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1.The news was a terrible blow to her, but she will _____ the shock soon. A. get out B. get through C. get off D. get over 2. The sound of the music ____louder and

louder as the band marched nearer to me. A. grew B. felt C. appeared D. remained 3. Off the east, the sky looked pale enough to ____ the storm would be passing quickly. A. suggest B. report C. prove D. explain 4.—Have you finished your homework yet? —Not yet, I ___ to do it just a few minutes ago. A. get down B. set out C. set about D. set up 5.The thing that _____ is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. A. matters B.cares C.considers D.minds 6. —So how is your new roommate? —She really _____. She’s always making loud noises at midnight and when I remind her,she always makes rude remarks. A. turns me off B. turns me down C. turns me out D. turns me over 7. To be honest, I don’t quite ____ with you some general views on the weather. A. did B. allow C. bother D. share 8. Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may ____ the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off 9. The old houses are being pulled down to ____ a new office block. A. supply with B. make use of C. make room for D. take the place of 10. It is fashionable to drive a car, but to drive a car is not nearly as difficult as it is imagined on condition that you ________ the specialized rules. A. give up B.stick to C.insist on D.connect to 11. Will you my composition to find out whether I’ve made any spelling mistakes? A. look through B.look on C.look up D.look out of 12. As is known to us all, failure usually _ __ laziness while diligence can ______ success. A. results from, lie in B. results in, result from C. leads to, lie in D. results from, result in 13. He has been fired and will have to over charge of his office tomorrow. A. take B.hand C.get D.go 14. His aunt’s letters him of those beautiful days when they used to live together in his hometown. A. call up B.call for C.call on D.call at 15. —Did you reach the top of the mountain? —Yes. Even I myself didn’t believe I could it. A. work B.climb C.get D.make 16. In Britain today women 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work. A. build up B.make up C.take up D.send up 17. We trust you ; only you can him to give up smoking . A. suggest B.attract C.advise D.persuade 18. —Have a good rest ; you need to your energy for the football match this afternoon .

—Thanks a lot . A. leave B.save C.hold D.get 19. In that country, guests usually feel that they are not highly ________ if the invitation to a dinner party is given only three or four days before the party date. A. regarded B. thought C. admired D. concerned 20. Difficulties and hardships have ________ the best character of the young geologist. A. brought in B. brought up C. brought out D. brought about 21. Our daughter doesn’t know what to at the university ; she can’t make up her mind about her future . A. take in B.take up C.take over D.take on 22. Ling Feng won the first prize in the national English competition and I’m glad that her efforts at last ________. A. worked out B.got back C.paid off D.turned out 23. The Browns sent lots of invitations for their party. But because of the improper time, few people _____ it. A. attended B.accepted C.received D.enjoyed 24. I think John will a good monitor, so I’d like to vote for him. A. turn B.change C.elect D.make 25. The girl _____ to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school. A. expects B.allows C.wishes D.promises 26.—What do you think of Andrew ? —There are some things that are not easy to , and his coldness is one . A. put aside B.put up with C.think of D.get along with 27.—Does he know how to work out the problem ? —Yes , he has a good idea to solve it . A. caught up with B.kept up with C.come up with D.put up with 28. —Will Thursday or Friday you ? —Either will . A. fit , be B.fit , OK C.suit , all right D.suit , do 29. Eating too much fat can heart disease and cause high blood pressure . A. result from B.contribute to C.attend to D.devote to 30. It suddenly to the detective that the millionaire was probably murdered by his own daughter. A. happened B.occurred C.thought D.took place 31. There, almost __ in the big chair, sat her little brother, who never had to be told to be quiet. A. losing B. having lost C. to be lost D. lost 32. Without fact, we cannot form a worthwhile opinion, for we need to have factual knowledge ______ our thinking. A. which to be based on B. upon which to base C. which to base upon D. to which to be based 33. There are many interesting books ______, but I’m at a loss which to borrow. A. to choose B. for choosing C. to be chosen D. to choose from 34. The two sides have finally ______, though some small differences still exist. A. made a decision B. reached an agreement C. settled down D. broken up 35. To everybody’s surprise, the fashionable young lady ______ to be a thief. A. found out B. proved out C. turned out D. put out

36. What a pity! He ______ the only chance of success. A. gave in B. put down C. threw away D. broke off 37. The truth will sooner or later ______. A. come about B. turn out C. come out D. give out 38. The teacher ______ excellent models of compositions for her class. A. held up B. held back C. got through D. got up 39. In my opinion, medical treatment and special schools should be ______ disabled people. A. referred to B. supplied with C. given by D. provided for 40. It is said that the newly-built theatre can ______ 1,800 people. A. be held B. seat C. sit D. be seated 41. The president of Iraq has decided to step down to be ______ by his younger son. A. changed B. taken C. held D. succeeded 42. The fellow I spoke ____ no answer at first. A. made B. to make C. to made D. to making 43. Sunday morning after getting up, I help my mother _____ our rooms and wash dirty clothes. A. do up B. turn up C. keep up D. speed up 44. If you are not sure of the meaning of this word, you can _____ the dictionary. A. refer to B. look up C. see D. make use of 45. The story was so moving that I could hardly _____ my tears. A. hold up B. hold on C. hold on to D. hold back 46. Her mother was _____ ill yesterday and is now in hospital. A. broken B. taken C. caught D. laid 47. He ran back into the room to see if he had anything _____ behind. A. forgotten B. laid C. remained D. left 48. The fire had burnt half the forest _____ before it was stopped. A. over B. away C. alone D. out 49. Eager to get thin, Ruth has decided to _____ meat entirely for three years at least. A. cut off B. cut up C. cut out D. cut down 50. A voice _____ the program to announce the election results. A. broke into B. broke up C. cut down D. cut off 51. That was a terrible piece of work you _____ the other day. I could hardly believe it was yours. A. turned in B. turned into C. turned over D. turned up 52. If a person has drunk poison by mistake, you should make the person ____ . A.go up B.rise up C.throw up D.set up 53. Just when I had put the glass safely down on the table, the cat jumped up and ______ it off. A.knocked B.fell C.turned D.took 54. Every hour in the morning the CCTV ______ the latest news in Yugoslavia(南斯拉夫). A. announced B. broadcast C. reported D. published 55 The storm ______ several trees down in the park. A.blew B.burnt C.turned D.brought 56. Never ____ your work till tomorrow. You should finish it before going to bed. A. drop B. leave C. put D. stay 57. I think there is a train at 6:00, but you’d better ______. A. be sure B. sure of C. make sure D. be sure about 58. The girl was lucky enough to ______ the bad men and ran away. A. break away B. break away from C. break out D. break into from

59. Have you tried to get them _______the price ? A. go down B. to go down C. bring down D. to bring down 60. I’m so glad to see you again. You are not what you _____. A. used to be B. used to look C. were used to be D. used to looking like 61. This company can______ a lot money for the country in a year? A. bring up B. bring in C. bring down D. bring out 62. A student began to sing a song, and soon everyone else _____. A. joined B. joined in C. joined with D. took part in 63. No one can ______ the wheel of history however powerful he may be. A. put up B. take back C. hold back D. pick up 64. Can you ______ what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. A. make up B. make from C. make of D. make out 65. On the way home, the children were ______ in a storm. A. struck B. hit C. caught D. beaten 66. The warm, sunny climate ______ him, and he soon grew strong and healthy. A. agreed on B. agreed to C. agreed with D. agreed for 67. The audience ______ laughter at the sight of the funny actor. A. burst into B. burst out C. broke out D. went into 68. The underground of Shenzhen will ______ more people than the buses. A. bring B. send C. carry D. hold 69. As soon as the manager entered his office, he began to ___ the telephone book on his desk. A. look up B. look through C. look upon D. look for 70. The Chinese in many places of the world ______ the old tradition. A. keep up B. keep on C. keep from D. keep over 71. I asked for a day off but the boss ______ my request. A. turned down B. turned out C. turned on D. turned off 72. I didn’t notice that the bus had stopped to ______ some passengers. A. get on B. get off C. pick up D. pick out 73. He kept ______ with silly questions. A. breaking down B. breaking in C. breaking into D. breaking up 74. Now I’d like to _____ the question of funds. A. bring about B. bring down C. bring forward D. bring in 75. The audience were ______ by her beautiful song. A. carried away B. carried on C. carried out D. carried through



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