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人教版 高中英语 必修二 unit 3 computersUsing language


Unit 3

Using language

Listening and speaking
1. The 21st century will be the century of Information Technology. Before you listen, discuss in pairs what IT consists of. computers and Mp5, TV, camera, radio…

2. Listen to the whole text and write
down the main idea in one sentence. Two students are talking about information technology.

3. Listen to Part A and fill in the chart. Part A What does IT include? What is the most popular form of IT? computers, books, radio and TV books

Listen to Part B and fill in the chart. Part B

Which form of IT decides the skills of a sport best? Which form of IT has the most functions?



LISTENING TEXT What is information technology? L=Laura D=Dave Part A D: Hi, Laura. It’s good to see you because I’m so bored. My homework is about Information Technology but I know everything there is to know about IT.

L: Come off it, Dave. I think I might know more than you. D: OK. Let me test you! Here’s the first question. What’s information technology? L: Gosh, that’s easy! It’s computers, of course. D: Ah! That’s just where you’re wrong. It includes books, radio and TV as well.

L: Really! Well, I never. D: Question number 2. Which is the most popular form of IT in the world? L: Well, that must be computers this time. D: No, it’s books. Think of all those people in developing countries without computers. Their only form of IT is books! L: Oh dear! I’m not doing very well.

Part B D: Here’s the third question. Which form of IT is the best for describing the skills of a sport? L: It must be the radio. D: Actually, it’s not. The best describing are on the TV because you can not only hear the technical language, but also see how it happens.

L: Goodness! Wrong again! D: Here’s the last question? Which form IT has the most functions? L: This time I must be right. It’s the computer, of course. D: Yes. You can watch a film, replay a match, communicate with friends through the Internet, get information and find out what’s going on in the world.

L: Oh dear! Three questions wrong out of four. Perhaps I don’t know as much about IT as I thought I did!

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form of IT? The advantage/ disadvantage is … I think /don’t think that… Give me your reasons What makes you think so? I think…because of … Let’s decide… As/ Since…, I think … I agree /don’t agree…because… First… Second… I believe that… I’ve decided that… Let’s make a decision

Type of IT Advantages You can both TV listen and watch. Computer You can find information. You can listen Radio to English. You can get Book information.

Disadvantages You cannot write to friends. It is not always accurate. You cannot watch a film. Sometimes it is out of date.

Welcome to our world!!

different types of android kinds android

With the help of the android,
______________________________________________________ it will be unnecessary for humans to do ______________________________________________________

some dangerous work.

waiter With the help of the android, ________________________________________________ it will be more convenient for ________________________________________________ humans to live.

explorer With the help of the android, _______________________________________________________ it will be easier for humans to _______________________________________________________ explore space.

With the help of the robot/android,
it will be necessary for humans to do … ______________________________________
it will be more convenient for humans to live ______________________________________

it will be easier for humans to explore space ______________________________________ …


Fast-Reading 1. Who is Andy? He is an android. 2. What does he work as in the team?

He works as a striker.

Careful-Reading Para 1 Name: Andy Appearance(外貌): _____________________ looks like a human Size: __________________ as big as a human Ability: ___________________________ can move and think like a human Job: _______________________ works as a striker Character(个性): ___________________ competitive, co-operative

Careful-Reading: Para 2
1. What is Andy’s opinion about the match in Seattle? He thinks that the team who won the first place cheated.
2. What did Andy think they should do? They should improve their intelligence and create an even better system(系统).

3.What did their programmer do to help them?
First she _________ them ______ all the programs with

possible moves ; reliable Then she prepares _______ moves to use if
arises/ happen a new situation ______________. 4. What is Andy’s wish? To play against human team.

True or False 1. The androids can be often used to play games together. F 2. I am a striker, so I must run very fast. T

3. In the game, I sometimes speak
to my teammates in English. F

4. Our team won the match last year in
Seattle. F 5. I thought the result of the match Nagoya was unexpected. T 6. I can make any move in the game

just like a human. F

Let’s learn

as big as a human



on the football team in computer language win second place
in a way make up after all with the help of

7.毕竟 8.在…的帮助下



1. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of each form of IT?

1) advantage n. 优点; 优势; 有利条件
都市生活有几个优点。 There are several advantages in city life. 2) disadvantage n. 缺点, 劣势; 不利条件 take advantage of be to your advantage 利用 对…..有利

2. I’m part of an android football team.

a. part of …[u]n. 部分
Part of the building was destroyed in the fire. We spent part of the time in the museum. b. … 的成员 You need to be able to work as part of a team.

3. I have learned to signal to my teammates in computer language to give me the ball when I’m open and have a good shot for a goal. 当我的对面没有人防守, 可以好好射它 一个球的时候, 我需要用计算机语言向 队友发出信号把球传给我。 signal v. 发信号 The thief signalled his friends that the police were coming. n. 信号 A red lamp is often used as a danger signal.

4. Personally, I think the team that won first place cheated.

1)personally 就个人而论/言
Personally, I like the red coat. Personally, I am against his suggestion.
person (n)--personal (adj.)— personally (adv)

2)cheat sb (out) of sth. 骗取某人某物

5. They had developed a new type of program just before the competition.

type: n. kind, sort 种类/类型
a different type of bicycle,

John is a fine type of school boy.

type v. 打字 typist n. 打字员
typewriter n. 打字机 typical adj. 典型的

6. We are determined to create an even better system. 1) create (vt.) 创造; 创作 An artist should create beautiful things. 2) even用于修饰形容词, 副词的比较级。
Yesterday was cold, but today is even colder.

尽管她现在四十多岁了, 但她看起来 好像比以前更漂亮了。
Although she is in her forties now, she seems to be even more beautiful than before.

much, far, a lot,a little等也可以修饰比较级。 This apple is much smaller than that one. He is far more excited than I expected.

7. in a way 在某种程度上

= in one way/in some ways
eg:从某种程度上来说,他的英语有进步。 In a way, his English has improved. In a way, he made a great contribution to our country. 从某种程度上来看, 他为我们国家做出了 巨大的贡献。

in the way


on the/one’s way (to) 在(去…)的路上
by the way in no way 顺便提一下 决不

all the way
in this way by way of

自始自终; 完全地
用这种方法 通过…方法 / 经由

eg. In a way, I like this new textbook

very much.
从某种程度上说, 我很喜欢这本新教材。 By the way, where is the hospital? He arrived in Beijing by way of Shanghai. I’m afraid your bike is in the way.


Fill in the blank: In a way 1) ________, it was one of our biggest mistakes. 2) You can finish your work _____________. in this way 3) Your bike is _____________. in the way Move it away.

8. Then she prepares reliable moves to use if a new situation arises. vi. 出现 How did the problem arise? (vi.) 出现 He arose and walked to the window. (vi) 起身 They are talking about problems arising out of communication. (vi) arise out of/from sth. 因某事而产生, 引起 Several new industries arose in the city. (vi) 发展; 出现; 产生

rise 增长, 升高, 升起
House prices are likely to rise next year.

The sea level will rise.
The sun rose and the sea turned gold.

9. In this way, I can make up newmoves.
make up 组成; 构成; 编造; 弥补;化妆

In this way, I can make up new moves.
(补充; 弥补) She spent an hour making herself up

before the party. ( 化妆 )

Sixty students make up our class. ( 形成, 构成 ) Society is made up of people of different abilities. ( 由…组成 ) The criminal made up a story about where he was when the crime happened. ( 捏造; 虚构 ) Please make up a new dialogue according to the text. ( 编制; 编出 )

10. I would really like to play against a human team sometimes. play against = compete against/with

play with

与… 玩耍

Don’t play with fire, it’s too dangerous.

11. After all, with the help of electronic

brain which never forgets anything,
using intelligence is what I’m all about. 1) intelligence is what I’m all about


2) after all 毕竟; 到底; 终究
above all at all first of all
首先; 最重要的是 根本 首先

in all

总共; 总计

他非常调皮, 但毕竟他还是个孩子。 He is very naughty, but after all he is a child. She should have offered to pay — she’s a millionaire, after all.
她应该主动提出付款别忘了, 她是个百万富翁。

3) with the help of


eg: 在老师的帮助下, 我的英语进步很大。

With the help of the teacher, I have
made great progress in my English study.

12. deal with 1)处理, 解决, 安排 We must deal with this problem as soon as possible. 2)对待, 对付, 宾语是人 Deal with a man as he deals with you. 3)谈论, 涉及 The book deals with the questions of maths.

①How shall we deal with the problem? 我们将如何处理这个问题呢? ②Such people are difficult to deal with. 这种人不好对付。 ③Deal with a man as he deals with you. 以其人之道, 还治其人之身。 ④We have dealt with the company for 10 years. 我们同那家公司打了十年的交道了。 ⑤ This book deals with problems of pollution.

(1)How are you going to ________ such B

A. do with B. deal with C. deal D. do up
(2) _________ pollution is a serious problem C

to the human race.
A. What to deal with B. How to do with C. What to do with (很多信件要处理). D. What to do (3) I have ____________________________ a lot of letters to deal with

(4) It is very difficult _____________________ to deal with those noisy

_________(对付那些吵闹的孩子). children
(5) This book __________________________ deals with Ancient Greece (论述古希腊).

(6) Teachers should _______________________ deal fairly with all of the
_________(公平对待所有的学生). students

比较: deal with/do with

两者都可以表示“处理”, 但在特殊疑
问句中, do with也what连用, deal with 与how连用。 What do you do with How do you deal with the wounded?

13. watch over 看守; 监视; 照看 They were watched over by three policemen. watch out (for) watch for sb./sth. keep a watch on 当心; 注意 观察等待 监视

under the close watch 在严密的监视下

Group work
I want and describe your Designto design an android own whose name is … android name appearance look like/a type of size as…as; in size job work as be able to ability Personally/in a way character

With the help of my android, ….

For adventure

For rescue

For war

For doorkeeping For keeping companyFor cleaning

Sample writing
My robot’s name is Yanyan. It is a 321 model android. It works for me and looks after my library. Its job is to store all the books that I borrow from the library or from school. Of course Yanyan’s brain is as large as mountain so work like that is no trouble at all.

Yanyan really eats and remembers books

just like people eat food.
I need Yanyan to remember all these books, so it can help me do my homework.

I want to go to a key university but finding
the information I need is hard work. So

Yanyan can help me.

This leaves me more free time to play sports and talk to my friends. It is the most important thing for me and my family. My father says my robot may not be cheap but it really helps me with my homework.

Android thoughts:
I’m an android;
I look like a girl;

I’m here to serve;

I’m there to serve;
But my mind is free. My mind wanders. In my mind I am a real girl; I play with the other girls; And I run in the fields.

I work day and night.

GIRL, MOP THE FLOORS!I am treated like a real

I am a real person!

Write a passage describing the android designed by you. (about 100 words)


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