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英语测试题(二) 一.选出正确答案:每小题 1 分 、共 17 分
1._____six years since I began studying English. A. They have been B. It is C. It was D. There are 2. They can't leave until they _____ their work.

A. did B. are doing C. have done D. has done 3. Every time I _____ there, I will buy him something nice. A. went B. will go C. go D. have gone 4. A hunter is a man who ______ animals. A. catch B. catches C. will catch D. was catching 5. The people here eat ____vegetables this year as they did last year A. more than twice B. as twice as many C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many 6._____ by the movie, he saw it once again. A. Impressing B. To impress C. Impress D. Impressed 7.One of my books ____ .I have looked for it everywhere but still ____. A. has lost ; don’t find B. is missing ; don’t find C. is missing; haven’t found D. has lost; haven’t found 8. –Can I help you ? --Yes , I bought this TV here last week ,but it ___. A. doesn’t work B. didn’t work C. don’t work D. can’t work 9. He was deeply ____ by the ____ novel. A. moving ; moving B. moved ;moving C. moved; moved D. moving; moved 10. Our city _____ 2000 square miles. A. covers B. takes C. uses D. goes 11.I want to find a place ________ I am to pay a visit during the holiday. A.to that B.to which C.which D.that You ______ return the book now. You can keep it till next week if you like. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not 12.How I wish every family _____ a large house with a beautiful garden! (02 上 海) A. has B. had C. will have D. had had 13. --- Do you mind if I leave the window open? --- Well, I’d rather you _____ . A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. mustn’t 14. He is a good student, and works very hard; ___. A.So it is with her B. so does she C. so is she D. neither does she 15. Is this factory ____ we visited last week? A、where B、that C、to which D、the one
16.—The village we visited yesterday is very beautiful.

—Yes, it ’s the place A.where; where C.which; where 17. teacher. A.Although B.Even

I grew up. B.which; which D.where; which

Journalism seems like a good profession(职业) ,I would prefer to be a

C.No matter

D.Now that

二.说出下列各句划线部分的句子成分:每小题 1.5 分 1.He works very hard. 2.Wanglin lent me some money. 3.There are some pictures on the wall. 4.When he come back I will tell him the truth. 5.Don’t let him play on the ground. 6.A man called Lily will come to our school. 7.He is always the first to come to school. 8.Mr Wang smokes heavily. 9.Mary can’t speak Chinese. 10.They are playing football on the play ground.

第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D) 中,选出最佳选项。 The earliest men did not have much time for art; they faced many dangers, and hunting for food took 36 almost all their time . But after many thousands of years, 38 37 perhaps a

million years or more, they became very good hunters, and

gave them a little free

time which they could use for other things. A few of them began to paint on the walls of the caves 39 they lived. Many early artists painted animals 40 they were the most

important things in their lives. Animals supplied keep them 42 .

41 to keep them living, and skins to

Like painters today, the 43

artists possibly painted for many

44 , Perhaps they

wanted to give their cave a little brightness and color; perhaps they had a few special ideas which they could express most easily in a 45 and perhaps they 46 wanted to spend

a little time in a pleasant way. Many of them animals which they caught. They really 49 . 48

47 magic(巫术) ,and they often drew

that by drawing these things, they would make them

In many parts of the world , people have 51


cave paintings. The earliest paintings 52 weather, the earliest men in

we know about are in Europe. Because of the

Europe used the caves for 53 ; in many warmer parts of the world, this was not necessary.

We know a lot about the 54 of the Eurpopean paintings, and we believe that the earliest 55 were painted about thirty thousand years ago. 36.A.away 37.A.even 38.A.which 39.A.which 40.A.although 41.A.air 42.A.comfortable 43.A.super 44.A.people 45.A.painting 46.A.often 47.A.believed in 48.A.knew 49.A.disappear 50.A.searched 51.A.which 52.A.sunny 53.A.home 54.A.names 55.A.that B.back B.though B.this B.that B.because B.fur B.warm B.early B.places B.word B.quite B.took advantage of B.hoped B.appear B.looked for B.that B.warm B.house B.dates B.one C.out C.and C.what C.where C.if C.food C.beautiful C.clever C.animals C.smile C.just C.tried out D.up D.or D.who D.when D.as if D.water D.healthy D.talented D.reasons D.wall D.even D.begged for

C.understood D.realized C.miss C.discovered C.when C.cool C.shelter C.places C.it D.find D.known D.as D.cold D.building D.shows D.ones

第三部分:阅读理解(共 9 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 18 分) 阅读下列短文,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Thirty years ago I worked in a company. My job was to sell the cars. I was young and strong and I had been to most parts of the world and I spent one fifth of my time in the trains or planes. I liked such a life and sometimes I called myself “traveler ”. But one day I got into trouble. It was a cold morning. It blew heavily and the ground was covered with thick snow outside. I was still in bed though it was nine. I finished a long journey the day before and decided to have a good rest. Suddenly the telephone rang and my manager told me to fly to New York to take part in an important meeting. I had to get up and after a quick breakfast I hurried to the airport. The taxi went slowly and I missed the first flight. I had to take the next one. It meant I would wait for nearly five hours in the

waiting-room. But five hours later a passenger said the information showed there was a bomb in our plane and the policemen were looking for it. And another five hours passed and most passengers lost their patience before we were allowed to get on the plane. At the entrance each passenger and their baggage had to be examined. A young man who seemed a soldier shouted at the policemen at the entrance, “If I had a gun in my baggage, I would shoot you two hours ago!” 56.The writer called himself “traveler ” because he A.sold cars for his company C.traveled all over the world .

B.often took trains and cars D.liked traveling in many places .

57.He didn’t get up until the phone rang because he A.felt very cold outside C.was going to have a meeting 58.The taxi went slowly because A.there was much snow on the road B.it was very cold that morning C.the driver didn’t know he would fly to New York D.the manager told him not to hurry 59.The young man became angry because he A.wouldn’t be examined B.had a gun in his baggage C.waited for a long time at the airport .

B.wanted to have a rest that day D.was waiting for the manager ’s call .

D.hated the policemen at the entrance B Gloria is a famous hostess of a TV station.When she was 15,she happened to walk into a bookstore in her hometown and began looking at the books on the shelves.The man behind the counter,John Smith,asked if she'd like a job.She needed to start saving for college,so she said yes. Gloria worked after school and during summer vacations,and the job helped pay for her first year of college.During college she would do many other jobs:she served coffee in the student union,was a hotel cleaner and even made maps for the Forest Service.But selling books was one of the most satisfying jobs. One day a woman came into the bookstore and asked Gloria for books on cancer. The woman seemed anxious. Gloria showed her practically everything they had and found other books they could order.The woman left the store less worried,and Gloria has always remembered the pride(自豪) she felt in having helped her customer(顾客). Years later,as a television hostess,Gloria heard about a child who was born with problems with his fingers and hand.His family could not afford an operation,and the boy lived in shame, hiding his hand in his pocket all the time.

Gloria persuaded(说服) her boss to agree to let her do the story.After the story was broadcast,some doctors called,offering to perform the operation for free. Gloria visited the boy in the hospital after the operation.The first thing he did was to hold up his repaired hand and say, “Thank you. ”What a sweet sense of satisfaction Gloria felt! At Smith's bookstore,Gloria always realized she was working for the customers,not the store.Today it's the same.The TV station pays her,but she feels that she should work for the people who watch the programmes,helping them understand the world better. 56.When did Gloria get her first job? A.A few years before college. B.Several years after college C.When she was studying at college. D.When she was working in the TV station. 57.In which part-time job did Gloria feel the happiest? A.Cleaning in the hotel. B.Selling books in the bookstore. C.Serving coffee in the student union. D.Making maps for the Forest Service. 58.What does the word“she”in the third paragraph refer to(所指)? A.The boss. B.The woman. C.Gloria. D.The doctor. 59.How did Gloria help the child get the operation he needed? A.Her boss agreed to raise money. B.She paid for the operation herself. C.She allowed the boy to show on TV. D.Her news report affected some doctors. 60.What particularly gives her the feeling of pride? A.Helping people through her work. B.Reporting interesting stories. C.Being able to do different jobs well. D.Paying for her college education herself.



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