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题例:全品高考网全品高考网 短文填词(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据以下要求:1)汉语提示;2)首字母提示;3)语境提示,在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语 单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼写正确。全品高考网 Last week, we talked about different kinds of short stories. Many of you said you liked the _______(美国的) writer Earnest Hemingway, who is w known for short stories. I hope you all f my advice and finished reading his story. We’re going to study it together in today’s lesson. Now since you supposed to have read this story, let’s have some (讨论). Please look at the three q______ on the blackboard. First, when and where does the story __ place? Second, what kind of person does he show __ (自己) to be? Third, what is the writer’s main purpose of __ (写) the story? I’d like you to work ______ pairs and present your answers in ten minutes. I hope you can perform well enough. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. of well followed are discussion question take himself writing in_______


单复数形式; 特别容易忽略名词的单复数,知道了名词的单复数,有时特别容易拼错,尤其是一些可数名词单复数的特殊变化, 以及动名词之间的转换; 如:leaf—leave; medium—media; advise—advice, practise—practice; succeed—success; 2、动词:时态、语态、非谓语及动词形式的不规则变化; broadcast (broadcast, broadcast) 广播 equip (equipped, equipping) 装备全品高考网 注意:quarrel, signal, travel 中的 l 可双写(英国英语)也可不双写(美国英语) 3、形容词、副词:形容词与副词的区别(也可能考比较级及最高级) ; Simple—simply, fish—fisherman, 全品高考网 possible—possibly 可能的, practical—practically 实际的 4、数词:主要考序数词。容易拼错的序数词,如: 1.twenty—twentieth, 2.ninth 第九 3. forty 四十 4. twelfth 第十二 5. 常见短语的掌握 Call on 号召,拜访(后接 sb)/call in 召集/ call at 拜访某地; in good health; focus on 关注/ concentrate on 集中注意 力 6. 常见从句的掌握,定语从句与宾语从句的区别 7. 同义词的辨析

Cloth 布料/clothes 衣服/clothing 衣服总称, celebrate 庆祝/ congratulate 祝贺, hungry 饿/starve 饥饿, disturb 打搅/bother 打扰全品高考网 8. 形近易混词的区分 Qulity 质量/ quantity 数量, similar 相似的/familiar 熟悉的, adapt 适应/ adopt 收养,改编

全品高考网 四、应试技巧
要做好短文填词题,必须掌握一定的应试技巧。做题时可按下列步骤和技巧进行: 1、通读全文内容,建立语言的整体感。 由于这种题型是一种障碍性阅读,一般首句不挖空,从第二句开始就有可能出现空档,如果急于求成,欲速则不 达,因此粗读、速读、慎读全文,抓住文章的中心词或中心句,了解全文大意,是做好短文填空题的关键。

把上下文的句法、语法、结构等因素加以综合考虑,特别要考虑到固定短语的搭配,句与句之间的连接词,以及 所填的单词的词形变化(如:复数、过去式、过去分词、动词-ing 形式等) ,注意段与段之间,情节与情节之间的上 下文照应,在这一基础上确定所填单词。 3、复读全文,使整篇短文前后贯通。全品高考网 初步完成后,一定要再次细读全文,复读时根据语感和对全文的理解,从语法入手,检查句子的结构,从文章的 中心思想来仔细推敲所填单词是否达意。全品高考网全品高考 总之,做此类题,关键在于理解文意。同时也要培养良好的应试心理和较好的思维品质。具体地说,要抓住文章的脉 络,掌握文章的线索,以句意为小整体,灵活运用所学知识,根据短文语境,克服厌倦、畏惧和急躁的心理,认真推 敲,确定所要填写的正确单词。随着对语篇整体理解的加深和对具体情景的逐步把握,特别是大量单词的填入,文章 整体内容就会完整地再现,从而构成一个文意通达、逻辑严谨、内容连贯、结构完整的篇章。

Test 1 全品高考网 Do you like friends who can teach you a lot every day? Books are s to friends because they bring knowledge to us and keep us company (图书馆) are built him to success and books. Books are . So when you open you to get over . (存放) them. Almost all great men are lovers of books. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. through our life. They are so valuable that Franklin said that it was books that l that he could have achieved nothing w us to see through the past and predict the before. A good book is a good teacher that h

the holders of mankind’s _______(经验) and imagination. They enable a book, you would get into a world ______ you have never been difficulties No matter what you are, _______or old, poor or rich,

books are your devoted friends. Love books and love life. 全品高考网 Test 2 全全品高考网品高考网 People who go to a formal western dinner party for the first time may be surprised by table manners in western culture. Knowing them will help you make a good _______(印象). Having good table manners means knowing how to use knife and fork, when to d______ a toast(干杯) and how to behave at the ________. At table, you should try to speak quietly and s______ a lot, but not laugh all the time. Most westerners like _________ drinks if they drive home. Many of them drink white or red wine with the f________. When drinking to one’s health, you r______ your glass, but the glass should not touch. The ___________(风俗) of toasting in some parts of China is to finish drink at o________, but westerners usually take only a sip. But do remember that table manners _________ over time; we have to follow the fashion of the day. If you are not sure what to do, you can follow your hosts. 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10.__________

全品高考网 Test 3 全品高考网
Dear sirs, 全品高考网 I have just read in the newspaper that a secretary or the English language is wanted in your company. I am therefore w I’d like to get to you to introduce myself. job. I am a girl college student 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

of 22 years old. My name is Li Li. I am studying the language department. I can speak, read and write English well. As a I can read and speak a l I have some (工作) (第二) foreign language, Japanese.

experience as a typist during my spare time at school, and as a tourist guide during summer holidays. The (老板) I worked for were all satisfied with my work. I am sure I’ll satisfy you as more from the college. I can v time for a talk or a test. Faithfully Li Li . You can get your office at any (信息) about my study and work

Test 4 On the way home, Mathilde found that the necklace was gone. She was frightened to (死)


because it was too expensive for her. She and her


(匆忙) returned and looked

2. 3. 4.

wherever she had been that night, couldn’t find at all. What would they do? They had to buy a diamond necklace exactly the one she borrowed from Jeanne and returned it to her. It them 36,000 francs. In order to pay off the debts, they (遭受) hunger and cold day and night. Ten years of hard work made y Mathilde so old that Jeanne could hardly recognize her when they (碰巧) to meet one day in a park. It was then Mathilde found out the truth: the necklace she had borrowed from Jeanne was not at r It was made of glass and cost o Test 5 全品高考网 On the morning of November 18, 1975, an earthquake shook Boston. John Winthrop, a professor a Harvard College, felt the quake w awoke. diamond necklace. 500 francs at most!

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

“I rose,” Winthrop wrote, “lit a candle, looked at my and found it to be 15 minutes after four.” (到楼下) to the grandfather stopping key John Winthrop rushed

clock. It had stopped at 4:11. Except f the clock, the quake had only thrown

from the mantel to the floor. The clock stopped, for Winthrop had put some glass tubes he was using for an (实验) into the case for safe keeping. The tubes were knocked over by the quake and the pendulum. Winthrop, therefore, had the e time that the earthquake hit Boston. He looked at the on the floor. The quake had thrown it forward in the direction of the quake’s motion by a shock coming from the northwest, in Canada. 9. 10. (堵塞) 6. 7. 8.


Test 6 China’s third manned spacecraft lifted off at 9:10 pm last Thursday. Shenzhou VII, which c astronauts, was s Launch Center, into the sky. Inside the spaceship, they had a wide (选择) 3. of dishes: nearly 80. And the astronauts moved around the

three 42-year-old off from the Jiuquan Satellite

1. 2.

for three days. In a special spacesuit, which (重) 120 kilograms and cost about 30 million yuan, Zhai Zhigang was expected to about 343 kilometers above the earth That made China the t The other two have achieve that are the 3、Soviet Union and the US. of a space station by 2020. in space September 27. country to walk in space. (以前的)

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The spacewalk is necessary for China’s long-term goal 10.

Test 7 Born in America, Thomas Edison was a great scientist and inventor. He was once thought to be a boy not (值得) educating. In fact, he was a man full of I admire him a lot because of his great contribution the world. He had more than 1000 i was young, he was always eager to know h of Meio Park”. He was also so diligent and night. And this explained why he had so m What (留下印象) me most is his famous perspiration”. Maybe I can’t be an Edison myself, b Test 8 There is a new market near my house. My mother often goes there and buys w we need of our meals. many people (人群). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. (想象力). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. things

. When he

worked, which helped him to earn the nickname “the Wizard he worked day inventions. 7.

saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine I can be a hardworking learner.



But I had never been there before. Yesterday I went to the market with my mother. There were that we could hardly make our way out of the There were

kinds of vegetables, fish and fruit (听见) every I had

everywhere. People were talking about the goods and the prices. The sellers’ shouts could be now and then. I remembered that the day b was f , but we had not much trouble (找到) some fresh fish at the other part of the market. My mother bought something else as well. It was my time to go to the market, and I was (深深) impressed by what I saw in the market.

asked Mother to buy some fresh fish. Most of the fish there

Test 9 Dear Mary, How is everything going? I’ve just heard from my sister that my father is not well and is now in hospital. I would like to go and see (可能) be able to look a and had him for a week? You had him for a week last year, no trouble, (合适) you remember. And you said he had m I will be able to bring him along any time that dog f to last him a week. But if it’s not (方便), don’t hesitate to say . I can send him to the kennels near my house. Love, Jane on earth he is. The trouble is that I can’t take my dog with my. Do you think you would 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. 2.

(相处) on well with your dog. If you can have him, 6.

you. He has his now bed and bowl, and I’ll bring enough tinned 全品高考网

Test 10 Song Yinan, 16, used to hate drinking milk for breakfast. But her mom, as B as many others, said that milk was , milk and bread made up a convenient diet after Song 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. good for her growing body. that helped save her parents a lot of became her

entered junior high school. After that, Mengniu and Yili (最喜欢的) brands of morning milk (被迫) to change and yoghurt after dinner. 全品高考网 However, she has been sickened m her diet since milk was polluted. The bad milk products have than 53,000 babies and killed four. they finally eating habits by when and where the purchases “I’ll buy them again w Song’s mom tries to adjust Pay great attention are made.

improve their products,” Song said. However, right now (煮) different foods. Such as egg soup and soybean milk.

Test 11 This hotel is situated in the main shopping street of North Chester, three hundred yards f the


cathedral. The original building was put up in 1710,

this structure has been largely transformed and extended, the present hotel having been completed in 1910. It is four-storey high with a lift. fifty people, a lounge and a bar. There are sixteen and thirty double bedrooms, three of the latter having private bathrooms. Each floor has one bathroom and two (单独) WCs. All bedrooms are fitted with washbasins with hot and cold w meter , and a slot (控制) radio and gas fire. The (服务)

2. 3. 4. 5.

all floors. The public rooms comprise a dining-room s

6. 7. 8.

courtyard around which the hotel is built provides parking space for ten cars and there is space for twenty off a side street two hundred (不充分). 9. 10. yards away. This is quite

Test 12 全品高考网全品高考网 Yao Ming is a bright NBA star. For Yi Jianlian, from the moment he landed in the NBA, pressure on him. Yi, who Yi’s (承认) the pressure at the start, (到达) also means Americans aren’t 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. is soon getting more comfortable with his surroundings. calling him the second Yao Ming any more. fact, several NBA players noted Yi’s style is different from other international p has a So w and is more talented and does Yao think of Yi? Though he hasn’t the season, Yao said (辉煌的) future than Yao. has been a lot of 1.

had a chance to talk to Yi d Yao said it type of person.” Test 13 全品高考网全品高考网 Dear Ms. Smith,

Yi’s personality will allow him to adjust quicker than he did. him two seasons to get comfortable in Houston. “He’s just different,” Yao said. “We are not the

First of all, I should say that I appreciate your help very much. On the first up to me with a b of Camp, you came smile while I was sitting alone. 1. 2. 3.

After that, you always inspired me to join in kinds of (活动). So I got to know the

campers. Due to the help you gave me that summer, my life changed. I gained so much I went m letter I am p for (自信) that to school like a completely new person. quite a few new friends. Today, I got a said I had been admitted to a college. of it. I just want to thank you (帮助) me become a different person.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

My grades improved a lot. I became very active and

Test 14 全品高考网全品高考网 Once an American and a Frenchman decided to cross the sea France and England in a balloon in , they 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1784. When they flew high over the w

suddenly discovered a hole in the balloon. What was (更糟糕), the hole became bigger and bigger. The air keeping the balloon was coming down. was escaping quickly and the balloon (看到) this, the two men threw . It started to throw away . The crowd was very (降落) in front of them.

all their equipment away to make the balloon l Finally, the men had no choice most of their clothes to save t surprised to see this when the balloon

to rise higher again. But soon it again was too close to the water.

eager they were to know what their story was! Test 15 全品高考网全品高考网 We high school students do have some growing pains, but we can get rid of them correctly and wisely. , some of us

1.____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ___________

are upset about their body styles and _______(外貌). But it’s not important at all. We needn’t care about it. It is one’s _____(内在的) beauty that matters. Second, we sometimes seem to be m_______ by our teachers, parents and classmates. Faced with this, we can find a proper time to have a heart-to-heart talk with them, trying to _______(去除) the misunderstanding. Some of us have fewer friends. I think _________ open-minded and friendly will do you . Third, we may fall behind others, which makes (自己) us stressed. Actually we can encourage

5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________

to work efficiently, At last, some of us haven’t much pocket money, ___________ they feel unhappy. Isn’t it strange? So long as we have some, that’s enough. And we can learn _ to spend money!


Test 16 全品高考网 June 26th is the drugs. T (国际的)Day Against Drug Abuse and to keep people from 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (对…有瘾的) to drugs, have enough . In that case 6. 7 8. 9. 10. _ Illicit Trafficking every year and it a

we all know, drugs are harmful to our health. drugs increases people’s heart rate and blood pressure. heart attacks.

Drug takers may suffer

It is easy for drug takers to become Drugs cost people much money. If they money to buy drugs, they will suffer great p they may s

(犯) a crime. When you see drug takers, you call the police. Keep away from people who take drugs

and don’t keep in touch with them. Dear friends, let’s start fighting against drugs now and say yes to life and no to drugs. Test 17 全品高考网 With the d______ of industry, air pollution is getting more and more serious. In Beijing, many people suffer different kinds of illness because ________air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the following r________: about half of the problem is caused by _________(机动车辆). There are more and more cars, buses on the roads, and they give off p________ gases. 25% of air pollution is caused by factories. Another factor is the smokers. Smoking not only does h_______ to smokers but also to others. _______ these, about 10% of the air pollution is caused by other reasons. We should take some _______(措施) to fight against pollution. New fuel can be used to take _____ place of gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realize the i________ of environment and do something to stop pollution, the problem will be solved Test 18 全品高考网全品高考网 In order to know a foreign language well, four things are necessary. Firstly, we must understand the language whenever we hear it s________. Secondly, we must be able to speak it ourselves __________(正确) with confidence and without hesitation. Thirdly, _______ is important that we should read the language ________write it. We must be able to make sentences that are grammatically correct. There is no easy way to succeed in language learning. _______ good memory is a great help, but it is not enough only to r__________ rules from a grammar book. It is not much use learning by heart long lists of words and their m________, reciting the dictionary and so on. We must learn _________(通过)using the language. If we are satisfied with only a few rules

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1.___________ 2.___________ 3. ___________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7.___________ 8. ___________

and the words that have been memorized, we are not___________(真正) learning the language. “Learn through use” is a good piece of advice for those __________are studying a new language. Test 19 全品高考网全品高考网 Over the past twenty years or so, great changes have taken place in our life.______ my family for example. My parents ______(联系) others mainly by sending them letters in the past, but now we c_____ long distance at home. And o_____ my parents listened to the radio for news and other i______, but now we watch the news and other programs on TV. Another big change is in the h______. conditions When they got m_______ about twenty years ago, my parents lived in a small room crowded _____ furniture, but now we have moved into a big new three-room a_____. In short, changes in our life in the past twenty years have brought us _______(舒适) and convenience. Test 20 全品高考网全品高考网 A flood disaster took place in some areas in China. It had been raining all those days and never stopped, _______ led to the flood. The PLA men arrived _______(马上) to rescue the villagers of the flooded areas. And they did their best to fight against the flood. They _______(供给) the villagers with f resh vegetables and food. Some teams were _______(组织) to help them so that they could have healthy diet. Poisonous food and dead a______ were not allowed to be e_______ and the water must be cleared over and over again before being drunk. The doctors told them to _______ special attention to their health. Some leaders of our country also _______(视察) the areas. Supplies and m_______ from all parts of our country were sent to those areas. Everything went on well. And that was a sign of _______(胜利). Test 21 全品高考网全品高考网 We often think of future. We often wonder _____the world will be like a hundred years’ time. Think of space. Perhaps a _________ (永久的) station on the moon will have been set up. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon as t________. Cheap rockets for space travel will have been

9.___________ 10. __________

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________

developed, permitting long j_________ through the solar system. When that time comes, people will be taking h_________ in space and visiting other planets. Great ________ (进步) will have been made in medicine, too. Pollution will have been c_________ in a hundred years’ time. All the world will have been developed—even _________(南极洲). We will have used up most of the earth’s land to build our cities, _________ floating cities will have been built. And there will be cities ________ the sea. Test 22 全品高考网全品高考网

4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________

With the social development and progress, TV has become a necessity for people at home Nowadays,almost every family has a TV set,and a _____ everyone likes watching TV.TV has become ________ of our life. TV has many _______,for example,it informs us of the _____(最新的) news that is happening in the world;it can open our eyes,e _____ our knowledge and also help us to see more about the world.____ (然而) ,it also has some disadvantages.People waste too much time _______ watching TV and their normal life and work are _______(影响).To the children who spend too much time in watching TV,it can do ______ to their sight and health.So we should ______ (控制) the time of watching TV. Test 23 全品高考网全品高考网 Internet is usually thought as a bad i_________ in children's lives, which is all because there are many examples of students who have _________ up their studies or even become bad as a result of having got into the h_________ of surfing on the Internet. From my point of _________, the Internet is not dangerous to children. Generally speaking, the ________(大部分的) reasons of my opinion can be listed as follows. To begin with, the Internet plays a very important _________ in the modernization of our world. We cannot keep up with the pace of the E-time without the Internet. In the second place, the Internet can help us a lot if _________(适当地) used. Last but not the l_________, the Internet can entertain us with funny stories, games, _________(文学) and so on as relaxation thus we can combine study with joy. On the _________(基础) not dangerous to children. 全品高考网 Test 24

1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10.____________

1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________

of those facts above, we can reach the conclusion that the Internet is 全品高考网

Dear editor, I’m a student of Senoir Three in a middle school in Fujian Province. In order to make the best of learning _______ (材料), the Students’ Union of our school is _______ (安排) an activity. We students of Senior Three are called on to give _______ our used books, newspapers or magazines to the students in the lower ______ (年级) after graduation. The idea, which is intended to promote ______(友谊) and encourage economy, is highly praised and activity will be h s by the teachers and students alike. The on the first floor of the school library and it will last 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________ 5 __________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 10 __________ Yours sincerely Lin Hua 全品高考网全品高考网

about ten days, from June 10 to 20. As a student, I am strongly _____ the activity because it is very meaningful and h . I hope that this kind of activity will continue every year in the _______ .

Test 25

Many students are active in school activities; they have their reasons. F_______, they think that learning from textbooks is not their only task. They believe that they should take every chance to get some ________(实用)knowledge. Secondly, they hold that after long ________(小时)of study, they can relax themselves by ________ part in school activities. However, a large group of students take little ________(兴趣) in them and spends most of their time ________ studies. First, they believe that they s________ make full use of time to study. Second, they feel that school activities have little to do with their further development. As far as I’m c________, I prefer the first view. On one hand, we can learn a great deal from other students we meet in activities. Besides, the modern society ________(要求)young students of many qualities, ________ “book-worms” can’t keep up with the times any longer. 9__________ 10__________ 8 __________ 2 __________ 3___________ 4 __________ 5 __________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 1 __________

Test 26 As we know, the number of the traffic accidents has been growing rapidly in recent years. We can have a clear idea about the ________(危害) of traffic accidents from what we see. Traffic accidents happen frequently and people s________ a great loss from it. It c________ many injuries and deaths every day. The ________(主要) reasons lie in the following aspects: First, the number of vehicles is increasing so fast ________ the roads

1 __________ 2 __________ 3__________ 4 __________ 5 __________

are becoming more and more crowded; Second, there are still many people who don't obey the traffic rules while ________(旅游) on the road. Besides, such actions as drunk-driving, over-loading and speeding can also contribute ________ serious accidents. In my opinion, in order to solve the traffic problems, the government should take m________ to improve the traffic conditions. ________ the same time, all of us ought to obey the traffic rules ________(无论哪里) we are. Test 27 全品高考网全品高考网 Switzerland is a small but beautiful country in the middle of Europe. Its total area is about 15,000 square ________(英里). About 70% of its area is mountainous, while 30% is ________(覆盖) by forests. The population is about 7,500,000 and most people live in small towns, about 5% of the population was born foreign. The Swiss are known all over the world ________ their hard work, h________, they love to travel and many of t________ live outside Switzerland. There are three o________ languages in Switzerland. German is ________(说)by more than half of the population and spreading into the French-speaking area. French has the second largest n________ of speakers ________(居住)in the southwestern part of the country, ________ Italian is spoken only in the southeast of the country. Test 28 全品高考网全品高考网 Hello. I'm Chris Green. As editor of the voice, I'd like to ________(介绍)you to our school newspaper. We need new hands to help us ________ can tell the students what's new every day through our newspaper. Experience isn’t quite necessary, but writing and typing skills are ________ great demand. We need people to read our ________(文章)to type and check them. We could also use a good photographer and several engineers. Since the voice comes out five days a week, we need good students who know how to make the b________ of their time. There’s some money for salaries d________ on how much work to do, but don't expect to get rich, this isn’t something you do for money. Mostly it's just ________ fun. Anyone who’s i________ in joining us should speak to me ________(立刻)after this meeting. Be ________(准备)to start right away. Our first paper appears tomorrow. Test 29 全品高考全品高考网网

6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 10__________

1 __________ 2 __________

3 __________ 4 __________ 5 __________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 10 __________

1 __________ 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________

5__________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 10 __________

Harvard University which was founded in 1636 is the oldest university in the United States. In the early years, few courses were ________(提供) in science, as little was known about it then. All the students studied the same subjects, such as Latin and Greek. When the students ________, most of them became teachers ________ ministers. In 1782, with the ________(发展)of medicine, Harvard University started its Medical School. Later ________(律师) could r________ their training at Harvard Law School. In 1825, Harvard began teaching modern languages l________ French. Soon it began teaching ________(美国)history. 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________ 5 __________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9__________ 10 _________ 1 __________


Later, a________ knowledge increased, Harvard began to teach many new and interesting subjects such as business. Today, Harvard has many schools that deal ________ different fields of learning.

Test 30 Do you know Hamlet? Have you read The Merchant of Venice? These two great w________ are both written by William Shakespeare, my ________(最喜爱)English writer and the man of all ages! Shakespeare, a son ________ a poor family, a man of little education, wrote plays and poems that are r________ all over the world, I like him because his comedies and tragedies bring me into a fantastic world; I love him because his poems let me enjoy the b________ of the English language; I ________(羡慕)him because his keen sights set me ________(思考)and teach me ________ to lead a meaningful life! Since “Life is a stage”, we are ________(实际)all actors and actresses. On this stage, everyone had his own role to play, ________ I will try my best to play my role well. 10__________ 5 __________ 6 __________ 7 __________ 8 __________ 9 __________ 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 ___________ 4 __________

全品高考网 全品高考网全品高考网 全品高考网全品高考网
参考答案 Test 1 全品高考网 1. such Test 2 1. impression 6. food 2. drink 3. table 4. smile 9. once 5. soft 10. change

2. libraries 3. preserve/store/keep 4. led 7. future 8. where 9. helps

5. without

6. experience

10. young

7. raise

8. custom

Test 3 全品高考网 1. writing 2. the 3. in 4. second 5. little 10. visit 6. working 7. bosses 8. well Test 4 全品高考网 1.death 2. hurriedly 3. but 8. that 4. like 9. real 4. for 9. key 5. suffered 10. only 5. a 全品高考网 10. perhaps 6. young 7. happened Test 5 全品高考网 1.and 2. watch 3. downstairs 8. exact 6. experiment 7. blocked Test 6 全品高考网 1.carried 6. walk Test 7 1.worth 6. that 1.what Test 9 1.So Test 10 1.well Test 11 1.from Test 17 1. development 2.of 6.harm 7. Besides Test 18 1. spoken 6. remember Test 19 1. Take 2. contacted 3. call 4. once 5. information 全品高考网 6. housing 7. married 8. with 9. apartment 10. comfort Test 20 1. which 6. eaten Test 21 1 what 2. permanent 3 tourists /travelers 4. journey 5 holidays

9. information

2. sent 7. on

3. choice 8. third

4. earth

5. weighed 10. building 5. how 10. but 全品高考网

9. former/previous 3. to 4. inventions 9. percent 5. heard 9. first

2. imagination 7. many 2. so

8. impresses 3. crowds 4. all

Test 8 全品高考网 6. before 7. frozen 2. how 8. finding 10. deeply 全品高考网

3. possibly 8. food 3. time 8. her 3. serving

4. after

5. made 10. so 全品高考网 5. forced 10. to 5. singles 全品高考网

6. got 7. suits

9. convenient 4. favorite 9. cooking 4. seating

2. Besides

6. more 7. when 2. but

3.reasons 4.vehicles 5.poisonous 8.measures 9.the 10. importance

2. correctly 3. it 4. and 5. A 7. meanings 8. by 9. really 10. who

2. immediately 3. supplied 7. pay 8. inspected

4. organized

5. animals

9. money

10. victory

6. progress 7 controlled 8 Antarctica 9 so/thus/therefore 10 under Test 22 1. almost Test 23 1. influence 2. given 3. habit 4. view 6. role 7. properly 8. least Test 24. 全品高考网 1 materials 6 supported 1 Firstly 6 on Test 26 1 damage 6 travelling 1 miles 2 suffer 7 to 3 causes 8 measures 3 for 8 number 3 in 4 main 9 At 5 that 全品高考网 10 wherever 全品高考网 5 them 10 while 5 best 10 prepared 2 arranging 7 held 3 away 8 for 3 hours 4 grades 5 friendship 10 future 5 interest 10 so 9 helpful 4 taking 5. major 全品高考网 9. literature 10. basis 2. part 3. advantages 4. latest 5. enlarge 全品高考网 8.affected 9. harm 10 control 6. However 7. in

Test 25 全品高考网 2 practical 7 should 8 concerned 9 requires

Test 27 全品高考网全品高考网 2 covered 4 however 9 living 6 official 7 spoken Test 28 全品高考网 1 introduce Test 29 1 offered 6 receive 1 works 6 admire 2 graduated 7.like 2 favorite 7.thinking 3 or 4 development 9 as 4 read 9 actually 10 with 5 beauty 10 and 5 lawyers 8 American 3 from 8 how 2 who 4 articles 6 depending 7.for 8 interested 9 immediately

Test 30 全品高考网全品高考网





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