、多说、多运用…… 请你围绕怎样才能学好英语这一话题,展开思路,谈谈你的感想。 要求: 1.请根据所提供的信息材料和话题(不要逐句翻译),写出结构完整、语句精彩、意 思连贯、语言流畅、语法准确、符合逻辑的短文。 2.至少使用两种时态,80 词以上。 3.不得使用真实姓名、地名和学校名。 4.题目自拟。

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参考答案 二、 单项选择。(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 21-25 BAACB 26-30 ACABA 31-35 BABBC

三、 完形填空。(本题共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 36-40 CBABC 41-45 CBCBA

四、 阅读理解。(本题共 20 分,每题 1 分) (A)46-50 ACBAA (C)56-60 ABBBA (B)51-55 BACCB (D)61-65 CCABA

五、 任务性阅读。(本题共 10 分,每小题 1 分) (A)66.explorer (B)71.die 67.allowing 68.bought 73.Both 69.videos 70.carefully 72.shore 74.and 75.Pollution

六、 交际应用。(本题共 10 分,每小 1 分) (A)76-80 BECFA (B)81.help 82.prefer 83.on 84.small/smaller 85.cost

七、 阅读表达。(本题 10 分) (A)阅读短文,根据短文内容完成表格,每空一词。(本题共 5 分,每小题 1 分) 86.Name 87.After 88.selling 89.water 90.Life

(B)根据所给信息写出 5 个句子。(本题共 5 分,每个句子 1 分) 91.Hu Xin put the money in the bank./… 92.Li Lei gave away the money(gave the money away)to the peopl e in trouble./… 93.Lin Tao travelled to Beijing(with the money)./…
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94.Du Hui bought some books(with the money)./… 95.Dirrerent students did different things with the money. [We should learn to spend money in the right way(s)./We shouldn' t waste money./…] 八、 书面表达。(本题共 15 分) (一)评分原则: 1.考生可根据所提供的信息材料和话题做答,按四个等次给分。 2.使用了真实姓名、地名、学校名,此题不给分。 3.有下列情况之一降一等次:①脱离所提供的信息材料,论述的观点不符合该话题; ② 词数不足 80 个;③少于两种时态;④没拟标题;⑤严重语法错误(时态、语态的构成, 从句引导词使用,以及主从句时态不一致等错误。 4.有下列情况之一在总分中扣 1 分:①书写字迹潦草,以致影响交际;②标题书写不 规范。 (二)评分要求: 1.评分时应先考虑主题的鲜明性,上下文的连贯性及语言的得体性,其次考虑较为复 杂的词语的数量和句子结构的准确性。 2.评分时先根据短文内容和语言初步确定其所属等次,然后以该等次的要求来衡量, 确 定或调整等次,最后给分。 3.文中出现拼写、大小写等错误 1-3 个扣 1 分,3 个以上扣 2 分,其它的酌情处理。 (三)给分范围: 一等文: (12-15 分)观点明确,论述充分、深刻,结构完整、语句精彩、首尾呼应、 意思连贯、语言流畅、语法准确、符合逻辑、可读性强,能够突出体现英语语言表述
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能力。 二等文:(9-11 分)观点明确、内容较完整、语言较流畅、表达较清晰、首尾呼应、 语言有少量语法错误、可读性较好。 三等文:(6-8 分)内容不够完整,语言表达不够清楚,有多处语法错误,语句比较 单调。 四等文:(0-5 分)基本不成文。

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