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1.________________ n.& vt.命令 command

2. ________________ adv. really actually
request 3._________________ n.& vt. 要求,请求

4._________________ vt.辨认出,承认 recognize
5._________________ n. 闪电 lightning

6._______________ adj. 本国/地的 native
7._______________ adj. 直的 adv.直接 straight

8._______________ adj. 较后的,后者的 latter gas 9._______________ n. 汽油;气体;毒气
10.________________ n. 街区 vt.阻塞 block 11.identity n. __________________ 本身;本体;身份 东方的,东部的 12.eastern adj.__________________ 13.official adj.___________________ 官方的;正式的;公务的

14.voyage n.

航行;航海;海上旅行 _____________________

逐渐的;逐步的 15.gradual adj. _____________________

词汇;词汇量;词表 16.vocabulary n. _____________________
17.elevator n. _____________________ 电梯;升降舵;升降机

单元住宅 18.apartment n. _____________________
词语;表达 19.expression n. _____________________ 20.accent n. _____________________ 口音;重音;重音符号;强调

1.base vt. 以……为根据 n.基部;基地;基础 basic ___________adj. 基础的;根本的 basically ___________adv. 基本上;实际上;主要地 ___________n. 基础;要素;基准) basis

⑴ Merry,whose husband serves in an air base,

believes that the _______ basis (base) of a good
marriage is trust. ⑵ Our friendship is based ___ on trust and honesty. ⑶ We improve our reading comprehension ____ on the base of reading a lot.

2.fluent adj.流利的;流畅的
_____________adv 流利地;流畅地 fluently _____________n. 流利;流畅 fluency

Miss Dent,who speaks English⑴______, fluently

says that ⑵________develops gradually fluency
over considerable time and through lots of practice. (fluent)

3.frequent adj. 频繁的;常见的

frequently _____________adv 频繁地
_____________n. frequency 频繁;频率

⑴ Dr. Kent,a geographer,is a frequent
visitor to places where the _________ frequency (frequent) of earthquakes is high.

⑵ Earthquakes occur ____________ frequently (frequent) in this area.

4.use v & n. 使用
___________adj. 无用的;无效的 useless ___________adj. 用过的;习惯的 used ___________adv. 无用地;无价值地 uselessly ___________n. 使用者;用户 user ___________n. 使用;用法;词语惯用法 usage ___________v. 重新使用,循环使用 reuse

⑴ Bruce isn’t what he _____ used (use) to be. Now he

is used to rising _____(rise) early and making full use
of his time. He says that one’s energy should

________ be used (use) to do something______ useful (use) for

⑵ This is a ________(use) knife-the handle has useless

⑶ Water heaters are sized to meet the needs of users (use). _______

5.express vt. 表达;表示 n. 特快专递;特快列车 expression 表情;短语 ___________n.

After sending an express to the Foreign Languages Press, Mr. Hess hurried back to the school. Two students were waiting for him to tell them the differences between two⑴_________ expressions (express). Failing to solve it,he ⑵________ expressed (express) regret and at the same time an

expression (express) embarrassed ⑶ ___________
appeared on his face.

1.___________________ play a part 扮演一个角色;参与 2.___________________ 例如……;像这种的 such as 3.___________________ 走近;上来;提出 come up

4.___________________ 以……为基础 be based on
5.___________________ 充分利用;充分使用 make full use of at present 6.___________________ 目前;现在 7.___________________ 即使;尽管 even if/though

8. _______________ communicate with 与……交流;与……相连
信不信由你 9.believe it or not _______________

10.because of

因为;由于 ________________

在十六世纪末 11.at the end of the 16th century____________ 到十六世纪末 12.by the end of the 16th century____________

13.come from all over the world_____________ 来自世界各地 14.move from one place to another ___________________ 从一个地方搬到另一个地方
比以往任何时候 15.than ever before______________________

1.美国英语以英国英语为基础。(be based on) 1.American English is based on British English. 2.信不信由你,美国英语现在比以往任何时候 起的作用都越来越重要。(play a part,than ever before) 2.Believe it or not,American English is playing a more and more important part than ever before.

3.目前,很多人因为想实现美国梦而学习美国 英语。(at present,because of) 3.At present,millions of people take up American English because of (trying to achieve) their American dream.
4.李华认识到了美国英语的重要性,成了学习 美国英语的一员。(recognize) 4.Li Hua has recognized the importance of (learning) American English and becomes one of those learning American English.

5.李华说他会不断努力,即使困难重重,也不 会放弃。(frequent,come up) 5.Li Hua says that he’ll make frequent efforts and won’t give it up even if many learning difficulties may come up.
6.他充分利用时间,丰富词汇,练习 听说。(make use of,enrich, vocabulary) 6.He makes full use of his time,enriching vocabulary and practicing listening and speaking.

7.我相信他一定能掌握到美国英语。(have a good command of) 7.I believe he’ll have a good command of American English. 8.他一定能说一口流利的美国英语。(fluent)
8.He will be able to speak American English fluently.

So why has English changed 1______ over time? Actually all languages change and develop 2

_____ when cultures meet and communicate with each
the English spoken in England other. At first 3 ____

between about AD 450 and 1150 was very
different from the English spoken today.

It was based more 4 ___ on German than the
English we speak at present. Then gradually between about AD 800 and 1150,English became 5 ____ less (little) like German because those 6 who ___ ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. These new settlers enriched its the English language and especially 7_____ vocabulary.

So by the 1600’s Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than 8 ever ___ before. In 1620 some British settlers moved to America. Later in the 18th century some British people 9 were taken (take) to Australia too. English ___________ to be spoken (speak) in both countries. began10___________


1.The students said to their teacher,“Would

you please sing us a song?”
The students ______ asked their teacher _____ to sing ______a them song.

2.The secretary said to the woman on the phone,“Could you hold on a minute” ?

The secretary asked _____ the woman on the phone ____ to hold on a minute

3.Tom’s father said to him angrily,“Get out!”. ordered to Tom’s father ________ him _____ get out. 4.Mrs.Smith said to her daughter,“Never drive after drinking!”. warned never to Mrs. Smith _______her daughter ______ drive after drinking.

5.The mother said to her child,“Turn down the radio!”. The mother ____ down the to told her child ____turn radio. 完成下列句子: 6.她临终前恳请她的兄弟照顾她的孩子。 She begged ______ her brother with her dying breath to look after her children _______________________.

7.为了抓小偷,他命令把所有的门都锁上。 To stop the thief,he ordered all the doors _____________. to be locked 8.医生竭力劝我不要吸烟。 The doctor strongly advised me not __________ to smoke at all.


Her manager _________ requested her____________ to get rid of her
______________________ strong southern accent when talking. 10.女主人请客人们坐下. The hostess ______ to sit down . asked the guests ___________

1.present adj.出席的,在场的,现在的 vt.出 席,展现,颁发 n.现在,赠品,礼品 present sth.to sb./present sb.with sth. 把……交给某人;向某人颁发…… at present=at the present time=now 目前, 现在

be present at 出席;到场(反义: be absent from)

运用:用适当的词填空或根据提示完成句子。 ⑴ All the people ____________________ present at the party (出席 晚会的)were her supporters.

⑵ The mayor presented a gold cup ____ to the
winner in the competition yesterday

2.request v.& n.请求,要求 request sb.to do sth.要求某人做某事

request that sb (should) do 要求某人做某事

运用:用所给词的适当形式填空。 ⑴ He requested me ________ to write (write) a letter of recommendation. ⑵ He requested that I ________________(write) should write/write a letter of recommendation. ⑶ The passengers _____________(request) to are requested show their passports.

3.recognize vt.认出;承认

比较:realize vt. 实现;意识到,认识到 recognize ...as/to be 认可/承认……为
recognize +宾语从句 意识到;承认

运用:根据提示,完成下列句子。 as a clever man/to be a ⑴ I recognize him______________________ clever man ____________ . (他是个聪明人). ⑵ Though they hadn’t met for many years, recognized each other (认出了对方)at the they ___________________ first sight.

4.command n.& vt.命令;指令;掌握 command sb. to do sth.命令某人做某事 command that sb (should) do命令某人做某事 have a good command of精通

运用:用适当的词填空或用所给词的适当形式 填空。 a very good command of the ⑴ She has ___ English language.

⑵ He commanded me________ to leave (leave) at once.
⑶ He commanded that I _________________ should leave/leave (leave) at once.

联想:像command一样,其后的名词性从句 的谓语用“(should)+ 动词原形”的常用词有:


四个“要求(demand,ask,require, request)”;

1.come up 走近;上来;长出;发芽 come up to达到(某标准);升到(某点)

come up with 想出(办法;主意);提出(意见)

运用:用以上短语的适当形式完成下列句子。 ⑴ The water _____________ came up to my neck. ⑵ The boy _____________ came up with a new idea of solving the problem. came up to the policeman and asked ⑶ He __________ the way.

2.because of 因为;由于(短语介词)
because 因为;由于(连词) 同义:as a result of,due to,thanks to

运用:用because 或because of填空。 because he got ⑴ He came late to school again _______ up too late. because of what the teacher ⑵ The girl cried __________ said. because of the ⑶ we have to cancel our trip _________ bad weather.

3.such as 短语介词,只能放在名词前 for example副词词组,可放句首、句中或句末 运用:用上述两个短语完成下列句子。 such as ⑴ I like drinks __________ tea and coffee. ⑵ Many great men have risen from poverty(贫 for example . 穷)—Lincoln and Edison,____________

4.believe it or not 信不信由你(用作插入语) 提示:该短语中的it无意义,与该短语类似

的还有:take it easy(别紧张;别担忧;放松
些 )。 翻译:信不信由你,世界上根本没有鬼。 Believe it or not,there is no ghost in the world.

5.play a role/part in 在……担任角色或起作用

China is playing an important part/role ___________________________________in the world today.

6.make use of=use 利用;使用 make good/full use of 充分利用 翻译:我们应该充分利用每一分钟。 make good/full use of every We should try to______________________ minute ___________ .



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