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1、名词性从句的种类 2、引导词的选择与区分



1. W

here they hold the important meeting is
unknown to us all.

2. We doubt whether he can do a good job.
3. Our school is quite different from what it was before. 4. The reason why I like the dictionary is that it is useful for my work. 5. The news came that our football team won.

考点2;引导词的选择与区分 1. that只起连接作用,无意义,在从句中不当
【2012上饶一模】 he talked about it to reporters surprised me. A./ B.That C.Whether D.What

引导宾语从句时可以省略,但出现多个并列 的that宾语从句时,只省略第一个that

what 既有连接作用, 又要在从句中作主,宾,表 语。指“----的东西/事情/人/时间/地点等”。 【2012山师大附中检测】Water, which seems so simple and common, is ____ makes life possible. A. what B. that C. which D. how 【2012太原月考】The boss refused to sell the car for ____ he thought was not satisfactory. A. that B. which C. how D. what

what还可作形容词使用, “什么样的;多么”, 引导的感叹句充当名词性从句。
【2011北京卷 】 The shocking news made me realize ___ terrible problems we would face. A. what B. how C. that D. why 【2012烟台模拟 】 Parents are taught to understand important education is to their children’s future.? A. that B. how C. such D. so

whatever, “无论什么,无论什么样的”
【2012辽宁卷】The newcomer went to the library the other day and searched for ____ he could find about Mark Twain. A. wherever B. however C. whatever D. whichever It is uncertain side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A. that B. what C. whatever D. which

whether总比if好 “是否”
【2012安徽卷】The limits of a person’s intelligence are fixed at birth, but ___ he reaches these limits will depend on his environment. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 【2012安徽卷】 It doesn’t matter __ you turn right or left at the crossing --both roads lead to the park. A. whether B. how C. if D. when

who/whom/whose/whoever/whomever/ 1.who在名词性从句中为疑问词 “谁”, 在句子 中可作主、宾、表。whom 是who的宾格。 whose作定语 “谁的…‖ 【2012济南月考】—Could you please go and see a friend with me this afternoon? —It depends on it is. A.who B.whoever C.whom D.whomever

whoever―任何一个…的人/无论谁”,=anyone who(定语从句:先行词 + 指人的关系代词) whomever是whoever的宾格 【2012潍坊一模】The professor in the end decided to give the prize to____ command of English. A.who B.whom C.whoever D.whomever


中不一定指明范围)的特指的疑问或人/物。意 为 “哪一个”、“哪一个…‖, whichever ―无论哪一个”
【2012陕西卷】As many five courses are provided, and you are free to choose ___ suits you best. A whatever B. whichever C. whenever D. wherever

【2012郑州信息卷】It seems _____ the company Dubai World is unlikely to survive in this serious financial crisis. A. like if B. because of C. as if D. for that 【2012济宁模拟】Students are always interested in finding out__they can go with a new deskmate. A. how far B. how soon C. how often D. how long

【2012· 北京统测】Can you describe __ it happened? —Yes, I was riding on my bike __ a car knocked me down from behind. A.when; as B.how; as C.how; when D.how; while
【2012徐州月考】Many people wrote articles on ___Liu Xiang had failed again to compete in the event . A. why B. what C. who D. that

【2012海淀模拟】—It’s reported that the new underground line has been completed. —Yes but it hasn’t been made clear____ it’s to be opened to traffic. A.that B.who C.what D.when
--You know I gave up the job as a waiter and went to that little company. ---That’s ____you’ve made a mistake. That company isn’t well managed. A.what B. where C. why D. how

【2012济南月考】Have you seen Mary lately? My boss wants to know____.? A.how she is getting along B.how is she getting along? C.what she is getting along D.what is she getting along? 【2012兰州诊断】--- I don't know ___ makes her different from others. ---Confidence, I think. A.how is it that B.how it is that C.what is it that D.what it is that

考点4;名词性从句的特殊结构 1. it作形式宾语和形式主语
【2012江西卷】It suddenly occurred to him he had left his keys in the office. A.whether B.where C.which D.that 【2012全国新课程】It is by no means clear the president can do to end the strike. A. how B. which C. that D. what

【2012唐山摸底】The question we should call in a specialist now was raised by the family doctor. A.which B.who C.whether D.when
【2012临沂月考】Though I have no idea ___ the new film is about, I know it is popular with all who have seen it. A.whether B.why C.that D.what

【2012济宁摸底】The suggestion ___ more samples ___ included in the experiment will be carefully considered. A. that, are B. what, are C. that, be D. which, be
All the doctors insisted that he __ badly wounded and that he __ at once. A.was… be operated on B.were.. must be operated on C.was… should be operated D.should be… be operated

We can be hopeful that our efforts to improve the world will be successful. 【2012重庆摸底】—What do you think of the meal we have just had? —It is well worth is charged for it. A. that B. which C. what D. how many

【2012浙江卷】I made a promise to myself ____ this year, my first year in high school, would be different. A. whether B. what C. that D. how The experience of the Chinese nation attests to a truth___ a nation loses in times of disaster will be made up for by her progress A. that what B. what C. that D. what that

【2012吉林模拟】 __ surprises us most is ___ she doesn’t even know ___ the difference between the two opinions lies. A. It, that, which B. What, that, what C. What, that, where D. That, what, where
【2012威海月考】There is a saying , ―life is 10% ___ happens to us and 90%___ we respond to it.‖ A.who; why B.what; how C.which; when D.that; that

In 1942, Columbus and his crew arrived _____ was so-called the New World by the westerners. A. what B. in what C. where D. in which 【2012保定调研】 seems to be no possibility Li Hua can win the first prize in the 100 – meter race. A.It; that B.There; that C.There; whether D.It; whether

【2012宁波模拟】After a five-hour drive, they reached ___ they thought was the right place ___ they had been dreaming of. A. where; which B. that; that C. which; where D. what; that You could see the runners very well from ___ we stood. A.which B.where C.that D.what



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