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必修三课文 Unit1 Festivals and Celebrations Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient times. Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of cold weather, p

lanting in spring and harvest in autumn. Sometimes celebrations would be held after hunters had caught animals. At that time people would starve ______ food was difficult to find, _________ (especial) during the cold winter months. Today?s festivals have many origins, some religious, some seasonal, and some for special people or events. Festivals of the dead Some festivals are held_________ (honor) the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, _______ might return either to help or to do harm. For the Japanese festival Obon, people should go to clean graves and light incense ______ memory of their ancestors. They also light lamps and play music because they think that this will lead the ancestors back to earth. In Mexico, people celebrate the Day of the Dead in early November. ________ this important feast day, people eat food in the shape of skulls and cakes with “bones” on them. They offer food, flowers and gifts to the dead. The Western holiday Halloween also had its origin in old beliefs about the return of the spirits of dead people. It is now _____ children?s festival, ______ they can dress up and go to their neighbors? homes to ask for sweets. ______ the neighbors do not give any sweets, the children might play a trick on them. Festivals to Honor People Festivals can also be held to honor famous people. The Dragon Boat Festival in Chins ________ (honor) the famous ancient poet, Qu Yuan. In the USA, Columbus Day is in memory of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World. India has a _________ (nation) festival on October 2 to honor Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India?s___________ (independent) from Britain. Harvest Festivals Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals can be very happy events. People are grateful because their food _______ (gather) for the winter and the agricultural work is over. In European countries, people will usually decorate churches and town halls ________ flowers and fruit, and will get together to have meals. Some people might win awards for their farm produce, like the biggest watermelon or the most handsome rooster. China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, ______ people admire the moon and in China, enjoy mooncakes. Spring Festivals The most _________ (energy) and important festivals are the ones _____ look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. At the Spring Festival in China, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may give children lucky money in red paper. There are dragon dances and carnivals, and families celebrate the Lunar New Year together. Some Western countries have very exciting carnivals, _____ take place forty days before Easter, usually in February. These carnivals might include parades, dancing in the street day _____ night, loud music and colorful clothing of all kinds, Easter is an important religious and social festival for Christians around the world. _____celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead and the coming of spring and new life. Japan?s Cherry Blossom Festival happens a little ______ (late) The country, _______ (cover) with cherry tree flowers, look as though it is covered with pink snow. People love to get together to eat, drink and have fun with each _______. Festivals let us enjoy life, be proud of our customs and forget our work for _____ little while. A Sad Love Story Li Fang was heart—broken. It was Valentine?s Day and Hu Jin _______ (say) she would meet him at the coffee shop after work. ______ she didn?t turn up. She could be with her friends right now _________ (laugh) at him. She said she would be there at seven o?clock, and he thought she would keep _____ word. He had looked forward to _______ (meet)

her all day, and now he was alone ______ his roses and chocolates, like a fool. Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. He would drown his sadness______ coffee. It was obvious ______ the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for LiFang to leave—he wiped the tables, then sat down and turned on the TV—just _____ Li Fang needed! ______ sad Chinese story about lost love. The granddaughter of the Goddess of Heaven visited the earth. Her name was Zhinv, the weaving girl. ______ she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love. (“just like me and Hu Jin,” thought Li Fang.) They got married secretly, and they were very happy. (“we could be like that,” thought Li Fang.) When the Goddess of Heaven knew that her granddaughter was married ______ a human, she became very angry and made the ______ (weave) girl return to Heaven. Niulang tried to follow her, ______ the river of stars, the Milky Way , stopped him. ______ (find) that Zhinv was heart—broken, her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year. Mapies make a bridge of _____ wings so the couple can cross the river to meet on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. People in China hope ______ the weather will be fine on that day, because if it is raining, it means that Zhinv is weeping and the couple won?t be able to meet. The announcer said, “This is the story of Qiqiao Festival, When foreigners hear about the story, they call _____ a Chinese Valentine?s story. It?s a fine day today, so I hope you can all meet the _____ you love,” As Li Fang set _____ for home, he thought, “ I guess Hu Jin doesn?t love me. I?? just throw these flowers and chocolates away. I don?t want them to remind me ____ her.” So he did. As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on _____ way home, he heard a voice ________(call) him. There was Hu Jin waving at him ______ calling, “Why are you so late? I ______________ (wait) for you for a long time! And I have a gift for you!” What would he do? He had thrown away her Valentine gifts! She would never forgive _______. This would not be a happy Valentine?s Day! Unit 1 1. 这间医院是为了纪念孙中山先生而建的。 The hospital was built ________________ Dr. Sun Yat-sen. 2. 孩子们盼望着万圣节,在那时候他们可以盛装打扮并互相捉弄。 The children are________________________ Halloween when they can __________ and play tricks on each other. 3. 我肯定他在会议上出现,因为他是一个守诺言的人。 I?m sure that he will ____________ at the meeting because he is a man who ___________. 4. 大家都很清楚他在撒谎。 ______________________ everyone that he was lying. 5. 这出电影让外婆想起了她的童年。 The movie _______ grandma _______her childhood. 6. 那个国家最后终于脱离美国,赢得了独立。 The country ____________________ the USA at last. 7. 他屏住气,一头扎进河里。 He _________________ and dived into the river. 8. 农民们正在地里收割庄稼时,就在那时他们听到了溺水女孩在呼救。 The farmers ___________ crops in the field ______ they heard the _______ girl calling for help. 9. 他为他的粗鲁无礼向我道歉并希望我能原谅他。 He_________________ me for his ______ and hoped that I would _____ him. 10. 他们一获得许可就马上出发去灾区。 They set off ____ the disaster-hit area _____________ they got the permission.

Unit 2 Healthy Eating Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant ______ (feel) very frustrated. It had been _____very strange morning. Usually he got up early and prepared his menu of barbecued mutton kebabs, roast pork, stir- fried vegetables and fried rice. Then ____ lunchtime they would all _____ (sell). By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. But not today! Why was that? What could have happened? He thought ____ his mutton, beef and bacon cooked in the hottest, finest oil. His cola was sugary and cold, and his ice cream was made of milk, cream and delicious fruit. “Nothing could be ______ (good),” he thought. Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang ______ (hurry) by. “Hello, Lao Li,” he called. “Your usual?” _____ Li Chang seemed not to hear. What was the matter? Something terrible must have happened _____ Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. Wang peng followed Li Chang into a new small restaurant. He saw ____ sign in the window. Tired of all that fat? Want to lose weight? Come inside Yong Hui?s ________ (slim) restaurant. Only slimming foods served here. Make yourself thin again! _______ (curious) drove Wang Peng inside. It was full of people. The hostess, a very thin lady, came forward. “Welcome,” she said. “My name is Yong Hui. I ?ll help you lose weight and be fit in two weeks if you eat here every day.” Then she gave a menu to Wang Peng. There were few choices of food and drink on it: just rice, raw vegetables served in vinegar, fruit and water. Wang Peng was amazed _____ this and especially at he prices. _____ cost more than a good meal in his restaurant! He could not believe his eyes. He threw down the menu and hurried outside. On his way home he thought ______ his own menu. Did it make people fat? Perhaps he should go to ____ library and find out. He could not have Yong Hui ______ (get) away with telling people lies! He had better do some research! At library Wang Peng was surprised to find _____ his restaurant served far too much fat and Yong Hui?s far too little. Even though her customers might get thin _____eating Yong Hui?s food, they were not eating enough energy- giving food to keep ______ fit. They would become tired very quickly. Wang Peng felt more hopeful as he drove back home. Perhaps with a discount and a new sign he could win his customers back. So he wrote: Want to feel fit and energetic? Come and eat here! Discounts today! Our food gives you energy all day! The competition between the two restaurants was ______! Come and Eat here A week later, Wang Peng?s restaurant was nearly full and he felt ______ (happy). Perhaps he would be able to earn his living after all and not have to close his restaurant. He did not look forward to _____ (be) in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. He smiled as he welcomed some customers _______(warm) at the door but the smile left his face when he saw Yong Hui ______ (walk) in. She did not look happy ______ glared at him. “May I ask _______ you were doing in my restaurant the other day? I thought you were a new customer and now I know that you only came to spy on ____ and my menu,” she shouted. “Please excuse me,” he calmly explained, “I wanted to know ______ all my customers had gone last week. I followed one of _____ and found them in your restaurant. I don?t want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started adverting the benefits of my food. Why don?t you sit down and try ____ meal?” Yong Hui agreed to stay and soon they were _______ enjoy dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic. When they were served the ice cream, Yong Hui began to look ill. “I feel sick ______ all this fat and heavy food.” She said.

“ I miss my vegetables and fruit,” Wang Peng was enjoying a second plate of dumpling ______ he sighed. “ Yes,” he added, “and I would miss my dumpling and fatty pork. Don?t you get tired quickly?” “Well, I do have to rest a lot.” admitted Yong Hui. “But don?t you think ______ would be better if you were a bit thinner? I? sure you?d feel much _______ (health).” They began to talk about menus and ___________(balance) diets. “According to my research, neither your restaurant nor _______ offers a balanced diet,” explained. Wang Peng. “I don?t offer enough fibre and you don?t offer enough body-building and energy-giving food. Perhaps we ought to combine our ideas and provide a balanced menu _______ food full of energy and fibre.” So that is _____ they did. They served raw vegetables with the hamburgers and boiled the potatoes rather ______ fried them. They served fresh fruit with the ice cream. In this way they cut down the fat and increased the fibre in the meal. Their balanced diets became such ______ success that before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. After some time the two found that their business cooperation had turned into a ______ (person) one. Finally they got married and lived happily ever after. Unit 2 1. 如果你时常请教老师的话,你将会受益匪浅。 You will ______________________ you regularly consult with your teacher. 2. 他认为自己能够逃过学习而考试,但最后他失败了。 He thought he could ______________ not studying for the exam, but in the end he______. 3. 除非你保持均衡的饮食,否则将会增加体重。 Unless you ______________________, you will ______________. 4. 他对家乡的巨变十分惊讶。 He was amazed ___ the great changes that _____________________ in his hometown. 5. 在做了一个令人惊叹的演讲之后,他又赢回了同事们的支持。 After making a wonderful speech, he was able to _____________________the support of his colleagues. 6. 他谋求良好生活的能力受到了他缺乏教育的限制。 His ability to ________________ is limited by his lack ___ education. 7. 如果我们联合起来,我们能减少完成这一项目所需要的时间。 If we______ our efforts, we can _______ the time needed to complete the project. 8. 在搬进新房子之前, 他扔掉了不需要的东西。 Before moving into the new house, he __________ the things that he didn?t need. 9. 他最大的优点也是他最严重的缺点。 His greatest ___________ is also his most serious __________. 10. Bob 昨天没出席会议,肯定发生了一些不寻常的事情。 Bob didn?t turn up at the meeting. Something unusual ______________________ him Unit3 THE MILLION POUND BANK NOTE

Act I, Scene 3 NARRATOR: It is the summer of 1903. Two old and wealthy brothers,Roderick and Oliver, have made ____ bet. Oliver beli eves that _____ a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London. His brother Roderick doubts ____. ___ this moment, they see a ______(penny)young man wandering on the pavement outside their house. It is Henry Adams, ___ _ American businessman, _____ is lost in London and does not know ______ he should do. RODERICK: Young man, would you step inside a moment, please? HENRY: Who? Me, sir? RODERICK: Yes, you. OLIVER: Through the front door on your left.

HENRY: (A servant opens a door) Thanks. SERVANT: Good morning, sir. Would you please come in? Permit _____ to lead the way, sir. OLIVER: HENRY: OLIVER: HENRY: HENRY: HENRY: HENRY: (Henry enters) Thank you, James. That will be all. Adams. Henry Adams. Come and sit down, Mr Adams. Thank you. That's right, from San Francisco. Not at all, it's my first trip here. Not at all. Go right ahead. RODERICK: How do you do, Mr ... er ...?

RODERICK: You're an American? RODERICK: How well do you know London? RODERICK: I wonder, Mr Adams, ______ you'd mind us asking a few questions. RODERICK: May we ask _____ you're doing in this country and what your plans are? HENRY: Well, I can't say ___I have any plans. I'm hoping to find work. As a matter of fact, I landed in Britain___ accident. OLIVER: How is that possible? HENRY: Well, you see, back home I had my own boat. About amonth ago, at what is left of the brother's dinner on table) OLIVER: Well, go on. HENRY: Oh, yes. Well, towards nightfall I found myself _____(carry) out to sea by a strong wind. It was all my fault. I did n't know whether I could survive until morning. The next morning I'd just about given myself ____for lost when I ______ (spot) by a ship. OLIVER: And it was the ship _____ brought you to England. HENRY: Yes. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as _____unpaid hand, which accounts ___ my appearance. I went to the American embassy to seek help, but ... (The brothers smile at each other.) RODERICK: Well, you mustn't worry about that. It's an advantage. HENRY: HENRY: HENRY: OLIVER: HENRY: I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, sir. I worked for a mining company. Could you offer me some kind of work here? Well, to be honest, I have ______. (happily) What luck! Brother, what luck! (claps ____ hands together) Well, it may seem lucky to you but not to me! ____ the contrary, in fact. _____this is your idea of some kind of RODERICK: Tell us, Mr Adams, what sort of work did you do in America? RODERICK: Patience, Mr Adams. If you don't mind, may I ask you how much money you have? I was sailing out of the bay ... (his eyes stare

joke, I don't think it's very funny. (Henry stands up to leave) Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be ____ my way. RODERICK: Please don't go, Mr Adams~ You mustn't think we don't care about you. Oliver, give him ____letter. OLIVER: HENRY: HENRY: HENRY: OLIVER: Yes, the letter. (gets it from a desk and gives it to Henry like a gift) The letter. (taking _____carefully) For me? Oh, this is silly. Oh, no. I don't want your charity. I just want an honest job. Good luck, Mr Adams.

RODERICK: For you. (Henry starts to open it) Oh, no, you mustn't open it. Not yet. You can't open it ______ two o'clock. RODERICK: Not silly. There's money in it. (calls to the servant) James? RODERICK: We know you're hard-working. That's why we've given you the letter. James, show Mr Adams out.


Well, why don't you explain _____ this is all about?

RODERICK: You'll soon know. (looks at the clock) In exactly an hour and a half. SERVANT: This way, sir. RODERICK: Mr Adams, not until 2 o'clock. Promise? HENRY: Promise. Goodbye. Unit 3 1. 这篇新闻报道是完全根据实际情况写的。 This news report _____________________ facts. 2. 父母去世后,他由他的姐姐抚养长大。 After his parents died, he ____________________ by his elder sister. 3. 咱们应该怎样处理这些废报纸? _____ shall we _____________ the waste paper? 4. 如果天气允许的话,我们将在树林里野餐。(permit) _______________________, we will have a picnic in the woods. 5. 至于你的书,我下周一定还给你。(as for) ___________ your book, I?ll give it back to you next week. 6. 他偶然发现了他弟弟藏宝的地方。 He found the place _____ his brother had hidden the treasure ____________. 7. 当我到达的时候,我发现门被关上了。(find+宾语+补语) When I arrived, I _____door __________. 8. 这是鲁迅曾经住过的房子。This is the room ________________ Lu Xun once lived. 比较:鲁迅曾经住过的就是这房间。 (强调句型)It is in this house ____ Lu Xun once lived. 9. 没人能对他的旷课作出解释。 Nobody could ______________________ his absence from school. 10. 我决定还是求稳不要冒险。 I decided to play it safe rather than __________________. Unit4 Astronomy: the science of the stars No one knows exactly _____ the earth began, as it happened so long ago. However, according to a widely ________ (accept) theory, the universe began with a “Big Bang” that threw matter _____ all directions. After that, atoms began to form and combine to create stars and ______ bodies. For several billion years after the “Big Bang”, the earth was still just a cloud of dust. _____ it was to become was uncertain until between 4.5 and 3.8 billion years ago ______ the dust settled into a solid globe. The earth became so violent that it was not clear ______ the shape would last or not. It exploded loudly with fire and rock. They were in time to produce carbon, nitrogen, water vapour and other gases, _______were to make the earth?s atmosphere. What is even more important is _____ as the earth cooled down, water began to appear on its surface, Water had also appeared on other planets like Mars but, _____(like) the earth, it had disappeared later. ______ was not immediately obvious that water was to be fundamental _____ the development of life. ______ many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve ______ (harm) gases and acids into the oceans and seas. This produced a chain reaction, which made ___ possible for life to develop. Many millions of years later, the first _______ (extreme) small plants began to appear on the surface of the water. They multiplied and filled the oceans and seas with oxygen, ________ encouraged the later development of early shellfish and all sorts of fish. Next, green plants began to grow on land. They ______ (follow) in time by land animals. Some were

insects. ______, called amphibians, were able to live on land as well as in the water. Later when the plants grew into forests, reptiles appeared _____ the first time. They produced young generally by _____ (lay) eggs. After that, some huge animals, called dinosaurs, developed. They laid eggs too and existed on the earth for more than 140 million years. _______, 65million years ago the age of the dinosaurs ended. Why they suddenly disappeared still ______ (remain) a mystery. This ________ (disappear) made possible the rise of mammals on the earth. These animals were different ______ all life forms in the past, because they gave birth to young baby animals and produced milk to feed them. Finally about 2.6 million years ago some small clever animals, now with hands and feet, appeared and spread all over the earth. Thus they have, in their turn, become the most important animals on the planet. But they are not looking _____ the earth very well. They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, _____ prevents heat from _______ (escape) from the earth into space. As a result of this, many scientists believe the earth may become too hot to live ____. So _______ life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. Unit 4 1. 刘翔是否能在明年复出取决他的脚伤是否完全康复。 Liu Xiang?s taking part in the competition again next year ___________________ his ankle injury can be cured. 2. 既然你已经通过了驾驶考试,你就可以独自开车了。 ____________ you have passed the driving test, you can drive _______________. 3. 是什么事使他不能参加我们的会议仍然是个谜。 What prevented him from attending our meeting still remains a mystery. 4. 罗马帝国存在了好几个世纪了。 The Roman Empire _______________ several centuries. 5. 昨天晚会的气氛非常欢快,每一个人都度过了美好的时光。 The _________ at the party yesterday was very _____ and everyone had a great time. 6. 当我们及时赶到水立方看到菲尔普斯 Phelps 最终夺得他的第八金时都感到非常地振奋。 We ________ when we arrived at the swimming pool ________ see Phelps win his 8th gold medal. 7. 听说她生了一个如此大的男婴,我们都感到非常惊讶。 We were amazed ___ hear that she ________________ such a large baby boy. 8. 我经常感到疑惑,为什么有些家长允许自己的孩子看暴力影片。 I often _______________ some parents _____ their children ____ watch violent movies. 9. 这个小男孩昨天发现了个金蛋的谣言很快传遍整个小村庄。 The rumor that this little boy found a gold egg _______________ the town. 10.美国最大银行的倒闭引发了(set off)连锁的破产现象(bankruptcies),导致了许多人失去了自己的家园。 The collapse of America?s largest bank ______ a chain reaction of bankruptcies and _____ many people losing their homes. Unit 5 A Trip on “ The True North” Li Daiyu and her cousin Liu Qian were ____ a trip to Canada to visit their cousins in Montreal on the Atlantic coast. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and ______take the train west to east across Canada. The thought ______ they could cross the whole continent was exciting. Their friend, Danny Lin, was waiting at the airport. He was going to take them and their baggage to catch “The True North”, the cross- Canada train. On the way to the station, he chatted about their trip. “You?re going to see some great scenery,. Going eastward, you?ll pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests, as well as wide rivers and large cities. Some people have the idea _____ you can cross Canada in less than five days, ______ they forget the fact that Canada is 5,500 kilometres from coast ______ coast. Here in Vancouver, you?re in Canada?s warmest part. People say it is Canada?s

most beautiful city, ________ (surround) by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Skiing in the Rocky Mountains and sailing in the harbour make Vancouver one ______Canada?s most popular cities to live _____. Its population is increasing _____ (rapid). The coast north of Vancouver has some of ____ oldest and most beautiful forests in the world. It is so wet there ____ the trees are extremely tall, some ______ (measure) over 90 metres.” That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. Earlier that day, ______ they crossed the Rocky Mountains, they managed to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle. Their next stop was Calgary, which is famous for the Calgary Stampede. Cowboys from all over the world come to compete _____ the Stampede. Many of them have a gift for _____ (ride) wild horses and can win thousands of dollars in prizes. After two day?s travel, the girls began to realize that Canada is quite empty. At school, they ______ (learn)that most Canadians live within a few hundred kilometers of the USA border, and Canada?s population is only _______ (slight) over thirty million, but now they were amazed to see such _____ empty country. They went ______ a wheat-growing province and saw farms that _____ (cover) thousands of acres. After dinner, they were back in an urban area, the busy port city of Thunder Bay at the top of the Great Lakes. The girls were surprised _____ the fact that ocean ship can sail up the Great Lakes. Because of the Great Lakes, they learned, Canada has more fresh water than ______ other country in the world. In fact, it has one-third of the world?s total fresh water, and much of _____ is in the Great Lakes. That night as they slept, the train rushed across the top of Lake Superior, ______ the great forests and southward towards Toronto. Unit 5 1. 从这个角度上说,应该受到责备的是不负责任的父母而不是做错事的小孩。(rather than…, blame) In this respect, it was the ________ parents rather than the children who were at fault that ________________. 2. 外面的噪音不断,我无法安下心来学习。 ____ so much noise outside, I couldn?t ________________ study. 3. 虽然左腿受伤了,他还是在同伴的帮助下设法登上了泰山。 He ________________ climb Mount Tai with the help of his companions though his left leg was hurt. 4. 这个 6 岁的小孩有讲故事的天赋。 This 6-year-old boy _______________telling stories. 5. 我们很快就喜欢上了这个青山碧水环绕的千年古镇。 We soon______________ the thousand-year-old town,___________________ by green hills and blue water. 6. 站在塔顶上,我仍能看到远处的山 _________ at the top of the tower, I could still see the mountains ___________________.




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高中必修3英语课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修三 MODULE 1 Europe 欧洲 a landmark in Paris 巴黎的标志性建筑 an art gallery in ...
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