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上海市延安中学 2011 学年度第二学期期中考试高二年级英语试题 (2012-04-25 14:55:01) 标签: 分类: 试题速递 教育 上海市延安中学 2011 学年度第二学期期中考试 高二年级英语试题 II. Grammar and Vocabulary(17+9=26) Section A Directions: Beneath each of the followin

g sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 25. Being mature means that you should stick __________ the promise you have made whatever difficulty you meet with. A.with B.for C.to D.by 26.The manager chose ___________ of the two plans, so he asked the secretary to come up with a third one. A.either B.neither C.none D.both 27.As is reported, women with demanding jobs are ____________ to suffer a heart attack as men. A.twice likely as B.as twice likely C.twice likely D.twice as likely 28.The number of people shopping online has increased greatly since the early 2000s, when people __________ to enjoy the convenience of the Internet. A.has begun B.began C.begins D.had begun 29.It _________ have been Tom that forgot to lock the door as he was the last person to leave the classroom yesterday evening. A.must B.should C.can D.would 30.Although he didn’t break your bicycle on purpose, it is still his duty to pay to have it _______. A.fix B.to be fixed C.fixed D.being fixed 31.A security guard of Fudan University spares no time to review books and memorize English words _____________ he could become a postgraduate. A.as if B.even though C.so as D.so that 32.The air will be clearer if more people __________ to ride bicycles and take subways instead of driving private cars. A.persuade B.are persuaded C.will persuade D.be persuaded

33. Doctors warn people that ___________ anger through unnatural methods is much more harmful than the anger itself. A.controlling B.to be controlled C.having controlled D.control 34.The employees are arguing over the company’s decision _________ it will fire half of its staff in the following two years. A.which B.what C.that D.whether 35.__________ for about half a year to apply for a job as a newspaper reporter, he finally took a teaching position in a middle school. A.Struggling B.Having struggled C.to struggle D.struggled 36.The piano duo(双钢琴)concert _________ by the two world-class pianists was a huge success. A.giving B.having been given C.having given D.given 37.Teachers should create an environment ____________ children are taught how to solve problems of learning by themselves. A.where B.which C.in where D.whose 38. Hearing someone walking towards the room, the thief broke the window and away ________. A.ran he B.did he run C.he ran D.running he 39.A billion people at the top end are killing themselves eating overly rich diets ___________ a billion poor people live desperate lives suffering from malnutrition(营养不良). A.as B.while C.because D.since 40.China overtook(超过)the US as the world’s biggest market for art and antiques last year, ___________marked the end of American domination. A.what B.which C.when D.that 41.If you can find ___________ good learning method that suits you, your study efficiency is likely to improve remarketably. A.whatever B.however C.no matter what D.no matter how Section B (9%) Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there are one more than you need. A.struggle F.worse B.encourage G.employment C.better D.cultivate E.demands H.increase I.experienced J.dramatically

China has a severe shortage of skilled talent and in a policy to change this phenomenon, has

decided to open its doors to talent from around the world. This cound mean that the brilliant scientists the US laid off could find new ____42____ and new home in Shanghai or Beijing. Chinese research labs have long had difficulty hiring qualified workers to perform necessary research and development and its companies ____43____ to find competent(能胜任的) managers.The situation is likely to get even ____44____ as China’s high-tech industries grow and ___45___ its national R&D spending from the present 1.62 percent of GDP to the planned 2.5 percent by 2020. In May 2010, China’s President Hu Jintao calls for talent development, the goal of which is to ___46___ increase the education level of China’s workforce and to build an innovation economy. China has set up several important programs to ___47___ skilled Chinese to return home -----all in an effort to meet the country’s huge talent ___48___. One of these programs is the “Thousand Foreign Talents Program.” The program’s goal is to bring 2,000 ___49___ engineers, scientists and other experts of Chinese origin back from the west. The government also announced that it aims to ___50___ 100 entrepreneurs 企业家) ( who can lead Chinese firms getting into the ranks of the world’s top 500 companies. III. Reading Comprehension (31 分) Section A (15 分) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A,B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. I worked as a postal letter carrier in Charlotte. One day several years ago, I drove up to a ___51___. Christy, the young divorcee(离了婚的人)who lived there, was waiting by the roadside. She said that she had a story to tell me. About six months ___52___ it seemed that I had ___53___ a letter to her which had her street ___54___ on it but was addressed to another house with the same number on a different street in the neighborhood. She decided to ___55 the letter at the correct house. It turned out that the letter had been ___56___ for Johnson, who happened to be ___57___. They talked for a little while, and later on he ___58___. Then they started dating and had been going out together ever since. I felt sorry for delivering the letter wrong, but I was pleased that I had brought these nice people together. A few months later a(n) ___59___ sign went up in Christy’s yard, and then the wedding ___60___ were sent out. Soon the house was sold, the wedding happened, ___61___Christy, with her kids moved into Johnson’s house. A few months later, I saw a For Sale sign in ___62___ yard. I feared the ___63___ might be in trouble,so I made up a(n) ___64___ to go to their door and ___65___ on them. Christy opened the door, smiled broadly, and pointed to her huge stomach. “We’re having twins!” she said, “This house won’t be big enough, so we have to move.” I suddenly realized that my one misdelivered letter was not giving two little yet-to-be-born people a shot at life. Great! 51. A.telephone B.mailbox C.school D.shop 52. A.after B.earlier C.later D.ago 53. A.sent B.written C.delivered D.given 54. A.mark B.sign C.board D.number

55. A.put down B.drop off C.hand out D.give away 56. A.provided B.prepared C.inferred D.intended 57. A.free B.single C.lonely D.simple 58. A.left B.invited C.called D.introducd 59. A.Sale B.Sales C.On Sale D.For Sale 60. A.arrangement B.preparations C.invitations D.announcements 61. A. but B.and C.while D.until 62. A. her B.his C.my D.their 63. A. friendship B.connection C.marriage D.wedding 64. A.apology B.trouble C.excuse D.regret 65. A.check B.examine C.test D.try

Section B(每题 1 分,共 12 分) Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) When having an interview, it’s not just words you have to think about, but also how you express them. Avoid a flat monotone(单调的) voice that people sometimes get when they are nervous. And it can add so much if you show your excitement and your eagerness to work for that company, and that is where past performance will indicate future performance. So good interviewers will ask you very detailed questions where they’ll put you on the spot and they’ll want to know specifically your role in what you did for a particular project. And so the key to giving a good answer to a behavioral interview question is to do what I call a STAR, S-T-A-R. The S and T stand for explaining a situation or a task that you were given, the A is the action you took and the R is the results. In addition, you need to be prepared before you walk in the door. Go through some mock interviews, if you can have friends ask you questions. Practice in the mirror, answering questions. Go in with three or four things you really want to stress about yourself. And then you can bring those out no matter what question is asked. To follow up after the interview, you can send a thank-you letter. And you can do it by e-mail. In that thank-you letter you do a couple of things. You make sure that you show sincere appreciation for the time that they spent interviewing you. You have another chance to make that case as to how your skills match their needs. 66. What should you think about when having an interview? A. How to express what you want to say. B. How to use a flat monotone voice. C. How to ask very detailed questions. D. How to hide your excitement and eagerness. 67. To give a good answer to a behavioral interview question you needn’t explain _________. A. the action you took B. the results you got C. your eagerness to carry out the project D. a situation or a task that you were given

68. What’s the main purpose of this passage? A. To give suggestions on having an interview. B. To introduce some keys to being a successful interviewer. C. To encourage people to send a thank-letter before interview. D. To advise people to ask friends some questions before interview.

(B) Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture(针灸) Author: Angela Hicks, John Hicks, Peter Mole Item 95-53 Regular Price $69.95 AAMA Practice Member Price $59.45

Description: This exciting textbook gives a clear, detailed, and presentation of the main features of constitutional five element acupuncture treatment. It covers the context and history of this form of acupuncture, as well as the relevant Chinese medicine theory. After examining the elements themselves, and the functions of the organs, the book explores the basis of diagnosis in five element acupuncture, possible blocks to treatment, and the treatment itself. It puts this style of treatment into the context of other styles of acupuncture treatment especially Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it is used in the West today. ★A clear and trustworthy exploration of five element constitutional acupuncture. ★ A description of the major aspects of diagnosis within this system, solving inconsistencies(前后矛盾)often present in discussions of these aspects. ★An encouragement of a particular style and approach in acupuncture, of interest to all schools of thought in Chinese medicine. ★Overall revisions keep the material in this book up-to-date. ★New information on calculation of sample size and effect size features material of increasing importance in the field. ★Updating of all references keep the reader current with the latest real-work in the field. ★Additional student activities within the text offer the reader even more help in learning new material or brushing up on the latest. ★New appendix features an exceptional critique(书评) of a published research paper. ★Two-color format makes the text visually appealing. 69. The above table and passage is mainly_______________. A. an advertisement to persuade people to buy the book B. a comparison between the five elements and TCM C. an introduction to the author writing this book D. an introduction to the book on five elements 70. The book mentions all the following but___________. A. the basis of diagnosis in five element acupuncture B. the relevant Chinese medicine theory C. the fact people in China know constitutional acupuncture

D. the context and history of acupuncture 71. People who read the book may find it visually appealing in that_______. A. it is published in traditional Chinese B. the book has the advantage of two colors in printing C. overall revisions keep the material in this book up-to-date D. Practice Member Price is lower than Regular Price 72. Supposing Jack is an AAMA Practice Member and he has bought ten books, how much has he saved compared with Regular Price? A. 215 dollars. B. 105 dollars. C. 195 dollars. D. 150 dollars. (C) If you’re a male and you’re reading this , congratulations : you’re a survivor. According to statistics, you’re more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer than a woman ,and nine times more likely to die of AIDS . Assuming you make it to the end of your natural term, about 78years for men in Australia , you’ll die on average five years before a woman. There’re many reasons for this ---typically , men take more risks than women and are more likely to drink and smoke—but perhaps more importantly , men don’t go to the doctor. “Men aren’t seeing doctors as often as they should ,” says Dr.Gullotta . “this is particularly so for the over-40s, when diseases tend to strike .” Gullotta say a healthy man should visit the doctor every year or two . For those over 45,it should be at least once a year . Two months ago Gullotta saw a 50-year-old man who had delayed doing anything about his smoker’s cough for a year . “When I finally saw him it had already spread and he has since died from lung cancer ,” he says. “Earlier detection and treatment may not have cured him but it would have prolonged(延长) his life .” According to a recent survey ,95% of women aged between 15 and early 40s see a doctor once a year , compared to 70% of men in the same age group. “A lot of men think they’re invincible (不可战胜的),” Gullatta says . “they only come in when a friend drops dead on the golf course and they think ,’Geez,if it could happen to him ,……’ ” Then there’s the ostrich approach .”Some men are scared of what might be there and would rather not know ,” says Dr.Ross Cartmill. “most men get their cars serviced more regularly than they service their bodies ,” Garmill says .He believes most diseases that commonly affect men could be addressed by preventive check-ups. Regular check-us for men would inevitably lace strain on the public purse , Cartmill says . “but prevention is cheaper in the long run than having to treat the disease . Besides , the ultimate cost is far greater :it’s called premature death .” 73. Why does the author congratulate his male readers at the beginning of the passage ? A)They are more likely to survive serious diseases today B)Their average life span has been considerably extended C)They have lived long enough to read this article D)They are sure to enjoy a longer and happier life

74.What does the author state is the most important reason men die five years earlier on average than women ? A)Men drink and smoke much more than women B)Men don’t seek medical care as often as women C)Men aren’t as cautious as women in face of danger D)Men are more likely to suffer from fatal disease 75.Which of the following best completes the sentence “Geez ,if it could happen to him, ...”(line 2, para.8) A)it could happen to me ,too BI should avoid playing golf C)I should consider myself lucky D)it would be a big misfortune 76. What does Dr.Ross Cartmill mean by “the ostrich approach “(Line 1 ,Para 9) A)A casual attitude towards one’s health conditions B)A new therapy for certain psychological problems C)Refusal to get medical treatment for fear of the pain involved D)Unwillingness to find out about one’s disease because of fear 77.What does Cartmill say about regular check-ups for men ? A)They may increase public expense B)They will save money in the long run C)They may cause psychological strain s on men D)They will enable men to live as long as women Section C (每题 1 分,共 5 分) Directions: Reading the following text and choose the most suitable heading from A-AC for each paragragh. There is one extra heading which you do not need. A. B. C. D. E. F. Advances in transport lead to trade increase Birth of Transport-related Industries and Trade Role of Transport in Trade Development Another Means to Develop Trade Higher Living Standard Modern Life Needs Modern Traffics

78.____________ Transport is one of the aids to trade. By moving goods from places where they are plentiful to places where they are scarce, transport adds to their value. The more easily goods can be brought over the distance that separates producer and consumer, the better for trade. When there were no railways, no good roads,no canals, and only small sailing ships,trade was on a small scale. 79.____________

The great advances made in transport during the last two hundred years were accompanied by a big increase in trade. Bigger and faster ships enabled a trade in meat to develop between Britain and New Zealand, for instance. Quicker transport makes possible mass-production and big business, drawing supplies from, and selling goods to, parts of the globe. Big factories could all not exist without transport to carry the large number of workers they need to and from their homes. Big city stores could not have developed unless customers could travel easily from the suburbs and goods delivered to their homes. Big cities could not survive unless food could be brought from a distance. 80. _____________ Transport also prevents waste. Much of the fish landed at the ports would be wasted if it could not be taken quickly to inland towns. Transport has given us a much greater variety of foods and goods since we no longer have to live on what is produced locally. Foods which at one time could be obtained only during a part of the year can now be obtained all through the year. Transport has raised the standard of living. 81._____________ By moving fuel,raw materials, and even power,as, for example,through electric cables, transport has led to the establishment of industries and trade in areas where they would have been impossible before. Districts and countries can concentrate on making things which they can do better and more cheaply than others and can then exchange them with one another. The cheaper and quicker transport becomes,the longer the distance over which goods can profitably be carried. Countries with poor transport have a lower standard of living. 82.____________ Commerce requires not only the moving of goods and people but also the carrying of messages and information. Means of communication , like telephones , cables and radio, send information about prices,supplies, and changing conditions in different parts of the world. In this way, advanced communication systems also help to develop trade. IV. Filling the blanks according to the texts you have learned.(每题 1 分,共 10 分) n In fact, for two hundred years or ___83___, beavers provided the most ___84___ fur in North Amercia. Beaver ___85___ often were used as money. Young men looking for ___86___ headed west across the country to ___87___ for beavers. n To have maximum ___88___ you need to make each member of your ___89___ feel as if you were speaking to them ___90___. To do this, ___91___ towards all section of the audience and don’t be ___92___ to move you head. n There is something ___93___ about someone who smiles a lot. We are automatically ___94___ to someone who is happy. ___95___ a smile usually ___96___ the person behind it is ___97___. n On the last day of school, getting up a strange ___98___, I handed my ___99___ book to Marget. She ___100___, then ___101___ looking up, wrote words I don’t ___102___ now. V. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the verbs given below.(每题 1 分,共 5 分) 103. She was the only one of the students who ________(be) late for the exam held yesterday.

104. He pretended __________(read) English novels when his mother came in and asked him why he didn’t go to bed. 105. I really appreciate your _________(give) me this chance of working with such a wonderful team. 106. This is the first time he _________(elect) as monitor of a class, so he feels both honored and surprised. 107. The center of student life is a double-height meeting and research space ________(locate) in the entrance. VI. Translation(每题 3 分,共 12 分) 108. 您的旧书在我们店能以旧换新。 (exchange) 109. 做幼儿园老师需要极大的耐心。 (call for) 110. 你越了解中国,你就对它越好奇。 (the more...the more...) 111. 时间有限,这个方案能否有效实施有待下一次会议讨论。 (it 形式主语)



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