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高三复习导学案book3 unit1

Book1 unit1 高三复习导学案 高三英语组 2015-12-6 重点单词 1. ___________ n. 起源 2. feast 3. ___________ n. 宗教 4. ______________ 5. _________ 挨饿 渴望 6. gather 7. depend 2. announcer n. _______________ __________

_ adj. 季节的 n. ______________ There’s no feast on earth that does not end in parting. ___________ adj. 宗教的 n. 挨饿 n. & vt. 收获 ancestor n. __________________

vi. ___________________

They will either die from the cold or ___________________. sb. starve for sth. _____________ sb. be starved for sth. __________ vi. 聚集 _______________________________ 聚餐

The poor kid’s just starved for attention. 翻译:_________________________ Vt. 收集, 收获 ______________ _____________________________ 收集过冬的食物

vi. __________________ = rely on sb. 依赖某人 adj. 依赖的,依靠的 adj. 独立的 _______________________ n. 从...中获得独立 独立


____________________________________ 9. _________(__________; _________) 原谅

8. _________(_________; _________) 哭泣,啜泣 _______________________ 原谅某人做了某事 10. __________(_________; _________) _______________________ 手织的围巾 11. _____________ n. 道歉 _______________________________________ 因为做了某事而向某人道歉 _______________ vt. 道歉 _________________ 因为做了某事而向某人道歉 12. ______________ n. 能量,能源 ________________________ 核能/太阳能 精力 sb. be full of energy to do sth. ______________ Sb. devote all his energy to doing sth. _________ _________________ adj. 精力充沛的,富有生气的 13. gain n. 获得 增加 vt. 获得 14. award There are obvious gains for the students. _________________ I have a gain in my weight. ___________________ gain a degree ____________

谚语: Those who can lose shall gain;those who wish for gain shall lose. __________ n. 奖励 win the second award ______________ vt. 授奖 award sb. Sth. for sth. / award sth. to sb. for sth. _________ He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the world peace.

_________________________________________________________________ reward n. 奖金;奖励 do sth. as a reward for sth. ___________________ do sth in reward for sth. _____________ He gave me a large sum of money in reward for me saving his child. ______________________________________________________________ vt. 奖励 reward sb. with sth. for sth. __________________ (用此用法改写上一句话) 15. __________ vt. 钦佩,羡慕 ___________________________ 因某事羡慕某人 欣赏 ___________________ 赏月 _______________________________ 欣赏,..的壮丽景色 _____________________ adj. 令人羡慕的 _______________ adj. 羡慕 _______________________ 表达某人对...的羡慕 __________________ 到达某地 (大地方) __________________ 到达某地 (小地方) ______________ n. 到达 Upon _______________, he went straight to his reserved room and had a good rest. 他一到酒店,就径直走进预定的房间休息去了。 In the USA, Columbus Day is in memory of _________________________________ the New World. 在美国哥伦布日是为了纪念 Christopher Columbus 到达新大陆。 17. ________ vi. 淹死,溺水 Many people _________when the boat overturned. _______ Clapping __________ the speaker ’s words for a moment. 消除 _______________________________ 借酒浇愁 重点短语 1. do sth. in memory of ____________ sth. be in memory of ... __________=honor The Dragon Boat Festival __________________________the famous poet Qu Yuan. 2. __________________ 盛装打扮成... ___________________ 某人穿着... 3. play a trick on sb. ___________________ 4. ____________________ 期待去做某事 lead to doing sth. __________________ contribute to doing sth. ____________ be devoted to doing sth. ____________ be addicted to doing sth. ____________ be accustomed to doing sth. ____________ object to doing sth. ____________ apply oneself to doing sth. ____________ stick to doing sth. ____________ 5. have fun with each other ____________________ 16. _____________ vi. 到达 ________________________________________________________________

6. __________________ 看起来好像... 7. __________________ 信守诺言 8. __________________ 屏住呼吸 ______________________ 气喘吁吁 9. ________________________ 使某人想起... My birthday is a reminder that the date when I was born was the suffering day of my mother. 翻译: ___________________________________________________ 10. ______________ 发生 _________________________________________________. 最近这 20 年我的家乡发生了巨大的变化。 11. ①set down ___________ He sets down a series of facts in his diary.
② set out for sp. _________________ ③set out to do sth. = set about doing sth. ___________________ ④set aside

__________ ;_________

(1) Now that the physics teacher came in the classroom, he set aside his maths book. (2)No matter how busy you are, you’d better set aside some time for exercise.
⑤ set off _________; _________; ___________

(1)As the sun rose in the east, we should set off for our destination. (2)The news that the world will end sets off worldwide panic. (3)Once the fire broke out, the clerks here must set off the alarm. 12. ①turn up _________ ; ___________ (1)Please turn up the radio in order that all the students can hear it clearly. (2)He promised to attend the wedding on time, but he hasn ’t come up yet.
② turn down

__________; ____________

(1)Please turn down the TV, I can’t concentrate on my study. (2)To my surprise, the organization turned down my suggestion on carbon emission.
③turn out to be ... / turn out that... _____________

(1) It turned out that I was wrong. (2) After the trial, he turned out to be guilty.
④turn on = switch on _________

turn off = switch off _____________

⑤ turn to __________; ________; ________

With ___________________, (没有人可以求助)he solved the problem himself. 重点句型 1. ______________ the manage of the coffee shop was waiting for LiFang to leave. 很明显,咖啡店的经理在等着李方离开。

① It is + adj. ( obvious; necessary; important; vital ; strange ) that sb. Should do sth.

本句中 it 是____________,

__________________ 是真正的主语。

It is strange that he should have fallen asleep in class. It is vital that we should have a good command of English. 同样的语法结构如下:
② It is +v-ed ( said, reported, recommended,acknowledged,proved )that sb. do sth.

It is widely acknowledged that women are better at taking care of babies than men. _
③ It is + n. (a pity, a wonder, no wonder, a fact )that sb. do sth.

He forgot to set the alarm o’clock, it is no wonder that he was late for work. _____
④It + vi. (happen; occur; seem; look) that sb. do sth.

It occurred to me that he took away my note book without my permission. ________ It happened that he was upstairs. _______________ 2. At that time, people would starve _________________________________. 在当时,如果食物很难找到的话人们会挨饿。 Sth. + be + adj. + to do sth. 动词不定式作 adj. 的补足语, 又与主语构成动宾关 系, 此时动词不定式用主动形式表示被动意义。 _________________________________________________________________. 在我看来,这个人很难相处。 (get along ) 3. ________________________, she met the herd boy Niu Lang and they fell in love. 当她在地球上时,她遇到牛郎,并且俩人相爱了。 while 的用法:
① ②

_________ Strike the iron while hot . _________ Schools in the north tend to be better equipped while those in the south are relatively poor.

③ _________ While there was no evidence, most people thought he was guilty.

4. ________________________________, her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year. 发现织女的心碎了,织女的奶奶终于决定让这对夫妇每年越过银河见一次面。 5. When the Goddess of Heaven know that her grand daughter_________________ a human, she became very angry and made the weaving girl __________________. 当王母娘娘知道孙女嫁给了一个人类,很生气让织女返回天庭。 6. China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, _______________________ and in China, enjoy moon cakes. 日本和中国都有中秋节,在中秋节人们赏月,在中国还要吃月饼。


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